Magnum P.I. (2018) s03e03 Episode Script

No Way Out

1 Previously on "Magnum P.
I" My visa has expired.
MAGNUM: Well, we can get married.
Come again? - Will you fake marry me? - Yes.
Uh, yes.
KATSUMOTO: If you get caught and you will The penalty's severe.
You'll both be arrested.
Perhaps the ruse will become too much of a challenge to keep up.
Ruses are our bread and butter.
HIGGINS: I've reconsidered my decision to marry you.
I am getting married, just to someone else.
Look, the scam will be easier to pull off if it's me.
HIGGINS: Having second thoughts? I don't want to live a lie.
So I guess this is it.
Turns out I don't have to leave after all.
Robin's just signed over full ownership of this estate to me.
You now own Robin's Nest? I'll be allowed to retain my legal resident status.
It has come to our attention here at Immigration Services that you filed for a marriage license several months back.
Yes, I did.
Why? Uh, why do you think? I mean, they say there's a lot of fish in the sea, right? But that's not true.
I mean, come on, you've been out there.
- You know.
- Actually, I don't know.
I married my high school sweetheart.
Right, well, uh, take it from me, it is not easy to find the one.
And when I met Jules, I-I fell hard.
Okay? I thought that I had found the love of my life, and marriage seemed like the next logical step.
But two weeks after that, the love of your life apparently filed for a marriage license with another man.
Can you explain that? Uh, well J-Juliet, she she cheated on Thomas with me.
Look, we ain't proud of it.
'Cause Thomas is my boy.
But the heart, man, it just just wants what it wants.
Except you and Miss Higgins didn't get married.
Why is that? It's simple, really.
You see, while I was the one who called off the first marriage, it was Theodore who called off the second one.
He believed that if I could cheat on Thomas, Then it would only be a matter of time before I did the same thing to him.
I'm-I'm ashamed to share this with you, but, uh I have severe commitment issues.
I see.
My last therapist concluded that I have d-deeply rooted fears of abandonment that stem back to a really difficult relationship with my father.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
I, um I guess I just have a lot more work to do on myself before I'm ready for a healthy relationship with anyone.
RICK: Hey-oh! Hey.
We just got out.
How'd it go? How do you think? We nailed it.
Guy bought it hook, line and sinker.
A smidge overconfident.
So, uh, it's over, then? I mean, yeah, basically.
It's just due diligence because someone over in Immigration saw Higgy's name on two different marriage license applications.
But trust me, it's all good.
All right, well, this is cause for celebration.
We'll be there in 20.
Okay, you can go ahead and call me a genius now because I know you didn't think that the plan was gonna work.
- I sure as hell didn't.
- Okay, I will admit that I was a little bit skeptical when you came up with this completely absurd plan.
I guess it really was the only logical explanation.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - Almost too ridiculous not to be true.
Oh, let me guess.
Doctor boyfriend? How'd you know? (LAUGHING) Because you're smiling like a 14-year-old girl.
- No, I'm not.
- You are! - Look, you're still smiling.
- Yes, you are.
All right.
So what is this, like, your third date? Oh, it's the fourth.
Are you keeping tally? - For the over-under.
- (GUNFIRE IN DISTANCE) - That sounded like - Gunfire.
- (CLANG) - (BUZZING) What the hell's going on? Must have shut the power to the elevators.
- No service.
- Me neither.
- Same.
- It's not that surprising, I suppose.
We're stuck in a steel box in a concrete shaft.
We got to find out what's going on.
That's gonna be a bit tricky in that we're trapped in here.
We're not trapped.
(GRUNTS) Two, three.
We haven't gone very far.
We're still between nine and ten.
Let's get this thing open.
Come on.
Ready? One, two, three.
(STRAINING) I don't see anyone.
(PHONES RINGING) TC: Where is everyone? This isn't good.
Well, we can't take the elevator down, so I guess we got to take the stairs.
MAN (IN DISTANCE): Move! Come on, let's go, now! (INDISTINCT CHATTER) MAN: Now! Move! Now! That's all of 'em.
They must have rounded everyone up.
Not everyone.
So, what now? Got to call reinforcements.
No cell service.
- Nothing.
- This doesn't make any sense.
This is the same floor we were on when you were on the phone with Rick.
These guys got to have cell jammers.
So we're dealing with pros.
Follow me.
- Sometimes old school is your friend.
- Mm-hmm.
(LINE RINGING) KATSUMOTO: Detective Katsumoto.
- Hi.
- H-Hey, it's us.
Higgins? Magnum? - What number is this? - HIGGINS: It's a land line at the Lunalilo Center.
And you're calling me from there why? Gunmen stormed the building, they jammed cell signals and they have hostages.
How many? I don't know.
We-we were inside the elevator when we heard gunshots.
It sounded like Kalashnikovs, so these guys - are heavily armed.
- Where are you now? Uh, in an office on the tenth floor.
So you don't know if anyone was shot? - No, we have no idea.
Hold on so I can check it out.
(MOUTHS) What do you think they want? - Could be a ransom play.
- Or somebody could have a grudge.
I mean, this is a federal building, right? Maybe somebody's got a beef with Uncle Sam.
Yeah, maybe.
But the government offices are only on a few floors.
The rest is private businesses.
What? What is it? (SIGHS) Seems Field Officer Tenney suspects that we were lying.
He thinks we're trying to pull a fast one - on the U.
- Well, he ain't wrong.
Well, it looks like one of you two screwed up.
Or you're not the genius that you think you are, and this plan was flawed from the beginning, as I suspected.
You know what this means, don't you? They're gonna revoke my visa.
Magnum? Yeah, we're here.
No one in HPD has gotten a call from Lunalilo Federal Center.
No ransom demands.
No reports of shots fired.
Well, I guess it's a good thing we keep you in the loop, huh? Look, I'm heading over there right now with backup.
Stay put until I get more intel.
I'll call you on this line when I get there, okay? Copy that.
RICK: TC, where you at? Buddy, come on, you guys should have been here by now.
Call me back.
Where's the party? What, they pick another venue? (SCOFFS) Guest of honor isn't here yet.
They said they were on their way, but it shouldn't take this long.
Well, Magnum's always late.
You should know that by now.
Did you call? No.
No, I didn't.
You know what? That's a great idea.
Shammy, of course I called.
Called all three, went straight to voice mail.
Don't get your panties in a twist.
They're probably stuck in traffic, probably in a bad cell spot.
They'll be here soon.
Hey, can I get a-a pre-party beer? Yeah, yeah.
Let me get you going.
Do you seriously think it was one of us? What? You said it was TC or me who screwed up.
- Maybe it was you.
- It was my plan.
Well, the plan is only as good as its execution, Magnum.
And my execution was flawless.
- Maybe you wanted Tenney to know.
- That makes zero sense.
I-I asked you to marry me.
I've done everything I can to keep you on this island.
Why would I take your visa? Well, for one, You've been very uncomfortable with our new situation.
I'm your employer now.
- I know that grates.
- Guys, guys, we got bigger fish to fry.
Yeah, he's right.
We need to get downstairs and do some recon.
Hold on, I didn't say that.
Gordie said for us to stay put.
Innocent people could be hurt.
MAGNUM: We can't just wait here.
We are now the eyes and ears of HPD.
Well, I guess Katsumoto is used to you guys ignoring him anyway.
MAGNUM: They moved the elevators.
- Why? - Maybe you should ask them.
Maybe there's another stairwell.
If they got the place on lockdown, they're watching everything.
TC You're as a helicopter pilot.
Please don't tell me you're afraid of heights.
I guess we're doing this.
So, what exactly is the plan? The hostages are probably on the ground floor.
So we'll climb down to the second, see what we can see and go from there.
Oh, so there is no plan.
Oh, come on.
I ever let you down before? (SCOFFS) Well, that depends if you're the one that screwed up my visa.
Seriously? You started this.
(CLANG, WHIRRING) Why they moving 'em again? I don't know.
They probably want to make sure no one's stuck inside 'em.
Get everyone to the ground floor.
Keep them together.
The one we climbed out of.
TC: Damn.
You better get that hatch closed.
Get out of there.
MAN (IN DISTANCE): What-what do you want with us? GUNMAN 2: I want you to shut the hell up.
MAGNUM: Go back up.
GUNMAN 2: Yeah.
But someone was.
Go find them.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) OFFICER: Let's go! (INDISTINCT ORDERS SHOUTED) (SIGHS) Confirmed hostage situation at Lunalilo Center.
I need more backup, mobile command and SWAT, right now.
Well, that didn't work.
Could you hack into the building's security system - using Tenney's computer? - Yeah, I can try.
Unfortunately, we're not gonna have a visual there, only audio.
Better than nothing.
You don't really think it was me that messed up Higgy's visa, do you? (SCOFFS) Can we refrain from the blame game until we're certain we're gonna survive this, please? Yeah, she's got a good point, actually.
If we don't survive, it doesn't really matter, - does it? - Look, I'm sorry.
I want your answer.
I thought we agreed to table this.
I know you don't believe in ghosts, TM, but I do.
And the number-one reason ghosts exist: Unsettled business.
So if I die without answers, then I'm gonna spend an eternity wondering what you thought.
And if you're alive, that's gonna be bad for you.
TC, I love you, but you're a terrible liar.
Y-You're too honest.
All right? You're just too honest.
Yeah, that might be true.
But ain't nothing I wouldn't do to protect my family.
Including lying.
(PHONE RINGS) That's coming from Tenney's office.
Could be Katsumoto.
Hello? What took you so long to pick up? We tried to get downstairs.
Of course you did, because I told you - to stay where you were.
- Gordie, if I start listening to you now, it's gonna throw our whole dynamic - out of whack.
- Whatever.
Look, we got about 25 hostages lined up against the lobby windows.
Okay, that's smart.
You can't see the bad guys.
You can't formulate a tactical response.
Our only saving grace is that they don't know about you.
- Oh, well, they do now.
- What do you mean? MAGNUM: The elevator went down to the lobby.
They saw the open hatch.
They are hunting us.
Okay, I've got the security feed.
Tell me what you see.
I see four masked gunmen.
Three men, a woman.
All of them carrying automatic rifles.
The woman is looking at the security screens in the middle of a kiosk.
The guys are guarding the hostages.
MAGNUM: Looks like they shop at the same store, too.
I mean, they're all dressed in black and wearing balaclavas.
Any distinguishing features? There is one guy with a black beard.
And there's one that kind of looks like Magnum.
- No, he doesn't.
- He does a bit.
You can't even see his face.
- HIGGINS: Magnum, that could be you.
- Doesn't matter.
All right, so we have the female, black beard, the guy that looks like Magnum, and a third man.
Sure that's all of them? No, well, they sent one after us.
We're looking at five hostiles, total.
Have these guys made any demands yet? No.
They haven't made any attempt to communicate with us at all.
Have you reached out to them? Been trying the lobby phone, but they won't pick up.
Radio silence.
Why take hostages and not make any demands? It doesn't make sense.
Maybe they're waiting for the media.
Regardless, the fact that they won't engage with HPD is unsettling.
Thanks for the intel.
I'll be in touch.
There don't appear to be any cameras in the offices.
Just the corridors and the public spaces.
So if we stay here, we're safe.
Unless they rewind the old footage.
No, I've already taken care of that.
I replaced the footage of us on the tenth floor with footage of an empty bullpen.
It's gonna run on a continuous loop.
- And the elevators? - Yeah, worked on the stairwells as well, just in case.
MAGNUM: You know, maybe you should run that loop on some other floors.
It'll gives us freedom of movement.
Right, okay.
Doing the same thing on floors seven through nine.
Back to our friends.
I mean, I can't tell exactly what they're saying.
No, but from the body language, it looks like black beard and the guy that you think looks like me are taking orders from the third guy.
HIGGINS: Okay, so he's our shot caller.
TC: Look, without weapons, we're gonna need to take them one by one to get the advantage.
MAGNUM: Look, they're already after us, right? So we just got to lay low and hopefully catch these guys by surprise.
TC: Yeah, but this building's got 20 floors.
It could take them a while to find us.
Well, maybe we help them out.
What do you say? Higgy, could you knock out the video feed from the tenth floor completely? Yeah, I'll bring them right to us.
Okay, it looks like they're sending one of them after us.
You do have a plan this time, right? (SIGHS) (GROANS SOFTLY) - Can you clean that table? - WAITRESS: Sure thing.
Can you maybe stop vibrating? - It's super annoying.
- Look, I'm worried, all right? I-It's been over two hours.
Uh, they should have been here by now.
I know they're in trouble.
I know you think that.
No, look, uh, Kumu hasn't heard from them.
I can't get a hold of Katsumoto.
I think you're overreacting.
You said they went to Lunalilo Center? Yeah, but they were leaving last time I talked to them.
They're definitely gone by now.
Uh Rick.
I think they may still be there.
I was told you're taking point.
I got the original call.
(SCOFFS) Lucky you.
We need a plan to breach.
You know, casualties will be likely.
Just break down every possible scenario.
And do it in five minutes.
(PHONE RINGS) - Katsumoto.
- MAN: Hello, Detective.
How are you today? Who is this? That doesn't matter.
What matters is I'm the guy who can tell you why you got a hostage situation.
I'm listening.
What I'm about to share is confidential.
Are you familiar with Ray Vaughn? Of course.
He was indicted for revealing classified information on mass surveillance of Americans, fled to a non-extradition country where he's currently hiding.
Indonesia, and he's not hiding any more.
We've got him now.
You did an extraction.
You're CIA.
Ray's brother, Freddie Vaugh He thinks Ray's a patriot, not a criminal.
Lot of people think that.
government doesn't.
And we get the last word.
So Freddie found out his brother was in custody, took a federal building to get your attention.
Then reached out to make a deal.
When the plane lands on Oahu for refueling, he wants Ray to stay on board with the pilots so they can fly him to another non-extradition country.
Then he'll release the hostages? That's what he says, but it doesn't matter.
It's never gonna happen.
He's got innocent people in there.
We don't negotiate with terrorists.
Can you defuse the situation on the ground? Not without casualties.
Well, you're gonna have to find a way.
(PHONE RINGS) Gordie, what's up? All right.
What are you doing? I'm improvising a defensive weapon.
I believe you Yanks call it a shiv.
It's a shank.
Okay, so the one in charge must be Freddie Vaughn.
HPD's compiling dossiers on Ray, Freddie and any known associates.
Hopefully we'll be able to ID his crew.
They still won't answer the phone.
Well, that makes sense Freddie's ghosting HPD.
I mean, he knows CIA is in charge, so why would he deal with you guys? Taking the building is a last resort.
I won't risk innocent lives.
- So I'm stuck - (ELEVATOR DINGS) Until I can make contact.
Yo, yo.
We're about to make contact with one of them right now.
Got to go.
On your feet.
Please don't shoot me.
No need to wave that gun in my face.
- Who else is with you? - No one.
I'm here alone.
You pulled yourself through an elevator hatch? I-I took gymnastics as a child.
I-I've seen it in films.
I thought I'd give it a shot.
You're lying.
(LAUGHS) Guess your daddy never told you not to bring a knife - to a gunfight.
- Well Unless you got serious backup.
(GRUNTING) Would you care to introduce yourself? (SCOFFS) My friends are gonna look for me.
And when they find you, they're gonna shoot you each in the head.
How exactly did you think this was gonna end? Ray Vaughn will never be set free.
Seems like our friend here has no idea what this is about.
He's a Ranger.
Let me see that tat.
(SHUTTER CLICKS) Say cheese.
AirDropping it to you right now.
Got it.
Gents, say hello to Private Kurt Brill, formerly of the 3rd Battalion.
Did some time in disciplinary barracks for assault, battery and theft, after which he was dishonorably discharged.
That's why he doesn't know anything.
He's a mercenary.
Sending this info to Gordon.
Told you.
- KB, do you read me? - You're finished.
Tired of you talking.
MAN: Whoever you are, I'm giving you one chance to turn yourself in.
WOMAN: Please! Please do what he says.
MAN: That was Jeanie Kapule.
She's 25.
You got 60 seconds to turn yourself in or she won't see 26.
Don't hurt her.
I'm coming down.
TC, what did you just do? They don't seem to know how many of us were in the elevator.
This way they'll think it was just me.
That'll buy you guys some time.
Like I said, there ain't nothing that I wouldn't do to protect my family.
- TC - Look, we've been through worse.
I got this.
(ELEVATOR DINGS) See you, Brill.
TC took the elevator from seven.
Because we're on ten.
Means Freddie and his goons are gonna look for us on seven.
(ELEVATOR DINGS) (PHONE RINGING) Hold it right there.
Don't move.
Take it easy, man.
Where's my guy? Who, Baldy? Knocked his ass out.
Left him somewhere on seven.
Why didn't you take his gun? I figure if you see me with a gun, you'll just kill me.
You alone? If I wasn't, I would have come down here blasting.
Head to seven, find KB.
(PHONE RINGING) Get in line with the rest of 'em.
Rendition plane is wheels down in 20 minutes.
Freddie must know that, which means we're fighting a ticking clock.
We have to free the hostages before that plane lifts off.
If Freddie doesn't hear from his brother, there's no telling what he'll do.
I've been calling the lobby, but they still won't answer.
Don't worry about it.
TC knows the deal.
He'll make sure he picks up.
- Wait, they got TC? - Well, not exactly.
Uh, he sacrificed himself to save a hostage and give us time to get rid of more of Freddie's men.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
That's who he is.
That's who all of you are.
Blackbeard's now on seven.
- We have to go.
- Be careful.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I got to talk to Katsumoto.
- You need to stay back.
- What are you gonna do, arrest me? Gordon! Come on.
Hey, it's okay.
Let him through.
What's going on? They in there? HIGGINS: If SWA hears gunfire, they'll likely storm the building, putting the hostages at greater risk.
Which means we need to take out Blackbeard without firing a single shot.
What's the plan? I have an idea.
(PHONE RINGING) (INDISTINCT WHISPERING) You should really answer that.
You should really shut the hell up.
It's HPD.
Shut up! You don't know anything.
Actually, I know a whole lot.
I know the cops are in contact with the CIA Freddie.
If the cops know who You law enforcement? Hell, no.
FREDDIE: There is no way HPD gives you that information.
Who told me, then? It wasn't your boy Brill.
He's just hired muscle.
Look, you want what you want, but you don't know if you're gonna get it.
The CIA's been talking to HPD.
So the cops know what's up.
That's them on the other end of that line.
So, if I were you, I'd pick up the damn phone.
(LINE RINGING) I don't get it.
If they're not gonna pick up, why don't they just take it off the hook? They need that phone to get the call from Ray Vaughn.
FONG: We got to stop dicking around here.
It's time to take the building.
You didn't give me a plan without innocent casualties.
Freddie won't answer.
Feds won't negotiate.
Look, it's not ideal, but the clock's running out.
- It's our only option.
- RICK: No, no, you don't know that.
My friends are in there.
They're gonna fix this.
If that were true, it'd be done by now.
- Your friends are outmatched.
- You don't know them.
- Hey! Hey! - All right? FREDDIE: Who am I talking to? This is Detective Gordon Katsumoto.
And? I'm on your side, Freddie.
I want to help you.
I doubt that.
Look, I know what you want, and the CIA won't negotiate.
But those people in there, they're innocent.
I don't want anyone to get hurt.
Not even you.
So how do we solve this? FREDDIE: You listen to me.
My brother, Ray He loved this country.
And that's why he did what he did.
And now the Feds want to put him in a cage to rot? I'm not letting that happen.
I get it.
And as long as the hostages are alive and unharmed, you still have leverage.
But once someone gets hurt, all bets are off.
Look, you got to know, when it all came out, I was on your brother's side.
I think he is a patriot.
(FREDDIE LAUGHING) I don't care what you think, Detective.
You want to help me out? You convince them to let Ray go.
And do it in the next 14 minutes, 'cause that's when he lands in Oahu.
If you fail, the hostages are gonna die.
(HANGS UP) Can't wait anymore.
We got to go in before he starts executing people.
HIGGINS: You do realize it's very likely that Blackbeard is also a trained mercenary just like Brill.
- Yeah, so? - So I'm not so sure that your plan to deal with him is going to work.
- It'll work.
- (SCOFFS) What, just like your brilliant plan to ensure that I keep my visa? Sorry if I don't share your confidence.
You know, we wouldn't be in this situation if you just accepted my offer to marry you in the first place.
Oh, right.
So this entire situation is my fault, is it? Your inability to accept responsibility is astounding.
Y-You got any better ideas? 'Cause Blackbeard's gonna be here any second.
HIGGINS: You'll need to hurry to implement my solution.
MAGNUM: Why would we do that? HIGGINS: It's the proper course of action.
I disagree.
HIGGINS: It's a much better plan than yours.
No, it isn't.
- HIGGINS: What's wrong with it? - It will not work.
- HIGGINS: I disagree.
- Uh, well, you're wrong.
HIGGINS: I am not wrong.
We're going to do it my way.
You-You're not the boss.
HIGGINS: Well, technically I am, actually.
No, you Would you stop talking and just let me figure this out? HIGGINS: Well, you're gonna screw it up like you do everything else.
Nice try with the phone recording.
Problem is there's only so many places to hide.
I'm gonna find you.
It's just a matter of time.
So why don't you just come on out before I start putting holes in everything in this room? (BOTH GRUNTING) Don't move! (ELEVATOR DINGS) They sent backup.
HPD are gonna have to breach when the plane lands in ten minutes.
Which means we have to end this in nine.
Watch them.
They try anything, shoot.
(ELEVATOR DINGS) We got less than five minutes.
Let's find this guy and regain control of this situation.
Yeah, that won't be necessary.
He's right here.
Time's up.
You got to make the damn call.
(PHONE RINGS) Katsumoto.
The hostages are coming out now.
Stand down.
Do not breach.
Do not breach.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) What's going on? I don't know.
(PEOPLE CLAMORING) Where's Magnum? He's in the elevator with Freddie.
We need to split up.
Hey, you take the other elevator.
- I'll take the stairs.
- (ELEVATOR DINGS) Wait! Wait, look.
(ELEVATOR DINGS) We left some trash upstairs.
One on ten.
Two on seven.
I'm glad you're not dead.
You look pretty cool, too.
You look like a ninja.
We ID'd the others.
They were all hired mercenaries like Brill.
Hey, when did you figure out I was the one in the balaclava - and not one of these guys? - TC: The minute you opened your mouth.
I know that voice.
Yeah, that was pretty cool, the whole bait and switch thing.
I like that.
I knew you'd get out of there.
No, you didn't.
You were scared.
I I was fine.
Gordy, he was the one, he was acting like a little kid.
I had to calm him down, all the SWAT guys.
You're not gonna give my car a ticket, are you? Look, I tell you what, I knew it was all gonna work out.
Don't be so sure.
You actually thought you could pull one over on the U.
government? - Well - MAGNUM: No.
No, that's not what we were, um I could explain.
HIGGINS: Hard to imagine you could make it any worse.
It was my fault.
Higgins didn't want any part of it, neither did TC.
I was the one who came up with the whole fake marriage scheme.
And, um, Higgy thought that because we were partners, we wouldn't be able to pull it off, so I essentially forced her to marry TC.
And this whole thing spiraled out of control because of my stupidity.
And to make it worse, when I found out you were onto us, I turned around and blamed them, because I couldn't accept the fact that I was the one who put this whole thing in motion.
And that Higgins would-would maybe have to leave us.
But I-I did that because I mean this is my family.
Was that an apology, Magnum? And, TC, I mean, I'm-I'm sorry, but you're a terrible liar.
It-it's not a bad thing.
- It's just who you are.
- HIGGINS: He's right.
Your big heart, your moral compass, your honesty They're unparalleled.
Just three of the many reasons you would have made a better husband than Magnum.
MAGNUM: No, you're probably right.
But, look, Higgins owns the estate, right? She employs a lot of people.
And do what you want to me, I, honestly, I don't care, but just don't punish her because of my mistake.
I mean, there's got to be some way that you can forget about this, maybe? Uh, no.
I think it's safe to say that I will never forget about this.
But I also don't think anyone outside the four of us needs to know.
You saved my life.
You saved all our lives.
You're a true American hero.
We're lucky to have you.
Welcome home.
(LAUGHING): Wait what? TC: Welcome home.
(LAUGHS) Did that just happen? Welcome home, Higgy.
This land is your land This land is my land From California Is Dr.
Ethan coming? HIGGINS: Uh, no.
I'm seeing him later.
He's currently in surgery.
Oh, chuck us the chips, would you? - You mean the French Fries? - Yeah, if you're gonna be a permanent resident, you got to learn the language.
- You got to learn it.
- You know what? If the bastardization of the Queen's English is a requirement to staying here, then maybe I'll just return home.
- Thank God.
- (LAUGHTER) A toast.
To my ex-fiancée.
And mine.
(LAUGHTER) Congratulations, Higgy.
You're finally home for good.
Thank you very much.
And I didn't have to marry either of you.
Cheers! Thank God.
What, no ice cream? Dude, it's got to be à la mode.
No ice cream for you, Shammy.
You doubted me.
(LAUGHING) You know, Higgy, in retrospect, I probably should have come up with a better plan.
Yes, very likely.
But, you know what, it doesn't matter.
It all worked out in the end.
We're all safe and sound.
That's what really matters.
So thank you, Thomas.
Thank you, TC.
Thanks, all.
Looks like you're stuck with me.
- Cheers.
- God save the queen.
This land is my land - Cheers.
- This land Was meant for you and me, yeah.

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