Magnum P.I. (2018) s04e02 Episode Script

The Harder they Fall

I'm sorry, is this not exciting enough for you? Oh, no, it's absolutely thrilling.
I was just thinking about how we might have avoided all this excitement had you waited for the skip to be a little further away from his car before approaching him.
Yeah, good point.
Excuse me? I mean, you're right.
The guy skipped on a $20,000 bond.
I should've figured he'd run.
No, I understand that you are agreeing with me.
- My question is why? - And I feel bad you have to go through this when you're jet-lagged.
The airline's lost your bags, so you're understandably in a bad mood.
Okay, stop doing that.
- Doing what? - Being so nice.
Now you're upset - because I'm being nice to you? - And that you're not driving with sufficient aggression, clearly.
You know what? You're right.
That's got to stop.
What are you doing? You just said to be more aggressive.
But the bounty that we stand to collect won't even cover the cost of the bodywork the car will require if you put even the smallest dent in it.
What do you suggest? Let me talk to him.
Hi, there! We are licensed private investigators! You have an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court! Now pull over! I'm really shocked that that stern talking-to didn't work.
Thomas! All right.
I guess it's back to my plan.
Just follow him around till he runs out of gas.
Get some shut-eye while I drive.
This guy's not going anywhere.
That's a very kind offer, Thomas, but I'm not sure how much sleep I'm gonna get in a speeding Ferrari.
Looks like I spoke too soon.
I think this guy's turning himself in.
You were saying? Yeah, well, on the plus side, now you can take a nap.
- Auxiliary fuel pump? - Off.
- Instruments and radio? - Checked and set.
Same for the altimeter, gyro and trim.
Plus, we're all topped off on fuel.
You aced that.
Helps to have a good teacher.
I'm thinking it's time we get you up on your first solo flight.
You logged the required hours.
- Nothing holding you back.
- Sure, but Come on, you know, it's a big step.
But a necessary step to get you up in the air with passengers, guiding your own tours.
Which is the plan, right? Look, if this is about what happened in the sandbox, I get it.
It's got to be scary having people's lives in your hands again.
I'm scared for my own life.
Hey, did you know the accident rate for helicopters is 30% higher than it is for fixed-wing aircraft? You went down a Google rabbit hole, didn't you? I couldn't help it.
I was up late researching facts about the island, working on my banter.
Oh, nice.
Banter's good.
I mean, truth is giving a successful helicopter tour is as much about being a good showman - as it is about being a good pilot.
- Oh, in that case, I got a bunch of great lava rock jokes I've been working on if you want to hear them.
Save it for the customers.
You must be Randall and Casey.
- Where you guys visiting from? - Michigan.
Heard you can't come to Hawaii without seeing it from 2,000 feet up.
Oh, you heard right, my brother.
Well, I'm TC.
I'll be your pilot today.
My partner Shammy here will be guiding the tour.
Ahoy, mateys.
You'll find headsets on your seats.
Strap in.
We'll get this road on the show.
"Ahoy, mateys"? Eh.
All right.
How long after I fell asleep did you wait until you slipped into the dark of night? How do you know I didn't leave this morning before you woke up? Well, because your side of the bed was cold already.
That's some crack detective work.
Takes one to know one.
You looked so cute.
I couldn't bring myself to wake you.
You know, if I was the insecure type, I would think that you were just using me for sex.
I thought I was clear.
That is exactly - what I'm doing.
- Perfect.
We're on the same page, then.
But for your sake, it's a good thing Higgins didn't see you slip out.
She's still on Kenya time.
In that case, maybe you should stay over at my place next time.
Well, that depends on the wine selection.
I'll forward you that witness statement - as soon as I have it.
- Okay.
So, when do I get to see you again? I hope to give it to you by the end of today.
Tonight at the latest.
I'll see you then.
When did you start locking your door? Didn't realize I had.
And, uh, what, may I ask, is that smell? Have you suddenly started lighting scented candles? Air freshener.
Uh, this one is lavender sage, I believe.
Okay, what is going on with you? What is going on with you? I mean, you've been so moody, and it can't just be the jet lag.
It's got to be that whole being away from Ethan thing, right? Because I totally understand that.
It's not.
And don't deflect.
There's something different about you since I got back.
You just seem too happy.
Uh, apologies for that.
But if I'm happy, it's because I finally have my partner back after she bailed on me for six months.
Well, I'm not buying it.
Anyway, we're gonna have to table this conversation 'cause our client is about to arrive.
That's a shame, because I was really enjoying this little catch-up.
Shall we go to the main house? Yeah, good idea.
I wouldn't want our client to be assaulted by the smell of lavender and sage.
She might confuse us for a Bath & Body Works franchise.
Even now sitting here, I'm still not sure I was right to come.
Why don't you tell us what's on your mind.
My husband, Makoa, passed away last week.
Alani, we're very sorry.
Makoa was on a construction crew.
He was working alone four stories up when he lost his footing and fell.
At least, that's what they're saying.
And you believe otherwise? Ever since we learned that I was pregnant, Makoa had become paranoid about his safety.
There's just no way he would forget to strap in to his safety harness.
Anytime there's a death in the workplace, an automatic investigation is triggered, so I'm assuming OSHA's already looked into this? And the police.
And they both ruled it an accident.
But I don't care what they say.
I knew my husband, and he would not make a careless mistake like that.
And I'm also certain that something's being covered up, because the security cameras covering the area where Makoa fell, they were conveniently broken.
Look, I just want to know the truth, and if it turns out that someone was responsible for my husband's death, I want justice.
Can you help me? Okay, next up is Molokai.
At one time, this was home to one of the largest leper colonies in the world.
Fun fact: Leprosy didn't exist in Hawaii until traders brought it over from Europe in the 19th century.
One of the many gifts of colonialism along with smallpox, cholera, land theft and the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy.
These days, only a thousand or so people live here, and tourism is basically nonexistent.
Could be because about two-thirds of the island is actually an extinct volcano, making most of the land largely unusable.
Oh, which reminds me.
A lava rock quit his job at the volcano today.
He said they took him for granite.
Is this thing on? Yes.
Yes, it is.
All righty, then.
Moving right along, we'll do a quick flyover, then head over to the island of Lanai.
Actually, change of plan.
We're gonna need you to land.
Power down the systems.
Then take the circuit board out of the Satcom radio and hand it over.
Now the two of you are gonna get out.
Yeah, that's gonna be a problem for me.
Really? Why's that? Because I'm disabled, and I don't have my chair with me.
All right, you.
Carry him out of his seat.
Look, I'm not doing all of that, man.
Hey, easy! Right there by the log.
Set him down, then don't move.
Stay on channel 12.
I'll radio you when I reach the bag.
- You good, buddy? - Yeah.
Thoughts? Could be fugitives.
Molokai's not a bad place to disappear for a while.
Wouldn't bode well for us.
There's no reason to keep us alive in a scenario like that.
I don't think there's any scenario where this ends well for us.
Which means at some point, we're gonna have to get out of this jam ourselves.
For now let's just go along with whatever - they ask.
- All right.
Try not to goon it up.
All right.
My friend and I need to recover something on this island, so here's what's gonna happen.
Big guy comes with me.
Everyone else stays behind.
Got it? Let's just get this over with.
This should go without saying, but try anything, and I radio my partner here to put a bullet in your friend's head.
Let's go.
I got your text.
What's the big emergency? Try this.
That's pretty good.
God, it's worse than I thought.
Sorry, should I have been more effusive? Because it's actually quite nice.
"Quite nice" isn't gonna cut it, Kumu.
You remember when Suzy came up with those weekly cocktail specials and I let her run with it because I thought I was being a good manager and I didn't want to discourage an employee that was showing a little initiative? - Remember that? - I also recall that those drinks started selling like crazy and filling up this bar every night.
But the problem is the customers expect new drinks every week, and with Suzy gone, it's on me to come up with them.
- Good thing you're a bartender.
- Yeah, I'm a bartender, but Suzy, she's a mixologist.
Know what? Scratch that.
She She's an artist.
I mean, she could take pisco, rosemary, star fruit, and combine it to make something so delicious, I wouldn't feel bad about charging 16 bucks a pop for it.
Now, I was thinking, since you're an expert on island culture, maybe you could help me come up with some unique takes on traditional tiki drinks.
You know, like a mai tai or a Blue Hawaiian.
Only fancier and more expensive.
Oh, Rick, I'm always happy to help.
- What are you doing? - Texting my nephew to pick up my Vespa.
Because if things go how I think, no way I'll be in any condition to drive.
Oh, speaking of which, you'll be covering my Uber home.
- Gladly.
Let's get started.
- Okay.
Look, it's a construction site.
We got materials coming in, machinery getting moved around.
It's inevitable we're gonna have security cameras go down.
Not to mention, unless something's stolen or there's an accident, no one's checking them.
So it can be days before we know there's a problem.
Okay, but you can understand how it looks to our client.
Her husband dies, and conveniently, the security cameras are broken? I get it.
Poor woman's grieving.
God knows I've been there myself.
But the truth is despite all the precautions we take, this can be a dangerous line of work.
And people get careless.
They make mistakes.
Are you suggesting it was Makoa's fault? No.
I'm not saying that at all.
Ioha, is there something else you'd like to tell us? Here's the thing.
The day after the accident, we got the results back from a random drug test we gave the crew earlier in the week.
Makoa tested positive for opiates.
If I'd even gotten the results back a day sooner, I would've had to fire him then, and he'd still be alive.
Did he strike you as somebody with a substance abuse problem? Honestly, I didn't spend much time with him.
I hired Makoa through a program that gets work for ex-cons.
Since the state gives me a tax incentive for hiring through the program, it's a win-win.
- You didn't know he had a record? - No.
We didn't.
As far as you know, did Makoa have any issues with anyone on his work crew? No.
Despite whatever trouble he had in his past, he was a good guy.
Well, we appreciate your time.
- Thanks for the help.
- Thanks.
Sounds like our client's husband wasn't the saint she believed him to be.
This thing we're looking for, it's drugs, right? Why would you assume that? Molokai's on the flight path into Oahu.
So if a couple of drug traffickers were forced to dump their cargo prior to landing, this would be the natural place to do it.
And I heard you tell your partner not to goon it up.
That's Air Force slang.
So I'm guessing you two served together.
He's the pilot.
Which makes you, what? Brains of the operations? What branch were you in? Marines.
Two tours.
Guess I have to keep an extra close eye on you.
Actually, I think I'm done helping you out.
Well, in that case I should just kill you now.
Go right ahead.
Who's gonna fly you off this rock? You're right.
We need you alive.
But we certainly don't need your crippled friend.
So, what's it gonna be? Should be up ahead here somewhere.
Over there.
Son of a bitch.
This gonna take much longer? 'Cause if we don't get back for our next tour, - people are gonna start looking for us.
- Relax.
My partner will be back soon.
Is he your partner? 'Cause the way he talked down to you, he sounded more like your boss.
Keep running your mouth.
See how that works out for you.
We got a problem.
What's going on? The drugs are gone.
What? How is that even possible? Oh, I'll tell you how.
Only two people knew we were gonna ditch them.
The same guys who warned us the DEA was waiting at the airstrip.
- The buyers.
- Exactly.
Lucky for us, there's fresh footprints.
Oh, so they're still - on the island? - If they are, I intend to find them.
And Mr.
Marine here is gonna help me kill those bastards.
All right.
Here's what we have on Makoa Brown.
Multiple arrests dating back to 2012.
According to the gang unit, he was associated with the Sons of Tonga.
All the charges were for nonviolent offenses except for the last one three years ago.
And what was he charged for then? Murder.
Oh, yeah.
I remember this case.
Makoa killed somebody? Allegedly.
Victim was a Michael Aquino.
Eyewitness put Makoa at the scene.
That got HPD a warrant to search his property, where they found a 9mm that was a ballistics match.
So, how did Makoa end up skating on a murder charge? Someone messed up chain of custody on the nine-mil.
Judge tossed it.
There were also inconsistencies in the witness's statement, so the P.
felt the case was a loser.
Dropped the charges.
I'll tell you this much, though.
Prevailing opinion at the time was that through nothing but sheer luck, Makoa managed to get away with murder.
Well, if we're looking for motive, I think we just found it.
Sounds like our client might be right.
Makoa's death was no accident.
It says here the witness changed her statement as to which direction Makoa fled after the shooting.
It seems minor, but a good defense lawyer can use stuff like that to plant doubt in a jury's mind.
- What's going on here? - Hey.
Oh, the usual.
Magnum's just making our office his home.
Uh, Detective Kaleo, I don't think you've met my partner, Juliet Higgins.
Juliet Higgins, - Detective Kaleo.
- It's a pleasure to meet you.
So, what are we looking at? You remember the, uh, Michael Aquino murder - from a few years back? - Sure.
Suspect walked.
Looked good for it, too.
Yeah, Makoa Brown.
So happens he just died in a construction accident last week.
The wife hired Magnum and Higgins here to look into it.
Well, here's something you should know.
Aquino's father, Hector, kind of lost it when Makoa wasn't charged.
There were a lot of angry calls to the P.
's office.
He started harassing Makoa, too.
Showing up outside his house.
Went on for months.
Makoa had to get a restraining order.
If he was willing to stalk Makoa, maybe he was willing to take it a step further.
Enough to make you wonder if he has an alibi for the time of Makoa's death.
Unfortunately, I can't just ask him myself.
He's right.
If we get involved, it looks like we're undermining the detective who determined Makoa's death an accident.
But you two should definitely look into this.
Oh, yeah, we intend to.
Uh, thanks so much for your help.
It was a pleasure to meet you.
Yeah, of course.
- Thanks, guys.
- Yeah.
Thinking before we go see Mr.
Aquino, we should stop by and update our client.
I'm not looking forward to that conversation.
We promised Alani answers.
I'm just not sure she's going to like them.
No, I don't believe it.
Makoa wasn't capable of something like that.
Did Makoa tell you he had been a member of a street gang? Makoa was open about his past, but I never pressed him for details.
That's probably why he never told me about this murder charge.
Uh, Alani, we found out that Makoa tested positive for drugs.
The test was administered just a week before the accident.
That's not possible.
Look, I don't know what's going on here, but my husband was a good man.
I'm sorry for not telling you about his record.
I was just so desperate for help, and I didn't want you judging him for his past like everyone else did.
We understand that.
That's why we won't stop investigating this case.
- You have our word.
- Good.
'Cause I still can't shake the feeling that someone wanted to hurt Makoa, and nothing you've told me has changed my mind about that.
Losing a child is like losing part of yourself.
You feel it.
Even now, years later, I still think about Michael every day.
What about Makoa Brown? You ever think about him? I heard what happened to Makoa.
Suppose you're gonna tell us you're sad to hear he's dead? Do you know how many nights I laid awake wishing death upon that man? I had so much hate in my heart.
Not just for Makoa.
For the prosecuting attorney who wouldn't do his job.
For that witness who, for some reason, couldn't stick to her story.
But eventually, I realized the hate was consuming me.
And after a lot of hard work, I was finally able to move on.
Aquino, can we ask, where were you last Tuesday between the hours of 6:00 and 7:00 a.
? Provo, Utah.
I took some vacation time to go away with the family.
We just got back yesterday.
I see.
Look, you're investigating Makoa's death.
I get why you'd suspect me.
But the God's honest truth is I didn't kill him.
- I don't buy it.
- Which part? Well, everything, but especially the part where he suddenly got over his son's death.
I struggled to move on after Richard.
I can't imagine what it's like to lose a child.
I know it's not something you just decide to get over one day.
And you heard what Lia said.
Up until recently, this guy was, like, full-on stalking Makoa.
"Lia"? Detective Kaleo.
My point is that the timing of Hector's trip just seems too convenient, like he was trying to buy himself an alibi.
Well, in which case, he would've had to enlist somebody to kill Makoa.
Which makes sense.
It's not that easy to access a work site.
But we know the construction company was using ex-cons.
Maybe Hector enlisted one of these ex-cons to take out Makoa and make it look like an accident.
Okay, I'll pull his phone records, run against a list of employees.
Well? - It's great.
- Really? Honestly, they all started tasting the same about three rounds ago.
Also, I'm pretty buzzed.
This is hopeless.
Suzy knew what the customers wanted.
I - You know, without her, I'm lost.
- Oh, I get it.
You don't miss Suzy's cocktails.
You miss Suzy.
Oh, come on.
That is completely It's accurate.
That's accurate.
All right.
I'm gonna tell you something, but you got to promise not to tell anybody, especially Thomas and TC.
You slept with Suzy.
- How'd you know? - Please.
No man gets this stressed out about cocktails.
So, what happened? Well, we hooked up right before she left.
Just once, and we said that would be the only time.
But I-I haven't been able to stop thinking about her.
I keep wanting to pick up the phone, tell her how I feel, but I just can't bring myself to do it.
So, how do you feel about her? Truthfully, I don't know.
Here's an idea.
Why don't you write it down.
People don't call anymore.
They text.
I'll review it before you send and edit out all the stupid parts.
Okay, that's assuming there's gonna be stupid parts.
Yeah, fair enough.
I'll get right on it.
Thanks, Noelani.
Appreciate it.
Check this out.
So, according to Makoa's tox screen, there weren't any drugs in his system when he died.
So Ioha lied about the positive drug test.
That's not the only thing he lied about.
I pulled payroll records, for Ioha's work crew, and it turns out that Makoa was the only ex-con who worked for him.
In fact, prior to hiring Makoa, he had never employed anyone from that job placement program he claimed to be a frequent user of.
Why would he lie to us? - Probably 50 yards downstream.
- You hear that? Copy.
Yeah, that's a big one.
Hey, there.
Don't shoot.
What are you two doing here? Just passing through.
Well, you're passing through a hunting preserve.
No one's allowed on this land without a permit.
I'm-a level with you, man.
I was in the middle of giving a helicopter tour when we ran low on fuel.
Had to land about a half mile back.
We were sitting there, waiting for help to arrive when my customer says he's bored and wants to take a look around.
You know what they say about the customer's always right, right? Better get back to the helicopter.
It's not safe to wander around here.
Oh, yeah, no doubt.
We'll be on our way.
- You could have just let him go.
- And risk him reporting us? No.
Hey, uh, we just heard a gunshot.
We ran into a small obstacle, - but it's been taken care of.
- Okay, but if we heard it, that means someone else could have heard it, too.
I think we should get out of here.
Calm down.
We're in the middle of a hunting reserve.
Nobody's thinking twice - about a random gunshot.
- Well, look, man.
This was supposed to be a quick run.
We land, get the bag back and get out.
I think the safe play now is to cut our losses and bail.
Bail? After all we've been through? No.
I have invested too much time and money to turn back now, so sit your ass down and wait until you hear from me.
You ask me, you're right.
Smart move's to get out of here.
Too bad your partner's a loose cannon who doesn't give a crap what you think.
Shut up.
Think about it.
Are those drugs really worth going to jail over? Not to mention, thanks to him, you're now an accessory to murder.
- I said shut up! - Don't be an idiot! You're smarter than he is! Get up.
Get up.
All right.
Come on.
Come on! Ah.
Come on.
Damn it! Okay, guess we're doing this.
We're doing this.
Uh Nah.
All right.
Here we go.
All right.
No big deal.
It's just your, uh, first solo flight.
With no comms.
And your friend's life on the line.
Oh, boy.
Here we go.
So, I ran the phone records for both Hector Aquino and Makoa's boss, Ronald Ioha.
And this is where it gets interesting.
They both made semiregular calls to the same number.
It's a local grief counseling group.
- Can't be a coincidence.
- No.
Hard to imagine it is.
Hey, when we were talking to him this morning, didn't he mention something about knowing what it's like to grieve someone? He did.
Do me favor.
Pull up the obituaries page for the Star-Advertiser, and run the name Ioha, - see what comes up.
- Right.
Okay, here it is.
Ellen Ioha.
Passed away last year.
"Loving wife of Ronald Ioha.
" Does it say how she died? Ron Ioha's wife was killed in a car accident last year.
And here's where it gets interesting.
The drunk driver responsible for her death only served four months for vehicular manslaughter, and he recently died under suspicious circumstances.
So, Ioha and Aquino attend the same grief counseling group, and the people both men blame for the death of their family members have recently turned up dead? Exactly.
A-Aquino has an alibi for Makoa's death, right? But Ioha, Makoa's boss, he was there when Makoa died.
In fact, he went out of his way to hire Makoa, and he also lied about employing people from a job placement program to make it seem like hiring ex-cons was commonplace for him.
Ioha kills Makoa for Aquino, and in return, Aquino gets rid of the drunk driver that's responsible for the death - of Ioha's wife.
- I reckon if you bring in Hector Aquino for questioning, he won't have an alibi for the drunk driver's death.
I suspect you're right.
We'll pick up both Aquino and Ioha.
Okay, Higgins and I have a stop to make, but we'll get to the station as soon as we can.
All right.
What's going on? Hector Aquino was so convinced that Makoa killed his son, right? But Alani was right about the accident being staged.
Maybe she was right about Makoa, too.
Maybe Makoa didn't kill Michael Aquino.
I'm sorry, but it's three years since I gave my statement.
I'm not sure how helpful I'm gonna be.
Chan, you witnessed somebody get killed.
I would think something like that stays in your memory.
Look, I told the police everything I knew.
That case is closed.
Yes, Donne, that case is closed.
But the man that you ID'd as a shooter is now dead.
Makoa Brown is dead? Yeah.
And we believe it was over the alleged murder of Michael Aquino.
Donne, did Makoa actually shoot Michael Aquino? Starting to think the guys that ripped you off might be long gone.
You're just here 'cause you can fly a chopper.
Leave the rest to me.
You were saying? That your buyers? So what's your plan? Give me a minute.
Could probably get the jump on one of them.
Chances are other guy would get to his gun before you dropped him.
I said I'm thinking.
Shut up.
Better think fast, 'cause they're - about to leave.
- I said shut your Let's go! Ah! Mayday! Mayday! This is Theodore Calvin with Island Hoppers chopper tours of Oahu.
I'm in immediate need of medical attention.
Mayday! This is Theodore Calvin.
Please! Mayday! I'm on the eastern side of Molokai.
One klick from Kawakiu Beach.
We see you, buddy.
Hang on.
We got you, TC.
You're safe now, buddy.
They say conspiracy cases are hard to prove, but that hasn't been my experience.
When you're counting on two people to keep a secret, one person will inevitably break and give the other one up.
Especially when you know how to apply the right kind of pressure.
You told the investigators who came to see you today that you have a history of hiring ex-cons.
Why would you lie about that, Mr.
Ioha? I didn't.
They must be mistaken.
No, I don't believe they are.
In fact, I think if we start looking, we'll find you lied about all kinds of things.
Like those security cameras.
Did they really get knocked out accidentally, or did you disconnect them before pushing Makoa Brown to his death? I told you.
- I didn't kill Makoa.
- I think you did.
And in return for doing that, Hector Aquino agreed to kill the drunk driver who was responsible for your wife's death.
Only question now is which one of you is gonna blink first? You did a decent job of covering up the drunk driver's death.
Shot him in the back of the head.
Took his wallet.
But can you trust that Ron Ioha was as careful as you were when he killed Makoa? We just came from seeing Donne Chan, the witness that ID'd Makoa for Michael Aquino's murder.
What did she have to say? Mr.
- Yeah.
- You remember Mr.
Magnum, Ms.
We thought you'd want to know we just talked to Donne Chan, and she admitted to lying to the police.
Makoa Brown didn't kill your son.
No, no, no.
That-That-That's not possible.
The gang that Makoa had been a member of killed Michael over a drug deal.
They then planted the murder weapon in Makoa's car and threatened Donne unless she agreed to ID him as the shooter.
Ron Ioha just confessed.
Admitted he killed Makoa in exchange for Mr.
Aquino here taking care of the drunk driver who killed his wife.
Should've talked when you had the chance.
Now you get to go to prison for a very long time.
So? Well, it's very long.
All right, I might have gotten a little carried away, but it took me a while just to work through what it is I was feeling.
- I can see that.
- Really? 'Cause I still have no idea what it is I'm trying to say.
Well, sure.
There are a lot of scattered thoughts here, but that's just because you're conflicted.
On the one hand, you want Suzy to know that you genuinely care about her and that you want to explore a relationship.
But you also don't want to burden her with all that when she needs to be focused on the amazing work opportunity - she has.
- Yes, that's exactly right.
Well, then, maybe the best course of action would be to give Suzy some space to go on that journey and trust that if you guys are truly meant to be together, it will ultimately work itself out.
So, what you're saying is don't send the text.
But that was never the point.
I get it now.
You made me go through all that just so I could figure out what it is I'm feeling.
Like therapy.
Only cheaper.
- And with booze.
- Oh, well, I will say cheers to that, young lady.
In fact, I think you earned yourself - another one on the house, huh? - Oh.
- Better make it water.
- Oh, you're tapping out? No shame in that.
Oh! Oh, my God, Rick, I-I'm so sorry.
- I must have pressed a button.
- What? What? No.
No, no, no! Tell me you didn't send that text, Kumu.
- Oh, God.
No! - Oh, my God, Kumu.
- Really? - You should see your face.
So worth it.
- You enjoy being cruel, don't you? - A little bit.
You're really good at it.
What's up? Wait, what? Hey.
Rick sends his love.
Magnum, too.
They're gonna let, uh, Higgins and Kumu know what happened.
What happened is you saved my life.
Coast Guard saved your life.
- At best, I get the assist.
- Don't minimize, dude.
That was one hell of a first solo flight.
Actually, it wasn't that bad.
Seems all I had to do to stop worrying about my impending death was to start worrying about yours.
Well, here's to hoping that the next one goes a little easier.
Seriously, Sham.
Thank you.
I see you're back to leaving your door unlocked.
Ooh, you look nice.
Yeah, uh, gonna drop by and check in on TC, and then I'll probably meet a friend for a drink.
Yeah, I just, uh, spoke to Theodore, actually.
Sounds like he and Shammy had quite the ordeal.
I was actually gonna bring them some coffee and malasadas first thing in the morning.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
It's just jet lag, I guess.
You sure? Because, you know, couple days ago, you were on the other side of the planet with Ethan, and now you're thousands of miles away, many time zones apart.
Can't be easy.
But Hey, at least one of us gets to have a love life these days.
I'm sorry, is Ethan seeing somebody else? I'm talking about you, you prat.
Oh, you really didn't think I was gonna figure it out? You're locking your door.
Your tidiness.
Your sudden interest in home fragrances? You have a girlfriend.
No, you know what? You really do need some sleep, - because you are clearly losing it.
- Fair enough.
Do me a favor and say hi to Lia when you see her later.
Detective Kaleo.
You got me.
But if it makes any difference, it wasn't my idea to keep it a secret.
Lia just thinks that, you know, given our connection to Gordie and HPD, it's probably better to be discreet.
Yeah, no, I don't blame her.
Happy for you, Thomas.
Don't muck this up.
What're you doing? - Just hold still.
- You know, I can dress myself.
Been doing it since I was three.
Yeah, well, I would rethink that button.
You're showing a little too much sternum.
Rick might think you're stealing his look.
It's actually a lovely smell.

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