Magnum P.I. (2018) s04e04 Episode Script

Those We Leave Behind

- Juliet? - Oh! Yes.
I'm so sorry I'm late, I was I apologize.
- No.
- Nice to meet you.
Uh, I'm actually the one that needs to apologize.
For wasting your time.
I'm sorry, this has been a mistake.
I'm-I'm very happy to pay, but I'm - I'm just gonna go.
- Well, since you are paying, and you're here, why not see it through? Look, we can just chat, get to know each other a bit.
And if you decide not to continue no harm, no foul.
I'm guessing you've never been in therapy before.
Is it that obvious? Yes, I'm not really one for navel-gazing or digging into my - Feelings? - Yes.
No offense.
Mm, none taken.
Therapy's not for everyone.
But the feelings are there, whether or not you acknowledge them.
Perhaps, I'm just, uh honestly, I'm not even sure what's brought me here.
Yes, you are.
In my experience, patients always know what's bothering them.
And I'll tell you a little secret.
They also know the answers.
Any life changes recently? Uh quite a few.
I was just in Kenya with my boyfriend Ethan, working with Doctors Without Borders.
But then there was Well, I-I had to come home.
Did you have an argument? No.
No my leaving had nothing to do with our relationship.
So that's going well, then? Ethan's a great guy.
He's kind and smart.
Did Ethan come home as well? No.
I actually just found out he's got to spend six more months there.
Does that bother you? No.
It's his passion.
And I was happy to come home to my ohana.
- Oh, your family's here? - Well chosen family.
My business partner Thomas and I are we're pretty close.
And the rest of our friends.
How long have you and Ethan been together? Just over a year.
Are you in love with him? I love him very much.
Uh what are you thinking? Oh, forgive me.
Forgot to silence it.
Are you all right? I thought I was, but no.
I'm sorry.
You deserve my complete attention, and maybe I should recommend another therapist.
I-I won't charge you for today.
What's wrong? It would be unethical for me to discuss my issues with a patient.
I haven't actually agreed to be your patient yet.
I just got an appointment reminder for tomorrow.
But that patient died two days ago.
She was 17.
I'm so sorry.
They're saying it was suicide.
But you don't agree? I've been doing this a long time.
I don't think this girl was suicidal.
You know, I could look into this for you.
My partner Thomas and I are private investigators.
I'm supposed to be helping you.
Oh, I think my feelings can wait a few more days.
I think you might be avoiding them.
But I promise that we can get back to this after Thomas and I have got to the bottom of whatever's happened.
Mom, chill.
I have a license.
Someday, when you let your kid drive, you'll be just as nervous.
Pretty sure every car will be self-driving by then.
And Dad doesn't act like this; He's totally calm.
Well, your dad's really good at hiding when he's scared.
Any emotion really.
Comes with being a cop.
Get out now! Out the car, move! - Mom? - Do-do what they say.
Come on, get out.
Go! Move! Let's go! Move it, lady! Dennis, no! Dennis, honey.
You all right? Yeah, just a broken arm.
Where's Dennis? I'm his dad.
Is he gonna be okay? We're doing everything we can, but you need to step away.
What happened? He was trying to protect me.
And I heard his head hit the There was so much blood.
There was so much blood.
Come on, let's go.
Where are you taking him? CT scan shows a brain bleed.
Your son needs surgery right away.
Come on, man.
You're making way too big a deal.
You hired him without consulting me.
- He's got a point.
- Go somewhere with your hot sauce.
Look, it's just minimum wage.
It won't make a dent.
Cade's just trying to make some extra money.
You can't blame the kid for a little bit of hustle.
Hey, stay out of this, Thomas.
Oh, so you're mad now 'cause he's on my side.
Look, I don't blame the kid.
I blame the grown man who thought he could just hire somebody on his own.
Oh, you forget I'm a partner.
A silent partner.
That means you stay in the background silently.
Sorry, buddy.
I think Rick takes this round.
Rick won the round.
How's it going? What are you doing here? Same as you, I should imagine.
Yeah, thanks.
You okay? - What can we do? - Look.
I'll tell you what I told Higgins.
These guys went after a cop's family.
The entire force is working the case.
We'll get them.
As you know, we're not bound by the same rules as you guys, which could be beneficial.
HPD is on it.
Gordie, there's got to be some way we can help.
You already have.
Just by coming here.
Beth and I appreciate it.
Where were you this morning? Went looking for you.
I went for a run on the beach.
Really? I didn't see you when I paddled in.
I went to Ala Moana.
I just, you know, felt like a change of scenery.
Who told you about Katsumoto? Lia.
- You? - Noelani.
She called? I called her.
About our case.
What case? I can't believe you took a client meeting without me.
See? Even they agree.
They're growling at you, Magnum.
Because of your tone.
And I didn't take a meeting.
She called.
Okay, what do we know? The girl's name was Ani Rogers.
The autopsy hasn't been completed yet, but she was found hanging.
- Did she leave a note? - It was written on her laptop screen, so she could have typed it, or someone else might have.
I don't know.
I mean, maybe the shrink feels guilty, so she's looking for an explanation that might not be there.
Perhaps, but Dr.
Ogawa has had suicidal patients before, and she says they never present like this.
She felt like Ani was visibly improving in the last month.
She was even excited about an upcoming school dance.
She bought a dress and everything.
What do we know about Ani? Only child.
Good kid.
She did well in school until four months ago when her grades started to plummet.
And that's when her parents put her in therapy.
- Mm.
- What about her social media? Yeah, looking now.
Her accounts are all shut down.
She only died a couple of days ago.
Who would have deactivated them so quickly? Mom, Dad.
You know, it's hard to deal with other people's grief when you're still processing your own.
I'm assuming you can just hack in? Given time with social media, even the firewalls have firewalls.
Kind of like you.
I think we should talk to Ani's parents.
See what we can get from them.
I don't feel great about this.
I'm not gonna lie to them.
I don't want to, either.
Stick to the plan.
We don't identify ourselves unless we have to, okay? Come in.
Um Mrs.
Rogers, Mr.
Rogers, sorry to disturb you.
We just wanted to say how sorry we are for your loss.
I can't imagine the pain that you guys are going through right now.
We hadn't wanted to disturb you.
We had planned to leave our condolences on Ani's social media, but it was shut down.
We understand why you did that.
It's got to be hard to have a constant reminder.
I don't know how to shut that off.
How did you two know Ani? To be completely honest, we didn't.
I'm sorry.
My name is Juliet, this is my partner Thomas.
We are actually private investigators.
We are investigating the circumstances of your daughter's death.
Why? To rule out foul play.
I found my little girl hanging.
What are you talking about? Wait, I don't understand.
Who hired you? Ani's therapist.
She's very concerned.
That woman should be concerned.
Ani's dead because of her.
You need to get out.
Now! It really is the worst when you have to be the one to find them.
Did you lose a friend to suicide? Yeah.
Seemed fine.
Went out the night before.
And drove by his house in the morning.
I found him in the garage with the car running and I'm so sorry, Thomas.
As hard as it is to lose a friend, to lose a child is Unimaginable.
Listen, if Ani's parents didn't take down her social media, then who did? Maybe a friend - or boyfriend.
- Dr.
Ogawa didn't mention any boyfriend.
If she was excited about this dance, somebody had to have asked her to go, right? Yeah.
There's a school memorial later.
Maybe that somebody will be there.
All right.
This waiting is killing me.
How long is the surgery supposed to last? A few hours, at least.
Who's texting you so much? Thomas Magnum.
He wants to help.
And Detective Kaleo's sending updates, but So far, nothing.
It's okay.
I know you want to go after them.
So why aren't you going? For most of Dennis's life, I did it wrong.
I was a cop first.
Today I'm a father first.
We should tread carefully.
Well, hopefully not too many people here will ask us who we are.
It would be rude.
Those look like her BFFs.
Yeah, I think you're right.
Why don't you go see if you can talk to them? I'm gonna circulate.
Hi, girls.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
I know you girls were close with Ani.
We were like ohana since first grade.
We're all, like still in shock.
I can't even.
Ani was fun.
Super smart.
Really nice.
We miss her so much already.
And, uh, her boyfriend, I guess.
Guess he's pretty sad, too.
What boyfriend? Oh, I was sure somebody, uh, somebody told me that Ani had a boyfriend.
No, Ani's never even been kissed.
I can't believe she's gone.
Maybe we should go on home now.
- Okay? - Yeah.
We should probably leave, too.
Collette's mom and dad are away.
Can we give her a ride? Find out anything? They said that Ani wasn't dating anybody.
They didn't really offer much.
You just got to know how to ask.
Apparently, she did have a boyfriend.
- His name's Will.
- Ah.
Classmate saw them at the movies together, so Right.
Well, were you able to talk to this Will? No.
He's not here, which is kind of weird, if you ask me.
I owe you one.
I still can't access Ani's social media accounts.
That's all right.
I got an update from Noelani.
She just finished the autopsy, and C.
was asphyxiation due to hanging.
Tox screen showed about 90 milligrams of Xanax in her blood.
Right? So, I'm guessing that was to deal with the fear.
The maximum daily dose of Xanax is four milligrams.
Well, 90 is definitely excessive if you're just gonna hang yourself.
Unless someone else drugged her.
Look, I know you want to help your client, but this is starting to feel like a wild-goose chase just to make this woman feel better.
Listen, I promised to get to the bottom of this, and that is exactly what I intend to do.
Plus, Dr.
Ogawa isn't just some quack.
She graduated top of her class at Yale Med.
She has a perfect SAT score.
You did a background check on her? Well, we've been duped by clients before, so now I'm trying to do deeper dives on them prior to engaging.
Anyway, we need to find out if Ani had a prescription for Xanax.
I didn't write her the script.
In fact, when we discussed meds, Ani was adamantly against it.
She didn't even like to take Tylenol.
- The family's apparently the same way.
- Okay.
Thank you for sharing.
I know you're bound by privilege, but it does save time.
I'm actually not bound anymore.
Privilege is revoked when there's pending litigation.
Ani's parents are suing me for wrongful death.
I was served an hour ago.
I'm so sorry.
I'm not thinking about that right now.
I just want to know what happened.
- Where did Ani get the pills? - Well, if someone drugged her, then the meds could've come from them.
Did she ever mention Will? Uh, I don't know who that is.
He was a boy that Ani was dating, and he, rather suspiciously, didn't turn up to her memorial.
I figured she had a date to the dance.
She was so excited.
But she never brought up Will.
Didn't talk about friends, either.
Ani was a very private person.
Getting her to share was Well, we were working on it.
I really thought we were making progress.
Well, thank you for your time.
Uh, we'll be in touch, Doctor.
- Okay.
So, that's Will.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna look into his text messages.
On the morning that Ani died, she sent him a text breaking up with him.
- That could be motive.
- Yeah.
Well, there's nothing in the chain to indicate why she broke it off.
- Did he call her? - Yes.
Three times after he got her text.
And the last call was within half an hour of her time of death, and it was made from right outside her house.
Okay, I wasn't buying this before, but this is starting to look like murder.
And Will is looking very guilty.
Um Hi? Hi, Will.
Sorry to bother you.
We're private investigators.
Do you mind having a conversation? A-About what? We're looking into Ani's death.
Thought it was suicide.
Well, we were hired to make sure.
So, as her boyfriend How did you know I was her boyfriend? We kept it private.
Why is that? Sadly, nothing's private these days.
Do you have a prescription for Xanax? What's that got to do with Ani? Well, before she hung herself, she OD'd, and we're trying to figure out where she got those drugs from.
Wasn't me.
My bottle's full.
I only took it once.
Did you turn off Ani's social media? What're you talking about? Her accounts are all off-line.
No, they're not.
I-I was just on them looking at her pics.
See? When's the last time you spoke to Ani? The night before she you know.
Can you explain why you were outside of her house around the time of her death? I I tried to call, but she wasn't picking up, so I went over.
When I knocked, there was no answer, so I-I called again.
Why'd she break up with you? How do you know she did? You read my texts? That even legal? We read hers.
So, why'd she end it? I I don't know.
I think you do, Will.
You both need to leave right now.
Will's definitely lying about something.
I-I I just don't think he's guilty.
He was genuinely upset.
Yeah, but guilt can do that to you.
- So, what are we looking at here? - I don't know.
There's still too many unanswered questions, right? We have the deactivated then reactivated social media.
Got the Xanax.
Something's not right.
- Yeah.
- We should talk to Ani's friends, starting with the one that, uh, was crying.
- Amanda.
- Yeah.
I think we should talk to Collette.
The quiet one.
What'd you put in it? Arsenic.
Two sugars, light cream.
Eh, some things I remember.
Dennis will be just fine.
Your son's a fighter.
- He did great.
- Can we see him? He's sleeping off the anesthesia, so the nurses will come get you when he's awake.
- Thank you, Doctor.
- You're welcome.
What's the word? Dennis is out of surgery.
- He's gonna be okay.
- Yeah? Yeah.
Thanks, Cade.
Hey, got to admit, - you were right about him.
- Mm-hmm.
You should know.
- This silent partner is always right.
- Mm-hmm.
Excuse me.
Always right, huh? Let me speak to your manager.
Oh, no.
- What's going on? - Is this your restaurant? Yeah.
And this young man works for you? - Depends on what he did.
- When I paid my bill, I was on the phone, distracted, and I left without my wallet.
He found it, tracked me down, and now he refuses to take a reward.
I had an awful day, and he just reminded me that people canbe good.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Doesn't look like anyone's home.
Collette's purse and phone are on the table.
No teenager leaves home without their phone.
Yeah, I don't think teenagers leave their room without their phone.
Hello? Collette? Hello? There's water coming from the ceiling.
That's odd.
Could start a fire.
Collette? - Collette? Hello? - Collette? I'm gonna cut the power.
Hello? Anyone home? Collette? Hello? Hello? Collette? - Collette? - Are you in there? Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
- She's not breathing.
- Okay.
I need an ambulance at 722 Kaleo Drive.
We got a 17-year-old, attempted suicide.
Come on.
Collette's gonna pull through.
- Thank God.
- Few minutes longer, the doctors say she wouldn't have made it.
Can we talk to her? No.
No, she's a minor, so only family and medical staff will be allowed at this point.
I mean, at my lowest, I-I couldn't imagine taking my own life.
And two people in such a short amount of time? These things got to be connected.
Suicides can happen in clusters.
I mean, maybe she was just overcome with grief.
Or she feels guilty for playing some part in Ani's death.
Well, we can't talk to her.
We can't go back to Ani's parents or Will.
Only path now is to find out who shut down her social media.
I mean, presumably, the only reason to do that and then reactivate it was to remove something.
- She looks mad.
- Yeah.
Juliet, I'm about to yell at him, and I don't know you that well yet, so would you mind? No, not at all.
How could you do that? - Collette's gonna make it.
- I heard.
That's great.
But I'm talking about you interrogating a teenager with no parent present.
I thought you were talking about breaking into the house.
How-how did you find out about that? She saw you drive off in a red Ferrari.
I mean, anyone ever suggest another vehicle? Many, many times, yes.
Seriously, Thomas.
What were you thinking? He didn't have to talk to me, all right? He's almost 18.
He's not a kid.
I got to get back to work.
Any leads on the carjacking? All right.
Uh Nice talking to you.
Do you remember the time that he, uh, climbed onto the roof, went to the other side of the house and then jumped into the deep end of the pool? - Do you remember that? - Do I remember it? - Well - How do I forget? - That was so scary.
- You were so mad.
- So mad.
- You were encouraging So, all I got to do to get you two to be nice to each other is get jacked, huh? We were so worried.
You gave us a hell of a scare.
The doc says you're gonna be fine.
You might have to tell that to my head.
It's killing me.
What were you thinking, confronting a guy with a gun? I wasn't thinking.
Mom was hurt, and Guess it was just instinct.
All right.
Get some rest.
I'll be right here.
I don't know what I would've done.
Don't even go there.
- Right.
- Listen, now that he's out of the woods, I want you to do something for me.
What? Go get those bastards.
How's Dennis? He's gonna be fine.
Sorry I didn't answer your texts.
- Are you here to see me? - No, I'm working a case.
Long story.
- Any lead on the carjackers? - No.
HPD hasn't found the car yet.
They're casting a wide net, but it's not gonna be easy.
I know that look, and it ends up with me having to lie for you - every time.
- No.
No, uh, just a little behind-the-scenes intel gathering mission.
Look, I happen to know a guy who knows a guy who may be able to help.
I can't condone illegal behavior.
Course not.
Let you know if I find anything.
Thank you.
For everything.
The hell, man? This is excessive force.
I'm gonna My family was in this car when it was stolen! You don't want to mess with me today.
Now, who was it? This punk who works with his cousin.
Time to time, they give me a car to strip for parts.
- And? - I didn't know anyone was in the car when they stole it.
Now, that might help with your sentence, but the only thing that's gonna help you live another day is a name! Matt! Matt Ford! Take him.
What? We got to get these guys.
We will.
But we'll do it the right way.
The hell's that supposed to mean? Everybody is watching us.
And they should be, right? I mean, we work for the people.
We're supposed to make them feel safer.
Even when it's a criminal, we can't threaten bodily harm.
You seriously telling me how to do my job? Look, it's hard to be a cop when it's personal, but when we're going after these perps, you can't be a father.
Not if you want the charges to stick, and not if you want to stay a cop.
You done? Can we go now? Where were you? Been looking all over the place for you.
Apparently not.
Listen, I found the culprit who manipulated Ani's social media accounts.
He's a hacker named Romeo Kekoa.
Wait, how'd you find this guy? - Called an old friend.
- What friend? Doesn't matter.
Right now, we need answers for our client.
Fake badges? Again? Really, Magnum? I mean, are you not in enough trouble with your girlfriend? Eh, she won't stay mad long.
Besides, I don't feel bad about the Will thing.
I mean, that kid is guilty of something.
Okay, but this is still a bad idea.
It's still completely unnecessary.
Hackers are not exactly menacing.
- You are.
- Well, I'm the exception.
I don't think it's gonna be hard to get this Romeo to talk.
Look, I know hackers aren't known for their physical prowess, but maybe this guy is an exception, too.
Right? He was really hard to find, which means he's good at his job, which means you probably enlisted MI6 to find him.
By the way, you don't have to be so cagey about that.
You can just tell me.
Regardless, he's not gonna tell you anything unless he feels like there's some threat of something, like jail time.
So we need the badges.
- Who is it? - HPD.
Open up, Romeo.
Just a sec.
Be right there.
Going somewhere? All right.
We can do this the easy way, or we can do this - the hard way.
- Wh-What do you want? Somebody hired you to hack into Ani's social media accounts.
- Who was that? - If I say, you won't arrest me, right? 'Cause if you do and I give her up, I lose my lawyer.
Now, hold on.
Your lawyer hired you to hack Ani's social media accounts? I couldn't pay my legal bill, so I owed her a favor.
Who is she? Shelly Davis.
Amanda's mother? That doesn't make any sense.
Amanda was Ani's best friend.
Best friend? Amanda killed that girl.
Can I help you? Wait.
You were at the memorial.
We're here to talk about Ani's death.
Look, we're very sorry for Ani's family, and w-we're in the process of grieving, ourselves.
But I've got to get back to work.
Yeah, I wouldn't worry about that.
You won't have too much work to do in the near future.
At least, not as a lawyer.
Who are you? What's going on? We're private investigators, and I think Amanda and Shelly can probably explain.
Mandy, don't say a word.
You don't have to.
But just for future reference, when you hire someone to hack social media and delete DMs and videos, better make sure that they don't keep a copy for insurance.
Recognize this? I can get any girl to give it up.
Any girl, Amanda.
A hundred bucks says you can't get Ani to do it by the dance.
Ani? Ugh.
That'll be awful.
Better make it 200.
Wait, isn't Ani, like, your best friend? Not anymore.
No way.
But we need proof.
You'll get it.
Amanda sent that to Ani the day she died.
Along with this lovely missive that said, "Everyone's laughing at you.
They all hate you.
"Why don't you just get on with it and kill yourself.
"I've left something at the back door to help.
" That something at the back door was Xanax, right? You have a prescription for Xanax? Not sure what you're implying.
Amanda gave Ani your pills to kill herself.
What? What the hell did you do? Shut up, Steven.
We don't have to deal with them.
They're not cops.
No, we're not cops.
But they do know everything.
- I detest bullies.
- Guess you had your share of those in, uh, boarding school, huh? Oh, you have no idea.
They were merciless.
I spent years just trying to stay out of the line of fire.
This when you built up that, uh, wall of protection around you? Thankfully, I had a mother who assured me that in the grand scheme, those girls wouldn't matter a lick.
- And she was right.
- That's good.
Now you don't have to go over Mom in your therapy sessions with Dr.
How did you know? Checking SAT scores? That's a bridge too far, even for you.
And, plus, your sneakers were in the hallway this morning.
Uh, it's kind of hard to go running without them.
We sure they're inside? You want to give the order? I think you should.
If I go in, there's a chance you'll end up having to cuff me.
On my count.
- Hands! Hands! - Get on the ground! I didn't think you'd come.
Why not? Because I thought, you know, you might still be mad at me.
I don't stay mad for long.
Anyway, Will's mom brought him to the station to tell what he knew.
Seems he started to really like Ani and told Amanda the bet was off.
So Amanda got mad - that her plan backfired.
- Yep.
And the girls turned on Ani a few months ago.
Standard teen idiocy.
And then, not to be outdone, Amanda sent Ani the video.
And Ani broke up with Will.
I just wish Will had told Ani how he felt about her before he told Amanda.
Maybe none of this would have happened.
Amazing how often we think things can't get better, but they always do.
The good news is you guys saved Collette.
And Amanda and Shelly will both do time.
's going after them hard.
He's very motivated.
Why is that? He has a six-year-old daughter.
I just want to say thanks for calling a guy who knows a guy.
- We got the carjackers.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I heard.
Oh, and tell Lia I already did the paperwork, so she doesn't have to come back.
Um Why would I, uh Why would I tell Lia? She's with you, right? No.
Why Why would she be with me? You do know I'm a detective? Relax, Magnum.
I don't really care.
After today, I think we can agree how important it is to grab on to whoever makes us happy.
I'll talk to you later.
I got to tell you something.
And you have to promise not to get mad.
Gordon knows, doesn't he? Yeah.
The good news is you don't stay mad very long.
Teenagers never cease to surprise.
The sheer level of cruelty is just I know it's not what you had expected.
Well, there was never gonna be a good result.
Ani is gone regardless.
I just wish I'd seen the signs.
Well, you can't help patients if they don't share what's going on.
Fair point.
So, are you gonna share? Yes.
Ani's case really brought home how important it is to talk about things.
Whilst I know that I don't need therapy Maybe not, but you'll probably get something out of it.
Even if it's just a little clarity.
For instance, why your boyfriend being 10,781 miles away for the next half year doesn't bother you.
How do you happen to know the exact distance between Kenya and Oahu? I travel a lot.
Collect airline miles.
Don't deflect.
Do you think maybe it's because you're not in love with Ethan? What gives you that idea? When I asked, you said that you love him.
Not the same.
- Semantics.
- When I asked if the relationship was going well, you listed Ethan's many fine qualities.
So you're saying that he's not the one for me.
You said that.
You also said that you missed home and your ohana.
More specifically, your partner, Thomas.
What? No.
I No.
No, look, we're not It's It's just food for thought.
TC, it's me.
I forgot my laptop.
I'll see you in 20.
We got them.
Thank God.
You didn't do anything to jeopardize your career, did you? No.
I stood down.
Who are you, and what have you done with my ex? Why don't you go home and get some sleep in a real bed.
I'll stay.
We haven't been good to each other in a really long time, but Today, you stepped up in ways that No matter what you'll always be my family.
Go on.
Get some rest.

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