Magnum P.I. (2018) s04e13 Episode Script

Judge Me Not

1 OFFICER: Central-61, we're 10-2 at 241 Merchant - on that B and E in progress.
There he is.
In pursuit! Sound of the police Whoop-whoop, that's the sound of the beast Stand clear, Don man a-talk You can't stand where I stand, you can't walk where I walk - Watch out - Get him! - Policeman come - Hey! I know this for a fact, you don't like how I act You claim I'm selling crack, but you be doing that I'd rather say "see ya" 'cause I would never be ya Be an officer? You wicked overseer HPD! HPD! Hands in the air, now! - Now! - Get on him! Don't move! Stay where you are.
Well, it's another beautiful day Feeling love all over the place It's a vibe, it's a vibe Oh, yeah Thomas? You ready? Our client's gonna be here soon.
MAGNUM: Hey, Higgy.
Everything okay? Fine.
Your fridge is empty again.
Oh, yeah, I just started eating out more.
It also smells different in here.
Is that a new scented candle? [CHUCKLES.]
: No.
No, that was a Lia thing.
Um I guess that's just, uh, ocean mist.
Well, whilst I, of course, respect your decision in regards to Lia, I must say, I am gonna miss some of the good habits you acquired during her tenure.
Well, if I can give it up so quickly, was it every really a habit? And whilst we ponder that zen koan, do you want to change out of those board shorts? Kumu's taking our new client to the study as we speak.
Got it.
Hi, sorry to keep you waiting.
- Hello.
- Thomas, this is Hi, Judge Rachel Park.
We've met.
Last summer, in her courtroom, when she held me in contempt.
- You were in Kenya.
- Oh.
Magnum was testifying on trial, and I asked him to disclose some sensitive information about his client, and he patently refused.
And she threw me in jail for a couple days.
Uh, sorry, is this gonna be an issue for us? MAGNUM: No.
No, no.
She was doing her job.
I was doing mine.
But I am a little curious as to why you would want to hire me after that.
Actually, that's exactly why I want to hire you.
You proved how far you'd go to protect your clients' secrets, and I need someone I can trust with mine.
HIGGINS: Okay, uh, tell us - how we can help you.
- [SIGHS.]
Last week, I was nominated for a seat on Hawaii's Supreme Court.
- Congratulations.
- That's quite an honor.
Thank you.
Unfortunately someone's trying to blackmail me.
"I know the truth about you.
Keep quiet and I'll be in touch.
" Right, well, I mean, we can certainly look into this number, but it is likely a burner phone.
I'm sorry, we have to ask.
What is this about? I grew up very poor.
I had to scrape and fight for everything I've achieved in my life.
In my last semester of law school, my scholarship just fell through.
I was devastated.
But I wasn't gonna quit, not when I was that close.
When my student loans maxed out, I just couldn't make that kind of money.
I went to work as an escort.
It was three months, 20 years ago, and I thought I'd left it behind me.
Until now.
This appears to have been taken from an old videotape.
Do you know if any of your encounters were ever recorded? [SIGHS.]
I didn't think so.
And I have I have no idea where this is coming from, and I can't go to HPD.
I have a husband and I have children, and I have spent two decades building my career.
I want you to find this video, and I want you to destroy it.
Can you do that? Well, we'll do what we can, but being that this is a screengrab, it's most likely been digitized.
Nothing on the Internet is ever truly deleted, so it might be impossible to destroy every copy.
I was afraid you were gonna say that.
What we can do is track down the blackmailer, and maybe find some leverage we can use against them to stop them from releasing the video.
They haven't asked me for anything.
They haven't made any demands.
Well, often times what they first want is silence.
They want to know if you can keep quiet before they make a demand that can lead back to them.
Do you have any idea who this might have been? No.
Obviously I'm a judge, and I've made enemies.
This nomination has put me front and center in the public eye.
So our blackmailer could be somebody who doesn't want you on the High Court, somebody you ruled against, or just somebody who's after money.
I think the best place to start is with whoever made the original videotape.
Where would you meet your clients? Hotels.
There was a madam who would book the services.
Okay, so she could have hidden cameras before you arrived.
Do you happen to remember her name? Halia Hickam.
I'm pretty sure that was an alias, and I have no idea where to find her after all these years.
You can leave that to us.
Okay, their arms, you pin down the arms, you wrap this around, you gotta tuck it in tight.
And then you do the feet.
I think it's the feet.
Maybe it's Rick, uh, you all right? Hey.
Uh, yeah, yeah.
I'm just learning to swaddle a baby.
I guess papayas are supposed to be around the same size.
True, but it isn't squirming, crying or soiling itself.
Well, listen, baby steps, Higgins.
All right, fatherhood is a serious thing.
I just want to be ready for it.
I also have a restaurant efficiency expert coming by here to show me how a few small changes can help me increase profits at this place.
What kind of changes are we talking about? I'm not really sure, but you know, after two and a half years of running this place and just breaking even, well, I gotta level up if I'm gonna raise this kid right.
Do you have any idea how much it costs to raise a child from birth to age 18? Uh $233,000! Okay, but I mean, you know it isn't all due on delivery, right? Well, no.
You're right.
And that's why you have to be ready.
So it's like baby swaddling.
You learn, you get good, you become an expert, and then you're ready for when the time comes.
Uh Well, that is smart, once you learn how to do it.
But, you know, aside from all the swaddling stuff, were you able to get the information we requested? Yes, about that, you know, it's not cool to ask a guy who's about to become a dad to find an escort service.
Now, what do you two want with this madam, anyway? - Well, that's not really - Let's not get into it.
I mean, I know you're both single now, but it seems like a weird way to meet people.
I will literally murder you.
Here's what I got.
Her name is Halia Hickam.
She was a high-end madam who catered to an exclusive clientele.
She had an escort service that went dark a few years back, and my source says her real name is Sheila Adams.
Apparently she has a very lovely house in Portlock.
- Okay, can you send me the address? - I already did.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a papaya to put down for a nap.
- Well, you'd have to blackmail a lot of people to afford a house in Portlock.
You up for a house call? [PLAYFUL SHOUTING AND LAUGHTER.]
Hi there.
Sorry, we don't mean to intrude.
We did knock and there was no answer, and then we spied him.
That is a beautiful view, by the way.
Now, can I help you with something? Well, we certainly hope so, Halia.
I'm afraid you have me confused with someone else.
Actually, Sheila, I don't think we do.
Why don't you two go wash up, and I'll make us some lunch.
You're trespassing on private property.
Hmm, private property that was paid for in millions of illicit income, none of which you disclosed to the IRS, by the way.
We don't want them or your grandkids to know where you got the money to pay for all this.
What do you want then? Well, for starters, we want to know why you're blackmailing a judge.
I was Halia Hickam.
I've been retired for years.
While you were in business, you secretly videotaped your clients with your escorts; did you not? I made those tapes to negotiate additional payments from my clients, but I would never do that to one of my girls.
And I'm not the one who's blackmailing the judge.
But you know who is.
About two weeks ago, a woman came to see me.
Just like you, she knew all about my former business.
And just like you, she threatened to destroy my life unless I turned over one of my tapes.
A 20-year-old video of Rachel Park with a client.
- Did you get her name? - No.
But she was 30s, intimidating, with a snake tattoo on her neck.
That's all I can tell you.
Now, are we done? Yes.
Tell Rachel I'm sorry.
So she said neck tattoo came to see her - about two weeks ago, right? - Yeah.
And? Well, she just got nominated to the Hawaii Supreme Court last week.
So the blackmail isn't about that.
Hey, Judge Park.
Good timing.
Um, we're beginning to think that this blackmail has nothing to do with the nomination.
I know it doesn't.
I just got another text.
What does it say? They want me to throw a murder trial.
"Throw out the emails in the Reed trial or the full video goes online.
Choice is yours.
" I took an oath to uphold the law.
I am not letting some killer run free.
This gives you guys 24 hours to find them, or this destroys my life.
It's another burner phone.
It was used and then immediately turned off like last time.
It's a dead end, I'm afraid.
Actually, I don't think so.
The blackmailer gave us a major clue as to who they are.
They have a vested interest in this trial, so we need to know everything you do.
Trial started this morning.
Owen Reed stands accused of murdering his business partner Kendall Parsons.
The murder came as a shock to everyone who knew them.
Reed had been friends with Parsons and his wife Anna since college.
Five years ago, the two men started a small hedge fund together.
HIGGINS: Sharks Cove Capital.
Parsons managed the clients, but Reed was the golden goose.
He's a quant analyst delivering killer returns.
So what happened the night of the murder? Reed claims they were working late at the office.
He goes out to dinner, he comes back to the office.
He found Parsons bleeding out, struck in the head with a statue from his desk.
Reed claims he immediately called 911 and tried to save Parsons' life.
But when police arrived, they found him covered in blood with the murder weapon right next to him.
There's no sign of forced entry.
Reed's the only one with the other key, and when the detectives discovered that the two of them are exchanging angry emails about Reed's compensation package, it's all over.
So those are the emails that the blackmailer wants you to throw out? Yes.
And his attorney tried to toss it out on a technicality.
I ruled it in.
But soon as it's presented in court as evidence, he will absolutely try to object again so that he can lay the groundwork for an appeal.
And whoever sent the text wants you to sustain the objection and exclude the emails.
MAGNUM: And without evidence of motive, it's gonna be extremely hard to get a conviction from the jury.
Prosecution is going to enter them into evidence tomorrow.
I can buy you guys as much time as I can, but 3:00 p.
is my limit.
Well, at least we now have two suspects.
I mean, both Reed and his attorney stand to benefit from the blackmail.
MAGNUM: And the woman who acquired the video from Halia Hickam.
She's probably a fixer for the defense.
You did get the description I sent you, right? The neck tattoo? It sounds familiar.
I think I've seen her at the courthouse.
Look, guys, I gotta get back.
Trial's about to resume.
All right, well, just stay calm, do your job.
We'll do ours.
So if neck tattoo was in the courthouse, she had to have passed through security.
KATSUMOTO: Taken by courthouse security yesterday for a visitor ID badge.
MAGNUM: That's got to be her.
KATSUMOTO: Name and address are both fake.
No photo in the Hawaii DMV database, but I can tell you she goes by Maya.
- You know her? - Not exactly.
A few months back, I was testifying on a double murder.
Case was a slam dunk, then she starts showing up.
Next thing I know, evidence goes missing, witnesses change their stories.
The whole thing goes up in smoke.
Seems you were right about her being a fixer.
Do you know how to find her? After the trial, I tried to track her down.
Word is she used to be a lawyer on the mainland till she got disbarred.
But that's as far as I got.
People like Maya, they don't have business cards.
What's this all about, anyway? You know I'm gonna find out eventually.
To be honest, Gordie, I really hope you don't.
- Thanks.
- Yep.
No matter where I go Wow, last week I had never even heard of a restaurant efficiency expert.
Now, mind blown.
Thanks so much for coming in.
Great meeting you.
Give me a buzz if you have any questions about the plan.
I'm ready to start whenever you are.
We'll be in touch.
Yeah, we ain't doing any of that.
I'm not so sure about that, TC.
There are some good ideas in here.
Are you kidding me? This guy's talking about knocking out walls, losing the pool table, raising prices, shrinking portions.
And what the hell is a 45-minute chair? That's one of the best things about it, okay.
So right now we have two-hour chairs, okay.
We swap those out for 45-minute chairs, we'll more than double our turnover.
By making customers more uncomfortable? Do you even hear yourself right now? They're just suggestions.
We don't have to do everything in here.
Okay, which one of these bad ideas do you want to do? Listen, this is your side hustle, but I got all my eggs in this basket.
And now I got another egg in another basket.
You know what I mean? I knew that's what this was all about.
Hey, it's not just me.
I mean, you got Cade to support now.
You know, we both need to think about making real money.
So a customer doesn't get to park it at their table for quite as long; I guess I'm okay with that.
I have called Rick, Jin and every lawyer and street person I know, and still so far no one's been able to get us any closer to finding Maya.
Yeah, I've also hit a wall, I'm afraid.
I did a deep and thorough dive on our fixer, and I can't find anything about Maya online.
Her operation is completely off the books.
What about Reed and the attorney? If they're behind this, maybe we can use them to get to Maya.
No, no luck there either, I'm afraid.
Reed was considered a flight risk, so Judge Park had him held pending trial.
All his calls are monitored, and the visitor logs don't show anyone matching - Maya's description.
- And the attorney? Blake Garcia, Esquire.
I got into his emails.
He's pretty old school, to say the least.
MAGNUM: "Call me.
" "Call me.
" I guess that's his response to everything.
In thread after thread.
Just "Call me.
" I mean, he never puts anything down in an email, so he's certainly not going to be firing off messages talking about blackmailing a judge.
Maybe he didn't leave a digital trail.
But if he's as old school as you say, maybe he left a paper one.
You're not seriously suggesting that we break into an attorney's office in the middle of a murder trial? All I'm saying is that he's the only person we know who could have a direct line to Maya.
And we are running out of time.
You know, now that we're actually doing this, I'm even more convinced it's a bad idea.
Which is why we need to find what we're looking for and get out of here as quickly as possible.
Anything that ties Garcia to the blackmail or Maya.
MAGNUM: Higgins.
Yeah? MAGNUM: "Negligent homicide, two to four.
"Manslaughter, five to seven.
"Second-degree murder, ten to 12.
But the P.
wants murder one.
" Garcia's trying to make a plea deal for Owen Reed.
Why try to make a deal if you're already blackmailing the judge, though? [SIRENS APPROACHING.]
We must have tripped an alarm.
We did not trip an alarm.
Go out back.
I'll draw 'em off.
- Don't let him get away! [HORN HONKING.]
HPD! Stop where you are! All right.
Hold it! [SIREN STOPS.]
All right, get 'em in.
How'd you get onto us, anyway? Anonymous tip.
what are you in for? You may find this amusing, Magnum, but it isn't exactly my idea of a good time.
Hey, that photo booth was pretty fun.
Oh, yeah.
Maybe they'll let me use the mug shot on my new passport.
I'm sure all of this is gonna do just wonders for my citizenship application.
Hey, I'm as frustrated as you are, all right.
The judge is counting on us, and we're sitting in here while the clock ticks down.
That poor woman.
I've had my close calls with secrets coming out, but to have something so personal I just can't imagine it.
Which is why we have to stop that video from coming out.
All right, so I guess Maya was watching the judge, who she then tailed to Robin's Nest, and then followed us to the defense attorney's office.
And then calls in the B&E to take us off the board.
Must mean we're getting close to something, right? Well, I don't know.
I mean, just because she followed us to Garcia's office doesn't mean that she's necessarily working for him.
We haven't found anything to suggest that they're in touch.
And then there's the question why Reed's attorney is still trying to cut a deal if they're blackmailing the judge.
Maybe it's insurance, in case the judge doesn't comply.
Or maybe they're not behind the blackmail.
Reed was the hedge fund's golden goose.
Maybe one of the investors was willing to help a murderer go free if it meant it kept bringing in those killer returns.
Yeah, we gotta get the investors list.
Well, why don't I just Google that for you from the stainless steel toilet? Are you You sitting on the toilet? You know what, Higgy, don't talk to me while you're on the toilet, all right? I'm gonna work on getting us bailed out.
Hey, guard, how 'bout that phone call? KUMU: Hey, Juliet, have the lads been fed this morning? Zeus brought me his bowl, and You're not here.
AUTOMATED VOICE: This is a collect call from Honolulu County Jail.
You have a call from MAGNUM: Thomas Magnum.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Press one to accept the charges.
I expect this sort of thing from you, Thomas, but really, Juliet? You were right.
Rick would have been less judgy.
- Mm-hmm.
- What I want to know is why didn't you ask Gordon to bail you out? Well, uh, Gordon's the judgiest of all.
Plus, he's very curious about this case, and it's not something we can talk about.
Well, then, I won't ask.
Here's the tablet you asked for, and I got your Ferrari out of impound.
It's parked out front.
Oh, thank you! I mean, you really come through all the time.
Although, you know, the one thing I forgot to ask you for was breakfast.
What am I, a rookie? [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
Last time I was in the clink, I was starving.
- Kumu, you are a lifesaver.
MAGNUM: Definitely.
Oh TC says he needs me at La Mariana ASAP.
I'm just putting out fires all over the place.
Oh, try not to get locked up again before TC's done with me.
- Okay, Mom.
- Okay.
KUMU: Mm-hmm.
Looks like I missed a bunch of calls - from our client.
- Oh.
Hey, it's Thomas Magnum.
Everything okay? Apparently not.
I was just in court with Owen Reed's attorney who's claiming prosecutorial misconduct because two private investigators with close ties to HPD broke into his office last night.
Yeah, yeah.
- I can explain.
- Please don't.
The less I know the better.
I denied his motion for a mistrial, - but this can't happen again.
- No, it won't.
Look, we're just trying to find out who the blackmailer is, and we are running out of time.
Sooner than we thought.
The P.
just rearranged her witness list, moving the email evidence up an hour.
I understand.
We have until 2:00 to stop that video from coming out.
HIGGINS: Okay, I'm already into the hedge fund's computers.
They had several hundred investors, including some immediate suspects, like Yakuza boss Osi Shima.
It's gonna take hours to sift through all this data - to find some connection to Maya.
- It's time we don't have.
What we need to do is find Maya herself, immediately.
- Done.
- What? Thomas, Juliet Let's talk.
Thank you.
Sure you don't want something? It's on me.
That's very generous of Mr.
Shima, but I'll pass.
Nice try, but you're not gonna get a name that easy.
I protect my clients, same as you.
Then why are we here? So I can give you some professional advice.
You two are out of your league.
I'm very good at what I do.
We did track you down in less than 24 hours.
Really, how good are you? Did you? What's my last name? It's really not gonna be that hard to find out.
Disbarred lawyers are pretty rare.
True, but state bar associations are easy to hack, and records are easy to change.
Since you're in a talkative mood, why don't you tell us how you lost your license.
What, did you try to pull some shady tricks as an attorney, got caught? The only tricks you should be concerned with right now are the ones your client was turning.
Look, she either does what we want, or the truth comes out.
So let's be real.
I can promise you this case is gonna cost you more than you're gonna make.
But if you walk away now That more than covers your usual fee.
Plus a little extra for bail.
You're gonna have to do better than that.
Final offer.
Not gonna do it.
You really think this is gonna end well? Threatening a judge, trying to get a killer off? You don't know he's a killer.
Innocent until proven guilty, right? And don't even think about tailing me.
I catch you around my business again, that video hits the web.
HIGGINS: She was lovely.
You weren't seriously considering taking her bribe? No, I'm trying to get her to tell us how much money she's making.
You think she was offering us a portion of her fee.
With an ego that big, you think she's gonna go to her client and say, "You know, hey, can I have some money for these people that are screwing up my plan?" If I was cutting somebody in on my fee, I wouldn't do more than 20%, and I'm a nice guy.
All right? She-She's not going higher than ten.
So Maya's making at least $100,000.
That kind of payout, whoever she's working with has deep pockets.
So maybe we're right about it being one of the investors.
And we now have less than three hours to figure out which one.
All right, I'm into Hans Nakamura's phone records.
I'm sending you the link now.
I'll start hacking the next investor.
MAGNUM: Got it.
I'm seeing if there's any connection between Hans and Maya.
Hey, Judge.
You're on speaker.
You got me and Higgins.
Please tell me you have news.
Well, we do, but I wish it was better.
HIGGINS: We've narrowed the list of suspects down to 14 investors with a history of shady business dealings, but so far, no connection with Maya.
I'm due back in court in 20 minutes, for the prosecution to enter emails into evidence, so I doubt we're gonna make it in time.
Uh, hold on, uh, Judge.
Rachel, look, we are very close to cracking this.
Is there any way you can get us a little more time? Nothing that wouldn't violate the Hawaii Code of Judicial Conduct.
If this tape comes out, it comes out.
I have to do what's right.
Thank you both for trying.
All right, we've got 20 minutes.
Let's make them count.
KUMU: What did you call these again? "45-minute chairs.
" - Oh.
- RICK: These are just samples that the efficiency expert brought by.
I'm sure there's others that are more More comfortable? Well, yeah, comfy but not so comfortable.
Okay, that is a 37-minute chair at best.
So, you don't like any of them? Hell no.
But my bigger issue is that you're about to make a huge mistake, Rick.
The chairs are horrible, and the contractors are about to gut everything that makes this place special.
Excuse me.
These tikis are from the Sheraton Kon-Tiki Room.
This is a replica of the winning canoe in the very first Molokai Hoe race in 1952.
This is not just a business.
La Mariana is a landmark.
I know.
That's why I bought the place.
Then why would you change a thing? [EXHALES.]
Is this the real reason why you invited her to test the chairs? Uh, little bit.
Look, come on, man, I know you're trying to stay positive about all this, but we both know your heart's not in it.
Well, maybe it's time I start listening to my head.
Look, you guys know I love this place just as it is, but if we don't start squeezing some serious profit out of it, I'm gonna have to go through with this remodel.
Come on, man.
There's got to be another way.
No, no.
It's the smart thing to do.
It's the responsible thing to do.
But it's not the you thing to do.
RICK: Just because I've been a dumb-ass my whole life doesn't mean I got to keep being one.
Now, look, things are changing, all right? I'm changing.
A-And if I don't change, I'm not gonna be ready for Curtis.
What are you doing? - What'd I do? - [RICK EXHALES.]
You're fine.
I'm sorry.
Look, man, why don't we just No, I-I need to go talk to these contractors.
Well, that went well.
Don't panic yet.
I have an idea.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
Four minutes to 2:00.
We need a miracle.
Well, I don't know if it counts as a miracle, but I have found something odd.
To make sure that we hadn't missed anyone off the list of suspects, I hacked into the fund's transaction records, and I found this.
MAGNUM: $100,000 withdrawal.
That's the same amount we think Maya's getting.
Yeah, and it was taken out two days before Maya went to see the madam.
- From whose account? - Well, that's where it gets really odd.
The money was withdrawn from Kendall Parson's account over a year after he was killed.
What about his wife, Anna? I mean, she would have access to the account, right? HIGGINS: Most likely, but why would the victim's wife want her husband's killer to go free? I mean, they've all known each other since college.
Maybe they had something going on.
Some kind of affair? I feel like HPD would have found evidence of something like that.
Anna would still be her husband's beneficiary, which makes her an investor in the fund.
Maybe she just didn't want to lose her golden goose? Or maybe she somehow knows Reed's not guilty.
Remember what Maya said? "You don't know he's the killer.
" Could you, uh, look Yeah, get into Anna's cell records? I'm on it.
Pull up the location data for the night of the murder.
HIGGINS: Anna was at her husband's office 30 minutes before Owen Reed called 911.
HPD questioned her the night of, but ever since they found Reed's emails, they zeroed in on him and never looked back.
So maybe Reed is telling the truth.
He did find Kendall dying.
And Anna just doesn't want him to go to prison for something that she did.
Which means we have to stop the judge before it's too late.
PARK: You've reached Judge Rachel Park.
Voice mail.
She's got to be in session already.
Better get down there.
PARK: You've reached Judge Rachel Park.
I can't come to the phone right now.
Even if we could reach her, I'm not exactly sure what we would say.
Well, that Anna may be the killer and she's about to help convict an innocent man.
Yes, but it's all still conjecture at this point.
We still don't have enough to actually arrest Anna or to stop the video coming out.
- KATSUMOTO: Katsumoto.
- Hey, Gordie.
I think it's time we told you what this whole thing is about.
BAILIFF: All rise.
Be seated.
In response to the defense's objection, I've reviewed my ruling on the admissibility of email evidence obtained from the defendant's computer.
For the past few days, an outside party has been trying to illegally influence my decision on this key evidence.
Fortunately, HPD is close to identifying the people behind this.
As soon as they're in custody, this trial shall resume.
Until then, this court is in recess.
BAILIFF: All rise.
ANNA: Where the hell are you? Anna? What's going on? What's going on is I paid you way too much money to go down for this.
MAYA: What the hell are you talking about? ANNA: The judge.
She just said HPD's onto us.
Hang up the phone right now and don't call me again.
Got a lock on Maya's burner.
Team 1, move in.
Team 2, suspect is moving northwest across Alakea Plaza.
Anna Parsons, you're under arrest.
Hey, Maya.
You remember me? You're under arrest, for conspiracy, extortion, obstruction of justice.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney Peace offering.
30 pounds of tropical fruit just waiting to be swaddled.
I'm sorry about earlier.
This whole "being a dad" thing - has kind of got me freaked out.
- "Kind of"? Okay, it's really freaking me out.
Of course it is.
You'd be crazy if you weren't.
But the fact that you're nervous just means you care.
Yeah, well, it's just I didn't have a lot of family support or financial security when I was a kid.
I want to make sure that my kid never has to deal with any of that.
TC: Look, I get it, man.
You know I do.
But being a good dad has nothing to do with what's in your wallet.
It's about what's in there.
And you got that already.
KUMU: Besides, I think we found another way to make this place more profitable.
RICK: Who's that? [KUMU CHUCKLES.]
That is my friend Kea, an architectural historian with the Hawaii Register of Historical Places.
And like you two were saying, this place is loaded with historic furniture and decor.
And it's been in business two years longer than Hawaii's been a state.
TC: So, if we can get La Mariana declared as a historic landmark, we'll get a hefty tax break, and we'll be in all the tour books and online guides.
And that'll definitely drive up business.
And without tearing down one wall or buying any of those god-awful chairs.
All right.
You guys, I'm sold.
- Kea? Rick Wright.
- KEA: Nice to meet you.
RICK: Very nice to meet you.
TC: Mm-hmm.
- Boom.
- Boom.
She may have been hard to catch, but as soon as I told her we'd frozen her accounts, she immediately flipped on her client.
And like any good fixer, she recorded everything.
ANNA: Just couldn't take it anymore.
The late nights.
Early mornings.
Always feeling like I came second to the markets.
So I went to the office, and told Kendall I was leaving him.
We argued, and when I tried to go, he grabbed my arm.
I panicked.
Saw the statue on his desk.
I never meant to hurt him, and I never meant for Owen to get blamed.
I'm not a bad person.
's dropping all charges against Owen Reed and charging Anna Parsons with her husband's murder.
What about Maya? We've got her on multiple felony counts, but since she's cooperating, I'm guessing she walks with six months' probation.
After Maya was arrested, we managed to find her place before HPD got there.
We destroyed every copy of the video that we could find.
MAGNUM: Like we said, once something's on the Internet, there's no way to make sure that it's gonna be gone forever, so there's no telling whether or not this could surface at some point in the future.
Yeah, I've thought a lot about that since you guys first warned me.
I've spent 20 years living in fear of this secret coming out.
For the last two days, I've realized I'm done living in fear.
Earlier today, two individuals were arrested for attempting to extort me into subverting justice.
To ensure that this never happens again, after consulting with my family, I made the difficult decision to disclose the reason behind the blackmail.
I grew up very poor.
In my final semester of law school, my scholarship fell through.
There was no other way to make enough money.
I went to work as an escort for three months.
MAGNUM: I know this is the right choice for her, but I can't help but worry that this is gonna hurt her professionally.
Some people will judge her harshly, but for my part, what she's doing takes integrity, honesty and a huge amount of courage.
Well, that just makes me trust her more.
Okay, that's great.
Thanks for letting me know.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, Reed's attorney has agreed to drop all the charges against us, which means that the arrest will be expunged before it can affect my citizenship application.
That's great.
Glad everything worked out.
HIGGINS: You are restocking the fridge.
And - What is that smell? - Oh, that's, uh [CHUCKLES.]
Uh, vanilla tobacco.
- Like it? - Yeah.
It's not bad, actually.
So, uh, I guess this means that you and Lia are gonna give it another go? No, no.
I just figured Lia's not the only person that comes here, right? So I should probably make it nice for everybody.
Well, that's very considerate of you.
Appreciate it.
Hey, um, I'm gonna have a Coops, maybe watch a movie.
I don't know, want to hang out for a bit? Uh Yeah, I would.
I I'll just take a rain check.
I, uh, got to look through the books.
Maya was right about one thing.
This-this job cost us a lot of money.
Yeah, well, it was worth it.
But if I need to cut back on scented candles, let me know.
: Okay.
Will do.
- I'll, uh, see you later.
- See you, Higgy.
Hello? Hello, Thomas.
MAGNUM: Is this the part where you tell me I screwed up and now you're coming after me? Now, why would I do that? Because you seem like the vindictive type.
Mm, I can be.
But in general, I only go after people when I'm paid to.
I was actually calling to congratulate you on a game well-played.
Given the fact that you call this "a game," I'm pretty sure we're not gonna be friends.
We'll see about that.
You guys took this round, but I have a feeling our paths will cross again.
It is a small island.
That it is.
I'll see you soon, Thomas.

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