Maid (2021) s01e02 Episode Script


I died when I was 11.
My mom and I were living in Alaska at the time.
One of her many failed attempts at reinvention.
I fell through the ice.
I heard it crack and watched as the water started to pool around my ladybug boots.
I remember thinking rather calmly: 'I'm about to disappear.
' 'There are many There are a lot of theories about who rescued me.
Not that I know.
I blocked it all out.
Some say that it was the dog next door who barked.
Some say my mom finally came home and remembered that she had a daughter.
Some say that it was me.
That I punched my way through the ice.
Crawled my way out.
But I'm not sure.
Maybe I never made it out of there at all.
Maybe I've been a ghost all of these years.
' And that would make sense.
Because none of you guys seem to hear me at all.
Thank you so much for Uh, it's something I've been working on.
Look at you.
Reading sad words up there.
Thank you for covering for me.
Thirteen wants another pitcher of Bud.
Six wants cheesecake.
Uh, I have a question.
Who is that guy right there.
Do you know him? Sean.
You don't know Sean? Bartends at the Swan.
Would you mind going and seeing what he's reading? Are you serious? Can I get a pitcher of Bud for 13? - Sure.
Love is a DogSomething.
Love is a Dog from Hell.
Alex? Nate.
From Neptune.
From brunch? Nate.
Uh, Nate.
Of course.
Of course I run into you.
I was just catching the ferry going into work early and I was like: 'Whoa.
That girl looks like Alex.
' And it is.
This must be Maddy.
- Yeah.
Recognize her from Facebook.
What are you guys doing camped out on the floor? What are you, stranded? - Ah, no.
We just got to the ferry a little early, so we're taking a little catnap.
What time do you have? My phone died.
- 6:05.
Why do you have a vacuum? I'm just really into vacuums right now, Nate.
Like to keep one close.
Well, the ferry's here, so why don't I just help you out with your stuff? That's okay.
We're taking a different ferry.
Thank you, though.
It was good to see you.
What other ferry? I'm gonna let her sleep, is all.
She's just, uh That's all I meant.
She's sleepy.
I'm gonna let her sleep a little.
Listen, I don't have to go into work this early.
Um, can I give you a ride somewhere? Maybe buy us breakfast? Oh.
Uh, no.
I'm We're good.
Come on.
I got a phone charger in the car.
We'll hit Starbucks.
Let me help you out.
Hey, Maddy.
You wanna watch Frozen? I got it on a continuous loop back there for my son.
- Mm.
She's very afraid of the snow creature.
No Frozen, sorry.
Um Ah.
Brady loves that part because he's a psychopath.
Is he your only one? Yes.
And his mom and I just got divorced, so that's a hard yes.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Don't be.
It was amicable.
She really looks like Sean.
You think? Yeah, I mean, that's a good thing, right? Look like the great Sean Boyd.
Hey, Alaska.
So you're still writing? Oh, yeah.
All the time.
Because you're so talented, I mean You still working at Neptune? - No, no.
I'm a structural engineer now.
Remember, I was in grad school at U-Dub? Honestly, I can't even swim.
I'm just boned.
I would've just sunk.
Yeah, I joined this small firm in Seattle.
I mean, maybe not that small.
We just opened a second office in L.
- Yeah.
You don't know where the 360 area code is, do you? Merritt, I think? Do you want me to help you out? No, I'm good, I'm good, I'm good.
Thank you.
Thank you, really, though.
- Okay.
Come here, baby girl.
I know.
Come here.
What? Hey.
Thank you so much, really.
- Yeah.
Yeah, here.
Keep it.
- Oh.
Um Are you sure? - Yeah, I've got more.
And you got my number, right? So call me if you need anything.
What do you say, Mad? You wanna say goodbye? Wanna say thank you? Oh! Okay.
Oh, wow.
So strong.
Strong, strong, strong.
Yeah? If this is another summons, you can shove it up your ass.
It's Alex.
Who? - Alex.
The Dyson thief.
Don't bring that kid in here.
Look, I can explain.
I can explain too.
Value Maids.
Value Maids.
Who am I? Your phone.
I got into a car accident.
- Sure you did.
No, I really did.
I got into a car accident on Route 20 and I totaled my car.
Got a photo right here.
- Jesus Christ, that's your car? I stand corrected.
But I still can't pay you, if that's why you're here.
I had an emergency.
Client doesn't give a shit.
All she knows is you didn't come back.
I don't get paid, you don't get paid.
I did that cleaning, Yolanda.
I busted my ass for three hours.
I didn't stop to pee.
I bought the supplies, paid for the gas.
I lost two hours of my life going back and forth to Regina's house.
Hey, sucks for me too.
I'm out the money and a very valuable client.
Life shits on your balls sometimes.
Okay, are you sure there's not any other shift that you have left open? I'll take anything.
- I'll keep you in mind.
I really need this work.
I really need this pay stub.
I promise you I won't mess up again.
Leave your uniform there, hon? Hello? - Is this Alex Russell? Um, who's this? This is John Marshal, ma'am.
I represent Sean Boyd.
You have an attorney or can we speak directly? I'm sorry, who is this? I'm Mr.
Boyd's attorney, ma'am.
I'm calling to notify you that Mr.
Boyd has filed an emergency petition with the Family Court of Ludlow County to have his child, Maddy Boyd, returned to his custodial care immediately.
The court has called a preliminary hearing for tomorrow at 10 a.
If you fail to show, he will file a further petition to forgo all your parental rights to Maddy.
Do you understand everything you've been notified of? Sean didn't even graduate high school.
How does he have a lawyer? Anyone can get one.
All you need is 1500 bucks.
Sean doesn't have 1500 bucks.
Well, somebody does.
His family? I don't know, that's not your problem.
Your problem is you don't have a roof over her head.
That's not gonna look good in court.
We need to get you off the streets immediately.
There's no beds at Shawgit, not that you'd get there without a car.
Yolanda advance you that pay stub? - Nope.
So we still can't qualify you for transitional housing.
There's beds at the domestic violence shelter, but you said you're not DV? Yeah.
I'd really hate to take a bed from somebody's that been abused for real.
'Abused for real.
' What does that mean? Beaten up.
And what does fake abuse look like? Intimidation? Threats? Control? You need to call the DV hotline yourself.
They'll send a cab around to the closest police station to pick you up.
Call and say what? 'Help.
' Thank you.
You're Alex, this is Maddy? I'm Denise.
We spoke on the phone.
You're here.
You can breathe.
Good, baby girl.
We do a lot of breathing here.
Yes, we do.
You carry Maddy, I'll get your bag.
This is Cal, he's always here.
On his desk is the sign-out book where you sign, in and out.
Now, your phone goes here.
Just check the location is off first.
I'm not allowed to use my phone? - You can use it all you want.
It'll be right here for you.
Just have to leave the premises to use it.
Walk a block or two.
Protecting the confidentiality of our location is our top priority.
I wanna go home.
This whole place is just for us? It certainly is.
Look at this.
Look how cute that is.
Look at - No.
I'm sorry, she's very sleepy.
I'll have them bring dinner so you can settle in.
And a change of clothes for her.
What is she, size 3? Thank you.
- No, no, no.
Come here.
Check this out.
I live up in 23.
Try this.
The woman who lived in 3 left them behind when she moved out, so maybe your daughter will like them.
Thank you.
- Don't mention it.
I have something I think you might like.
- Mm-mm.
Do you wanna see what it is? Do you? You want a special surprise? All right.
Well What in tarnation? - What? What are they? - Oh, my goodness.
Look at them.
Look at all the ponies.
Look at these ponies.
Yellow? Okay? - What? It's standing up.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.
- I wanted to come by and say thank you so much.
- I'll come out.
So? Did the ponies work? It sounded like it.
You're a lifesaver.
Thank you.
They are so fucking creepy, right? I showed my son and he was like, 'Nah.
' Super creepy, yeah, I guess I don't know why anyone would have that many ponies.
Girl, I got a lot of questions about the girl who lived in 3.
Smelled like she was cooking turds.
I'm Alex, by the way.
I'm sorry, I don't know if I'm supposed to use real names here.
That's up to you.
Some girl's calling herself Yasmina Jade Skye over there, and we all know that's bullshit.
But my real name is Danielle.
My real name is Alex.
How old is your son? Oh, he's 7.
He's in first grade.
How about yours? She's almost 3.
Uh, your eyelashes are very beautiful.
- Oh, I know, right? Shelter chic.
Trying to be my own advertisement 'cause I do lashes as a side hustle.
Trying to get more serious so it could be my main hustle.
Like be a boss babe.
'Lashes by Danielle.
' No, no, no.
'Luscious Lashes by Danielle.
' I love it, yeah.
Do you need anything? Um, no, we're all set.
Um Actually Unless Um I'm sorry, you don't have anything that I could wear to court, do you? Girl.
Girl, come on! We're gonna do your makeup and your lashes too.
She brought Maddy.
- Oh, fuck.
Maddy Moo.
Hey! - Daddy! Hey, baby.
So good to see you.
Okay? Brought her to court? Why are you wearing a suit? Why are you wearing a cheetah? Look, kids aren't allowed in court.
It's against the rules.
Why's your whole family here? Why's Ethan here? To support me.
It's been hell for me.
It's been hell for you? Come on.
We all just want what's best for Maddy here.
We want what's best for Maddy.
Both of us, yeah.
We can't afford food and you can afford a lawyer.
We should head in.
- Thanks, John.
Thanks, John.
I'll stay out here with her since you decided to bring her.
Come to me! - Lovely to see you, Doreen.
Here's Schmariel.
Mommy will see you real soon, okay? Okay.
I love you! Case 549GRT, Boyd v.
Regarding emergency petition 5937-G filed by Sean Boyd, this is a motion for an ex parte order to return Maddy Boyd, age 2, to the care of her father Sean Boyd, effective immediately.
Yes, Your Honor.
Has an amendment to the Family Plan been filed and paperwork served? It's been filed, and with your permission, since we were unable to reach Ms.
Russell, we will serve her at this time.
- So served.
On what grounds should an ex parte of Maddy Boyd be considered? Your Honor, Ms.
Russell has failed to legal, legal, legal, and she's legally legal, we ask the court to legal, legal, legal.
I see, and that's legal.
- Very legal, legal, legal.
I'm sorry, judge, I don't understand - Commissioner.
I'm not a judge.
I'm a court commissioner.
And I asked you what your plan is.
My plan? To provide for Maddy, you removed her from her home in the middle of the night, have withheld and concealed her whereabouts from Mr.
Boyd for more than 72 hours, and have neither a home nor income.
What's your plan? I'm figuring that out.
Do you have a roof over her head? - Yes.
We're currently at McMullin House.
That's the DV shelter.
We were referred there by Social Services after I told them how unsafe we were.
Your Honor, this is out of left field.
My client has never laid a hand on this woman or his child.
Russell, did you file a police report on the night you left? No.
Do you have third-party witnesses to confirm this allegation? No.
Have you ever filed a police report at any time documenting the domestic abuse of Mr.
Boyd? No.
- May I throw some more legal at you? Oh, yes, legal me.
She failed to legal, legal, which is legally legal per legal.
Russell, is this true? You were in a car accident with Mr.
Boyd's child in the back seat unattended? Yes.
I was looking for her mermaid.
Boyd, the court grants your emergency petition for an ex parte order to return Maddy to your custody.
We will reconvene in seven days.
I'm sorry.
What did you decide? You have seven days until the temporary custody hearing.
Use that time to obtain employment and create a cogent plan to provide for Maddy.
Maddy stays with Sean until then? You can still see her with a third-party neutral supervisor present.
No - Ms.
Russell, we're adjourned.
Case 339GRF.
Maddy, Maddy, Maddy, hey.
Hey, Maddy.
Hi, honey.
Hi, honey.
Daddy tell you where you're going? - Home.
You're gonna go home, but just for a week, okay? And then we're going back to the pony house.
And I'm gonna come and do bath time with you every single night.
Come on, Maddy.
Hey, how did it go? Uh Alex.
Are you okay? Those fuckers.
How long did the court say he gets her? How long? - A week.
Seven days? Girl, that's not bad.
I heard so much worse than that.
Seven You could do seven days.
That's like seven sleeps.
Do you get to see her? For bath time.
That's good, Mama.
They don't always do that, you know.
Court gave me no visitation rights the first time I left Carl.
Calling me unfit Those suits can say whatever they want.
But you are a great mom.
I never should have left.
- Yes, you should have.
He's a great dad.
He's a great dad and Maddy adores him.
They're home right now snuggling together.
And I'm alone in a shelter I don't belong in.
You're here because he abused you.
- He didn't abuse me.
He punched a wall beside my head, and I didn't do anything about it, and I didn't file a report, and I didn't call the cops.
Fuck the police report.
Punching a wall next to you is emotional abuse.
Before they bite, they bark.
Before they hit you, they hit near you.
Next time, it was gonna be your face, and you know that.
I don't know what I know.
Okay, all right, stop it.
Stop it.
Come here.
Look at me.
Hey, look at me.
Look at this.
You see that? This motherfucker tried to strangle me.
You think it started out like that? You think, on our first date, he was all, 'Pass the salt.
Someday I'm gonna strangle you, girl'? No.
It grows, like mold.
I lost Maddy.
We're getting up.
Come on, you gotta get up now.
Come on.
Let's go.
Oh, you think I don't know this carpet? I've been on this carpet.
I've lost weeks of my life to this carpet.
And you gotta get up off this carpet, Alex, and you gotta fight.
Come on, vĂ¡monos, let's go.
Get up.
Get up.
Get up! I can't slap you, bitch, 'cause we in a DV shelter, but you gotta get up! Get up! Fuck, okay.
- Get up! 'Cause seven days is not that long, okay? You gotta get yourself a DV advocate.
File an account of abuse for the court.
You gotta get your ducks rowed up.
But instead you're lying here.
- Yeah.
Um They're just not gonna listen to me, so Look at you.
'They're not gonna listen.
' Whine, whine, whine.
Get angry! You need to dig in there and pull that shit out, Mama! What he did to you was fucked up! And you better start getting mad as shit about it.
Okay, you know what? I'm gonna fucking help you, all right? I'm gonna Let's see.
Tell me one thing that you're angry about.
Just one thing that pisses you off.
Um - Could be anything.
Whatever you want.
I appreciate what you're doing.
- No.
You gotta tell me one thing you're angry about.
- I'm, um Regina pisses me off.
- Great.
Who's Regina? I cleaned her house on Fisher Island, and she refused to pay me and then I lost my job.
So you did the work and she didn't pay you? My God, I bet she lives in a gorgeous-ass house too.
In her Lululemon pants.
With her KitchenAid standing mixer.
That must make you really angry.
- Yeah.
Get your coat.
Let's go.
We're pulling up.
That bitch is gonna pay you.
Let's go.
Hey, there's an open house.
Let's go.
Let's fucking go.
We can't go to an open house.
Why not? It's an open house.
The house is open.
Regina's probably not here, Danielle.
- But her stuff is.
I mean, how much did she fleece you for anyway? 37.
We're doing this for 37.
50? I could have Venmo'd you that.
You're right.
Let's go back.
- No.
Fuck that.
It's the principle, okay? You earned that pathetic 37.
We're gonna get you 37.
50 worth of something.
Danielle, I don't steal.
Who said anything about stealing? Hmm? How is this not prepping to steal something? What? Girl, we're just making space.
Are you here for the open house? - I'm gonna stop you right there, Jackie.
I think the real question is, are you ready to make a sale? My wife and I are friends of Regina's from spin class.
She said that we had to come by and check out her designer nursery.
Eco-friendly, heated floors.
May I have your names? Taylor Swiftman.
Yasmina Jade Skye.
Oh, lovely.
Make yourselves at home.
My associate's in there to answer any questions and show you around.
Is Regina home? She stepped out.
I'll make sure to let you know you say hi, Taylor.
Oh, my God.
What do these people do? No clue.
Well, damn, girl.
This house is clean.
You're good.
Thank you.
Can we get out? - Okay.
So you distract him, and I'll look around.
It's gorgeous.
Do you have any questions? Uh, it's a beautiful property.
So much light.
These walls look solid.
- They're earthquake retro-fitted.
The roof goes over the whole house.
It doesn't cover the backyard, if that's what you mean.
Well, honey, it's lovely, but we're gonna have to think it over, so Okay, so don't be mad.
But I saw something in her office I had to take for you.
Her business card.
- No, that's not it.
That's just so we have her number, so we can text her.
The item's in my bag.
Take a look.
You stole her dog.
- No.
She came to me, okay? She was just chilling there in her kennel.
'Hey, buddy.
' 'Hello, friend.
' - No.
You can't steal the woman's dog.
We're not stealing her.
Just showing her the sights.
We're gonna give her treats, then I'll text that bitch to bring 37.
50 or we cut a paw.
Turn around.
I'll throw him over the gate.
Him? Oh, no.
Are you a boy? - It's not funny.
I was already in court once today.
I'm not getting in trouble for a dog.
Okay, okay.
- Pull over, and I'll call this number.
I'll call her, and I'll say I found your dog on the street.
It's not funny.
- Sorry.
It's funny.
Regina's on her way.
She's gonna be here in five minutes.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to ruin your dog fun.
I just can't get arrested right now.
It's not that.
I This is the second call.
The first was when I was in line.
Can you hold it? I don't want it in my hand.
- Yes.
Can you press Ignore? - Mm-hm.
It's just His face, you know.
Why don't you turn it off? - This is what he does.
He says, 'I love you.
I wanna see my boy.
' He's just gonna call again.
Fuck it.
You know what the fucked-up part is? I want him to see Max.
It's his son.
Be right back.
The fuck are you calling me for, huh? Oh, yeah? Mr.
Oh! Oh, thank God.
I don't know how he got out of his kennel.
How did you get out of your kennel? Oh.
Where did you find him? Uh, the street.
How did he get all the way over here? Dogs run far.
But your legs are so short, Mr.
Darcy, yes.
I'm glad I was able to help you.
- Oh, yes.
Thank you so much, truly.
You don't recognize me? I'm sorry? Uh I'm your maid.
I cleaned your house.
You, um You passed out in the nursery.
You stiffed me.
Oh, my Oh, my God.
Is this? What? What is this? Did you steal my dog? My slightly insane friend borrowed your dog for a potential hostage situation.
But I'm returning him to you.
And here you go, giving your dog back.
I'm the hero.
Oh, my fucking God! I am calling the police.
Call the police, yeah.
Call the police, and I'll tell them that you're a thief.
You owe me $37.
I do not negotiate with criminals.
Pay me what you owe me.
I am not paying you one dime.
You didn't even come back to finish.
No, I did.
I came back to your house.
I was on my way back to your house.
I got into a horrible car accident on Route 20.
And my daughter and I, we've been living in that car.
So we became homeless.
And then, because you're a cheap motherfucker, I couldn't feed her, I couldn't house her, and I couldn't get her off of the floor of the ferry station, so then this morning, the court took her away from me.
You lost your dog for five minutes, and I lost my daughter.
You can go fuck yourself.
Keep on going down, and it's on the right.
The yellow one.
This is where you were living? No wonder you were sweating out $37.
Five hours, 30 minutes, nine seconds.
Yeah? - Yeah.
Take it off.
Too bad I can't feel my nuts.
Otherwise, I'd give you a proper show, Alaska.
How many hours are you supposed to be able to bike? Not hours, miles.
With three months' worth of gear on my bike.
You supposed to blow through the whole syllabus before class starts? Why else would they put it online? It's nerd catnip.
Anything good? A River Runs Through It.
Makes me wanna move to Montana immediately.
Good thing you are, then.
I'm not gone yet.
What is it, man? I mean, how many more times am I gonna have to listen to that sad-ass pity party? Hey, Danielle, uh - Yeah? This trailer wasn't always quite this bad.
I don't want you to think this is what I chose for my daughter.
I think your daughter's lucky.
That's what I think.
She's got you.
Look, I know that bitch didn't cough it up today, but you should feel really good about yourself.
You should feel fucking proud of yourself.
You started fighting back.
You started standing up for yourself.
You were yelling, 'Go fuck yourself' in a random parking lot.
Thank you for getting me off that carpet.
I got you.
You sure you ready to go back in there? It's soon.
I promised Maddy I'd do bath time.
That's our thing.
Want me to come back? No.
I'll walk.
- Okay, boo, don't miss curfew.
Oh, yup.
I won't.
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
Hi, Doreen.
- Hi.
I'm here to do bath time with Maddy.
- We already did it.
It's 5:45.
Well, she got dirty on the playground, and so we did it early.
Can I come in and tuck her in, then? She's already down.
Sean did it before he went to work.
She's asleep at 5:45? She had a cough, so we gave her Robitussin to help her sleep.
Okay? No.
She can't have cough syrup.
She's a baby.
What do you mean? I gave it to all my kids when they were her age, and she's fine.
Okay? Have a good night.
Danielle! Danielle! Regina paid.
Denise, hey, where's Danielle? Let's meet in my office to speak.
- Uh Did you kick her out? What happened? - No.
Okay, well, she's gone.
All her stuff.
She's gone.
I apologize, baby girl.
Can you go on down to apartment 23, and I'll meet you there in a sec? Let's go, guys.
Danielle checked out.
She left.
What do you mean? She left shelter, early this morning.
That's all I can say.
Where'd she go? Uh Denise, he strangled her.
This happens.
They go back more often than not.
It takes most women seven tries before they finally leave.
This was Danielle's third time here.
It took me five tries.
The armchair in the front lawn of our trailer belongs to me.
And you can't tell under all the mold, but it's pink velvet.
And when I moved in to Sean's, it came with me.
And when I told him I was pregnant he sat me down on that chair and he brought me a cup of mint tea and he told me that he would hold my hand every step of the way.
All tenderness.
But then when I told him that I wasn't gonna get an abortion he took the chair and all the rest of my belongings, and he threw them out into the rain.
And he screamed at me, and he told me that I was a fucking whore.
And he said that I was ruining his bike trip and that I was also ruining his life.
And he also said that, uh he would never forgive me.
And he hasn't.
What the fuck are you thinking? Fucking bitch! Think for a fucking second, Alex! For a fucking second! And I've been afraid of him every day since.
Anyway Just something I'm working on right now.
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