Maid (2021) s01e05 Episode Script


You okay, honey? Mm-hm.
You want to come sleep with me? Yeah.
Okay, honey.
Oh, come on, come on.
Okay, okay.
One more time.
Big breath.
Come on, Mom, where are you? Uh Maddy's still real sick and I have to go to work, and Sean has to go to work.
Please call me back.
No! - Hey, Yolanda.
You're not calling out sick, no way.
I'm really sorry, yeah.
She's still very, very sick.
Give her a hot toddy! Or quit.
I don't care.
You got to stop calling out sick on me.
I have you and Kelly on a big job.
I need you today.
I'll be there.
- Don't be late.
Thanks, then.
Hey, honey.
You're gonna have to go to daycare.
I'm really sorry.
Hey, Luis.
Can you take a look at my wall today? It's getting worse.
Yeah, it's been raining a lot, mama.
You could grow mushrooms.
It's wet to the touch.
The sun's gonna be out soon.
It's good.
Dry it out.
Can you look, please? 'Cause it reeks of mold.
Pretty sure that it's in the walls.
- Well, listen.
All you've got to do is just open those windows up, let fresh air in.
She's never gonna get better if she's breathing in moldy air.
I'll check it out again.
Today? - I'll try.
Thank you.
- Baby needs a tissue.
You're gonna have so much fun.
Oh, my God, look at that nose.
Sorry, Rose.
Can't seem to shake this cold.
But no fever, so We need your co-pay before you go.
I missed some work with her sick, but I'll have it by Friday.
You said that last week.
You're getting my daycare grant money, right? From WCCC? Yeah, but that only covers part of tuition.
We need your co-pay.
Yeah, I'll have it to you by Friday.
Did you pack Kleenex, or did you forget that too? Got a roll of toilet paper, right here in the bag.
All right, bunny, it's time for me to go, okay? You love Rose.
You're gonna have so much fun.
Mommy, don't go.
- I know.
You got to let go, honey.
Yes, it's okay.
I know, I know, I know.
You've got this, angel.
It's Rose! We love her.
- No.
I'm sorry, I really wish I didn't have to work today.
Me too.
Hey, I love you! You have arrived at your destination.
I'm sorry.
I know I'm late! My God, just tell me already.
No, you've got to guess.
Are we unloading all this? - Yeah, grab the Rug Doctor.
Guess! - What are we guessing? Famous person used to live here, and Yolanda won't tell me who.
Was it a serial killer? - Nope.
Is it the clown, from It? That's fictional.
It's Barefoot Billy.
The kid burglar? Yeah, he's not a real celebrity.
Thumbs down.
There was a multi-state manhunt for the boy.
Broke into every home on the island.
Yeah, for Doritos.
Who gives a shit? Hey, guys, do you want to start soon? This is where his mom lived, until she died last week.
No kin, so they're doing an estate sale.
Realtor's booked us for a three-day clean.
Do you think Barefoot Billy knows his mom is dead? Probably not.
He's still a fugitive.
Nobody's seen him around these parts in years.
Until today.
When he comes to avenge his mother's death by murdering unsuspecting maids.
All right, girls.
Have fun, do Value Maids proud.
Wait, you're not helping us? - You're my A-team.
You got this.
Think these are worth anything? Yeah, I think some of these could be valuable.
I'll split them 60-40.
I get 60 'cause I saw them first.
Good choice.
I'm not stealing this.
This is a Nazi.
See his little swastikas on his arms? Who'd collect that? Well, I'm taking her TV, then.
Fuck this bitch.
You don't think the Realtor's gonna notice that the TV's gone? Doubt it.
I'm not gonna say anything if you do, but I don't want any part of it.
My God, what are you? Good? Sorry.
You want upstairs or downstairs? Let's flip for it.
Heads, you take dead mom's room.
Tails, you take dead mom's room.
Okay, I'll take dead mom's room.
Kelly! What? Hey, look.
The locks are on the outside of the door.
No, look, it's to lock somebody in.
Why would somebody lock a kid in their room? Oh, I could top that.
You should see the creepy shit going on in the kitchen.
And there's a lock on the pantry too.
You think it's a diet thing? No, I think she locked up her food like she locked up her son.
No wonder William's so obsessed with junk food.
William? Yeah.
Barefoot Billy's real name.
William Harlan Ritchie.
What are you? Dating? I saw it in his mom's room.
- I've got to take a dump.
Happy Giggles Daycare.
- Hi, it's Maddy's mom.
What's wrong? We've been trying to reach you.
Maddy came down with a fever.
- Shit.
Uh, okay, I'm in Whitney, but I'll be there in 40 minutes.
No, we had to send her home.
She can't be here with a fever.
Her grandfather picked her up.
What? Um Why would you call my dad? My dad's not a contact.
Maddy's dad authorized it.
He couldn't leave work.
We tried you and your mom for half an hour.
Hey, Kelly! I have an emergency with my kid.
Will you grab my shit, please? She's fine.
Fever broke.
I'm so sorry.
Don't be.
She's asleep in the twins' room.
There you go.
Thank you so much.
It's a peppermint mocha-chino.
Uh Next time I'm gonna make sure I put my phone on vibrate.
I'm really sorry about this.
Hey, we're happy to help.
Right? So happy.
If you want, we can watch her again tomorrow? Daycare said she couldn't come back for another 24 hours.
Oh, no, I'm not gonna put you guys out, thank you, but me and Sean will figure it out.
I should go ahead and get her now.
You know what? She just went down like half an hour ago.
Just let the little lamb sleep.
Know what? What are the twins doing, anyway? Rude of them not to say hi.
- No, don't worry about it.
Addison! Abigail! Hey! You guys remember your half-sister, Alex, right? This is Maddy's mom.
Hey, guys.
Nice weapons.
Yeah, okay.
Go ahead.
Go on and play.
They're just a little shy around strangers.
Not that you're a It's just You don't come around much.
Not for lack of invitations.
Uh, when was I invited? You have an open invite, you know that.
I guess I didn't really know that.
Uh Thought I was unwelcome.
Who told you that? Your mother? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I, uh I'm misremembering.
I'm gonna go ahead and get Maddy, but thank you guys so much for everything.
Yeah, no, we're out of them Hi, how many? Uh, no, sorry.
This is Sean's daughter, Maddy.
I'm Frankie.
Is Sean around? Yeah.
In the kitchen.
Hold on.
Why did you tell the daycare to call my dad? You and your mom were AWOL.
How are you feeling, Mad-dog? - So why didn't you pick her up, Sean? Because I was alone behind the bar.
And we were slammed.
It was lunch.
Besides, she loves Grandpa.
Don't you, Mad? I don't want my dad watching Maddy.
- Behind you.
I don't know why you're so weird about him.
Like, he seems like a nice enough guy to me.
You don't know my dad.
- Neither do you.
You and your mom left when you were, what, 5? Okay, Maddy needs to stay home from daycare tomorrow and I'm working.
Can you watch her? - I can't, I'm working a double.
Okay, can you get somebody to switch with you? Can't she cover for you? Frankie's a server, not a bartender, and, uh Look, it's off-season.
I can't afford to miss another shift.
I'm gonna get fired if I call in sick again.
But it's okay for me to get fired? Nobody asked you to get a job.
Can we at least split the day? You take her until 3 - I'm working a double.
Could you come in late until I I'm working a double.
Wait, I'm confused.
Are you working a double? Just take her to your dad's.
A nice house, a nice wife, and he wants to be a part of Maddy's life.
I don't see the big deal! Okay, bye, Mad-dog, Daddy loves you! Feel better.
Mom! I don't think she's here, 'cause the car's not here.
Why does she always go 'poof' when we need her? Hey, shall we go home, get some cuddles in? All right, let's get these mittens on.
What do you say? Come here, kitty.
Very cold in here, and we've got to get that moldy air out and fresh air in.
I know.
You're freezing, I'm so sorry.
Over the course of an epic four-year crime spree, William Harlan Ritchie burgled almost 50 homes, often leaving behind muddy footprints.
Barefoot Billy was the only son of Louise Alva Ritchie, who lived in this house.
Billy was in and out of juvenile detention centers throughout his early teens, but his rap sheet starts to pick up when he escapes from his final foster home and the young fugitive started living here, in the woods.
From this vantage point, Barefoot Billy could case a house for several days before making a move.
He would case his intended victims, studying the family's habits, movements and schedule.
Alex! Mom? - Alex! This one's infected.
Again? I'll call in another round of antibiotics for you.
What are your living conditions like? Uh, we are in a temporary housing apartment with a mold problem.
This one's infected too.
Why aren't the antibiotics working? Because they can only do so much.
Are you keeping her out of daycare? I have to work.
She needs rest, Ms.
Somewhere warm and dry.
Your landlord is required by law to do everything to remove the mold.
I've asked, yeah.
I don't think they're gonna do anything.
Then you need to move.
I can't afford anything else.
Well, she needs you to do better.
Hello, ladies.
Come on in.
Thank you so much.
I really appreciate this.
Russell Family Inn.
We love it, don't we? We love it.
- Hopefully just a couple of nights.
I'm waiting to hear back from my super.
You can't stay in a place with black mold.
It's toxic.
Oh, you Give me that little dolly.
Oh! We have got a whole sick bay set up, do you know that? We've got Toy Story 2.
And we've got star soup.
And how about a rainbow popsicle? Oh, that sounds good.
You want to say, 'Bye, Mom'? I love you so much, Mad.
I'm gonna be back soon, okay? Say, 'Bye, bye, bye.
' I should be back around 3, if that's okay with you.
Hang out for a bit.
I want to talk to you.
Kids, let's go! Time for youth group.
I do have to get to - One minute for your old man.
Okay? Go and have a seat.
Ready? Amen.
- Amen.
All right.
You guys have a great day.
The mold you see? That's just the tip of the iceberg.
They'll have to rip out insulation, pull up the carpets.
The whole deal.
Uh, I can't even wrap my mind around that right now.
Look I've been thinking about you a lot.
Ever since I dropped you off at the ferry station that night.
I, um should have insisted you come stay here.
That's okay.
Been bugging me I didn't do that.
Point is you can stay as long as you want.
Months, even.
You're invited.
Sharlene agrees.
Thank you.
I really, really appreciate that.
I'd usually crash at Mom's, but she's MIA right now, so Yeah? How long? Uh Snuck up on me.
I've been so busy with Maddy, but three or four weeks.
She single right now? No, she's dating somebody.
There you go.
She's not missing, she's just run off.
She's flaky, but, uh She didn't respond to my emergency texts.
I was like, '911, it's your daughter and I need you.
' Yeah.
Time flies when you're you know, her.
I've got to get to work, but I do really appreciate this, thank you.
You bet.
Stop hogging the bleach, bitch.
That's my bleach.
I bought it.
Oh, yeah? 'Cause I see the word 'Kelly' on here.
- Mind if I put on some music? She's got a decent sound system I'm gonna steal.
Go for it.
Kelly! Hey, Kelly, I think I saw something outside.
Is anyone out here? Alex! Alex! Up here.
I found more locks.
This lady was into locks.
Does it open? It's stuck.
Maybe we can force it.
I think the wood's swollen.
Should we check it out? - Hell no.
I ain't crawling up this house's ass.
Give me your lighter.
She must have locked him in here.
Kelly? Hey, Kelly! Kelly, open the door! This isn't funny! Alex! Alex! Alex! Sorry, door slammed closed, I couldn't get it open again.
You're okay.
I'll get some water.
I'm sorry.
Oh, my God, I'm sorry.
Panic attacks are the worst.
I get one every time I go to Old Navy.
All those fucking cargo shorts.
I need to find my mom.
- What? Yeah, I think something's happened to her.
I need to go find my mom.
Mom! Good day, this is Basil Desmond.
Leave me info at the tone.
Cheers, mate.
At the tone, please record your message.
Hey, what's up, Basil Desmond, I'm curious as to why you think you have the right to rent my mother's house out, mate.
Also, where the fuck is she? Please tell her to call me.
Hey, Sue, have you seen my mom? She's teaching Tuesday ceramics, but Anna covered for her this time.
Thank you.
Hey, has Paula Langley been in? No.
- Thanks.
Hey, has Paula Langley been in here? - Mm-mm.
Hey, has Paula Langley been in here? Has Paula Langley been in here? Danielle? Danielle! Oh, my God.
- Hi.
It's really you! Oh, my God! Hi.
- Hi.
I've been so worried since you left the shelter.
Are you okay? Is Max okay? We're fine.
Are you okay? You look like dog shit.
Oh, no, I'm terrible, I'm going insane, I'm losing my mind.
Yeah, Maddy's sick and I can't find my mom anywhere, and I have mold and I'm bunking with the twins from The Shining.
There's a lot to unpack there.
It's so good to see you.
Why didn't you leave me your number? Yeah, yeah.
Um That's cool, man.
Just walking in now.
You must have me confused with someone else.
Hey, we're gonna be late.
Is she a friend of yours? - No.
What's going on? I saw Danielle in the street with her husband.
I need her phone number.
- I can't give that to you.
She's not okay.
She pretended not to know me.
I saw it, how afraid of him she was.
I have to do something.
I know how you feel.
And I want to call her too.
But we can't.
- Why the fuck not? I know that you have her number, so give it to me! Hey! Don't you come at me, girl.
We both know I can't give you shit.
It was so sad seeing her.
It is sad.
But all we can do is send her love and light and hope she finds her way back here someday.
Maybe seeing you today reminded her who she is.
Maybe you did help her.
I don't understand.
How can she stay with somebody that is abusing her? She knows.
Well, Danielle might be lying to herself in order to survive.
Who knows what she's up against.
She might be trying to break a cycle of abuse going on for generations.
We talk about this in group therapy.
Which you've not been coming to.
Maddy's been sick.
Too sick for me to do much of anything.
I do need therapy, though.
I keep on having these dreams that I am, uh Barefoot Billy.
The kid burglar? Yeah.
I've been cleaning his house, and the stuff I've seen there is freaky.
What have you seen? There's a crawl space that his mom used to lock him in.
That I was stupid enough to go inside and I had an actual panic attack.
Panic attacks can be the body's way of telling you it knows something.
I think I just need a good night's sleep and a healthy kid.
I hear you.
Hey, I'm sorry I was a bitch before.
It's okay, baby girl.
Makes me like you even more.
Someone usually brings donuts to group therapy.
I'm just saying.
Mommy's here.
She's here.
She's here.
Come on.
Here she is, see.
Hey, shoop-a-roo.
Who do we have here? - Bob! That's Bob.
Hope you don't mind.
Did you thank Grandpa for Bob? - She did.
You did? - Yes.
I'm sorry that I'm later than I said I'd be.
No, no problem.
Alex! Alex! Your bed not comfortable? Just getting some water.
And a snack.
Go ahead.
Help yourself to anything you want in there.
Don't be shy.
Grab me the peanut butter, will you? Still eat it out of the jar? What, am I supposed to put it in a dish? Can I ask you a question? Shoot.
Did I use to hide in that cupboard? What cupboard? That one.
Uh No, you couldn't have, because I put those in when we renovated.
After the twins were born.
Was there a cupboard there before that? No.
Can I ask you another question? - Mm-hm.
When Mom left why didn't I stay here with you? I didn't have much choice in the matter.
She split with you in the middle of the night.
Did you try to get me back? I was afraid of your mother back then.
She'd have these sudden mood swings and I was really young, and she was just a lot more than I could handle.
Did you worry about me? Off in a sketchy commune with Mom in Alaska? Yeah.
I did.
I should have done something about that.
But I think I have awesome grandpa potential.
If you'll let me get it right with Maddy.
You were right.
It's in the walls.
Black mold.
Floor to ceiling.
We're going to take all this out.
Go down to the studs.
Replace it all.
So how long is that gonna take? Weeks? Or months, or? At least.
Gotta go to County, get permits.
You've gotta get all your stuff out.
Is there another unit open in this building? So? Where do I live now, uh? Nowhere.
Ask your case worker.
Sorry, mama.
You gotta move out.
Are you sure? Yeah, of course.
I'll take my truck over this weekend and get the rest of your stuff.
It's gonna be all right.
Thank you, Dad.
I'll see you after work.
You guys did a decent job, got rid of all that clutter.
You took all the racks out and scrubbed out the bottom? Mm-hm.
- What's with the locks on the cabinets? Uh, figured we could just let the Realtor deal with that.
Not bad, ladies! All right, let's get the Rug Doctor back in the van.
Don't forget to lock up.
Hey, I got it.
Later, player.
In case you're out here.
I'm not doing this again with you, I told you! I'm leaving! - No, shut the fuck up! Alex! Alex! It's okay, baby.
Mommy's okay.
Okay, come on, sweetie.
We've got to go.
Hey, honey.
Come here.
Alex! Hi! Just I'm just making dinner.
Uh - Whoa, is everything okay? Yeah, we're actually not gonna stay here after all.
We're gonna go ahead and get out early.
Did something happen? Come here.
Can I? Okay, bye, Maddy! What's going on? They have to leave all of a sudden.
Do you at least want to stay for dinner? Oh, no, thank you.
Uh, Alex, where are you going? You're upset.
Do you think you should be driving? Yep.
Maddy, say goodbye to your grandpa, okay? Can I at least give Maddy a hug? Don't you fucking touch her! I was hiding from you.
There was a cupboard, and I was hiding from you! We didn't go to Alaska because Mom was chasing after some boyfriend, we went there to run away from you.
Alex Where are we going, Mommy? I don't know.
Why don't we try to break into Grammy's and have a fun campout? When's home, Mommy? I want home.
- I know you do.
I want home too.
Hello? Alex! Christ, oh, my God.
Oh, my God, oh, my God.
Where have you been? Joshua Tree.
I just got back.
Trying to get the generator on.
Basil's gone to get groceries.
Hey, girl.
Where did you get that super cute car? I thought you were dead, Mom.
- Me? Why? Why don't you answer your phone? Oh, that.
Well, I left it in Reno somewhere.
I got over-served, but, baby, we met this adorable gay couple from Sedona on their way to Joshua Tree and they invited us along, and we listened to U2 the whole way.
- Okay.
God, I was so worried about you.
Are you drunk? Are you drunk? No, I was about to try to break in here, though.
I have Maddy and we need some place to crash.
Well, you know you can always crash with me.
Come on.
Hey! Let me get the flashlight! We'll get the power on! I have something to tell you, Alex.
Uh Yeah.
I actually have something I have to tell you too.
I, um I spent the last couple of nights at Dad's.
Oh, shit, man, you must need a stiff drink! Oh, God.
Hey, why didn't you ever tell me that he hit you? Oh, damn, Alex.
Why would you want to bring up that dark shit, huh? Did he hit you a lot? I don't know.
I don't think about that stuff, you know? I think about forward motion! I think about how I am a creator! A healer.
A teacher.
A lover.
And, as of yesterday a wife! Look at that.
Put a ring on it, baby.
What? We decided in Joshua Tree.
Oh, baby, we went on this fucking hike, and I forgot to bring any water.
And the only shade that we could find was underneath these two, entangled, 500-year-old Joshua trees that were just growing together, you know, reaching for each other.
And, baby, I started to cry.
I want to take root with someone like that.
And so does he.
So we stopped in Reno! Like a couple of kids! Howled at the moon! Yeah.
See? There.
I don't know what to say.
What do you say? 'Congratulations, Mama, you found happiness and you deserve it.
' Congratulations, Mom.
Yay, yay! Tequila! Oh, hey.
Maddy's sleeping, so can we do quiet tequila? Quiet tequila.

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