Maid Sama! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) (2010) s01e23 Episode Script

Maid Latte & a Whole Bunch of Sweets

1 douka please can you keep my secret? Please, please can you keep my secret? kira kira to kagayaku miraa The mirror, shining so brilliantly.
watashi wa donna fuu ni utsutteiru no I wonder how do I look in it.
The future, beckoning me forward.
hora hora to temaneku mirai What will happen from now, I wonder? kore kara donna koto ga okoru no Because what we see is not everything.
me ni mieteiru mono ga subete dewa nai kara I'm losing myself but that's all right.
mugamuchuu da that's all right mayowanaide I wanna try I will now try not to waver.
I want to be true to my heart.
jibun no kimochi ni massugu de itai dakedo hitotsu ya futatsu gurai But even I have a secret or two.
dare ni mo baretakunai That I want to keep to myself.
naishotte aru mono dakara mune ga chotto itamu my secret That's why my secret makes my heart aches slightly.
You accidentally promised a customer? Yeah I was caught off guard.
He's a regular supporter of mine.
I was busy serving, and S-Seriously?! OK! What did you promise him? There will be an event this weekend, right? Maid Sweets I have to go out on a date with him for a day if he wins.
Going out on a personal date is forbidden by Maid Latte's rules.
Personal dates with the customers are prohibited.
Maid Latte's Prohibition Article No.
9 1.
Personal dates with the customers are prohibited.
Maid Latte's Prohibition Article No.
9 Maid Latte's Prohibition Article No.
9 1.
Personal dates with the customers are prohibited.
Maid Latte's Prohibition Article No.
9 1.
Personal dates with the customers are prohibited.
Maid Latte's Prohibition Article No.
9 1.
Personal dates with the customers are prohibited.
Maid Latte's Prohibition Article No.
9 1.
Personal dates with the customers are prohibited.
Maid Latte's Prohibition Article No.
9 1.
Personal dates with the customers are prohibited.
Personal dates with the customers are prohibited.
Maid Latte's Prohibition Article No.
9 1.
Personal dates with the customers are prohibited.
Maid Latte's Prohibition Article No.
9 1.
Personal dates with the customers are prohibited.
Maid Latte's Prohibition Article No.
9 Maid Latte's Prohibition Article No.
9 1.
Personal dates with the customers are prohibited.
Damn, I've done it now I fail as a maid Now I have to pay the price Sign: sigh It's no problem as long as that customer doesn't win, right? I'm rather confident in eating sweet foods.
B-But Just leave it to me! Sweets Feast at Maid Latte I'm going out.
A few days later Mr.
Bisanki Does this disguise really work? It's fine! I'll dress you up in Visual Kei style! Welcome back, Suzuna.
Is that my sister? Correct! Why is the transfer student here? I participated in a parfait feast in another cafe and they told me that there's an event here! Idiot! It's only for true Maid Latte fans! Exactly! I expected the three idiots to join, but for Shintani to join as well At Maid Latte's 2nd Floor! Full-Course Sweets Challenge He's here! Erika For Life! He's totally psyched up for it! Morning, Usui.
It's gonna be pretty packed.
Look at all the people out there! There sure are many kinds of people in here! Excuse me! Ladies and gentlemen! A chiffon cake, tinged with the flavor of tea A petite, lovely cupcake! And, an elegant and gorgeous butterfly chocolate! Thanks for the wait, masters! Cute! They look delicious! Did he do all these? He's great, but I didn't expect these to be so lovely Delicious! The cakes are a big hit, just as expected from you! I'm glad.
Geez, you could even become a pro in this! No way! I'm fine with it being a side interest! Share your talents with us! Book titles: Kitchen Notes Yummy! In any case, I'm done if I just eat more than the guy beside me.
We must win and get that prize! I-I can't WHAT?! Kurotatsu! There will be punishment for the masters who can't finish! Punishment? I'm sorry.
I can't go on.
So you were aiming for that?! I see I've got no other choice, then.
Please don't move for a moment.
A poke to the forehead, eh Here I Poke! Please don't waste the food, OK? Ouch!! It hurts!! O-OK! I need to persevere Thanks for the food We're forfeiting the competition.
Finished the leftovers in one go Me too The last three people still in the game! Just as I expected.
You're really a sadist, to increase the amount at this stage Well, it's more interesting this way, right? It has to be fresh cream and strawberries when it comes to cakes! Good luck, master! This shortcake is the maids' devotion to their masters! Have a good taste of their love! Why is this thing coming out now?! The spongecake and the cream is gonna be tough! With this-! I have no regrets K.
Last bite It's over! Bisanki and Hinata completed the whole course wonderfully! Congratulations! I have no regrets It's the final battle from here onwards! Eh? There's still more for me to eat? Oh? This sir over here is still full of energy! This amount is not enough for me still! Then, let me explain about the prizes.
Exhausted The first one on the list: Handmade cookies by the maids! Handmade cookies by maids Cookies, huh Second: A pair of complimentary coupons for a special lunch set! A pair of special lunch set coupons Lunch coupons, huh And the third: A photo with the maid of your choice! A photo with the maid of your choice Wha-, there was such a prize? Damn it! We trained so hard for that! By the way, which maid would you choose? Eh? I'm fine with any of them.
Maid Latte Choose 1 Satsuki Honoka Misaki(Misa) Gon Subaru Erika Sayu Please choose one from this list then! You can take it on another day if you choose one who's on leave today! Hmm I'll choose Misa-chan! She has the same name as the girl I like! What an amazing coincidence! Hinata is all ready.
How about Bisanki over here? Misa?! Why are you here?! I can't let the people from the school know about this! The winner will the one who finishes our special desserts! Please don't push yourself if you can't.
I accept the challenge! So she took up the challenge, eh Can't you go easy on her? She doesn't look too good there.
It'll kill the fun if I do that, won't it? I'm gonna have her taste these heavenly treats that she'll never forget! And so Sign: Congrats! Congratulations on winning! Hurray! I can't believe he actually made us a whole cake Misa I wonder why Bisanki's trying so hard She completed her objectives, didn't she? S-So you guys knew about it? It's a good disguise, but it stands out too much.
It's not her fault! She's doing it for my sake-! Be sure to explain it fully to the Manager, okay? Yes.
You seem really satisfied from all that eating, aren't you? Well, they were all very yummy! Master, would you share with us your thoughts on today's desserts? Sure.
Damn it.
I feel awful.
I don't feel like I can move even after resting for 30 minutes.
What should I do now What do you want to do? Usui! What are you doing here? Take it easy, we don't want you to puke, do we? Geez, you're really an idiot.
Heave-ho Just sleep if you don't feel good.
I'm fine You can sleep on my lap.
I don't need it.
You sure? I'll punish you by other means if you really don't need it.
Geez, you're no fun.
Sorry, I don't have energy left to play your games.
Just leave me alone.
Hey, do you want to turn into a pig so badly? Just where are you touching?! Don't know Wasn't that your tummy? You-! You're just ripe for eating! Shut up! I'm sure you've fattened up nicely seeing how much you ate! You perverted alien! I'll burn off that amount of calories in no time at all! Wow, as expected from the warrior maid! Shut up! You're trying to piss me off, aren't you?! Well, I want you to beef up since the chance is here.
Shut up, you sexual harassing alien! You don't even know my worries You are always I give up.
You saw right through this as well, right? Damn What did you do just now? Nothing.
You're just imagining it.
Really Misaki! Wanna go to an all-you-can-eat dessert fair?! All-you-can-eat! All-you-can-eat! All-you-can-eat! All-you-can-eat! All-you-can-eat?! Desserts! Sorry, I'll pass it this time.
Eh? Don't tell me you're on a diet?! Sounds like it's gonna be a battlefield out there! I'll ask you next time! We'll get you to join us, no matter what! Student Council Room Student Council Room The girls in the cafe were puzzled.
They were puzzled at why you were trying so hard to win.
EH?! Don't tell me, they found out about it-! It's amazing how clueless you can be.
Misaki-chan! Shintani! Come with me for a while! What's wrong? Come with me! Could it be that he found out about it too-! Do you play the guitar? Just as I thought! Do you always wear a baggy black suit? No! No! Completely Denying! I see So it's someone else, huh Thinking Do you know about a cafe called Maid Latte? Haha! I don't know what that is!! Don't know! Never heard of it! Really? I was surprised the first time I went there! I thought girls would like that place better I got some coupons to eat there for free, so wanna come? Let's go to Maid Latte next time! Family Kids are welcome!! Today Maid Latte It's right here! This is the best plan I've got.
3 days before~ I'll review the plan again.
Sign: Maid Latte First, you and Hinata come in.
Something urgent came up, so eat up everything! Then, you leave after a suitable length of time.
Something urgent came up So eat up everything After that, change into your maid uniform and put on a disguise.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Misa! Master Nice to meet you I'm Misa Nice to meet you too! We'll take a picture, and mission complete! I'll take your picture! Yay! We've got a good disguise.
I'll prepare it beforehand! Thanks a lot! And I'm sorry about this.
I know you're concerned about this cafe, in your own way.
You have your own reasons to hide this, right? Yes.
There's no other choice then! I promised your mom that I'd look after you anyway.
Don't have that gloomy face! Work hard! Yes! The manager's being so sweet that it makes me sick.
Thanks a lot, bye There she is, Black Honoka! Why is Takumi here, when it's supposed to be a date?! I'm not treating you, got it?! You're stingy as I thought, Mr.
Third Rate.
That guy He said he wanted to help, and came along but I'm sure he's here just to kill time again.
Please feel free call us if there's anything you need! I wonder what the special lunch set looks like~ Wink Thank you, Erika! I'm glad he chose to come here today! I'm sorry for the wait! There aren't many regulars here today.
And Usui's the only one here who knows my secret.
Looks yummy! You're right! It'll be fine as long as he keeps quiet about it.
Whoa, they even have kids' lunch menu! I wonder if I can change my coupons for that That's not possible.
I didn't ask you! Yeah, right, got it Anyway, why are you always with Misaki-chan?! This is not a place for you to fool around! Watch your manners! Why are you smiling there?! And what's with that whole look? Where's your uniform? This is from my work place! I carelessly dirtied my uniform! Thanks for your work~! Thanks for your work! Carbonated Drink You can do part time work?! I knew you would be really surprised by it! I'm actually working at a gas station! You mean diesel? The consumption's not really good.
What are you saying? I don't understand at all.
Sorry, forgot that you're an idiot.
I'm actually quite reliable at my job! Hoho, I see Oh yeah! How 'bout visiting me next time, Misaki? I'm want to show you my masculine side at work! I know how different you are from the past already.
Oh, really? That's a shame.
You were a slacker back then.
Sign: Sloth You were always spacing out, and good at nothing except eating! You were a big liar back then, too! You're snacking again, aren't you? I'm not! It's not good to lie! I'm not lying! Didn't you say that you had enough for the day? I didn't say that! What a brat.
That's all in the past! I don't lie now! Yeah, you've changed.
You're a rather passionate guy, surprisingly.
He's not the only one who changed, huh That's because of you! You were always working hard and trying your best! Sign: Beautified version Besides, you were really kind, and everyone admired you! Wow, she's all sparkly there! Don't make it sound so nice! There were guys who hated me for the constant nagging, weren't there?! They're just trying to hide their embarrassment! That's cuz you're really cute when you smile! W-What are you saying? Ma-kun also said the same thing! Oh yeah, there was such a boy huh He came with Shige to visit me! Eh? How did they manage to get to your place? Ah, sorry.
Don't mind me.
What's this strange pressure I'm feeling? Misaki-chan? Ah, umm, anyway, work hard in your job! By the way, I heard you were working part time as well.
What job is that? I made a mistake to talk about jobs! I-It's just a normal part time job.
A normal job? Like in convenience store or family restaurants? Fight on, Misaki! Uh, yeah, something related to food.
So you're working as a waitress? I wanna see! T-There's nothing special about it to show you! Why? Takumi wants to see it as well, right? Don't tell me that he's seen it before? Crap! He'll pry deeper into it if Usui tells him about it.
Please! Lie to him! Misaki-chan? You seem a little off there Sorry, I need to go somewhere.
Is she all right? So he's someone she doesn't want to lie to, huh Did you say something? Dropped the conversation Dropped the conversation She used to smile more back then You know I was involved in an accident, and lost my parents from it.
I couldn't speak for a period of time.
Many relatives came and cried about it, but it seemed so far from me.
Somehow, it seemed so surreal to me.
You know, grandpa told me to come to his place.
There aren't any shops there, so I didn't really feel like going there.
He told me that I won't be lonely if I live with him, but I don't feel lonely now anyway.
Also, I can eat as much candy as I want.
I wish he'd just leave me alone.
You're saying stupid things again, aren't you?! You'd be lonely now that you're alone in the house! Grandpa! Will you stop being stubborn?! I'm not! I'm not sad or lonely, so please hurry back to grandma's side instead! Don't ever lie, even if it's about your feelings! Mommy! Daddy! All my feelings surged up that moment, and I cried really hard.
Grandpa saw me crying, and started crying as well.
She might have forgotten it, but I still remember it clearly.
I'm sorry that I hit your cheeks, You-kun.
The words she said to me And the smile she showed me as I stop crying I've liked her from back then.
Is that a declaration of war from you? That's if you feel the same towards her, just like me.
Asking him to lie to Shintani, just to protect my role as the president Being a strict president, as well as working here were choices that I made myself! My, that was fast! Weren't you supposed to slip away halfway through lunch? Manager! I should keep this a secret from him.
Look at this! Your disguise will be perfect with this! Here! No one will recognize you in this! Manager, umm My my, a baby's crying out there.
I'll find something to pacify it.
Here you go, high up! There, good boy! Mommy's coming back soon! You were crying a moment ago, and now you're full of laughs! You smile beautifully! I'm sorry to trouble you.
No worries! See you! I'm sorry! Huh? Takumi? I've brought your meal.
Please sit, master.
Misakichan? I'm Misa.
You're Misaki-chan, right? So Misaki-chan is Misa-chan?! So this is where you're working part time?! Please keep it down, master! You should tell me earlier! Why did you lie to me?! Excuse me.
Would you please refrain from touching our maids? Taku- This is a token of apology.
Is it nice? You're still far from being a good maid, creating a ruckus here.
I-I'm terribly sorry for it.
Come with me.
Seems like I need to punish you.
I didn't know they had such an event! Maid cafes sure are fun! Weren't you going to disguise yourself just now? I was supposed to, but I just can't lie to him.
That's just like you, Prez.
Thanks, for playing along with me.
Geez, Ayuzawa You're really horrible.
Usui Misaki-chan! S-Shintani! Why are you here-? Takumi told me to come here just now.
Are the both of you working here? No, uh, Usui works here from time to time It looks good on you! You look really cute in that! I'm serious! I told you just now.
If you lay your hands on her again I'll tear your throat out.
Be prepared for it.
What's wrong with both of them?! Meanwhile She's smart, but just so slow at all this! I feel like kicking her ass for that! What happened? The fearsome Black I'm sure Honoka's being considerate of Misa in her own way.
I'm sure! kitto mata aeru We'll surely meet again sono me ni utsuru mono subete Everything that's reflected by your eyes, is it all just an illusion? maboroshi ni wa miemasenka karami aitoketeyuku naka I wonder how you feel, as you melt away in this entangling love kimi wa nani o kanjiteru no darou mite goran dokubamen o Take a look at this tainted scene, tsunagatta sono riyuu o and the reason we're joined together kanashii kara sugarou Let's cling on to each other from our sadness sonna mono de ii ja nai ka Isn't it fine just like that? kazaranai mama ukabu utsukushisa yo It'll be an unadorned beauty itsu no hi ni ka wakarou Let's understand this, someday That no matter where we go, tatoe doko ni itta toshitemo we'll surely meet again kitto mata aeru Preview It's sudden, but how about adding something unique to our way of talking? We can add a suffix at the end-ho! I'll put a -ho to my lines-ho! Shall I put -eri to mine then-eri? That suffix ends really well with questions! I'll just try it out then-gon! You'll get used to it after a while-yu! It's rather tough-sei! This sounds fun-chi! Everyone's surprisingly good at this! And so, let's have Misa and Usui do the preview-satsu! That's so impromptu-mi! I'll leave it to you, Usui-mi! It's about Misa-chan's Mom who dropped her fruits, Melting things away with Latte Magic and Mr.
Third Rate's encounter with the magical maids-usu!