Maison Close (2010) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

That was so passionate.
I almost believed it, you know.
Something to remember me by.
- Is Du Plessis settling your debt? - You're my last client.
He loves me.
- So do I.
- He loves me more.
A General's pay can hardly compete with the Montmorency family fortune.
A woman like you can't depend on one man.
He'll be the one depending on me.
Like I say, you'll need your freedom and a bit of money to escape his notice.
If you must know I'll miss you.
Now that you're free, you don't have to lie.
Do you believe me now? Not at all.
I can't take any more.
He took three hours to come! Hurry up, sweetheart.
- My dear friend.
- Good evening, Véra.
- Are you well? - Very well, thank you.
He's cute.
So fresh.
At his age, his brothers never stopped begging me to take them to the Paradis.
But as for him Look how pale and frail he is.
He spends his days reading and writing.
How wonderful.
The girls love a poet.
Come into the parlour to make your choice.
- I'm afraid they're all spoken for.
- Please, Father Prove your manhood and I'll leave you be.
Angèle! Take the pink room.
And go easy on him.
He's a virgin.
Don't take advantage and make him come as soon as he's dropped his pants.
Try to show him some of the landscape.
Do your best.
- Did you enjoy that, General? - I did, as always.
- Glad to hear it.
I'll see you out.
- Thank you, Marguerite.
Your Véra awaits you, Baron.
- If only.
- What? - But Véra assured me that - It all seemed settled yesterday.
It's easier negotiating with the Prussians than with Madame Gaillac! Yes? - I saw you leaving - The brothel? What of it? I'm looking for someone who works there.
I want to talk to her.
Who is she? Her name is Marie-Jeanne.
Where are you from, mademoiselle? - Ambrières-les-Vallées in Mayenne.
- That explains it.
I doubt you get courtesans in such remote parts.
You certainly won't find any in Paris who go by the name of Marie-Jeanne.
Or even Marie, for that matter.
If you were a man, would you pay to fuck a woman named after the Virgin Mary? Good night, mademoiselle.
My darling, you are going to have to be good and patient.
What are you talking about? Hortense won't hear of it.
- But she gave you her word.
- Her letter states the opposite.
The bitch! What made her change her mind? Don't you see? She had no intention of letting me leave.
Listen, princess, I know you're angry but look at it this way.
You have your own room here and a maid.
You are respected.
I visit you almost every day.
I thought you might need something to console you.
- I'm destined to die a whore after all.
- Steady! I don't come here to hear that sort of language.
Well? Forgive me.
You tried.
I'm so ungrateful.
That's better.
And the necklace? Forget it.
It's tainted with bad memories.
I'll find you something else.
You won't be disappointed.
You might at least come over here.
What if we just had a chat? You'll be paid the same.
I don't just do this for the money.
I really like it, you know.
Stop it! I'm getting married in two weeks.
Would it disappoint your fiancée to see you here? It would break her heart.
Well, your sweetheart would be wrong.
Why do you think there are whores? Men and women are not the same.
A wife, with her husband, cannot give him everything he needs.
It's the same thing with food and drink.
Men have big appetites.
Tell me honestly.
Your fiancée.
Do you sometimes have improper thoughts about her? Well? You must have thoughts about her which seem rather disrespectful.
Once the thoughts have entered your head, you can't get them out.
There's nothing you can do about it.
That's why tarts exist.
So you can love your wife properly.
You know what they say.
Or rather, what men say.
If a man refuses to go to the brothel, the brothel will come to the man.
Do you at least find me pretty? Why? I've given everything to this place.
I can assure you, Lupin, Madame is not here tonight.
I'll get someone to call you as soon as she gets here.
Paris is still broke.
Business is only just picking up.
You might at least have the courage to tell me the truth.
Think what you like.
It's of no consequence.
I'll help you find another star.
But watch out.
You'll have to keep your hands off her.
If I let you leave now, it would be disastrous for business.
Don't tell me you're jealous of the Baron.
That old goat! You know me.
You know what I like.
You and I are two of a kind.
And time passes.
You know what we'll do when we're old? We'll find ourselves a little place on the Marne.
The cash I swindle out of the Baron will take care of our old age.
Don't you worry.
We'll have all we need when the time comes.
- Hortense - You told me you came in his arms.
I only said that to annoy you.
Can I come in? Leave us alone.
You're looking beautiful tonight.
You've always had excellent taste, Hortense.
I wouldn't mind ejaculating in here.
It would pay for a week's interest.
How much do your girls fork out for these? Three francs for a box of 12.
- And yet you can't pay me? - I give them credit, as you well know.
- You're too nice.
- That's why they stay.
What about my boys? Apparently they're no longer welcome in your house.
You don't like them any more.
And yet during the siege, you were glad of a bit of meat.
Do you think I enjoy seeing all these toffs back here? If it weren't for me, your hen house would be a pile of ashes.
I know.
At least with the whores in Montrouge there's no need to take out a flannel to clean up their cunts.
I don't know what to say to these Barbarians.
I know.
What if you were to pay me what you owe? - Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Looking for work? I know the boss.
I can help you if you like.
- Can you get me inside? - That's what I'm saying.
Not for work.
- What.
As a client? - I have no money.
I'm looking for someone, that's all.
I don't know her name.
Well, mine's Edgar.
I'm a naturalist painter.
I know everyone in there.
Good luck if you're waiting for the girls to show their faces out here.
They get out one day a week and that's their lot.
Shall I get you in, then? I'll manage, thanks.
Six fattened chickens, three capons and all these pigeons? Are you mad? I told you to halve the order.
And I don't want all this asparagus.
Wrap it up again.
That'll do.
See you on Monday.
Go on.
You're always up last.
We know you've been hard at it.
Hortense is lucky to have you.
- You clean up after her.
- What are you talking about? Does Lupin live in Montrouge? How much more does the boss owe him? Imagine if he knew what a fool Hortense is making of him by refusing to accept the Baron's payment? I'm not having this discussion, Véra.
If only I could go out, just for an hour.
I don't want to discuss it with you.
You have an appointment in two hours on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.
Who with? A Dutchman who's passing through.
Vogel? Don't you want to go? Yes, Vogel will do nicely.
Who is he? You don't know him.
Neither does Hortense.
- So your mother's in the Rue du Bac? - Yes, at number 39.
She's Madame Ragon's lady's maid.
She resumes her duties this evening, according to the butler.
If your mother is working there, she must be in good health.
Now that I know the address, I'm bound to find her tonight.
You know after all this time, she might not want to come.
To our wedding? I know I can persuade her.
- Can I go? - Of course.
You only have one mother.
Thank you, my love.
I'll come with you.
- Don't you want to see your cousin? - He has no respect for anyone, the oaf.
And I don't want my girl to be alone in Paris at night.
I don't want you getting in the way.
If you're there or waiting for me, I won't know how to behave with her.
This moment is mine.
Do you understand? Are you sure this is what you want? So you want me, too, do you? Or does your dyke of a boss think your arse will be enough to placate me? - Hortense doesn't know I'm here.
- It's not nice to lie to your beloved.
If she loved me, She would have taken the 6000 francs Baron du Plessis offered her to settle my debt.
How much did you say? Kiss me.
Kiss me.
Kiss me.
Kiss me.
- Gaston - Kiss me.
Kiss me.
Kiss me.
And if I don't get my money by tomorrow, it's your other lips that I'll be tearing off.
You won't regret it.
She's an impossible woman, as you well know.
What about champagne? Have you got any Roederer left? You only get one chance to celebrate your release from jail.
Yes, if you're very lucky.
Luck has nothing to do with it, as you well know.
I want the whole of Paris to remember my party.
Don't give me that look.
I permit you to charge him double for each bottle.
Thank you, Baroness! If I'd had an arse like yours, I'd have happily have wrung dry a Rothschild or a king.
Why not a Pope? Too perverted.
What about this pure silk scarf? Who wants it? Me, me, me! I want the blue one.
- It's beautiful.
- Yes, the Baron loves it.
But I'll leave it to you.
I won't be dressing up for him any more.
If it will help me bag a sugar daddy and get out of here - As for that - Angèle.
The matron wants to see you right away.
George! Hello, gorgeous.
Isn't that nice? Didn't the boss commission armchairs? I've given her such a good price she won't bat an eyelid.
Still, be careful.
What are you doing here? - I'm sorry, madame.
- And look at that get-up! Clients will think this is Saint-Lazare.
- Just five minutes, please.
- How does a three-franc fine sound? I'll be back later.
Angèle! Back so soon? Can I see you? - I need to get ready first.
- You look lovely like that.
Angèle, I don't understand.
The worst thing has happened.
I haven't been able to get yesterday out of my head.
If she knew, she'd hate me.
And she'd be right to, poor thing.
How much have you got on you? Come on.
Edgar? Well, well.
Good evening, mademoiselle.
Did you finally manage to get in yesterday? In Paris, you know, everyone's always looking for someone.
Who are you looking for? You, perhaps.
- What is this woman like, then? - She's old enough to be my mother.
Well, it can't be Hortense.
There's always Marguerite.
But if it's one of the girls, it must be Véra.
Do you know her well? Pretty well.
She's leaving the brothel tonight.
You see? You're in luck.
I'll introduce her to you tonight.
Why would you do that? You seem like a nice girl.
- Have you got a fiancé? - I'm not looking for one.
Who have you come with, then? Someone must be here to help you.
I'm quite capable of coming to Paris on my own.
I know.
That's why I like you.
Shall we go? Good evening, Marguerite.
Since when did you use the front door? - I'm here as a client.
- Have you seen yourself? Go on, open the door.
Wait here for me.
- She's a tasty morsel.
- Is she looking for a job? She's all alone in Paris and we all need to work.
But don't make waves and keep your hands off the girls! Come on.
This way, mademoiselle.
My dear Baron, I am so happy for you.
In Véra's arms, we have all thought we were the chosen one.
- To Véra.
- To Véra! To Véra, the unforgettable goddess of love.
- Cheers.
- Thank you, thank you.
Come on! That's her! I'll be right back.
Véra, Véra, Véra! Who wants a piece? Tell me, does Véra's daughter live in Mayenne? No, with her sister in Paris.
So the little virgin can carry on looking for her mother.
That's not what worries me.
Someone might come looking for her.
The girl's got no one here.
She's all on her own.
What's more, she's a hot-blooded girl.
Do you want her or not? If she is a virgin, like you say, you'll get your 200 francs.
Hang on a minute.
I want 250 for this one.
Has she had much to drink? Most of it went on the rug.
- What's her name? - Rosalie.
I finally got it out of her.
I don't like it.
But she is splendid.
Let's settle for Rose.
- How about an advance? - Hey! Until I've stroked her hymen, you're not getting anything.
Marie-Jeanne? Marie-Jeanne! Leaving so soon, my dear? I'm in a hurry.
Please open the door.
- You haven't paid your bill.
- What bill? Two champagne dinners.
128 francs.
Edgar will pay.
No, Edgar is an artist.
He'll pay when he comes back.
- I'll pay tomorrow.
- What with? Here.
You're 124 francs short.
Here's what I'll do.
I'll send someone to Edgar's studio to explain the situation.
Edgar's a good man.
He'll come back and pay.
Meanwhile, you can stay here.
If you're tired, I've got a small room for you.
You won't be disturbed.
I'll be back.
Everyone was wondering why you weren't there.
Including you? I had no time to wonder.
Of course you didn't.
It was your last night.
You owed it to yourself to enjoy it.
The Baron is waiting for me downstairs.
He's going to show me round my mansion in Plaine-de-Monceaux.
And as you can see, I'm far from ready.
I want to make this a night for you to remember, too.
I want to make you orgasm until you burst.
Stop it, Hortense.
Stop it.
Stop it, Hortense.
Leave me alone, you filthy dyke! Did you really believe in us? You really are a prize idiot! I prefer Blondin's filthy cock to your tired old pussy.
At least he doesn't pretend to love me.
Good evening, Madame Gaillac.
It so happens I might have another cellar soon.
A lawyer near Montlouis.
I can offer you the same conditions.
Can I do anything for you? Do you really want to help me? Did Maréchal Masséna really live here? Yes, before moving his eldest daughter in.
- And did? - Yes, Véra.
Bonaparte and Josephine are said to have dined here at least once.
Really? What do I need to do to be worthy of such happiness? Just be happy.
I'll be happy forever.
No Why the long face? I'm sorry, gorgeous.
It was my brother.
He needed me.
All night? You've got five minutes.
Aren't you going to kiss me? Don't know.
What do you mean you don't know? And I suppose this is for your sister! No, it's for you.
- Don't mess with me.
- Well, if you don't want it - No, I like it.
- Oh, you like it? Do you want it? Here.
- Thank you.
- Is that all you can say? That's enough! I want to see the police.
All right.
You're lucky.
Madame Fourchon here has agreed to drop charges.
Of course, you remain in her debt.
Charges will be dropped if you pay what you owe.
- Do you understand? - But I don't have any money.
Do you know anyone in Paris who might be able to help you? You have no one in Paris to help you? Listen, I'm sure you're an honest girl.
You just got mixed up with a bad boy, that's all.
Madame Fourchon realises that.
She tells me she has a solution which could suit you both.
Mme Fourchon knows you're going through a rough patch.
She has offered, which is generous of her, to take you on at the Paradis.
If you work there until you have paid off your debt, the matter will be settled.
That's fair, isn't it? It's a good house, you know.
One of the most luxurious in Paris.
You'll be well treated, well fed.
Believe me, it's better than factory work.
And given how pretty you are, you'll soon pay off your debt.
It's Edgar who owes you money, - not me.
- Not in the eyes of the law.
I'm not going to lie to you.
Prisons are nasty places these days.
Some of the women in them are worse than animals.
And as for the screws, there's no stopping them.
We can hardly employ warders to keep an eye on the warders.
I don't need to spell out what would happen to a pretty girl like you.
Since you've got to lie back and take it, Wouldn't you rather do it in a nice warm house and earn a bit of money for it? Do you honestly think convent schools teach you nothing about life? I'm quite capable of recognising a bastard when I see one.
You'll be put through the mill, child.
Even I can't bear to think about it.
But then you know about life.
I'm getting married in a week.
My fiancé's name is Auguste Darboy.
He's a farmer in Mayenne and he's waiting at the Hôtel des Italiens.
He hasn't much money.
But he'll know how to pay off my alleged debt.
I'm truly sorry.
Leave us alone.
Leave us.
Have you heard of the "coffee mills"? It's what the inhabitants of this city call the Communard slaughterhouses where vermin were gunned down.
There are still some coffee mills in Paris to finish the mopping-up.
I manage the one at the Lobau barracks.
Does that shock you? You can't always be sure that who you're shooting is guilty.
But guilty or innocent, when faced with the coffee mills, there are only cry-babies.
Go straight to the Hôtel des Italiens on the Rue Rochereau.
A rebel from Crozier's gang is there, masquerading as a farmer.
Auguste Darboy.
Take him straight to Lobau, is that clear? Wait.
"to go out hatless.
To attract attention to themselves.
"Because of the rich fabric and bright colours of their clothes "or their excessive fashion, "public women are banned from speaking "to men accompanied by women or children, "from loitering on public highways or using narrow alleyways, "from being in the streets before 7 pm or after 11 pm, "from standing at the window, "from practising outside the neighbourhood they live in, "from going to public institutions, "from being within 20 metres of churches, primary schools "or high schools when they go out.
They must avoid behaviour "that is offensive to common decency" What are you doing here? Forgive me, but I've come for my money.
I must appear tactless, given your situation.
But you are aware of mine.
My situation? What are you talking about? But Haven't you been out all day? I have a lot to do here.
The Baron was killed last night.
Véra He was attacked in his carriage and pick-pocketed.
He was a brave man.
He Véra! Véra? Lupin is threatening to take it out on the girls, you know.
The first monthly instalment barely covered the cost of last night's party.
I'd be grateful if you'd settle up as soon as possible.