Malcolm in the Middle s02e01 Episode Script

Traffic Jam (2)

Okay, know something about my family.
We are not leaving all together.
But when we do, always a wrong decision but persevering.
When you say, all life prohibited How's life who you mean? Mama, I'm going to fall to the floor! Never again will I order something.
I should have just not had! I can not tolerate such behavior.
Believe it or not, I'd rather be with Dewey.
Just being with the babysitter! And then that bubble appeared and I started follow but did not know where he was.
Then I went to the bag and then I did not know where he was.
And then I saw you I thought maybe you could help me Because you helped another person in a movie.
So if I can lend a hand, will thank you.
Thanks anyway Equivalent to 110 degrees here In more heat, it's like an oven and worse still we are without radio.
Hal, stop to look back That car has been pursuing Just cum and let it go Oh that making signs with lights Want it that way eh For God's Hal! He could have a gun! Just let it go Oh agreement ended.
I say pass on this side Forward fucking sucking sugar! C'mon, it's just an accident that is waiting to happen A, B, C, D.
A, B, C, D.
A, B, C, D.
It's good that you have found, not sure that a child is only here.
Do not worry, I'll take you home with your parents again Should be very worried Follow with E A, B, C, D, E I know A, B, C, D.
A, B, C, D.
Sugar preserves nutrients.
How can something so simple be so delicious? Those things are nasty, Francis You have to be fancy eating them, yes, But for me the "Candy Cuack" are a perfect meal I could eat up to 100 No way all that crap on your stomach would grow Not even the 50 would pass I'm afraid you're wrong Joe.
Since I am a child I always dissolve rapidly, never got fat.
Actually, I It is sufieciente, shut up! always talk about how they can leave this eating 100 or 100 of that The "cuacks" would expand.
You're an idiot if you think differently Well let me tell you something.
If I say I can eat 100 cuacks, can assure you that my word is a guarantee.
And no need to resort to personal attacks Because I hate going to the bathroom and check your dirty boxers in the shower.
This is so cool With a bit of dynamite around, fly around in the air.
The explosion would be great There would be nothing.
Reese Yes, this is great.
We trapped for hours without food or air conditioning.
I guess it could be worse Could be a boy in the middle the sun trying to bring order Why can not you just open a line? Miss, crazy if you think you were unsuccessful in opening this road Yes, but if you just move those two cars would a place to go I do not understand how they can be so stupid Lady, do not call the police stupid What is a law that now? See, long ago ate 7 pounds of potato chips in a city So I think my body could stand We are not talking about french fries Francis We are talking about pure sucrose The human body simply can not absorb In extreme cases can the human body stand but is only 75% confidence If you eat too much blood in your body not flow and you pass out Gentlemen, gentlemen These arguments are useless One Look at them, only keep spinning There are a lot of cars full of people are supposed to have to go somewhere And they just stay there standing and talking.
What Fight? Hey, let me clarify something This is a road car Are grown, do your job! "Although it is listening to me? It could be me Oh Hal, could not be any of us Noo, our car direct slides transit, and got caught This totally sucks More than an hour ago we're here! What is the point of going around in the middle traffic? You see, you can find things like this Smells like dirty feet Reese, Can we go back to the car? feel I'm dying Ice Cream! Go away! No ice cream truck He's lying.
There are tons ice cream in there The ice cream truck is not for sale Law is against him to sell them ice cream the traffic! That's too bad You can make money selling the boys That's the point.
You're evil!, You malvadoo! I see no way to discuss This significantly You're a damn! Calm down, no we can do Yes there is, I can, I can And I know about the idiot who is also Hey, you're talking about my brother.
Very good.
I'm Jessica My car is out there Malcolm, my back to everything.
Want to go to check the cars out there? Insurance You know, my dad pretty much built.
What time is it now? There are still 4 o'clock You have to wait at least a minute to change the time What time is it in Chinese? Well, honey .
I think are the 20 - Are you from China? Well .
no .
Is Chinatown in China? Honey, if you wish to answer a question first you have to wait What is this tattoo? You know? I need to buy a pack of cigarettes For the first time in 20 years Hurry please Hello Think Lois I stopped to tie my shoes in the parking lot If I had not done Would be 200 yards ahead and would not dissolve in the heat And if you had not ever had your body here Dewey would have had to It's all mathematical, Hal.
Lady? Yes? Did you ask your supervisor? Yes, but this phone is only for emergencies to Mrs.
roadside I can not get open the way Well, but I have to communicate with the nanny According look, just leave me talk to your supervisor One time Madam Hello? I am the supervisor.
Do not be misleading Only these changing your voice! No, I'm doing.
I really am the supervisor You can not do this! Lady look I'm about to be replaced by the machine.
I can do what I want very well Where do you think you will miss? Okay, my dad is a researcher with ID Oh there is Hi Daddy! According Wow! Your father is a researcher car crashes This is a secret Malcolm View here and yell at all and they are your parents Hi Daddy! Very good! She's cute, intelligent and up lies to the police Might be above my head I've been moving from city to city is very difficult for me to make friends So yes, I have to get out of here I guess.
But you're not in my situation Okay I'll leave here with the police.
All right.
You feel like God with this view Atravezarlo hate bush Not serve in any way.
See how we can protect or something? Why are we here? Just looking at the views Look at that crazy woman Well, tell me about that special kind It's horrible I am surrounded by stupid boys and no one was at my level I did all these college classes y.
Oh what a nightmare! You are not careful doing all these tasks Harvard silly! You do not understand Malcolm Even more geniuses do not stop for an hour and a half Really all it does is push yourself over Anyone would expect from most in my situation Today is the perfect test.
Look at this mess! What will happen to us? If it were not for this, we would never have known.
I never felt it coming! This girl is amazing! Broken legs He then went to my head asking How long do I have? What have I done with my life? Tell me, what is my contribution? You go home at night Knowing you are helping the world to be a better place Following line by line And that's a real man If only I could feel that feeling of accomplishment for once in my life Do you know how special you are not? C.
Ok let me explain We've been waiting all afternoon for a crane.
And now, the crane is here That's true.
And the man operating the crane is here too! That's right.
So why nothing is happening! Look we can not touch anything until the researcher send us a report.
Last time that we are here, where? Well that's something the department.
No it's my job to know.
Turn the crane! You can not tell me what I have to do Hey not so fast friend What do you think? Nothing just watching! What the hell happens? This kid was trying to get in your truck.
Let go! I just wanted ice cream! You deserve no ice cream.
And you do not deserve to be an ice cream! Come here bastard! That's what you get for your trouble.
Sell everything in my country! It seems that the human body can only eat 96 cuacks Checkmate! Let Francis.
only 4 more.
You can do it! I can not.
Killing Cuacks Hey, nobody said he had to eat all cuacks.
They just had to be inside your body Right? Yes, if it's true You worked.
Where do you Francis? Hey, I bet David can eat a thousand gut reactions Impossible David is a great guy, But a thousand grains? Only these delirious Such are the things that make you not recognize that whenever you're wrong.
Oh come on, you're talking about? Here's your ice cream Carl Karen yours here And here his Lord Miles.
That man left us no choice.
Prees Green! Lady out of there.
You or they can move this thing! Step off the lift and then we'll talk.
Do not you dare lie! Well not want to hear, I'll be rude.
You're out of control monster I see it all the time But guess what? This is a traffic jam.
It is beyond your control Then you can not send anyone.
You can not insult and expect to be heard But I.
This will end, When you have to finish! You have to accept it! There is absolutely nothing you can do.
"Whose dog is this?! I want to know who this dog! This trapped inside with the windows closed! Yesterday 90 degrees out here! Okay, anyone concerned about the dog! So I guess no one will bother if you just do it! Ohh, do not be scared puppy Everything will be biennial Oh, poor thing Okay, understood.
It is good to do well from time to time.
A life is a life Míra how are you eh .
There is, go home.
I'm impressed Those working for the good of someone We used to do long ago depending on others.
Hey, you! Where are you!? You know, I was thinking Maybe one could see us.
It would be great "CANADA" What? Are you from Canada? We are here on vacation Why do not you tell me? Because'd gone anyway all day having fun.
I knew this was very good to be true Why would someone like me meet someone smart, funny, other than my family Be positive Malcolm It was amazing! It is OK to have fun with something just for a while.
Vamos! The good time.
No, not a good time.
You just said it was fun! That was a way of saying that spending just a little good.
Yes, problem solved Get in the car children Malcolm! Reese! I have to go.
Hal Hurry! I'm waiting for my turn Malcolm Malcolm! This is my phone number.
Call me! That was so funny! We saw a dog in a traffic jam Traffic It was so cool.
Reese stole the ice cream maker ice cream! We met people from another country! Boy we Bye Santa! Hi Mom Dewey, Where's the nanny? It was Scare "another nanny? What is wrong with you boy? Then I saw that was missing mom and then