Malcolm in the Middle s02e08 Episode Script


Did you bring the cupcakes? Yes, but only had 3 and had them to beg an old lady to give me these.
Well I will eat only one.
No, no.
I'm going to eat one.
And you'll enjoy the last.
Leave that to Dewey.
Forget it! Better let the kids eat them.
What a scare! Malcolm 2x8 - Therapy As I recall, my school seems who loves me feel miserable.
Today, school starts the week medieval.
Where is your jester costume? In my backpack, I will use in school! Put it on, I do not cook all night for fun! The bells, the bells I forgot! You look so adorable! You know I love this week, because I become a villain and super command all away, hit them.
Reese! Leave your brother alone.
Although you are not asking.
Okay, ready Ready! Come here.
Why do not you offer to another that you and finish this once? You'll be fine But Reese is going to tell me if you take off this.
When I was 6 years in a play more serious God, I wish I were there right now! Well guys, it's time to start the harvest dance, I would do a demonstration but I'm in my third trimester I do not want to risk that Platet separate from my womb.
Vamos! This study, there is nothing disgusting about the miracle of life Everyone should be able to discuss this openly.
Who is the father? Do you work here? Well, I told them we were not going to play this game again! Well, all their instruments come together in peace.
Tommy, do not forget to go to the dentist.
Okay, you're the one who keeps us, "would start The ceremony with your instruments and pocesiones happy? Starting! Tommy has been a lot going to the dentist this week, pretty scary to me.
He is not going to the dentist, he is going to "dentist.
" It is a nickname for your therapist.
How do you know? Do you also go? Yes, now I see Miss Gulvert.
My mother says it is a way to get the nerves because she can see my movements tendecia anger.
But lately, go was my decision, not theirs, mine It was voluntarily! All right.
Yes I am! My answer period was perfectly And my soul is floating freely on top I'm sure your destination in the laundry you will like it, Francis.
Basically, you wash it, dry it and fold Do you want me to explain it again? No, twice is fine.
In fact, I do not mind having to do so.
My mom always thought I was punishing me doing this but I always found it relaxing.
Gosh, this detargente is horrible! It's a waste to use on cotton shirts.
"This thing was not prohibited? Yes, that's why we use it.
You see, they have an arrangement with the distributor, we will remove this garbage out of hand y.
Gives us some prizes "Alabama's opera? I can get the ones you want.
No, thanks.
The opera is not what you think, but never mind.
This guy has many contacts.
Firewood for fireplaces, lawn mowers, free hamburgers in Churchis asking one of equal value Do not you think that money from the academy and is sufficient without this guy selling it? I mean, look at this.
Ever hear of softening? These sheets are like sleeping on rocks.
Hey, were not good enough for the baby Jesus.
Out! Where are my towelettes Coasters? I know I put them here! What a mess! Honey, please, go to the store and I'll buy new ones.
No, I find this! And when it does we will all clean up this mess in the closet, will be our new family project.
Never finished our last project family.
Why it's all here, under this crap! What about your appointment with "the dentist" Loi? My teeth are fine now Caroline, I love myself.
Not a joke! Great news! They have given us permission to interptretar harvest dance in the school meeting today! And other students can help us If you want to join.
Well, now everyone in circles, y.
Sorry! I just stupid! I can not do it! I'm stupid and terrible! I stink at everything! And I'm a shit! Can you get comfortable? talk when ready.
Thank you, Miss Gulvert.
Well, I faked it.
But with the family I have, would have been only a matter of time anyway.
We should talk a little now.
Do I have to? Well, that's why you're here.
That sucks! Where did that flame? Malcolm, I want you dear sientras relaxed.
It is usually stress and although it can be very difficult This may be, this could be a safe place.
Want to know why? NO FACE, NO FACE! "I can relax 4 or 5 days a week? Perhaps what I like to discuss? I do not know where to start.
Seriously, do not know.
Well, you can start with what happened in your class Want to talk about that? No, I think it's stupid.
Nothing I say here will be stupid.
But all I do is make mistakes.
I feel that I deserve even beat my own record.
Of course I deserve it, Malcolm.
Thank you.
The hard part will be to maintain the charade without coming to medicate.
Underpants! In a closet! Human Underpants! I think not threaten enough.
My God! My preferred game! He has been missing for years! You missed a great meeting! I can not believe it! We even gave the fruit to throw at him dancing! How pathetic! Do you ever get tired of making their lives miserable? Nope! Also, do not want to forget who is boss.
They live in mansions, with their super models know that the guy who cleans the pool belongs to those who fled.
Hey, I never saw your name on the work.
Where were you? Do you care! Maybe Mom cares.
I went to the arcade, do not tell Mom! They were closed! It was another mall! Wait a minute.
I can smell my own breath.
The goal is the ball around the table for come back and hit him bowling.
I was good.
It was really good.
Good try, but do not panic, the first is difficult y.
That was get a strike! Heavens, heavens! That was a lucky shot.
Well, the trick is to choose bowling the point where spears, right? When you throw the ball to be sure downhill .
I can not believe it! This neck is so smooth that it no longer irritates me! And the sheets are like sleeping on a cloud! It is a pleasure guys.
Friend, thank you I've been waiting for months that my superiors were for clothing.
Now I know that it was not, thanks.
I like to help.
Take, this is for you.
No, you do not I insist.
Well, you're very kind.
Hey, could you put my civilian clothes mingled with the academy? I would love to but there is no place here Well never mind, let's see if I can find place for this.
Thanks buddy.
No, do not have to You're the best.
Go ahead.
Leftovers with some coffee, Hal! Honey you have to do this.
The kid is a prodigy.
Come on.
Yes! Heavens! Why do we have the photo album of someone else?! Hi Malcolm, How was your school? Was normal.
Yes, I think normal.
Very medieval.
Is that a tractor? What? Hal! TEENS AND CHILDREN IN ANXIETY Malcolm, I want you to know how proud I am of you.
Admitting you need help is a difficult step.
No, hold your calm and behavior in the teraupeta is difficult, Loyd.
My self esteem is growing! Well, listen everybody Unfortunately, tomorrow's performance has been canceled.
Instead we go to a recreation of the French attack Agin and Gur followed by a visit to the museum of torture.
And then a pizza.
Is the museum of torture? That's amazing! Is there a business to buy? Sorry, Malcolm.
You can not go.
You have a dentist appointment.
You're lucky not to go.
My brother went last year and had so much blood false fainted.
I think it's time for a better therapy.
A butterfly was in my hand and woke up.
What color was the butterfly? It was blue and purple, red or orange was not that I remember.
Your dream Malcolm is so quiet so comforting and that's encouraging.
Yes? If you're starting to relax.
I think I relaxed.
Look healed, but I'll have a relapse when Next semester starts the ballet.
I have good and bad times.
But now, it feels great to be happy.
I'm glad.
I think we've done a lot of progress.
Thank you, Miss Gulvert.
Now I want to myself.
And that could not speak on Tuesday.
What are you doing here? I knew you would not like.
These things happen, they are family.
Reese does not know what you're doing! You'll ruin everything! Relax, it's all planned.
I'm ready to see Reese.
Reese is not here, now I'm David! You see, I go 10 in a row! Lois, he has the gift.
Since the end of the war has only been documented Chuza consecutive triple the English bowling.
You know what I mean? I can just to rub something in face this engrĂ­do of Giffins and small tennis champion.
What are you talking about? Always assume that your child constamente won the tournament and this one and will go to the White House Dewey take to shut him up to such a time.
Are you ready to close his mouth to such child? What kind? Ready.
Hal, you are only doing this to avoid clean the closet.
Not quite.
Come on son.
What happened? Have you caught? Where were you? Hey, you're always angry.
Maybe you need therapy really.
What I need is not all done to lose, Do you know how much trouble we'll get if we get caught? With Mom, in school, Mom! Trust me a little, dude.
I did my own research.
Look, I rented the silence of the lambs, seven and the Nutty Professor.
God! Reese, tell me exactly what you said! Nope, that's confidential! Well, what do you prefer? "Anibalecter or hockey mask? Malcolm, Reese What do you tell? Do not blame Reese, blame David.
I regret it at the last moment, but I need this for tonight, I have another appointment with Rebecca.
Seven items $ 30.
I have not much money.
The last time cost me 10.
Can you give me a break, right? I love Eddie, but I am obliged.
And it would be unethical to make exceptions.
You can not do this.
I have to wear the shirt of bowling.
Rebecca loves my bowling shirt! Francis, I have no money! Well, then you have no clothes.
You have to pay to be a player.
Look at you! I remember Francis who cared about their job! We must put a cap of fabric softener, do you remember Francis? Remember? A plug and a half! Yes, excuse me I have to iron.
I can not believe it! Yes, I had 3 cds to give me back my Ironing uniform.
I think it's time for someone to teach a lesson.
Siii! We are going to put a defective shirt.
Or we could put it with linen.
Just follow me.
So my children are emotionally disturbed? We do not like to use those labels.
I spent a week with Malcolm.
Really? "A whole week? Yes, and to be honest I think they are amazing.
There are definitely some issues that you and him should be treated.
Malcolm, Want to show your mother this picture? No, okay.
I like what I did with my teeth.
There are some things that Malcolm told me I think you should listen.
All right.
I love to hear.
Malcolm later.
Yes, go ahead.
All we want to help.
You're safe here.
Tell the anger.
Yes, tell me about the anger! When you get angry, repress your feelings and sink me with silence.
Good try try to talk some more.
I like you're more at home and least in the betting.
Well, I guess I'll have to change that as well.
Come on Malcolm, talk about pressure.
Well, I feel you push me too much and not I can fulfill your expectations.
What pressure? Perhaps no, do not know.
No, no no.
Say, 'What did you say? Well, you push me too y.
What do you mean? When you press? All the time! If not for the task of the school is by voluntary classes that I want.
And after that I have to help Reese with your homework! That's not pressure! You know, do not ask to be born to be smart.
We just want you to develop your potential! That! That's exactly what I'm talking about! I tried to stop it! I said, 'Do not put that in there red shirt, That Fades " But he just laughed.
He said that the pink color was better because is what little girls are weak.
Let's find everywhere, he is hiding somewhere! Francis No.
Dewey does not matter, even the best also have bad days.
Some might think you've done on purpose.
Hey, Is there something you want me baby? I never want to do this.
It's boring.
You'd be giving up something that could be a great talent.
Sandlers could be another Champ! Son, are you willing to give back to your destination? Yes.
"I can go now? Well, if you want.
Wait! Do you throw again for me? One final Chuza for your dad? No.
All right.
No, sorry! I who have to apologize.
No, you only want the best for me, I know! Sure, we love you! I love you too.
Another box of Peterson! This is from the 60s.
I forgot that operated on President Johnson's bladder.
I do not understand, do not clean this closet when we moved here? Apparently not.
For God's sake, to let the old toilet in here! This is a bath! We have a second bathroom! If we do not know them! It will be our secret.
A beautiful little secret.
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