Malcolm in the Middle s02e10 Episode Script

The Bully

Hey guys, what do they do? Ojala be small forever.
Malcolm 2x10 - The bully Enjoy them ^ ^ Reese knows get people snot Shock And the truth is that winning a trophy for that! When it's up to Reese? I think it is as follows.
GO REESE! Are the parents of Reese? Why? It's amazing! In the last competition his fight was the best, he inspired the whole team.
? Nothing It's great! Ences Gra Still do not get used to be proud of Reese.
Go team! Thanks, stupid.
Where is Reese? Should not it be warmer? Reese! We're next! We Reese! Hurry That's not fair Hope you stick to a pretty girl? I'm going to hit a girl great! We Reese! Two points.
Two points.
We Reese! Go son! Matala! Come on, referee! Let go warning.
Go! "Reese is now a girl? No, Dewey, he is a lady.
Shut up! Sorry lady.
Well, that's enough.
Reese lost a battle, there is no problem.
Sometimes you win and sometimes not.
Yes, and you have no shame because, you worked.
That girl was a better fighter than you without question God made you fall on the platform as a rag! Hello? Hold him! You, afeitale ass! Mom, I remind you that today is the last day to buy me a ticket plane to go home for my birthday ! Honey, I talked about this You can not come here in the middle of the week 'd just eight hours.
But Mom ! Heaven, I'm sorry.
I wish things were different, and came for Thanksgiving and we can not afford now.
Mama, do not know what they do to people here for his birthday ! I removed the clothes, they shave all the hair on your body and then thrown into the pond.
Is that what you want for me? I am impressed Francis, your stories have improved are at least more credible.
What stories? When you wanted to come to the party and swore that academy was being terrorized by wild dogs.
Do you ever caught? Francis I also would like to have you home by your birthday but we can not afford! Well, I guess I'll have to cope alone, I hope these monsters not notice that my you know! It still remains an eyebrow him! Hey Malcolm, I know about your brother the other night.
It was extremely fun Do not you see? A sports event ? Yes .
I wonder how you feel being beaten by a girl.
It's totally humiliating, you just want to kill.
Your brother was not over, right? No.
Me neither! You know, the shameful defeat of Reese may have serious consequences for us Will be stronger locking extra hard to prove that is at the top.
You mean we'd have to deal with a Reese more evil than before? It is very probable.
We can take the beating, but we should not use underwear in case we split our ups and half.
Here comes.
This is the first time I'm glad to be me.
Do not you have something else to look? I'll give you something to watch.
Very good idea about the chocolate milk.
I will next time.
Well, what the hell was that batter on the playground? I do not know, I had to do something! Echarte "milk over? Was not it better to hit that child? Because I'm sick of doing that! I got sick of hitting children.
It's horrible! But that's you, that's what you do.
Not anymore.
That's my old self.
What I did today at school, I was destroying the old Reese.
So what of the chocolate was a kind of baptism? No, idiot, I was cleaning out my old self for start again! You know, you are very rare since that girl you kicked ass.
It is not just for the girl The fight made me feel good you know I was helping the school, people respected me and now it was finished and I have nothing.
But it will not be so anymore.
I'll find a way for people be proud of me again.
So what are you doing? I do not know.
Just want to be the good guy Do good things For good.
Dewey, How I can help? Mam√°aaaaaaaaaaa .
! Shut up, I'm trying to help! Hello my love.
What happens? Is it Francis? If Has been calling lately and stupid stories move me The poor man just wants to come home.
Want to be here on his birthday.
Well maybe we could do something that night not to think about that.
A colleague got tickets on the radio for a concert.
"You're charging? He did not wanted! Can you believe it? Hello? Mom! It's great, I found a way to go home on Wednesday.
Francis No, not cost them anything.
A parent of a cadet is a truck driver Can you take it in the fridge to 609 and a friend his pilot a plane fusilación And if you are sober would leave me in the field of soybeans next to the station.
Francis, come on there will be other birthdays.
Tell if you do not want a shirt to the concert.
What concert? Your father got tickets to see Jimmy Buffet.
And this concert will not be a Wednesday night, right? "On my birthday? Yes, so it is but it has nothing to Now I understand can not afford to take me home but somehow find the money for the entry of Jimmy Buffet.
Francis, it is not.
Tickets are free! Oh yeah A friend of your father gave to us.
The truth is that there is a friend Agree on their stories before try to keep me away in my Birthday!.
Hey Malcolm! You want my cake? Are not you hungry? No, I ate the food they bring as a decoy.
Now that I no longer Reese robs me are the two.
And Reese has not made me eat garbage in one week, the food tastes better! Life is good! I take ballet classes, and I do not care that everyone knows.
Well Two days ago, Reese would have killed that kid Things are really changing.
It is as if we had entered a civilized stage.
It's great! Hey.
Hello! Why was that? That is very clever and laugh at me all the time.
As Reese and is not involved, I have it stand you more.
What are you talking about? Now that your brother is a gallinam, I have no worry that comes for me when I taught a lesson.
But we're friends! You laughed when I painted my face and said it was a stupid You call that friend? Those things were fun.
Yes, very funny.
I'll show you what's funny.
Knock Knock, Who's there? Just so you know.
What about him? Remember me? "Moby Rick" That was sooo funny.
I never called you Moby Rick, I called hippo y.
Hey, just wait a minute! You really do not think I'm funny? Well, every day we learn something new.
Obviously, it was not as fun as I thought.
You know, your funny comments humiliated us enough.
Siii! You know I'm unsure on my taste in clothes and I always laughed at how I dressed.
Siii! Always going around making you be smart and not know that I slept all night crying.
Ss Really? So the only reason I endured those silly was because he feared for my brother? In reality we are also sick.
These guys are crazy, I'm funny! Right, I'm funny? To be honest you something caustic.
My word it's unbearable.
How heavy, sarcastic, handsome? Hey, she's cute! Hi Jeffrey! Need help to cross the street? Do not worry, I'm good now.
Jeffrey! How many times have I told you not to cross the road?! You'll see, you tell your mother Reese! Hello? Yes? I'm here to read.
I was so happy when I said you were coming.
Really? Great.
I just want to help.
They say that dying patients are encouraged with these things.
Di "said terminals? I was wrong room.
And now that I think I'm in the wrong hospital.
Nurse enfermeraaa! Help, help, let me go! Happy Birthday Murphy! We have been searching for hours! Please, please, my grandmother sent me a gift, can stay, ayudaaaa! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MURPHY God! Be careful what you shave My God! I wish I could say that this is the stupidest thing I've done And to top it off I have to fix the window when I return.
Do not be so hard on yourself.
You have every right to be worried I can not believe your parents let you only on your birthday.
Poor Well not that bad Yes it is.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
You know, this will be my first birthday no cake.
You know what? You're not going to spend your birthday alone Are you coming to my house and prepare you a nice dinner.
I do not want to bother you just because I have hurt y.
is just So I'll make a cake What flavor ? I like chocolate! What happens? I do not know, Hal.
I think it's all this about me Francis is disturbing.
Me too.
You know what? Why not do something extra cool for him? What happened? What happened to me? I'll tell you what happened.
From the girl that Reese has stopped being the bully school So now, no one is protecting me from people who thinks I'm a smartass without grace, that is, for all.
Well, you're a little sarcastic.
Thanks Dad, I feel better.
It's true.
He's not funny! I'll go talk to him.
A tough day eh If You know when people get angry with you an apology can fix everything.
Let me give a hypothetical example Suppose hypothetically that I tell a colleague that the head dyes his hair And let's say hypothetically that my partner goes to my boss and told him what I said And following hypothetically my boss sent me to the small office at the end of the hallway next to the photocopier.
But if it would all be apologizing now in an appropriate office.
Or do you wish I be excused? In no way are stupid or what! Look, this scenario has not to do with it.
Just think about it.
Well, I'll be there at eight o'clock.
Yes, it feels much better.
Okay, bye.
I heard you got a hot date.
No, just a nurse.
With home ownership.
Not too big.
You are very lucky Francis.
Flirt with girls, parents who have I want What are you talking about? Hey, Who's birthday? According to the card you.
Finally, my family sent me a gift Eight months later.
Which is Ironic because my mom works in an office Post, began in 1987, file Well, I put it here.
What? I just want to talk.
What? I just want to say I'm sorry.
About what? Remember the day it was raining and said "Hey, it's raining" and I said "Thanks Einstein" Yes, why did you say that? My name is not Einstein.
I was referring to Albert Einstein was a physicist who was a genius.
And you think I'm a genius? Heavens, I find a lot of jokes there but I have to change! No, I was being sarcastic, I was saying you were the opposite a genius.
So you were calling me stupid? Yes, and that is why I I'm glad we talked Malcolm.
Yes, I also feel better.
Malcolm Hey, come here! Finally I discovered, I found the answer, I know what I do with my life.
Do you sell these games yet? Yes, $ 5.
What are you doing? Sell my possessions.
Why?! Because Billy's brother recommended it to me.
Is the brother Billy? You mean that crazy going on a school bus leafleting? Called manifest.
And it's no crazy when you think about it.
He and his followers have an amazing house in Orehon while living on earth.
Do not you mean to him? Do not worry, it's totally safe.
There are guard dogs, watchtowers Mom and Dad know about this? No, you can not tell.
Billy's brother says they have power negative and bad karma.
You're talking about joining a cult! Are you crazy? Billy's brother never talks to me and makes me feel good about myself.
It's called brainwashing Reese.
My name is not Reese.
And what is it? I do not remember, but it's not Reese! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to distribute manifestos.
Reese! You need help! What? As you stopped being the bully has created a power vacuum.
Now the school is full of abusers Good deal for spheres of influence.
Today I took twice the money for food.
Took it to me three times, and when I had nothing, I pulled the shirt! They took my shoes! My shoes! What is supposed to I have to do that? We need you back.
Why? He was an idiot! Yes, but were the dominant idiot! Reese, without you this is anarchy! Look around.
Do not you see? The whole school needs you back, so that wall again brutal your methods impartially.
Are you saying that it was good that I'm a thug? Yes! You are our only hope.
Stop! Stop! I'm immune immune! Hey! Stevie did not touch it! I used to be.
Get out of my way! Thanks.
"Reese? From tomorrow me again do the job.
Sure! Reese! Reese! Reese! Reese! Do not touch me! If I'm coming.
Order was restored.
Do you have tickets? Francis Do you think that you will like the cookies? Sure I was thrilled, it was a very nice detail.
I hope your friends you've had a party.
I'm sure if they are good guys.
So How was Francis pond water? Cold When is the appointment? In 20 minutes.