Malcolm in the Middle s05e13 Episode Script

Lois' Sister

As was to park? He was a œwietnie! We have paid close lived for at exciting moments! - Hal? - I know, I know, is dirty.
This allowed him pobawiæ em up in b the mud for a while.
Œwietnie really enjoy the Tarzan the c with other Child Lock.
- Too bad, also not seen Did you come.
- Hal! Lois, you can not go traktowaæ, if it were from a glass! He'll be fine.
We can go wymyæ.
The most important that the Jamie and I together up bawiliœmy.
This is not Jamie.
I know exactly who to turn the em.
Crazy world of Malcolm T the interpreter: MoszeUsz and polishchaser1 Ch the boys, Aunt Susan arrive at any time.
Taæ we had clean up the kitchen! S ³ yszeliœcie mother, do it again! No, no, no, wait, the end of the low-cost hardware.
If Susan does not accept how we live, This can zadrzeæ nose and return to the sterile tomb, which calls home.
Why is mom so strange behaves in front of the aunt Susan? Dad to the guys Aunt Susan.
As long as my mother did not stole the a But I do not know it.
Just as myœlimy that the Francis m³ is a year younger than in reality.
- I get it.
-'d Come hit them! - Great, arrived of a Mustang! / - But grazing! If You Save cent each, as long as possible, then you become the cool stuff.
I wanted to with my father so they ¿potrafiæ, instead of our trwoniæ the money at your whim, the boys ch.
- Susan! - I'm so glad to see you also! And do not worry last phone completely forgive the am.
I also see you on the! The busiest road and get you some d for much longer than expected the am.
Dinner is cold ¿tastes good.
- Part, Aunt Susan! - Good morning! Listen to the low of the votes! Unbelievable! Lois, are almost Doroo, and are still being are your dependents.
And it has to be Jamie! Part, skarbeczku! Part, œliczniutki.
- Part, Susan! - Hal! You're a tiny skarbeczkiem.
Ch of boys, idŸcie przynieœæ aunt bags Susan with her luxury car.
- This car is phenomenal! - Sometimes you have to dogodziæ.
- I'll get the am present for Jamie.
- Wow! Susan, thank you.
After 6 months of purchase, it must be beautiful card! This is not a card.
See in the middle.
That's $ 5,000 in your account oszczêdnoœciowym.
Do not know what to tell.
Multiplied y, respectively, pójœcia until college.
Someone should inform the pomyœleæ.
Okay, girls.
This is the wildest and the most remote part of the ranch.
Hold out here all week for the s? Britney and Ashley want the exit for you.
No, no, you can not this zrobiæ.
George! George! I'm sorry, but we wracaæ.
Ch of my package of the former husband is trying to hose ignition odniæ my eggs are frozen.
ChodŸcie, girls! Girls! Glaucoma bravely Use lived for the disappointment! You know what? Wey auto I'll take care of the girls.
- You really can handle it? - Yeah, this is my backyard! Besides, look at how much May the badges for efficiency! - We can? - We can? As long it waits for the y Will be well! Where are we? I do not know, honey.
I had no the time taken æ my compass.
- I g of renewable! - Najesz how to return.
- Where he will break loose? - Girls, please! We have water, we find shelter.
I know this area.
There is food everywhere.
Look, it's edible mushrooms, truffles! This deer droppings.
Well, all large with up learn this weekend.
- To the delicious pasta, Reese.
- How's Larry? It can not OCIA the crap angle of up to have the.
Once a wpad of him, as to the in the bathtub.
He rose ³ ³ broke her wig and the start of her on the wydzieraæ.
Larry is for fire Nic! It is wonderful the y And it is treasonable ¹ ³ ¹ asic.
£ weasel is a terrible beast.
Susan am thinking of a gift, Did you come to give Jamie I know, Lois, I do not have to martwiæ.
I'll bring the am the ¿gifts for others the boys.
Yes! The seat and pretend interest in the op finally pays the o! No, Susan, that's not what I mean about the I feel uncomfortable about the amount.
- It's terribly extravagant! - For you, everything is extravagant.
I know how to have were Dewey's like the sweets.
So he bought the Professional am the machine for making cotton candy! Susan, what are you doing? Do not run the circus! Now you can up poczuæ, if it was to the right! I'm sorry, but you two will be They had to divide the gift.
- I give you a Mustang! - God, ¿Are you kidding me! Thank you.
Do not believe the em to do what mom says about you hit them! Susan, you can not Daae the car! Mom, technically this deal between the aunt Susan and us.
I'm ready to hire the attorney æ, ¿Eby prove they are.
Want fighting |, the struggles of bed! You know, Lois, usually when someone gives gifts, people are saying "thank you".
I'm sorry, but your sudden and hojnoϾ is surprising ca.
I'm sorry that the concept of open heart and giving a surprising ca for you.
/ I do not know.
Some are not Think about how about giving, but how about doing things for show! Here we go! Already after 3 hours we first, the visit of Queen morality! And it is the victim! All according to plan! Permanent am a victim of the at my prom! When the louse am in the garage and nakry am the boyfriend of her boyfriend in sex with my sister are the on the hood of my car! - Where do I patrzeæ? - There is no where patrzeæ! Dad, please, you do not need This robiæ.
We love this car! We promise that the will not be jeŸdziæ as long as we do not allow.
Do you think that the urodziliœmy got up from the night? How can you robiæ it! Ch of boys, I know also it is difficult to understand the you.
But you have the uœwiadomiæ, Also mom and Susan are crazy.
The sooner you accept this the better! Okay, girls, we are pleasant and the cave for a comfortable sleep.
A large fire also.
Everything is going well.
We are too small a timber.
The fire must paliæ could to the night, ¿Eby odstraszyæ animals.
Megan, Kirsten, Bring more wood.
Only ¿so as not to was to the wet and green, as they brought the Francis.
Do not you go anywhere alone! It's dark.
I'm in charge, and each also zostaæ you! Eddie should be a new leader.
We all agree are? I agree.
You Bring wood, Move the blankets and you the dry part of the cave.
What are you doing? You can store not change the leader! - Voice of yœmy.
- It does not matter! I'm a grown-y, thus they prove? All you sit the œæ! Neither ¯'s not going anywhere! / We are Jaskrami, / True blue / We stick together like glue! / Do not turn tpimy / In what we can dokonaæ! / Always we are honest and open! I'm in charge.
I'm in charge.
It's the torture.
The car is and no one can jeŸdziæ.
As this sexy nun which every year distributes toys.
You know what? We will not give parents wygraæ.
Forget it, Reese! Your chisel not cope with the k t of the padlock.
A chisel dad's garage u It does not matter.
You do not understand up were my brain, Malcolm.
It is as g of êboki in the car the whole kowitych darkest.
But once some time, only briefly, olœniewaj the months beam of light falls straight at him.
Then invent a brilliant plan, which pozwoliæ us jeŸdziæ Mustang.
So we are the only hope are the is entrusting your genius? Carefully.
/ Mosquitos - "Boombox" The entire e my life leads of the up to this point.
- Where's Susan? - Said of a, also goes shopping.
I will not be surprised of you already had a rent of auto ebyœmy ¿æ had adopted the Mustang.
It is able to do so! You know, honey, can powinnaœ Ok, invalid AD.
You can to believe it? Classical Music, this is just pretentious! Ignore him.
Certainly no Mail a voice memo.
So - Hello? - Part, Dr.
Susan Duman here.
- I'm Susan, but her sisters are.
- Excuse me? She says her sister, Lois.
We like the votes.
- You're the sister Susan! - Yes! - The sisters are by birth! - Yes! What's the problem? Powinnaœ be here 6 months ago for a blood test! Why? What's going on? What's wrong with Susan? Your sister is in an advanced stage renal disease.
If soon will not have a transplanted kidney, it will die.
And he said, also is the only child! Good wieœci, girls! The busiest for me what whole day, but with the apparatus of I 2 tasty-looking hands lizards.
And the trailing part probably Gofer (a rodent were)! Meggie and Ash build the public were Apke and from the paw of the several rabbits.
What's in the pot? Zebra yœmy jakieœ the roots and herbs and a soup.
Not in the deposit we aim to her your hideous lizards.
No jeœæ You can store the soup! It is not known whether it as the zebra yœcie is edible! Zebra is the only yœmy, What venom were rabbits.
- I'm sorry, but it's too risky.
- What are you doing? - IDE wylaæ soup! - Do not do it! This is our soup.
All right, enough of these games! I'm in charge! I am a grown-y! I'm bigger and stronger from you girl / More so if you want to play, / It's good, but / Hence the stalemate on thin ice, girls! / One more prank / I shall cease to be responsible! / Speaking seriously not! Look at you, 're asleep the CYM ¿Sailors.
Later, you can also can try the rest of the clothes.
You know, am miss the chance to have children.
I must admit that I envy you that.
- That's why you do not want my kidneys! - What? In the morning to ring and your cell and answer the am.
That was your doctor, Susan.
All he said to me.
How can I tell Did you come to him, Also does not exist? How can I Did you come as no poprosiæ of kidney, as you probably will pasowaæ? How strange problems This psychological resulted in the! Who of you will receive the my cell phone! What is wrong with you are wrong! As I will give you a kidney, then lived for this device! At the moment, waiting for the yœmy, right? Lois almighty has the power utrzymaæ me at ¿life! Do not pay attention, is not.
Taking only the innocent child from the front lines.
Enjoy the the chat when I'm gone! Why do you always tweak what I say, so also it sounds like you attacking the up! Why do you always say "always"? You know how g of stupidly by this you sound? Do not change the subject! God, a repeat of the scandal of apple flans made pretty in! Not important for this to wywlekaæ affair with the apple flans made pretty in! Waliæ it, 15 years in terms of am on therapy, I'm better than that.
- I'm talking to you! / - I'm not your animal! - What? - I know what I will do the am poorly, Hal.
Ask an easily give the am her odejϾ.
These are the tools of em, also will not work make it easier for themselves when, while still the GNE Did you come into a game "Who in the goldfish like more".
You're right.
K of the canvas with her are nothing would achieve.
That's why you experience Pie to court the recognition of her for the insane.
- It will not work, Lois! - ¯ Are you kidding me? Each psychiatrist after 5 minutes with her the finds also crazy.
Lois, do not get this poorly.
But when we meet, it's the word "Crazy" takes on new meaning.
This is what I zrobiæ, Hal? Siedzieæ and patrzeæ him die? These ¿do not know what to do, but Susan is a grown- You can not it zmusiæ to adopt a kidney! / Street Maywood 35 / I'm a genius! - Thanks.
- What are you doing? Completing the greatest success in life, which until now has had the mixed results.
Get in the car! What you have reached the æ car without an engine? Than than a party with beer.
Adequate long as the playing without us.
- Reese, you're crazy! - Yeah, you have it a little wrong.
/ Andrew W.
- "Long live the party" / I want to party AEOI / I want to party AEOI / Do not destroy the party / Do not destroy the party Hello party people! Reese, you idiot, do not believe Also do you think will escape us also on - Cool Car.
- Vintage Mustang 65 - Megan Megan! - Ha! - I have to say n the important thing.
- What? Britney and he said to me, Donny also Frosatt like you.
But I want to tell you, because he believes that you're a conceited of the.
Not possible! He said as they ¿, ¿that these œliczne shoes you are wearing are not œliczne.
Only g of upkowate.
Why would the order so tell? I guess because it is also two-faced.
But it is invalid AD.
Important is also a girl should not be a leader.
You powinnaœ be a leader.
You're sincere than she and the prettier.
- Me? The leader? - Definitely! Together we can best stworzyæ Jaskrów host ever! - You need me, just solve the.
- Okay.
You will not hose the owaæ.
Glaucoma are always loyal! This industry, as the spa will be on the field! Yes, it ¿d ¿up is cool.
Thinking about anything when I go.
Of course, sometimes it ¿d ¿ê and not thinking, just leave.
But not important where I'm going, or how long I'm going, I found out that the out Also, people are still being are ludŸmi.
This is so true! - Thanks, also give me your EOE of the jacket.
- Cool.
Let me also ask you about something.
Do you remember how in some foreign Zesz week, I told you the "part".
I answered Did you come to "look which tries rozmawiaæ with me? " Really? Now you're nicer to me, Did you come because I understood also we have with each other more in common than thinking Did you come.
Or Think Did you come to, Also our differences on intriguing are the sun, or because Also I now have a car? - I think a car.
- Cool.
Sometimes love ê schools are average.
Can we go somewhere, ¿Eby have a little privacy of? I see no reason ¿Eby jechaæ somewhere? It's a beautiful night, I'm from the beautiful the girls, the back of the bushes are beautiful.
Jakiœ will bring a blanket.
Come on, Olivia.
You're a God! God in a special wszechœwiecie, where no thoughts of the consequences.
And intelligent people and the dkiem are reasonably healthy are not admitted.
But I invite the EOE.
From now everywhere as you are under the ¿ê.
Hey, hey, hey! The cops are on top of the hill.
Get out all of you! - Move the damn car! - I think the battery pad! I'll fix it.
/ N is the engine! Hey, someone stole the engine! Let no one not departs ¿d ¿and until he finds! / I'm glad that the cops / Were arrived! I want names! Martwiæ begins, should already be here.
Oh, my God also? Francis, well do you feel? What you happened? Nothing! He was a great! It's my turn to be continuous gniêtym! - Dr.
Dumon? - Susan, what a œwietny day! Yes, dialysis sounds cool.
It is a pity, Also am left a party mood at home.
What are you talking about? We do not do today dialysis.
You'll be the laughing and now today the kidney.
What! Susan, we talked about it by phone four days ago.
Did you come to agree to undergo surgery today! - Your sister already - My sister? Do not even opuszczaæ the recovery room! Postoperative! Yeah.
It turned out that the perfect match! My kidney is in the refrigerator in g the EIB corridor.
You can accept the j ¹ æ or disposed immediately to the trash.
About the ope ch, it will not be Daae good appearance before the commission.
Distraught Did you come? Did you come Daae had to the O ¹ æ kidney, after declines of am? Susan's part.
I know you do not you care about my opinion, But I'm glad Also agree to the AOE of doing this.
For anything not agree to the am! My sister created a treacherous and the huge cobweb of amstw k, ¿Eby me Grip the.
- But it will not work.
- What? But she does not Ok, for potomnoœci.
crazy situation mentioned by the em! I do not believe you're a so with the oœliwa, Also die by what you do for the am.
What do you do Did you come for me?! I have already this fairly! Because of you with impatience the I look forward to force the ¿life.
Good Luck! Dad's in there! Susan, please, take a kidney.
I do not want straciæ.
Okay, you know what? You can wyœwiadczyæ me UGE aperture and the crap pretend like you depends on me and the o! - What? Susan, I love you! - Please! Do not love me Did you come! See this scar? When you had the 6 am and you four years, dad he said, also do not get dessert, because by the yœmy rude.
And you Did you come to throw him in the face pudding Did you come and said, "Yes, you are ¿!" Œmia the am so much that the bankruptcy am and hit the am your head in the corner of the coffee table.
And these four spots on your left ankle? Playing in the yœmy Connection dots draw the am rabbit and you name Did you come to it "footer".
And the hole in the ear, comes from you.
Did you come to a puncture my ear, because for ³ am very ba itself of doing this! And the crown on your tooth, arised when Cindy Bauer and the name and my bitches are, and you Pobi Did you come to her and thinking of the AoE Also never know about it! And this is the scar from the kidney, Which will give you the the am, because I love you too! Not important for this to speak, Also do not love you! For me the continuity, the sake! Well, t give me the damn the kidney.
Thank you! Do not get excited yet, Did you come all to the Bigger t.
We do not know whether will pasowaæ.
No myœlcie that the somewhere leave.
Do not worry.
As long as all the people the events are not umr the nursing home, we have no reason wychodziæ.
Part, how do you feel? Mine were three days.
Just an ordinary "thank you".
- No, I had in mind the scars.
- Just a little hurt.
Susan can not tell, but I am grateful.
Well, in the end adopted the kidney, Did you come to win the rally.
Hal, it's not that the Father No one will win the.
Help! Pomo Help!