Malcolm in the Middle s05e20 Episode Script

Victor's Other Family

Guys are the Hear, like you both, you ¿ko working.
But you have to understand the, how other people see that the Union of.
Farmers are very conservative customers.
So, even though I also do not have mind are related zkowi, This must skoñczyæ.
Thunder IDY to your farm! Crazy world of Malcolm Dewey, I have found of this letter.
The School organizes wyœcig father / son.
I was to the œmieciach.
I wanted to oszczêdziæ you k the opotu of agreeing, and then wymyœleniem g of upiej excuse when you do not show up.
It's less hose extensions for you and which even Also expected, which are a bit disappointing for me.
Do not talk g of stupidity, it is not that bad.
In some foreign Zesz week EOE miss the show the one-act piece, which I wrote the.
He was em for it yesterday, when the mayor will present you behind her the prize.
- Not true.
- I saw the ball I ¿d seconds for the video.
S ³ Look, I'll be on the wyœcigu.
Ok, if you say so, check it out.
Mom, I want to rozmawiaæ of the secret, the second family of the deceased grandfather's ego? You said what? Woman says she's your ¹ the sister and wants to porozmawiaæ.
Poœpiesz up.
On the other I have a radio line from Hawaii.
Hello? Hello, Lois.
Says Robert, of Manitoba.
Your sister half-.
God, it's weird.
Part of.
What's going on? - Struction process are your mom is over the.
- Do not had the am part of it.
Wanted to convince the j am, but not the ear of a I'm sorry that the will of the these numbers to those prisoners.
It's all irrelevant.
When the process is over, it is strange have the family with which I never talked pm.
So, now speak.
Not too well, apparently.
/ Where once to the s am the root beer? You drink root beer? These ¿I drink root beer.
Hal tells you, it's amazing how we are alike! Both have five-letter Central names.
Both films like the English do smokers have lived in tropical countries.
We have the same size of the wedding rings and both want to someday jeŸdziæ skiing.
I just hope the output correctly come back to me of a I would like to pojechaæ.
But, of course, not so much as I want to œcigaæ of Dewey.
Right, athlete? Nice to be so for the myœleæ.
Be prepared for 21 hours of it.
Reese, once to the y face of it EoE-side down u - Hello? Part, Mom.
- Lose the am thing.
They said that the there was to the legitimate am ¿On the Victor, because there are no documents.
¿¯ s the judge had the courage to after which he sent from and the am.
- It's very sad, Mom.
/ - Zamê not be! Victor came to my house the and the defeat of each of my brother in the fight! Evidence that the traces were teeth on his back! Mom, I do not want that again send a uchiwaæ.
My life is terrible! Thinking only of death.
³ am thinking that the next day I'll stop with the visits.
What! Want us tomorrow odwiedziæ! - Jamie's birthday party.
- Mom, this idea was œwietny.
We are happy to see you are, because tomorrow's the birthday Jamie.
Bed the other kids and balloons and songs Am reminded of myself, I have an appointment tomorrow are using.
I can not zadzwoniæ, it's too weird.
You'll be fine.
Canadian ringtones acting as ours.
No, Reese.
I have in mind strangers.
These people have the same DNA, as we are, it's a little scary.
There is nothing to be afraid, Mom.
There's nothing terrible.
You must be Lois.
And for the deposit appears that It's also the Reese, Malcolm and Jamie.
I am glad that the already are.
WejdŸcie, wejdŸcie.
Is dad another that is, and Victor your mom home? - Yes, but it is very / - We should not Arriving ¿d ¿AAE! No sentence strives am dokoñczyæ of cookies, and my in-haired is a real hodgepodge! Appearance does not give the soup, as your father! Everybody myœlimy.
Not important, what is uncomfortable.
Uœciskajmy up! Wow.
Grandfather anniversary of the old baby.
Genes are weird.
Reese is my brother, and we are hardly in the same species.
And Jerome is my half cousin and the appearance of the lady in the same way we are just talking already as best friends.
Malcolm described the ontology EOE the modal, a completely cohesive.
Yes cohesive as Logicism.
And it's funny.
Hey, Malcolm.
I'm taking your brother to hunt geese.
Reese taking on a hunt? Yes.
Says she never had no weapons in the hands, but this is a great talent.
I hope Also the zombies attack today.
How was school? Well, quite.
I'm in przyœpieszonym program.
It is ¿.
A little shit.
It's nice to be popular, but every group of friends can ¿³ expects Also show up at the event.
- What is physically impossible.
- Yeah, not possible.
Not to mention that the camera tasks home hockey training, being the chairman of the local government school and are still being, try the c up have time for a girlfriend.
I must zadzwoniæ to it.
I have the hope of the UDN, It is also wymyœlona.
/ - Hello? - Hey, it's me Did you come to get flowers I'm glad you like it fail for the y If we are so similar genetically, why it is more szczêœliwy? You're talking to your ¹ s ³ ever since the girls are? You know what? It's none of my business.
Sylvia, Robert, your house is beautiful.
It's just œliczny and everything is so tasteful.
Thank you.
It is not only My obstruct the service, but you know Victor.
She loves the rozpieszczaæ us.
Look at our cottage on the lake.
I think that this year, when opiekowaliœmy up Heron.
It's beautiful.
And there is his tool shed.
He used zagnieŸdzi were in her hair.
Look at this.
We are dressed like homeless people.
That was the adoption of the costume? Yeah.
Very funny.
And long-long.
Here's more from the head tat the CYM the continuity and you go the cymi sadness.
I guess ¿under any of still pictures You're not serious.
Such a precisely by the yœmy.
Group ¿artownisiów.
I do not believe, as szczêœliwy and that yczliwy a dad at all these pictures.
Yeah, but Victor was not the ideal.
Sometimes it was to a little grumpy.
But siadaliœmy together and we talked.
Before I viewed the am, the œmia up and the jokes, and compresses the entire half of the girls.
I have to Ventilate.
But it's weird.
You are still thinking why Everything is so in the deposit of about s Amazing how your force can fail potoczyæ you change one of the people.
Do not have to speak.
- You know what's weird? - What? S ³ Did you come jakiegoœ heard a bird, or œwierszcza the last two minutes? No, it's as quiet as a cemetery.
Mom, what are you doing? "Mommy, I'm so glad Also fall on the birthday child.
" Do you think that the birth of am yesterday? I sense a lie roil fumes out of your mouth before your find to get the.
Close the door.
Oh my God, Mom! It is in the middle.
Shut up in the basement, call the police.
So Lois, you like In Your "collaboration"? Did you come cheaply will sell your soul are.
Coconut cake! From the woman who stole the a your father fluids! I will make of him a bastard! Mom, what are you doing? Get out of the d, the police already coming! Why? Not yet see the thing I am robbed! What do you think, from where they have the money? This couch, this is my trip to Paris hose! Look at this place! When we ¿y ³ yœmy, like dogs, they were playing the great pianos and venom were if you use the c napkins! What do you think why we are the sisters are so low and ugly? Victor feeds the beans you are, ¿Eby his other daughter had a class of ballet.
/ Ida Know-powinnaœ, / Also outside approaches the non-ania, I wire knitting! Okay, that's the only Szyda box.
Listen to me, twardzielko.
I know about the other retired Victor! Victor worked for Paragon Brush from 1960 to 1964.
Manitoba Family Law says ¿It ¿s as I am entitled to this pension! I do not know what you mean.
Is not it going to explode out of the grave and strangle you.
And the whole a family of yours! Mom, I'll talk about it later! If you do not leave, zawacham not to Pulling off æ tugging the wig you and everyone can see your scars are! It's not over yet! Canada is the best country in the world! Part, Grandma.
I do not believe that the earlier half of em do not.
Nature is that of the deposit, it and beautiful.
And poorly was hiding.
Never Details.
He This frightening months œmiech! Thanks, the ope ch.
Already it I will not be the Potrzebowo.
Next time, I'll be d strives for the eye contact.
Wyœcig is for two days.
WyjdŸmy outside a little poæwiczyæ! Where to hold water bottles? T need props to the charade? Hey, my mom bought the a fire extinguisher? - Dad, you should not - Why did it before me, the hide of a? Yes, Mom.
He found the j ¹.
The doctor said, Also two weeks.
Part of.
I have to przyznaæ, And they took me almost the EOE.
I was really thinking of, Also this time would come.
Dewey, that would be the case! If I wanted to up oœlepiæ, This is one of atwiejszych ways! That also I hate to disappoint the pain more than burnt cornea.
And the pain as hell! Not Suffering dotrzymywaæ promises, Dewey.
This is the truth.
I remember once my dad promised, Also we take me to air shows Jerome is amazing.
He was born up with the same brain, like me, but u ¿uses it to zaprzyjaŸniania up with popular ludŸmi who hate me are.
You're right, no one d celebrates local government school.
But what happens to the ego, to be gathered, zasadzimy some trees, and will make that the schools and will be a little more enjoyable for everyone? Wow.
Jerome says something of serious and there is wyœmiany.
This is one in a million chance in the school the society.
I am glad also that he, not me.
Why did not I was to me! Do not forget about tomorrow evening, will be karaoke.
- Office of the Karaoke You Save? - Yes, you should wpaϾ.
Karaoke is not my horse.
You probably sing well.
- Oh, no.
I'm terrible.
- So why are you doing this? Are not you afraid that the leave the finite idiot? If you are afraid to exit the idiot, it's never a good tarry not.
Forget about having fun czyimœ cost.
God, it is much better than me.
Zamroziliœmy retire Victor because of a dispute with another family ¹ ¹.
But you have the absolute right.
The law states that Manitoba is that the ¿it is entitled to a pension a husband ¿ Even if the second family podpisaæ not want to move, This probably win the day are.
Of course you dowieŸæ, You're a legitimate on the ¿¹.
You have a DNA test zrobiæ children jakieœ documents for both parties, telephone bills, this type of thing.
But powinnaœ wygraæ.
Finally, Canadian that is not the idiot.
The problem is that the pension is $ 43.
50 per month, Canadian.
Hiring a lawyer costs s-governmental, other expenses kosztowaæ the bed so that the leave at its after 20 or 30 years.
- Do you think that the more behind the ¿'re alive? - God, no! That is, No.
I'm sorry.
But today's visit This is not a complete failure of the.
I'll give you a coupon for 10% discount ¿ki when buying a toothbrush.
The same, which I use it in ¿.
- Okay, Mom.
Did you come to attempt.
Let's go.
- No, we'll do it.
What? There listens Did you come? He said, Also lose on the the money.
It's not important.
We'll hire a lawyer.
So much hate these people, Also ruin sure that the Eby be with them even? This g of silly! He was my husband ¿³ em.
Ok, I'll get the coupon em.
If you will be even czegoœ potrzebowaæ, then call us.
Consider us the second a family of Victor.
Or rather the third.
Hello, dear Lois.
Do not have with me my mom.
Listen to Sylvia.
It turned out, Also a pension, but tiny.
- $ 40 per month.
- That's it? Yes, my mom the awful fiercely and and is ready straciæ all the money, ¿Eby are wygraæ in court.
Oh, boy.
Wondered am you whether you was to want you so me and the and signed the transfer.
It will never happen.
Goodbye, dear.
But you have everything.
And my mom might happen just that.
I just want some way to be related are bound with her husband ¿em.
You mean my husband ¿a This conversation is over! Canceling a check for Victor his sister, with your signature! BEAUTIFUL! Let them try the tell, Also there is no ³ ¿eñstwo.
Take a look! Pigs, which are Victor painted of me.
This can potrwaæ year or two, but lengthens ubiemy them the $ 40 face! You know what, Mom, When we are in a day it will be better, when we work on are your attitudes are.
When mixed with other ludŸmi, ³ may want you to be more friendly, says the c: "How are you".
Then the people Think, Also depends on you for their feelings and perhaps the start to the EAE depends on yours.
- What the hell are you talking about?! - I'm trying to help you.
I also so Vuschka.
I'm sorry, I have so much to remember.
You can show this to me more tricks tomorrow.
It's funny, is not it, Mom? After so many years, we help each other.
If you were of a ¿s much as I do, it would not surprise you that the Father What's this? Results of blood tests Perform the sermons that lawyer.
It says that the paternity is genetically impossible.
It is written, Also my dad is not my father! - Mia ³ am 80% certainty that, yes.
- What? As soon as Victor comes to the home, the terminal branches of the am it to the bedroom.
Had to be about something not so ¿with its flanges (pleminkami).
What! Mom, how can I Did you come something like this do?! He was am lonely! Your father had the a lot of traveling ¿s business.
Now you already know I had the interest in them.
- Who is my father?! - Why do you need to Know-? Rodo Goboski.
Its the only advantage of the was to a umiejêtnoœæ walking in the hands of the stairs.
And what about Susan? Is she the daughter the father? - Everything is possible.
- How can such k Did you come to the hack! Honey, do not smuæ up.
We can change the "A" to "B".
The judge will buy it for sure.
Mother! I take Jamie and let's get out the d Dad, I do not want this, This hose extensions below box.
What in the following hose extensions lying? - You solve the zanego right shoe.
- You see, Dewey? Co-operation! / Players, Set ready She's a brick house.
Now you.
Jerome, thank you.
I was thinking of that the I genetically doomed to nieszczêœcie.
But we are related and you're szczêœliwy.
So, it is ¿I can! - Part.
- Part, Lois.
Can I go ponosiæ? Talked I am of the, is stubborn and completely nierozs the bottom.
But with you, your honey.
- Do not want to again k the OCIA, Lois.
- Do not have to.
I wieœci.
Zrobiliœmy blood tests and I am the daughter of Victor.
It turned out that the'm not relative with you, completely of them.
But we are so similar.
It's amazing, is not it? You know what's more amazing? It does not change anything.
Because despite the fact I'm also the daughter of Victor.
This horrible, k the amliwy, part of the vicious man was to my father.
He was my father, when at the age of close the two years of my closet.
He was my father, when Stupid of me at the age of eight years.
He was my father on œlubie when he said to Hall that the znaleŸæ Such use the better.
He was my dad are.
You talk funny stories m³ young lady.
If it makes you feel, I'm szczêœliwa.
Therein the same way that I know also that of my father, I know also that the Ida and its ¿on the.
Not technically, not legally, but I know that.
And you know it is ¿.
That's why I hate the j.
I do not know how nienawidziæ.
The'm Canadian.
Well, you're in the a But the problem is, You're a of the and the of of the people.
This is not Ida.
It Victor, your m ¹ ¿, fool of you both.
The manipulated you make of that the two sensitive yœcie things will not be the only t ¹ ¹.
You hate it.
And you know what? The curtain is used of it.
Arrived the am here because I am thinking of, Robert also with the we are the same.
But it's you and my mom, We're very similar.
I'll sign anything.
Just so I do not say.
- Come on, Malcolm.
Come on.
- But I want zostaæ of cousins.
They are not your cousins.
We are not of them completely not related.
Come on already.
The service yszycie many stories, none ¿not is true, about what happened in the the forest.
They can be jakieœ images, but the fact is, That we should as soon as possible exceed the limits.
Let's go! Dewey, please.
D I can not for much longer.
Succeeded in it! Succeeded in it! Succeeded in it! Succeeded in it! Succeeded in it!