Malcolm in the Middle s05e22 Episode Script

Reese Joins The Army (2)

/ In the previous episode I love you.
I want with you zerwaæ.
/ Welcome to the U.
Not poœlesz k of amstwami to prison someone who may be innocent! Do not give him even Insert the gatek? As soon as we finish paradowaæ with him in front of the cameras.
/ S Recommendation Board must be / At a distance of up to 9 meters away from her.
My jewels and breath I do not care about the! / I know you're innocent / And I can prove they are.
Not only backpack feces further than 10 meters.
Explain the recruits how to worst a soldier ashamed of them all! Just myœleæ I ceased.
I najszczêœliwszym tool used in the world.
- Mom, you're there for three hours! / - Wait a minute, I'm in the shower.
/ I think it's a bomb! Please odejϾ on the distance min.
50 meters! I can not! I'm I'm in the ward engineers.
Crazy world of Malcolm 5x20 "Reese joins the army, part 2" / T the interpreter: polishchaser1 / Correction: MoszeUsz / You're not alone! Wezwaliœmy all available police officers from the county! / Are you sure you do not need / ¿Any devices? We have miles of cables! No, not podchodŸcie! Let's all keep the away! This thing is very sensitive to vibration longer possible! He said I ¹ æ go back up! Velocity you to the cemetery? I'm Lieutenant Surtino, with a branch in the bomb squad.
I'm here to help.
What is your name? There is no time to introduce yourself! I have the charge explosive fifth such an extent gravity sensor igniter and secure! - Which branch of the sappers are you? - The Millbrook.
I'm s current is used.
I arrived the oddaæ the book ¿book to the library.
May the larger selection here.
Accrue the 50 cents per day for detention! I know that the punishment booster financially a library, but it is very small y percent of their budget! So if already not playing 20 questions, I'm going to save human life! If you, in Millbrook We are so well trained, I go zadzwoniæ to your Toggle the loaded.
- Check the can aperture AAE meal of the Company.
- Of course! If you can handle it znaleŸæ! Very well.
I will try to disconnect from the wash load.
No! The intersection of the I niew Specific gravity pipe! Going to blow! Tell ¿my hands, also the love of her em! Piea, four, three, two, one See? You do not need money shopping, if you're idea halfway.
I would like to have for you better wieœci, Hal.
But the prosecution has 30 witnesses founder, who want to avoid the c ¹ æ scroll to the prison for you.
And my mysterious stranger? He has been a half-year of life and wants umrzeæ of bad conscience.
Completely oczyœci me of the charges! And it is not a product of my imagination! So more or less Last May the things.
The dad starts tomorrow.
Are still being we have no idea where Reese.
And my mother was a little behind the break of a Do not worry, slowly working going back to the normal senses of words.
S I think that that new hobby this helps her.
This name is Sam Gandelbums.
Grew up on a farm, where the friendship up with the turkey and duck.
Niedowidzi, so you are still confusing me.
Everything will be all right, Lois.
We find Reese.
Look, the break up of the flower.
He goes to court.
Return to the right! To the left! In the back of the face! Do the right fan by hand! Bounce on the left leg! Kettle! In the back of the face! Forward march! Will just make the whole day.
It has no more sense than a worm.
It is enough to restore the mine faith in the future of the army.
So does the subliminal æwiczenia her.
Are not using the subliminal exercises.
Ease! In a few days we have a very æwiczenia important training ground.
And I want to byœ of my number two, because you're a statue of auricular my orders like the beautiful, brainless, zombie robot.
It's an honor, Aug.
And now let's work on the march toward the fence energized! / I've seen the am accused Superior / Hacking the firewall proxy lying and erases all files lying "Medicines" without leaving traces.
Not until the end of it I understood, but he said, Also can u g Insert the corporate upiej to money laundering, that it will bring the.
You can zastraszaæ my children How do you like it, do not care! But I must tell the truth! / I'll kill you On the litoœæ sake, do something! Patience.
That something It's called "too much evidence".
At the end of the jurors get bored.
Accusation calls Gordon Walker.
That's it! It is said about him the em! I was not sure of what I say, if gets here.
But in grams of the EIB heart I knew, I must also tell the truth.
Here we have a conspiracy.
And for all the strings train the ga This part of the man! Indicates someone behind my back? And after you destroy the last documents Throw in the end another racist a joke! / I have no more questions.
But I'm not dying.
They checked with the image of an x-ray.
If you were so scared by the like myself, byœ knew of what is most important.
Avoiding prison.
Good luck.
/ Howdy! / Kwik, oink! When so many of breaks k must be jakaœ gap in the testimony of one of them! Do not get your hopes up! Mom, I know that the you are you ¿ko, and your s is the project helping you with this uporaæ.
My dad has a serious being inconvenienced! You must start the pomagaæ æ us! Honey, I know how this crisis, and believe me, I do my best! Buy the am extra fast drying the adhesive months.
So not important how much shock œniesz, that the contents will not fall out! After the explosions of the continuity, Rebecca must seriously sat there on the popracowaæ! These crackers are not doing impression on me injury.
For the good times u ¿ywaliœmy real bullets.
Give the appearance of like in the movies.
/ 20 meters in front of, / Night half-west, 20 meters.
On the opposite, Night half-west, 20 meters! Half the night, half-night east, 5 meters! Half the night, half-night east, 5 meters! In the face I get the! I die myself here, in the shade.
IdŸcie to a meeting! / Bravo, opposite! / Alpha zajdŸcie them right! IdŸcie to a meeting! Bravo, opposite! Alpha zajdŸcie them right! Ideal in charge, ¿of the flange! Ideal Leadership! I'm allergic to those of grain products! Will ride, swollen like a balloon.
Hey! Approaches the second vehicle ¿blue springs.
- Commander ¿second day, przechwyciæ this vehicle! - Yes, sergeant ¿Ant! / Oh no! My God! Are you all right? God, I love this boy the boyfriend! Hypertension are ga For more heavenly.
We run? Aug ¿Ant? Aug ¿Ant? Forget the hair ¿Ant! Just say if we wiaæ! Aug ¿Ant? Aug ¿Ant? You idiot! Ruszaæ up! Faster Reese! We can uciekaæ! Aug ¿Ant? Aug ¿Ant? Aug ¿Ant? Aug ¿Ant? Aug ¿Ant? Ladies and gentlemen, the service yszeliœcie Trim words including the c of the Qty charges against the defendant.
Let's summarize what we know.
Three members of the management board of testifying about, Also sued the deposit of different s May the testimony Cheap Aug.
Vice President's heard the defendant credited as the assets of tax havens / December 6.
Chief Operating Officer of saw it destroy the documents lying on the staircase February 21 i .
June 27, Director faculty in the computer testify, Also the defendant to show him the image of his new yacht, that the name of the "Beyond the Law.
" July 11 sec of yszeliœcie, g as the principal analyst in the western What are you doing? Not asleep! I'm trying stworzyæ grounds for appeal! Mom? Are you coming for dinner? / Penelope measure the temperature.
/ I think that is allergy to ragweed.
Penelope is a foreign correspondent or nurse? / No, it's just a housewife; / But enterprises confectionery / Interesting its regulations.
Can I dostaæ potatoes? You can have anything you want, son, if you're ready for it zapracowaæ.
Mierzyæ the stars and never odpuœciæ! Should I was to tell you that a long time ago.
And when you decide to have to write with the continuity letter, wait for this one day.
In the morning you can be of a different opinion.
And never invest in a restaurant a friend.
Never! You know what, I'm not hungry.
Come on, Dewey, I will teach you how to goliæ.
Super! When you give the waiter a tip Always Collapse bill in a roll.
When you realize how much give him the EOE, we will already far away.
Dad? - I brew the coffee you want? - Willingly.
I sang the Always have sang in my heart, son.
You know what the worst part? ³ I always hated that job.
I wanted to odejœæ dziesiêæ years ago When they potr caæ for the disease.
I wanted to odejœæ years ago when they started We zmuszaæ to the low-cost equipment in their boxes.
If I do the, found their to another The elk and I had no such k the troubles.
They should just release me! He was em terrible employee.
I've never read the notes I, falters ³ em up, I is not coming in the Fridays.
What is wrong with these ludŸmi? Promise me that you will learn on my b the missing information.
No one tkwij work at constant e, Malcolm.
I will not do so.
I'll go for the last time kochaæ to hearing from you are the mother.
And so I probably would not sleep today ¹ ³.
We porozmawiaæ, Malcolm.
Unikaliœmy topic but the time spojrzeæ truth.
You sfa the signature szowaæ dad on the document indicate an CYM about of diminished there.
When my dad would go siedzieæ, You will be usamodzielniony, and I will take over parental rights of Dewey and Jaime.
We always are the tools I that the mother will go to in prison, and my dad to the loony bin.
The life, huh? I can not podrobiæ signature Dad! Counterfeit signature we have, and Reese - dad.
What? Either we should podrabiaæ both signatures! What did I say about making the a small deep reserves in this system? Wait a minute - Oh, God also! - What is it? I must immediately porozmawiaæ with the tat! Can wait twenty minutes.
- What will get the EOE orders, Corporal? - I do not know, ask hair ¿cask.
- Betrayal of your password and frequency! - I do not know, ask hair ¿cask.
We do not have this robiæ in a bad way.
Let's take a pause and calm down a bit.
Do you want a glass of water? - I do not know, ask hair ¿cask.
- Stop it to repeat! This can not be real war, but tomorrow I must hence the wyjechaæ, and I have a girlfriend in high school models! The school models! Now start gadaæ, or Feel like a real hell! Thinkers, also wants it? It sucks! I want to be a good a soldier! Shutting whether the em your brain as the army wanted to! Everyone said that the œwietnie I'm doing, but it's not true! I want spend it all of my boat, the boy wrapped who are lean on me, but I can not! You know what? I do not care Army wants you! I've had fairly! As of the Cham back my brain! Succeeded in? - What had become of the? - Wait I think it's No, it is not.
¿But yes! ¿Is that? The hell! I would like to, ¿Eby to the difference was greater the difference.
You can pretend crazy How do you like.
I have a lot of time, and no one will you uratowaæ, or your hair ¿anta, or a branch of u, and the mom does not come wipe the nose and change the diapers! Mom! Mom! Of course! Suspend the breath until the bruising and the faint.
A long time already that I was not doing the.
- Are you all right? - All right.
I know how to us hence the wydostaæ.
It is not possible, take a look around.
We are in a prison, part of the Young man.
You wrong, we are not in prison, We only barrier.
A is always a way to get rid of the barrier.
Wyrwaæ a pair of boards from the floor, podpaliæ of bed w Two things you need to memorize: need for diversion and a guy who has fucked.
All right.
It is too small would postawiæ s.
You zjeœæ a little sand, tor jakieœ a half pounds.
What is the purpose of diversion? We are related the disappearance.
Your brothers probably never left related you are related in a container on the export garbage.
Start jeϾ is not killing for which the appearance of the can.
Need more the cost.
I Bring All buckets will find.
Remember to roll up the legs æ.
Will still spew the half hour.
Good wieœci.
Dru ¿yna red soon lose.
Two branches were s been captured, The rest przygwoŸdziliœmy here, here and here.
Now we just Pull out the æ key to their bags.
Test, test Test, test The microphone operates, the chair of a comfortable, hair all right, we can zaczynaæ? Hal, the service yszeliœmy many testimonies from people argue that the smokers do the EOE this company.
Tell us in the with his own with the words what kind of worker you are.
Little is efficient.
The form of the Supreme.
You can explained by it? If you work in a large impersonal corporations like this You know those natural TV programs where the wasp paralysis loves g the caterpillar and injected into the larvae her? G the caterpillar's dead for weeks Feel completely the c Each mouthful of ¿j eraj the more the larvae from the center.
He sits in the pit of em every day, I envy the c the g the sienicy, because at least j are shown on television.
³ I hate this job.
Disappointing to me the employee.
Yet many of the witnesses present You as the brain przemyœlnego conspiracy.
These dates, however, indicate an about your participation in it.
Do you have some way to reject these claims? I did not have.
Who remembers the What does the 25th January 2002.
Or 14 March 2003.
But my son wpad of the something.
Arise, Malcolm! I know it looks as normal, but my son is the lD card zar mathematical genius.
Its head half should be pi size of the Company doctor.
Get discouraged him are an arbitrary date on any years, and he will tell you what a day of the week.
What does that have to do with t the issues are? Well ¿ I perceive the that the Each day at the plate this Friday.
You can store check the calendar.
Excuse me, but why it is to be such an important matter? For 15 years I did not come of to work on Fridays.
Do not show up for work the on Fridays from 15 years! It did not make it the protocol in, right? Do you have any evidence in support of this twisted warp? When you have what I knew of search for a, in the opinion of've realized Also almost all you need in my memory box with the tkami.
Accusation claims Also presented the EOE part to members of the management board the pacific szowan the Book of financial position of 9th August? Yes, during my stay in the Land of Bavaria.
And when the EOE allegedly hiding the money in foreign accounts December 6th? I went to the "The Nutcracker".
/ Unrealised of a thing, / How to present academic.
/ February 21? I got the license wyœcigi kart.
/ - June 27? / - Village of pilgrims.
/ 'Cause of panic attack / Close the Haunted House.
" / 11 July.
In my cart to the spirit.
Really there was to! Finally, on August 22? They chose me m³ younger trainer at the aquarium.
It does the hard work and all that I just fixed em Sorry for the slip-up on my end.
But they should tell they were "innocent" instead of "found not guilty" to confuse the box.
Lois wygraliœmy case.
Now, everything in our ¿Life will return to its former place.
There he worked in the EOE Fridays? After all my poœwiêceniach family.
For 15 years, the bra am double shifts, jeŸdzi the am on foot, the hardware is the am home while you feeds the EOE Shamu! In a properly is called Keiko 2 It is smaller, but equally well sprayed with water.
It really œwietny show.
We should view the it someday.
Okay, let's get this behind us are.
My second ¿yna gives up.
Come Hendricks, in the Put in a little more affection.
That's it.
That brings us to the question of trophies.
I guess I can spodziewaæ up you tomorrow morning smokers are marching in the courtyard in high heels and with fake breasts.
I have always preferred to red, But I will say the ladies as ubieraæ up.
Captain, I suggest you surrender.
If not, I've got sufficient as a large flour to bake 500 cakes! All right, not strzelaæ! I give up.
And what the hell / "We need an assistant manager" Everything finally comes back on to the standard.
Not the one fact Also are still being no Reese.
Mom and Dad are still being the do not have the work and we are jakieœ Letter from Reese! Oh my God, the beautiful ribbon of the army! "Dear Family, I'm fine.
I was waiting for the letter to the moment until I succeed.
I he completed basic most of the second training ¿blackberries, and my hair ¿ant he said to me, Also I win some kind of prize money.
" Okay, gentlemen, wkroczyliœmy in the Afghan airspace are! We expect the blade in both enemy and of our troops! The better zapamiêtaliœcie training, including long-survive for much longer! Woken up! - How are landed dujemy? - That depends on you! Remember to cut by tugging the green æ ¹ the line before the green light! / CI CONTINUED NEXT G ¥ ¥ PI ---------- Hi guys, this is my last eng subtitle for malcolm as 6 & 7 seasons already have eng subs.
I couldn't find eng subs for seasons 4 & 5.
So I "google traslated" the available polish subs.
Hope these helped you atleast to some extent.
Bye ------------------------------ dp