Maldivas (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Welcome to Maldivas

[upbeat instrumental music playing.]

This is Liz Lobato.

Spoiler alert.

In a few hours,
Liz's life would take an unexpected turn.

[sirens wailing.]

Don't stay here!
Back off! Back off!
But let's slow down a bit.

If there's one thing
you should know about this place,
it's that, in here,
nothing is as it seems.

[dramatic music playing.]

Welcome to Maldivas.

["Don't Go Yet" by Camila Cabello playing.]

Oh, my love, yeah, yeah ♪
I'm in love, yeah ♪
Was platinum and gold, I'd ♪
Dance and catch your eye
You'd be mesmerized, oh ♪
Don't go yet ♪
Oye, don't go yet, don't go yet ♪
Oye, don't go yet, don't go yet ♪
Oye, don't go yet ♪
[woman 1.]
Good morning, Patrícia.

Is the bar open yet?
Not yet, no.

Yeah, I think two p.

is more than reasonable.

When will we have a daycare?
Bottom line,
if you can't afford a babysitter,
you shouldn't live here.

You know very well
that I don't believe in babysitters.

Here we go.

If you want children,
you should look after them day and night
in order not to miss anything.

Don't you agree with me, guys?
And where are your kids now?
They're home with Gustavo.


He's a great father.

Rayssa, how's the spa renovation going?
Are you really interested
in my business, Patrícia,
or in the good-looking guys
who work there?
[all chuckle.]

Guys, I'm so happy
to be the condo manager
and that you support my every action.

Thanks, Maldivas.

I'm counting on your vote.

- [phone dings.]

- I'm posting it.


Very well done, Milene.

It's every girl's dream, isn't it?
"What do you wanna be when you grow up?
A doctor? An astronaut?"
A condo manager.

No one asked you anything, Morticia.

You better not show up drinking champagne
at my reelection party.

Well, Milene, if you see me there,
I was lobotomized.

I'll give you some time to Google it.

[cell phone rings.]

Two o'clock.

These are
Bar's open.

the queens of Maldivas.

They're like good drinks.

Starting with Milene.

Milene is a staple
of Rio's bougie district.

Caipirinha with imported lychee vodka
and free of sugar.

[upbeat pop music playing.]

Hot as hell, right?
What's hot?
I'm hot.

Who are you talking to, Victor Hugo?
[woman 2.]
It's unbelievably nice.

Antônia, long time no see!
Are you getting a butt lift?
I'm trying to talk your husband
in to putting 600 CC.

Milene had the perfect body,
the perfect hair, and the perfect husband.

But it wasn't always like that.

Four years
and many cosmetic procedures ago,
this was Milene.

Milene became Victor Hugo's muse,
his obsession,
his masterpiece,
his own Venus.

But still, two-armed,
and with D-cups, obviously.

But once an artwork is complete,
the artist is done with it.

Its only purpose
is to be appreciated by others.

When will I be able to sit?
It varies.

Between 10 and 15 days.

Fifteen days without sitting?
Fifteen days without sitting?
You gotta be kidding me, doc.

So what? Should I lay down all day?
Let me handle this.
You're working.


How will I go to the restroom?
Feeling rejected
by Victor Hugo,
Milene developed an increasingly difficult
compulsion to control.

[Milene sighs.]

And increasingly difficult to hide.

[ball bouncing.]

Gustavinho, I already told you
dinner is served!
[guns firing.]

I'm not having dinner without Dad.

[mom sighs.]

Gustavo, dinner is served.

[guns continue firing.]

Kat was like
a nice glass of rosé wine.

It's a little on the nose,
but you can always count on her.

Kat and Gustavo used to be
the perfect couple.

They made a deal.

Kat would raise their family,
while Gustavo put food on the table.

For a second,
Kat wondered
if life was just too good to be true.

But she snapped out of it just as fast.

After all, she deserved
and accepted happiness.

But when things feel too good to be true,
well, they usually are.

When Gustavo was caught
in a corruption scandal,
almost all the food on the table
went away.

Worst of all,
everyone found out.

- [sighs.]

- [doorbell rings.]

Go get it, Gustavo!
[doorbell rings rapidly.]

[monitor beeping.]

- Kat, it's for you.

- Actually, both of you.

Do you have any explanation
about this thing?
It's a letter from the IRS.

I have to provide clarification
about a bank account.

And what do I have to do with it?
Well, this letter is addressed
to your apartment,
and I don't have an account at this bank.

Does it mean that you went
and stole our mail, Patrícia?
This goddamn letter is addressed to me.

Pati? What happened?
As a matter of fact, she stole our mail.


You fucking used my documents
to open this bank account.

Um, Pati, it must be a misunderstanding.

You have been my friend for many years,
and I love you.

But misunderstandings in your house
usually end up at a police station.

I'm going with this letter to the IRS
as soon as possible
to clear up my name.

I'm nobody's stooge, all right?
[upbeat tropical music playing.]

If Rayssa were a drink,
she would be a piña colada.

Fun and deliciously extravagant.

Those who watched
network TV 15 years ago
certainly remember a band
called Tropical Venom.

[singing in Portuguese.]

Let's get it, fam ♪
There's no stopping us ♪
Who's afraid of snakes? ♪
Huh, baby girl? ♪
Let the coral snake bite you ♪
Feel my tropical venom ♪
Let the coral snake ♪
[narrator in English.]
Rayssa and Cauã
used to be the hottest couple then.

And they sure capitalized on it.

Now, Rayssa was about to open
her own business.

A fancy spa inside the condominium.

[singing in Portuguese.]

It's about time ♪
I'm mad as a snake ♪
I assure you ♪
You're gonna love it ♪
Let the coral snake bite you ♪
[Victor in English.]
Why don't you join me?
I just got all dressed up, silly.

Just get in here,
and I'll show you how silly I am.

Sometimes you can be really convincing.

[soft tropical music playing.]

Hello, you.


- How are you?
- Good.

[shower water trickling.]

[breathing deeply.]

Are you telling Milene, Patrícia?
Are you worried about your friend
or about your career?
Don't you judge me.

I'm not judging you.

I'm being honest.
That's all.


Rayssa, Victor Hugo is her whole life.


This condominium is her whole life.

And why is that, huh?
[acoustic guitar playing.]

Patrícia was like
a good dose of gin,
potent and nostalgic.

Some people drink to celebrate.

Others, to gather up courage.

But Patrícia drinks to forget.

Almost two decades ago,
something terrible happened to Patrícia.

that would change her life forever.

Something that would stay with her
like eternal excess baggage.

[young Liz.]
Mom, was it my fault?
Look at me.

None of this is your fault.

It's my fault.

Everything that happened is my fault.

[whimpers softly.]

Yes, Patrícia had a daughter.

And here she was wondering
where ever she might be.


[bangs on door.]

they're calling you for the toast!
[glass clinking.]

When Liz was born,
I gained a wonderful granddaughter.

This girl is curious, intelligent,
- and gorgeous.

- [chuckles.]

But a little bit more than 18 years ago,
after the tragedy that befell our family,
I gained a daughter.


And now I'm about to lose my girl
to this cowboy wannabe!
[all chuckling.]

The daughter of the farmer
and the son of the chief of police.

A beautiful couple.

- To their engagement!
- [all together.]
To their engagement!
[all clapping, applauding.]

One day, she'll understand
everything you've done for her.

It's not that I don't love my grandmother.

I love her very much.

I know.

But she's not my mother.

I have a mother.

And I know where she is living now.

Scroll down.

Are you sure?
One hundred percent.

And where is this?
Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro.

The condominium called Maldivas.

The outside world is upside-down,
but you're not responsible.

Because you fought for a much better
and safer life.

More than ever,
we should invest in security
and leave the problems outside.

Be a friend to me ♪
I'll be a friend to you ♪
Be a friend to me ♪
We are Elite Corp.

Put your life first every single day.

[all clapping, applauding.]

- Good evening, Maldivas.

- Good evening!
Without further ado,
this is my platform this year.

Since there are no candidates against me,
I therefore propose we skip the voting
and therefore go straight
to my reelection.

- Do you agree?
- No.


Patrícia, please.

She needs to sober up.

Why would you put these guards in here?
Don't we already have enough security?
Here's a piece of data.

Did you know that the rate
of luxury vehicle theft in Rio
is up 20% in just the last six months?
Do you know how much
that affects insurance policies?
[all applauding.]

And do you know what the rate of theft is
where Elite Corp operates?

- Yep.

- [all clapping.]

Well, I can't believe I'm saying this,
but I'm forced to run for manager too.

[indistinct chatter, boos.]

Okay, sure.
Fine, honey.

Let's see who would vote for you.

Please raise your hand
if you want us to continue
with our competent
and successful administration.

[all together.]
Now raise your hand
if this video left you terrified.

[man coughs.]

If you'd vote for literally anyone.

Anyone, even a pet.

[dog whimpers.]

For anything but this so-called
"competent and successful administration.
- [all together.]
- [indistinct chatter.]


What now?
It's a draw.

There's someone who is yet to vote.

[drink slurping.]

This someone is me.

I'm like a Bloody Mary.

You either love me, or you hate me.

I don't know, you guys.

I just really can't decide.

I'd like to hear more
from you two, you know?
What does each of you have to offer to us?
To our great our wonderful condominium?
Let's hear it.

For crying out loud! You don't even come
to our meetings usually.


And you don't even stand a chance.

[upbeat tropical music playing.]

I vote for Patrícia.

[all applauding.]

You better begin
to study this condominium,

- [sighs.]

- [music ends.]

Bye, Grandma.

I want to see you back
in a dazzling wedding dress.

You got it.

Babe, give me the keys.

I'm driving.

The highway is dangerous.

Miguel, take good care of her.



The problem with lying
is that we convince ourselves
that it's not wrong to do it
when we're just trying to protect
those we love.

Do you still think
that she'll understand one day?
What we don't realize
is that those we love
might also be lying to protect us.

[man indistinctly shouting.]

Cauã, what have they done to our faces?
Our eyes
We both look possessed, no?
Isn't it great?
It's terrific, guys! Amazing!
I knew you two would love it.

Now, we just gotta photoshop a baby in.

Since you won't make one.

We keep trying.
Right, babe?
But it hasn't worked out yet.

Well, then adopt one.

Nothing generates more engagement
than famous couples adopting kids.

[both chuckle.]

It's not that simple, okay?
- Kids are very expensive.

- It depends on where you buy them from.

- What?
- I'm just kidding, you guys, okay?
I'm just kidding! [chuckles.]

Are you crazy?
You mean I could be arrested?

[both exhale.]

What I mean is that both of you
could be arrested.


This is Mr.
lawyer of Kat's family
[camera shutter clicks.]

and of everyone who got arrested
along with Gustavo.

[Kat, Gustavo continue chuckling.]

- But he's already been arrested.

- I've already been arrested.

The main difference is that this time
he will lose the benefit of house arrest.

[Kat whimpers.]

what will happen to our kids?
Why did you choose
this Patrícia Duque specifically?
If you don't mind me asking.

- Well, she didn't have children.

- No kids.

- No close relatives.

- No close relatives, Oliveira.

- It couldn't backfire.

- It just couldn't, you know?
it backfired.

[upbeat music playing.]

[music continues muffled.]

What will you tell her?

I don't know.
I had no time to think.

But you'll tell her the truth, right?
What do you mean?
You'll tell her
about how much she hurt you, won't you?
She should know.

I don't know what happened, though.

[Miguel sighs.]

I really don't know
what I could possibly rub in her face.

you know what happened.

You don't remember everything,
but you know the truth.

So does everyone.

What my mother did or didn't do
isn't your business.

That's between her and me.

You have absolutely nothing
to do with it, Miguel.

Of course I do, Liz.

I'm your soon-to-be husband.

And she's my mother.

Your mother is a criminal, Liz.

She should be in prison,
not living large in a luxury condo.

["Some Que Ele Vem Atrás"
by Anitta and Marília Mendonça playing.]

[cell phone chimes.]

[chiming continues.]

[song ends.]

What the hell is this?
Well, you speak Russian, so I figured
you knew "condolese" too.

Russian is a whole lot easier.




[book page flutters.]


Why don't you just write a new one?
Every code change has to be approved.

- Says who?
- Milene.

- Verônica!
- What?
You're the manager.

You can do what you want.

And you're the deputy manager.

That's not how things work.

Come on!

[car alarm beeps.]

Cauã, I'm not having a kid
just because our agent says so.

That's ridiculous.

And irresponsible.

Rayssa, you know how much I dream
of building a family with you.

Think about it, honey.

A bunch of ankle biters running
around the house,
"Mom, Dad.
Dad, Mom!"
It would be beautiful, baby! Wouldn't it?
God forbid.
Here, Cauã.

We can wait a bit.

- Right?
- [Cauã sighs.]

You know I love you, right, babe?
I love you too.

[elevator dings.]



[dramatic music playing.]

Hang on.

Who's afraid of snakes?
We're huge fans!
[all chuckle.]


We are your biggest fans!
Thank you so much, guys.


Uh, Rayssa is afraid of snakes
in real life.

[instrumental music playing.]

It's my fault, baby.

I was the one who wanted an open marriage.

But I'm the one who got caught.

Do you realize
that if this whole thing becomes public,
we lose all our credibility?
[Cauã sighs.]

What exactly did I miss, Rayssa?
Who would want to hurt you, babe?
[drum cymbal gently tapping.]

[dramatic music playing.]

[high heels tapping.]

[car engine starting.]

I'm not the manager anymore.

My hands are tied.

I can't let you in, okay?
I thought we agreed to split the money.

Remember? We had a deal.

I know.

[Milene scoffs.]


You know there are others, besides me
counting on that money, right?
I know that.

So you know you'll have to [chuckles.]

your end of the deal.

Regardless of whether
you're the manager or not.

Maldivas, Maldivas ♪
A mix of "evil"
"Maleficent" and "divas" ♪
Maldivas, Maldivas ♪
- It also rhymes with "damn divas" ♪
- It rhymes with "damn divas" ♪
[both chuckling.]

You better get out of here,
before you set my house on fire.


Fine, but I'll go because I want to.

[both chuckle.]

Patrícia really did drink
to forget.

To forget about her past,
to forget about who she really was,
but especially
[footsteps tapping.]

to forget about the dangers
that still haunted her.

[elevator dings.]

[button chimes.]

Milene is the kind of person
who always knows what to do.

But there was nothing she could do
to prevent her worst nightmare
from coming true.

Here it is, Cap.

I think we can turn the page now, right?

Take care of my next
paycheck, Milene.


What would become
of the perfect resident
if the new manager were to find out
she was stealing from the condominium?
What would become of the successful couple
if Patrícia were to reveal the truth
about their marriage?
[suspenseful music playing.]

What would become of a mother of two
if everyone were to find out
that she was in on her husband's crimes?
- [elevator dings.]

- [upbeat music playing.]

There was only one person
who could help them,
or do them in for good.

[music ends.]

Patrícia Duque.

[music building.]

[music ends abruptly.]

[sirens wailing.]

["Once In A Thousand Years"
by Aaron Kaplan playing.]

In our sacred memory ♪
Well, nothing can change ♪
There's no facing reality ♪
'Cause it all seems so strange ♪
That one made you restless ♪
Made me feel sublime ♪
And it was only a matter of time ♪
Maybe once in a thousand years ♪
Could I find something so real ♪
Till our love burned out like a flame ♪
The mind heals
Still, the heart aches ♪
The heart aches the same ♪
Mmm ♪
Listen, baby
Now that it's said and done ♪
You know I can't hide these tears ♪
While they fly in the midnight sun ♪
Till a brand new day appears ♪
I'm suddenly no stranger ♪
To this shade of blue ♪
You're like a train
That was just passing through ♪
Maybe once in a thousand years ♪
Could I find something so real ♪
Till our love burned out like a flame ♪
The mind heals
Still, the heart aches ♪
The heart aches the same ♪
Oh ♪
Oh ♪
Ooh ♪
Maybe once in a thousand years ♪
Could I find something so real ♪
[song ends.]

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