Manifest (2018) s01e16 Episode Script

Estimated Time of Departure

1 Previously on "Manifest" Ben just moved out, the couch is free, so you can crash here for a bit.
Michaela, I know guys like Zeke.
I can practically smell the junkie on this guy.
That is such a leap, Jay.
You don't know that.
You've been busy.
This is awesome.
OLIVE: That petrograph it's a drawing of the constellation Gemini.
From mythology, like the peacock.
- Danny - You don't need to say anything.
When you're ready next week, next month, next year just say the word.
ZEKE: I don't think your drawings cause the future.
I think they predict it.
CAL: So, I'm not making things happen.
I just know about them first.
Until we're sure the boy is our Holy Grail, we sit tight.
- Alice - You're going to save him.
Heads up, everybody.
Here it comes.
- They're gonna die! - It's a calling.
Griffin's blood work.
He's got the same blood marker, just like Zeke.
So, if I'm sing that a bomb's gonna go off if I'm the only one who knows where MICHAELA: Do you know where, Griffin? then I'm the only one who can save the day.
Looks like I got myself a get-out-of-jail-free card.
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whaa-ah - Smile for me, smile for me - Ooh, Lord Oh-oh-oh Yes, I, ah Smile for me, smile for me Ooh, I met a girl this morning - All right, drink up.
- That looks great.
She was love at first sight We should pack it up, people.
Airport shuttle in two hours.
- Mnh.
- Mnh.
A few more minutes.
Okay, I got some water.
What if we didn't? - Pack it up.
What if we just stayed forever on this beach? Cal would not object.
Wait, wait, wait.
It's almost like he forgot he was sick.
Even slipped my mind once or twice.
KAREN: You're gonna burn.
- Um, hi.
- Grown woman here, thank you.
You may be all grown up, but you will never be too old to need your mother.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
Auntie Mick! We're done.
Wanna be the destroyer? [CHUCKLES.]
No way, buddy.
I can't destroy perfection.
- Hey.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Picture? Picture? [LAUGHTER.]
All right, look, look, look, look, look! - Cheese! - Look, look, look.
REPORTER: Coming up, the five-day forecast.
But first, more of our continuing coverage on today's top story.
Authorities and civic leaders expressed shock and relief in the wake of a deadly act of terrorism averted last night in Times Square.
The unlikely hero James Griffin, the robbery-homicide suspect, whose mystifying survival after plunging deep into icy-cold water had been found [TV TURNS OFF.]
Come and eat something, please, baby.
I'm I'm not hungry.
What about you, honey? You didn't even serve yourself.
- Can I get you - No.
Just Truth is, I've been feeling sick to my stomach all morning.
We failed Michaela, and now, a murderer is being released.
- It's - Terrifying.
The danger is amping up.
What do you think he's gonna do? [SIGHS.]
I don't know.
Wolves, peacocks it it feels like some kind of answer has to be in these symbols.
It's right in front of us.
What are you doing?! Cal, sweetie What's the matter? BEN: Hey.
Come on, buddy.
We made a deal, right? You've gotta tell us what's going on.
I can't.
GRACE: Cal, please.
Whatever it is, we will figure it out together.
I can only tell Zeke.
- Reverse - Whoop Let me see how you work - You boys smokin' dirt - On gelato We smokin' Larry Bird Saint Laurent straightjacket go berserk Turn around and throw it in reverse Db11, it's a 'vert Skrrt, skrrt It goes "skrrt" Keep her panty droppin' ridin' shotgun like she Kurt Weavin' through the traffic with my ratchet in the purse - In a Saint Laurent straitjacket - You buying or window shopping? If I crash, I go berserk Overseas, I need a visa breezin' in Ibiza Trying see me when I'm speedin' You get burnt like Derek Jeter And my Nina, she's a diva party like Lupita Pint of bourbon.
Peter Piper, pick a make her peck my millimeter Yeah, chilly on the chain, but the seats is heated - [CLOCK TICKING.]
- Shawty wanna race Spent 3 G's on the sneakers - [MUSIC FADES.]
Change of clothes from your lawyer.
Let freedom ring.
, possession a few times over, even an assault.
How'd you get this? - I ran his prints.
- How'd you get his prints? Lifted them off his coffee cup.
- Wow.
Come on, Mick.
It's not like you haven't cut some corners - since you've been back.
- Yeah, when it's important, not as a fishing expedition.
Well, I, for one, I think this is important.
I asked you to back off of the guy, and instead, you're breaking the law yourself to prove to me something that I already know.
Has he told you about all these busts? - No.
Not all - I didn't think so.
but he told me that he's been in trouble, that he's struggled with drugs and alcohol.
No, no, no.
He hurt someone.
He could hurt you next.
Is that really what you're worried about? - Yeah.
- Or are you letting your emotions - get in the way right now? - My emotions got nothing to do with this.
Do yours? Is there something going on between you two? It is not like that.
You have to tell me Zeke and I are just friends.
Okay? Okay.
I think I'll miss you most of all.
Yo, Diaz.
You want to skip the gym and make a few extra bucks instead? I'm not done with you, Griffin! I feel you, Detective.
The thing is, I'm done with you.
- Yeah, I don't think so.
- Enough with the judgy looks.
Did you not get the memo? - I'm a hero.
Real heroes act for the good of others.
The only reason that you helped us was because we let you out of jail, let you get away with murder.
That's obviously not what the callings are for.
I know I'm new, but did your callings come with a rule book? 'Cause mine didn't.
So, yeah, I think I'm gonna use them however I want.
You didn't get immunity for life.
You got lucky once.
Now every cop in the city's gonna be waiting for you to cross that line.
I'm up for the challenge.
Don't think about following me.
That'd be harassment and fruitless, given the fact that I now, apparently, have superpowers.
Go figure.
Stop him! BEN: [ECHOING.]
"Stop him" has to be about Griffin, and we just set him free.
He was taunting me, like he was excited to see what his next calling was gonna be used for.
The guy who killed two armed guards and stole $75 million.
His next move could be off the charts.
Yeah, and there's no appealing to his better nature he does not have one.
He's a classic lack of empathy.
He's sociopathic in which case, how far are we willing to go? - Meaning? - If he doesn't have a moral compass and is homicidal, what if the only way to stop him is to stop him permanently? There's no way.
The callings have always given us an opportunity to help people.
But the callings have never met anyone like Griffin.
I almost got killed because of the callings, so forgive me if I don't believe that they're all sweetness and light.
- I don't know.
- I think Cal might be able to help.
He He knows something.
But he said Zeke's the only person he could tell.
Really? I was gonna swing by your place and look for him.
I'll go.
I have to ask about something, anyway.
Um, let's circle back.
BEN: Hey.
How are you? The swelling's gone.
I can barely feel it.
I wasn't asking about your face.
Uh, I'm fine.
Saanvi, it's it's me.
You don't have to hide what you're going through.
I'm okay.
You don't have to worry about me.
- Okay? - Okay.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You okay? Yeah.
Had a calling.
"Stop him"? I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
You, too? And Ben.
And Saanvi.
We think it's Griffin.
He's out of jail.
Ben needs to see you.
We should actually get you a phone.
Not really anybody I need to call.
Yeah, but there will be when you reconnect.
Your mom? Yeah, she's not interested.
- Did you go see her? - Did it right this time.
I I rang the bell, like you told me.
She wouldn't let me in.
I shouldn't have told you to No.
It's not on you.
Some families aren't meant to be together.
- We can fix this.
What if we - Don't.
I'm sorry.
It's just, not everybody deserves your compassion.
There's things you don't know.
Like the assault charge on your record? You ran my sheet? Jared did.
Of course.
Go ahead, Detective question me.
I respect your privacy, and I don't No, it's fine.
I'm living in your apartment.
You have the right to know.
I got in a fight.
In a bar.
I didn't like the way this guy was treating his supposed girlfriend and I was drunk off my ass and pow.
Broke his jaw.
The way you're looking at me right now, that's why I didn't tell you.
I didn't want things to change between us.
Hey, nothing has changed between us.
Everything that happened before, maybe that's the guy that you were, but that is that is not who you are now.
Okay? [SIGHS.]
So, you said you said Ben was looking for me? Yeah.
Excuse me.
You're Dr.
Saanvi Bahl, right? Yes.
What can I do for you? And you're the treating physician for a pediatric oncology patient Cal Stone? Yes.
Is something wrong with Cal? I don't know about wrong, exactly.
A little weird, maybe.
I was running some routine labs on the guy who was in the river James Griffin.
A blood marker I've never seen before popped up, so I ran it through the archives.
Turns out, your cancer patient has it, too.
No other hits in the whole database.
I'm thinking we should run it by the department heads.
Maybe we have some sort of a discovery.
We can write an article.
Or you can, and I could, you know, help.
Uh, I'm sorry.
And you are? Oh, my bad.
Uh, Troy Davis.
Oncology lab tech.
Troy, why don't you send me those labs? I'll go over them before we go any wider.
It might be a false positive.
I thought so, too, so I ran it twice.
- I think it's legit.
- Just send me the labs.
Thank you.
Will do.
Deep breaths.
Keep it up.
We have to stop meeting like this.
My therapist.
Started seeing her a few years back for anxiety which is why I could see yours from a mile away.
She's really helped me get it under control.
People already have concerns about me, with the plane and everything else, and I've worked really hard to prove that I'm stable.
No, I-I'm not saying you're not.
But you've been through a traumatic ordeal.
She's very good, and very discreet.
Just think about it.
Physician, heal thyself.
Hey, man.
Can I come in? Heard you wanted to see me? You got a drawing to show me? Come on.
Remember what we talked about? You don't cause the future, Cal.
You just see it.
I know.
But what I see How do I stop it from coming true? I don't know.
But I can't help you until I see what we're dealing with.
That's why I'm here.
You saved me.
I owe you one.
We're supposed to keep each other safe.
Promise you won't tell my dad? Or Auntie Mick? I don't know, man.
They can't know.
You have to promise.
All right.
I promise.
How can I tell my dad we're all gonna die? How's Cal? He's tired.
Says he's gonna rest for a bit.
What did he say? He's He's worried something's gonna happen to you to all of you.
Must be about Griffin, to what we heard "Stop him.
" Stop him from doing what? I don't know.
Neither does Cal.
I think I do.
James Griffin, the mystery man who was underwater for 3 1/2 days, then back good as new.
He'll be joining us in the 11:00 hour to answer our questions, starting with why the NYPD has released the accused killer.
Some sensational details about his return - and his amazing abilities.
"Amazing abilities"? He's gonna reveal the callings.
- Why would he do that? - Fame, fortune.
Once he breaks the news on national television, he's bound to make millions.
The Internet's already blowing up about his return being the next 828.
If he tells the world about his callings, people will assume we have them, too.
And they'll come for us.
God, Cal He'll never be able to live a normal life.
MICHAELA: We're screwed either way.
The Believers now have proof of the miracles, and the Xers have proof that we're dangerous, so Not to mention the government.
We're not gonna let this happen.
So, what's the plan? We know where he's gonna be.
We go to the TV studio, find Griffin before he goes on camera.
- And what? - And we stop him.
How are you gonna do that? We have to convince him somehow.
You already talked to him for hours - Then, we try again - And Griffin still got what he wanted.
I know guys like that.
They don't listen to words.
They only understand brute force.
It's hard to believe that's what the calling wants.
So, what, the calling just wants everyone's lives ruined? - Yours? Cal's? - No, I agree with Ben.
- We can't cross that line.
- Then what? What What if he doesn't listen? I don't know.
- What? - Where are you going? - I've just got to go.
- Zeke, wait.
- What's up with him? - [DOOR OPENS.]
I feel like I'm supposed to be helping solve this.
But I I can't figure it out.
It's not your responsibility to find all the answers.
Yeah, I know.
But ever since Dad came back we haven't had something that's ours until this.
And for the first time, I feel like we're finally connected again.
It's been hard for me, too.
We weren't on the plane.
We're not having the callings.
Yeah, you get it.
I do.
I feel the same way.
They're off saving the world, and all I can do is - glue a wooden dragon back together.
Which you are crushing, by the way.
MICHAELA: Excuse me.
Griffin! Come to join me? Adding a few 828 passengers would certainly pump up the crowd.
- Hard pass.
- Suit yourself.
Yeah, it seems like that's all you know how to do, Griffin.
We know more than you.
We've seen what happens when the callings are abused or ignored.
Am I gonna catch a case of bad karma? You know, for a guy who only thinks about himself, you are doing a lousy job of looking out for your own interests.
You're a free man, Griffin.
Take the win.
Don't reveal the callings and ruin all of our lives.
Not my life.
I'm about to become a rich man no armored car required.
Oh, you're gonna need protection.
- From you? - No.
From people more ruthless than you can imagine.
The government will stop at nothing to find out about the callings.
Well, I guess it's the government's lucky day.
Stop him! BEN: [ECHOING.]
Stop him! Griffin! [COUGHS.]
- Oh! - Oh! - Oh, my God! - No! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
- Oh, my God! - James Griffin! [SIRENS WAIL.]
The Medical Examiner said Griffin had all the signs of drowning, but can't be sure without an autopsy.
It doesn't make sense.
Any ideas? None of my own.
Saanvi has that friend that works at the M.
's office.
Maybe she can get some inside information.
Sounds like a plan.
Hey, one sec.
Zeke! Hey, Zeke! - What are you doing here? - I don't know.
The calling said, "Stop him.
" I knew there was nothing you could say to convince him.
And I thought I-I thought, if it came right down to it, then I could - I thought I was supposed to - You're supposed to what? Never mind.
Doesn't matter.
I mean, I-I didn't see everything, but I saw enough.
All that water what I mean, what the hell was that? I don't know.
Zeke, I I can tell you're really upset right now.
I'm okay I think.
I mean, I I think I just didn't sleep well last night.
I just think I just need to get some rest.
Hey, why don't you go back to the apartment? You know, shower, nap.
Just chill.
Yeah, yeah.
You're right.
JANSEN: James Griffin just out-spewed the girl in "The Exorcist.
" - And? - [SCOFFS.]
T-That doesn't seem peculiar to you? The man is dead.
When you've been doing this as long as I have, peculiar is just a signal that we have got work to do.
So, what's our play? The same as it was an hour ago find out everything we can about Cal Stone and his abilities.
You finally ready to approach him? I'm still collecting data.
Shouldn't be long now.
I'm close to having all the answers I need.
I saw you with Zeke just now.
- Yeah.
- What was he doing there? Why are you so obsessed with him? I'm not obsessed with Zeke.
I'm worried about you.
You're not seeing straight.
If you're gonna lecture me on Zeke's past again, I It's not his past.
Right now.
Yeah, he's using again.
You followed him? That's not the point, Mick.
This guy's just like Griffin No, he's not! I keep telling you, Jared, he's like me, okay? He needs my help.
And if you wanted to help me, you'd be helping him, too.
I couldn't care less about this guy.
All I care about is you.
Look, Mick, I know we're not in a good place right now, but I haven't given up on us.
Jared, I haven't given up on us, either.
But this isn't about us.
Are you sure? I promise.
I need to be there for him, okay? Zeke needs me.
I have to listen to the callings.
The callings that's what's blinding you.
This guy's a junkie.
He's not gonna quit using unless someone stops him.
If you won't, I will.
Hey, Saanvi.
I got your text.
What's the emergency? I need James Griffin's autopsy report.
You know I can't give you a copy.
A case this high-profile, we can't afford leaks.
Alex, c'mon.
I carried you through Cell Biology.
That was med school.
Yeah, and failing that class would've been the end of med school.
Instead, you got an A.
You owe me.
Can I help you? Priscilla Landon? - Yes.
- Um, Detective Stone, NYPD.
I'm here about your son, Zeke.
Uh, whatever he's done, I can't I-I'm sorry, but I just I can't.
No, he hasn't done anything.
I know he came to see you yesterday.
- Mm-hmm.
- Why'd you turn him away? I'm also a friend.
I love my son, and I will never stop loving him.
But for an entire year, he can't be bothered to show his face.
And then, he shows up, on drugs, with excuses and lies, and nothing's changed.
I think it's different now.
He went through something life-changing.
Yes, yes.
I-I heard it.
About being in a cave, dying, coming back to life.
A clean slate He's an addict.
And addicts will tell you whatever you want to hear.
I know that it sounds crazy, but it is true.
I know because it happened to me, too.
I came back, and my mom was gone.
I-I-I recognize you.
You You were on, uh, that flight, uh Flight 828.
Like I said, it sounds crazy But But Zeke, he he wasn't on the plane It's not just about the airplane not not anymore.
I sent him away.
I said horrible things to him.
He'll come back.
When he does, this time, let him in.
You know, I thought coming back and finding Mom gone was the worst.
But I can't imagine coming home and having the door slammed in your face.
But, I mean, it's gonna be okay.
I'm fixing it or at least starting to.
You've got enough on your plate.
You don't have to fix things for Zeke.
No, I think I'm supposed to.
I On the beach, in Jamaica, Mom told me, "You're never too old to need your mother.
Of course she did.
I can still feel her.
- Mom? - Yeah.
It's like she's still here, like she's been watching over me ever since I got back, helping me figure this out.
I like that theory.
James Griffin's death, it's a game-changer.
The autopsy shows unequivocal evidence of death by drowning.
He drowned on dry land? Which is, of course, impossible.
What about secondary drowning? I mean, I've heard stories about kids being pulled out of pools - and dying hours later.
- Well, this was days later.
And the video he appears to expel more water than body mass.
I don't think science can explain this any more than it can explain us.
MICHAELA: Yeah, well, I've got an explanation for it he abused the callings, and that's what got him killed.
Wait till the Believers find out about this.
Yeah, you're right, but they're not our only problem.
The blood marker's been discovered.
In Griffin's blood? And in Cal's.
Look, there was always a risk that someone was gonna notice the anomaly in Cal's labs, but until Griffin, no one had a reason to look.
I will do what I can to bury the findings, but if I can't, it's not gonna be much longer, Ben, before the larger medical community catches wind of it, and then they will And they'll want to examine Cal more closely.
I'm sorry to dump and run, but I have an appointment with a therapist.
If you're worried about what I'm gonna say No, no, no, of course not.
Nothing's more important than you getting the help you need.
I'll call you later.
Even after his death, that son of a bitch is still a threat to us.
I can't let Cal become a guinea pig.
Stop him.
Did you not hear that? No.
The calling again? "Stop him"? I don't get it.
Why did I just hear it, and you didn't? I don't know.
Maybe we all were supposed to stop Griffin, and you still have something left to do.
Jared said that he made a buy.
Ben, what if Zeke is using again? What if he's the one that I'm supposed to stop? Go.
OLIVE: Mom! Dad's home! [TOILET FLUSHES.]
- Ben - J-Just give me one second.
Dad what is it? You're kind of freaking me out.
No secrets, remember? According to the police report, Griffin was underwater for 82 hours and 8 minutes.
OLIVE: 8-2-8.
That's That's really weird.
Hold on.
According to the Medical Examiner's report, his death was exactly 82 hours and 8 minutes later.
So, the exact amount of time he was gone is the same the same exact amount of time he was alive again.
No, that has to be a coincidence.
- Right? - Just Are you saying Griffin had some kind of expiration date? OLIVE: What does that mean? Does that mean that you could have one, too? No.
Griffin was evil.
He was a criminal.
Tell her, Ben.
Dad Okay.
We were gone for 2,03 days Add that to our date of return [MUTTERING.]
June 2, 2024.
How did you get that so fast? It's been right in front of us all along.
The peacock goddess Juno June.
The petrograph of the constellation Gemini, twins, represents the number 2.
June June 2nd.
H-Honey, those could be representative - of any number of - No, no, no.
I'm not done.
Cal's dragon? Like you said, a wooden dragon.
It's a craft project.
Art the Dragon The year of the wood dragon in the Chinese zodiac? I got the exact same date.
June 2, 2024.
She's right.
I just I just got you back.
I ca I can't lose you.
I can't lose you.
We can't tell Cal.
He's spent five years [VOICE BREAKING.]
waiting to die.
Please, just promise me you're not gonna tell him.
He can't go through this again.
It's not fair.
CAL: It's okay, Ollie.
I know.
I just didn't know how to tell you.
SAANVI: Hi, Doctor.
Please, come in.
Have a seat.
- Come on, Zeke, pick up.
- What the hell? - Where is it? - Where's what? - The drugs.
What are you talking about? I'm clean.
Yeah, sure you are.
BEN: Maybe we should just go.
Go where? Back to that beach.
Jamaica? Just be together.
The four of us.
There's something I have to tell you.
What is it? BEN: Hey.
Come on.
It's not like this day could get any worse.
I'm pregnant.
That is amazing beyond amazing.
So, it'll be the five of us, a new beginning.
How far along are you? Not very.
Six weeks, maybe.
So, right when the plane came back [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS.]
Or just before.
It could have been.
Clean and sober, huh? I didn't touch it.
Not one drop of that is gone.
Yeah, no, you went straight for the hard stuff.
I know you made a buy.
Where is it? Or did you use already? You want to blood test me? Go ahead.
Do whatever you want.
That's the last thing I want to be doing! I have a job, busted marriage, and dealing with your crap is destroying everything! Then, why the hell are you here? Because Michaela's the most important person in my life.
And you I don't know what your deal is.
But I want you out of here before she comes back.
That's what you want! You ever think Michaela might think differently, or is it always Jared knows best? Here's what I know Michaela and I, we're meant to be together.
Maybe, maybe not.
Who? You? Huh? A busted junkie? Back off! [CLOCK TICKING.]
Zeke put the gun down.
This is what I bought! To stop Griffin! To protect Michaela! [TICKING CONTINUES.]
Stop him.
Stop him.
Stop him.
- [GASPS.]