Manifest (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Black Box

1 Previously on "Manifest" Detective Stone, what do you know about the night you were shot? I know that it was an accident.
I also know that Detective Vasquez broke into my house without probable cause to confront Zeke Landon.
No one's ever done anything like that for me.
My dad, my brother, and my aunt were all 828 passengers.
Being here I now realize that we we all belong.
Never mind.
I got this.
Evie, no, you don't.
How could you come here? Get out of this house.
SAANVI: You were right.
I found the leak.
I only told one person about that vial.
My psychiatrist.
BEN: She's not informing the Major.
She is the Major.
Now we turn the tables.
Here you go.
"Old Yeller's" decent.
Cute dog.
Spoiler alert bummer ending.
But if you want a really cool adventure, check out "A Wrinkle in Time".
Olive, we're next.
GRACE: There you are.
Your dad and brother got on Flight 828.
It lands a few hours after ours.
Are you sure you don't want to go with Cal? No, I like us having mom/daughter time.
Oh, me, too.
GATE AGENT: Final call for JFK passengers willing to take a later flight.
Final call for JFK passengers willing to take a later flight.
Actually, Mom, will you be upset if I do go with them? [CHUCKLES.]
What happened to mom/daughter time? Next weekend.
Mani-pedis? [CHUCKLING.]
Okay, go.
The book's really good so far.
Yeah, if you like that, then you'll love Homer.
I don't read Latin.
I'm 10 and a half.
What's up, Ten-and-a-Half? I'm TJ.
ADRIAN: Miracles.
All the world's religions have been based on apocryphal miracles.
Resurrection, reincarnation all rumors and myths that trace back millennia.
Until Flight 828 returned.
That 191 miracle returnees reappeared on Earth makes an undeniable case for miracles tomorrow.
Believe in the miracle of Flight 828.
Believe in the passengers, who, after escaping death, will now walk among you for decades to come.
After a month of testing, I was able to confirm elimination of the 828 anomaly in a Petri dish.
Now I need to move on to phase two test the viability and toxicity of the serum on a living specimen.
Alright, Hero.
Let's do this.
I got to go, but if you survive this, little buddy, we might have a chance of beating the Death Date.
Fingers crossed and lips sealed.
I wish I was there walking you down the aisle, seeing your radiant smile and wearing what I am sure is a killer dress.
Prettiest bride there ever was.
No doubt.
I need you to know that I never I never stopped trying, Olive.
What I would've given to have been there.
- What are you doing? - Uh [LAPTOP CLOSES.]
Delete it.
- Grace.
- Ben, delete it.
You're not giving up.
I won't let you.
I'm not giving up.
I never will.
But, Grace, I haven't found a new clue in over a month.
There hasn't been another Plane Calling in all that time, and I still haven't come across one other passenger even aware of the Death Date.
You have five years.
Why are you torturing yourself like this? Peace of mind.
I believe in you.
You will find a way.
Evie is so excited.
Her outfit, shoes, handbag it's all blush pink.
Had it dyed to match.
Have you seen it? - I have, yeah.
It warms our hearts each time you walk in the door.
That makes three of us.
Thank you.
So, who are you taking to prom? Um, I don't actually have a date.
Really? There isn't a boy you're interested in? You know what? There is, actually.
He's new.
He's kind of a loner type, but he's got a really good heart.
Good heart goes a long way.
We haven't talked that much in the past month.
To be honest, I don't even really know him that well, but there's something about him that's drawn me towards him.
The last guy that I dated, it didn't go so well.
We, um, kind of broke each other's hearts, and I'm scared of opening myself back up and then lose him, because I don't I don't know how long he's gonna be around.
You're a strong girl.
I see it in your eyes.
And loving someone is the bravest thing you can do.
So let go and be happy, even if it's for a little while.
I promise it'll be worth it.
W-What's your name again, dear? It's Michaela.
I go to school with Evie.
Nice to meet you, Michaela.
Very nice to meet you, too.
Isaiah, you're taking lead on the soup kitchen in Corona tonight.
Got it.
Uh, I've got new flyers ready for distribution, too.
Can I speak to you? Privately? What you said at your sermon today, "decades to come"? Have you heard about the Death Date? Enlighten me.
Olive, whatever it is, it's okay.
It's not.
My dad, Cal, my Aunt Mick, they all had these Callings showing that they're gonna die 5 and a half years after 828 returned.
They know the exact date.
June 2nd, 2024.
And I'm sorry to drop this bomb on you, but my dad's been working like crazy trying to find a way around it.
He's afraid.
We choose which path we follow.
Fear begets fear, and miracles beget miracles.
We were saved before.
We'll be saved again.
If we believe.
Hey, Professor Stone.
"Professor Stone".
That never gets old.
Just grading papers.
What can I do you for, TJ? I had another Calling.
What do you know about a bug, a bird, a fish, and a tiger? [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING.]
Coincidence you've been eating here so much during my shifts? [CHUCKLES.]
Coincidence you've been working so much during my meals? Just ask me out for dinner already.
I would, honestly.
I just got out of something.
Two somethings, actually.
Not really ready for another something.
Then maybe we just skip the dinner.
Hey, leave the poor bastard alone and get me another beer.
Saved by the brother.
Coming up, Billy boy.
Bring him back.
Bring who back? Bring him back.
Bring him back.
Bring him back.
What are you doing here? I think I-I think I'm supposed to bring Bring him back? Yeah.
Me, too.
Um What, you thought the Calling was telling you to bring me back? I don't know.
I mean, do you see anyone here who looks like they need help? Not yet.
But I'm glad we're doing this together.
I called you.
Couple times.
Yeah, sorry.
I've just been overwhelmed.
With what? Work? Is it me? Why haven't I seen you lately? - MAN: Everybody down! - [WOMAN SCREAMS.]
Everybody get down! Don't touch it! Don't touch it! Get down! Everybody down on the floor now! [WOMAN SCREAMS.]
I'm off duty.
I don't have my gun.
Get down! On the ground! - [WOMAN SCREAMS.]
- The Calling brought us here for this? Get down! Down! Get down! Okay, everybody stay down.
Stay down.
You! Yeah, you, you, move.
Move to the back.
Come on.
Everybody move.
Move! Come on.
Okay, phones.
Give me your phones.
Put your phone in there.
We got to calm this guy down.
Easier said than done.
- He's a total amateur.
- Out of the way.
- How can you tell? - Out of the way.
He's got no body armor, no backup.
He hasn't taken out a single camera.
Most of the time these guys are in and out, three minutes max.
So he doesn't know what he's doing.
- No phones? - That's a good thing, right? No, it means he's unpredictable, dangerous.
Yeah, but if he's not a pro, maybe we can figure out a way to take him down.
- Please, please.
- Stay down.
Nobody needs to get hurt.
No, get down.
No talking.
- Hey.
- Y I can tell that you haven't done this before.
I s I said no talking.
You don't want anyone to get hurt, right? How about we get him some money out of the drawers? No, I don't care about money.
I need to get into the vault.
The vault is locked.
It shuts down automatically whenever the silent alarm is triggered.
Buddy, you're better off just getting money from the register.
You're not listening to me! I don't care about money.
I need to get into the vault.
Zeke! [GROANS.]
You were on 828.
So was I.
My research has stalled out.
There's a geneticist in Sweden that might be able to help, but if he can't, I think I might have to give up working on the anomaly.
You're dead.
Come on.
That was a good one.
Stop fidgeting with your necklace.
It's a dead giveaway.
The Major is a seasoned intelligence officer.
Busy up your hands.
Eat an apple or something.
I don't understand how lying about needing help from some made-up Swedish geneticist gets us anywhere.
When the Major hears a foreign scientist might prove useful to her, I'm betting it'll activate her to reach out to her superiors.
Why? Isn't exposing her enough? She's a shadow.
We expose her, she disappears, another black op opens up in her place.
But if we can identify someone who'll be hurt by this scandal, then we can go to the press, break this wide open.
You and Ben really think that this is a good idea? You know, you can ask him yourself.
This isn't junior high.
Start talking already.
It's been weeks.
He lied to me.
Ben only lied to you because I made him lie to you.
Let's just focus on what I should be doing.
You still holding up appearances at the hospital? Yes, leaving placebo samples at my lab, which so-called Dr.
Matthews is still siphoning.
I know you're anxious to get back to your real 828 research, but I need you to hold off completely until we shut down the Major.
- We're close.
- And we can't risk anything.
I know.
TJ: These are the images I saw, along with "2012", which I assume is the year.
I don't even know what we're looking for.
- Olive.
Hey, I was on my way to SAT prep.
Just wanted to stop by and say hi.
And borrow 20 bucks.
Well, I was gonna ask for $10, but $20's good.
I'm TJ.
TJ was on Flight 828.
Y-You might remember him.
He was at the airport in Jamaica.
You look familiar.
Hey, any seats left on that later flight? I was hoping to get one of those vouchers, take my mom to San Francisco next summer.
One seat left.
I'll take it.
Unless, of course, Ten-and-a-Half here wants it.
It's okay.
You can have it.
Keep reading, Ten-and-a-Half.
Sorry, you don't ring a bell.
So what are you guys working on? TJ had a Calling, and I'm trying to help him figure it out.
Even though she wasn't with us, she has an uncanny knack for this stuff.
So why are you guys researching the Gramercy Club? The animals.
That's the logo for the Gramercy Club.
Oh, I mean, where have you guys been the past five years? Alright, it's this cool, members-only athletic club in the city.
Some of the rich kids at my school belong to it.
Fancy restaurants, bars, a bunch of courts and pools.
I never scored an invite myself.
Let's go.
Maybe there's something big there.
Uh, wait a minute.
I would love my 20 bucks now, thank you.
- Love you.
- Love you.
See ya.
Yeah, see ya.
I was on the plane, too.
My name's Michaela.
I'm Logan.
Logan, look, I understand, okay? Coming back was hard for all of us.
I felt confused and isolated.
- Nobody understood what - I can't believe you were on 828.
Why the hell are we at the same bank together? We're trying to figure that out.
You're another one of us? It's complicated.
Logan, can I um, can D-Do you see visions or hear voices? Because I do, too.
That's how I wound up here today.
- You hit the alarm! Look, I'm NYPD, okay? I can help you You're a cop?! Take it easy.
Put the gun down, and you may be able to get out of this with little jail time.
I don't care about jail time.
I'm trying to save my life.
How's robbing a bank gonna save your life? I saw a vision of my future.
My tombstone.
And not just once.
I see it over and over again.
It's It's real.
If I don't get what I need from that box, I'm gonna die.
He had the Death Date Calling.
No other passenger has any clue about the Death Date.
That has to be why we're here.
Maybe we don't try and stop him.
Maybe we help him.
- What are you talking about? - I mean, he seems to think that whatever's in that vault is gonna save him.
So maybe it'll save us, too.
You really think he has some miracle answer for the Death Date? Why? Because, Zeke, you only have eight months left to live.
If there's even a slim chance of saving you, I'm gonna take it.
Go back.
Get on your knees.
ZEKE: I don't get it.
You're willing to risk everything for me now, but when I try to see you, you blow me off.
Am I just another person to save and check off your list? No, of course not.
MAN: Answer the phone! No.
No! No phones.
Logan, it's just the cops outside, okay? They're worried about these hostages.
They just want to talk to you.
I don't want to talk to them.
Then let me.
Logan, you're not the only one who's had the Death Date Calling.
You got to start trusting me.
Calling? You mean the vision of my tombstone? My nephew had a vision just like it.
Ah, you st you stop that.
You are trying to manipulate me.
- Get back on the ground now! Hey, man, believe her or not, but someone needs to calm those cops down outside if you ever want to get in that box.
If If you try anything No, look, we'll make a deal.
We release the hostages, and they'll open the vault for you.
We can do that, can't we? If you're worried about losing bodies and losing leverage, I'll stay, too.
Zeke, no.
No chance I'm leaving you behind.
Logan, stop.
Answer it.
This is Detective Michaela Stone.
I filled out the profile, even uploaded a picture.
I think I am finally ready to dive into the online-dating world.
Good for you.
I'm glad to see you so excited about the future.
I'd be more excited about my future if I can get some help with my work.
- Oh? Remember the genetic research I'd been working on? Vaguely.
Well, I've hit a roadblock.
But I heard that there's a geneticist in Sweden having success with experimental studies in the same arena, so And you think they can help? It's the most promising lead I've had since I've started all this.
Time's up.
That went by really fast.
Guess I'll have to wait till next time to hear more.
Sounds good.
MAN: Hands up.
One at a time.
Stay calm Everyone's out except for the three of us.
I have the situation under control.
What's taking so long? You said they were gonna open this thing.
Accessing the vault remotely takes time.
- There are many layers of - Enough! [WHIRRING.]
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
No, we just need to be patient.
We're not gonna wait out here for the situation to get worse.
You're on a short leash, Detective.
Detective Jared Vasquez, NYPD.
What's the situation inside? Got things under control here, Detective.
Look, I heard over the scanner one of our own's trapped inside.
Michaela Stone.
Your colleague seems to think she has it all figured out because the gunman was on Flight 828 with her.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait, wait.
The gunman's a passenger? Logan Strickland.
And if Detective Stone isn't careful, her comfort with him is gonna get her hurt.
Guess we're in the right place.
Now we just need to figure out why we're here.
Hold up.
This is how you saw it, right, - the crest with the year right below? - Does it feel this big every time you chase down a Calling? Every time.
I'll go find the 2012 champions.
What do you know about Logan Strickland? Uh, not much.
Uh, he was on Flight 828, but I haven't been able to track him down.
Why? He's holding up a bank right now, but Mick's inside.
What? I-Is she o-okay? Has anyone talked to her? She's holding her own.
She keeps talking ESU back.
I'm worried she's in over her head in there.
Alright, I'm on my way.
Uh, text me the address.
- TJ, I need to go.
- What should I do? - Find the 2012 champions, track them down, and I'll call you later.
Well, I found them.
The winners were Frank and Logan Strickland.
BEN: Oh, my God.
Logan Strickland.
- He's holding up a bank right now.
- Michaela's inside.
That's why we're here.
The Calling wouldn't bring us all this way just to look at a photo.
Frank Strickland? LOGAN: All the way back.
In the corner.
Open Frank Strickland's safety deposit box.
Who's Frank Strickland? ZEKE: After everything she's done for you, you don't think you owe her an answer? He's my brother.
If he's your brother, then why did you just hold up a bank? Why didn't you just talk to him? You don't think that I tried? He wouldn't listen.
He thinks that everyone who returned on 828, that they're not really them.
What do you mean? He doesn't believe I'm me.
I don't exist.
And everything that belonged to me, that was my birthright, everything that our dad, may he rest in peace, was saving for me, Frank took it all.
I was terrified, but he didn't care.
I'm his brother, but he didn't care.
I found Mr.
Strickland's box.
Open it.
I-I-I can't.
I only have my key.
I need the owner's key, too.
Are you kidding me? Oh, boy.
You don't have some kind of a master key?! What What What if the owner dies? - Then what?! - I need the second key.
The hell you do! - Logan, Logan, put the gun down.
- No! No! This is not the way this is supposed to happen! Stop! Aah! [GRUNTING.]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Let me take him outside, get him to the EMTs.
I'll come right back.
You'll still have your hostage.
How do I know you're not gonna leave? Because she's still here.
Put this.
Okay, alright.
I got to tie it on.
Here, let me loosen your tie.
My name is Ben Stone.
I was on Flight 828.
I need to talk to you about your brother Logan.
He's holding up a bank in Seaside right at this moment.
That's not possible.
My brother's dead.
He died on that plane.
You know that's not true.
That plane returned.
We were both on that flight, Frank.
Then I guess you're dead, too.
Frank, please.
Logan is holding my sister hostage.
- I need you to talk him down.
- My brother's gone.
Stop saying the 828 passengers are dead.
- We're standing right here.
- How can you really be you? Logan didn't age.
He had these crazy visions, heard voices, constantly saying that he was gonna die again.
He thought he was gonna die? He said he kept seeing his own tombstone.
He was obsessed with it.
He had a Death Date Calling.
- What? - It's real.
Frank, the passengers are gonna die.
You're just as insane as he is.
No, no, no.
Wait a minute.
I wish it wasn't true, but it is.
I've seen it.
So has my sister and my son.
We are going to die on June 2nd, 2024.
What? TJ, I-I didn't mean for you to find out like this.
- I promise.
But I'm working on a solution.
- I got to go.
Did you say June 2nd, 2024? As in 6224? Yeah.
Does that mean something to you? Logan's vision.
I think I know why he's holding up that bank.
He wants the key to my safety deposit box.
- Good news.
- What's going on? We picked this up from the Major's office just after your session.
ELLEN: There's been a development.
We're a go, immediately.
Sent from a classified comm line.
She bought the lie.
A meet-up would be the next step.
We'll be there.
In which case, we got them? We just might have.
Mick! Mick, put your hands up! - [GRUNTS.]
- Don't shoot! He's wounded! Whoa, whoa.
Stand down.
That's not the gunman.
Stand down.
I'm gonna leave him here and go back inside.
You are not going back inside.
Then I guess you're gonna have to shoot me.
BEN: Jared! Jared! This is the gunman's brother.
He's got the key.
No, get these civilians out of here.
No, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
We can end this peacefully right now.
Just let him see his brother.
Let Frank give him the key.
Come on! Come on! Come on! Never get it open.
I have to.
There's no other way.
Come on.
I'll contact ESU, see if we can buy more time.
Don't come in here! Don't come in here! Stay out there! FRANK: Logan, it's me.
For God's sake, Logan.
None of this would've happened if you had just given me the key.
But a gun? Hostages? - How could you? - How could you?! You abandoned me.
My own brother told me that I wasn't a human being.
I didn't understand.
Come on, Logan.
Please, give me the gun.
Come Come on.
MICHAELA: Let them finish.
It's me, Frank.
It's me.
And I don't want to die.
I haven't held this in 10 years.
Give it to me.
I don't understand.
Just take it.
No, Dad passed it on to you.
You have to pass it on to me.
Is this part of the magic cure-all? I don't know.
It's yours.
It was always yours.
"Bring him back".
It wasn't about Logan.
It was about his brother.
At least with whatever time he does have left, he won't be alone.
Plenty of company at Rikers.
Could you? Just for a second? Yeah, uncuff him.
Everyone in my grandfather's platoon died when they stormed Normandy.
Everyone but him.
This compass caught the bullet that was meant to end his life.
He gave it to my dad.
Saved him from a pulmonary embolism.
Now it's mine.
It'll save me, too.
I can't exactly take it where I'm going.
I'd like you to hold on to it for me while I'm away.
Maybe it'll help save all the other passengers, too.
My portion of the Death Date Calling was a peacock.
It was the first step in understanding we were going to die.
Well, maybe this is the first step in figuring out how we survive.
I can't believe the Calling brought you here.
The Calling led me to Frank.
Jared brought me here.
Safety deposit box.
We're gonna do this, Mick.
I don't know how, but we're gonna crack it.
Yeah, we are.
Give us a sec.
Thank you.
- I didn't do anything.
- Yeah, you did.
You vouched for me.
You called Ben.
You didn't have to.
You probably shouldn't have.
But you had my back.
Let's go get that looked at.
That was literally the longest class of all time.
So, your dad just chases down these Callings, always believing he can solve them somehow? It's like you've known him forever.
You think he can solve the one about the passengers dying? Wait.
My dad told you about the Death Date? Any thoughts on how we can stop it, SAT girl? Maybe we could use the tesseract to move through space and time.
"A Wrinkle in Time".
That was you.
So you do remember me.
My dad's a great guy, but he gets obsessed, like he did with my brother's cancer, like he's doing with the Callings.
He just always needs a solution, an answer.
I guess that's why he's a math guy.
Yeah, but this constant need to be in control of everything, that comes from a place of fear.
We need to approach this supposed Death Date from a place of hope.
How can we possibly do that? Let me show you.
Yo, Saanvi, even though I'm no longer on your proverbial payroll, I thought some dinner might What the - [VEHICLE DOOR CLOSES.]
- Hey.
I'm glad Mick is okay.
I'm glad you were there with her.
You were right.
I am gonna fight like hell to make sure we're all at Olive's wedding.
Good answer, because I'm counting on a dance with the father of the bride.
Afraid you missed last call.
You got plans? What do you have in mind? How about we go not have that dinner? [CHUCKLES.]
You okay? I mean, apart from this head wound.
Why? Why are you always trying to save me? Because, Zeke, you're a good man.
Whether you believe it or not.
You'll come around.
I know that.
All I've got is eight months.
Don't say that.
This compass, it could be a clue, and we will find a way to really save you.
But you already have.
"A good heart goes a long way".
What? This is the first day of my life The seas are changin' There's a distant shore in sight Put it out there, put it out Show them what's within Show them what's beneath your skin Put it out there, put it out Let the sunlight in A brand-new day begins It's time to let the sunlight in Put it out there Put it out there, love Put it out there, put it out Put it out there Put it out there, love Remember who Remember who you are, love It's time to let the sunlight in EMMETT: It's empty, sir.
See what nearby cameras picked up.
Sometimes covering up a tell is the tell.
This isn't on you.
We were David.
She was Goliath.
She took my work.
She took everything.
It It was just dummy test work.
I had to keep up my research, so I created a secret lab at home.
Well, you fooled me.
Vance, I think I figured out how to control the 828 anomaly, how to isolate it, eliminate it, and replicate it, and now the Major knows it all.

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