Manifest (2018) s03e09 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Manifest" Whatcha doing? Trying to find something to impress your boyfriend back in Cairo? Can you cut the condescending crap and help me? I'm not her daughter.
But she is family.
Don't tell Olive about the dress.
It'll just be our little secret.
You and Michaela are such a sweet couple.
- You better marry her.
- Not awkward.
Jared is dating Sarah.
Sarah "the Major's daughter" Sarah? We thought we were getting closer to surviving this.
Every 828er's fate We're all in the same Lifeboat, and we have been ever since we were brought back to life.
Any one of us could sink that Lifeboat.
It's my fault.
The fin disappeared the moment she died.
I have no idea what we're doing here.
Why isn't Ben Stone on this side of the fence? This guy, Eagan he's better at the Callings than us.
And I don't trust him.
Whatever the Calling is telling us about that place revolves around the loading dock.
You run straight at Eureka, they'll just pack up and move somewhere else.
You need someone on the inside.
I am not imagining things here.
The driftwood really is a surviving piece of Noah's Ark.
Shift and broaden the thermal spectral line two degrees.
There she goes, Doctor.
Starting to feel like the Mets during the play-offs.
Except, Troy, there is 187 passengers that need a home run to save our Lifeboat.
Simulated dark lightning should alter the fragment in some way.
It just sits there.
Clearly, we're missing part of the recipe.
You alright? 33 days and nothing to show for it.
We tried.
Besides, the Vatican's hounding us to return the fragment.
- We're weeks overdue.
- No, you can't send it back.
We've wasted valuable time and resources.
It's time to call it.
Look, one last attempt, please? I would like to give it a go myself.
We have nothing to lose.
Suit up.
Ooh! It smells amazing.
Didn't mean to put you out like this, though.
We could've just done takeout.
Eh, you don't make someone feel at home with soggy samosas.
If we're gonna support Jared's new relationship, then we need to go the extra mile.
Uh yeah.
Look, as much as I do love your cooking, I was also kind of hoping that you could pick up some vibes on Sarah.
Just 'cause she's the Major's daughter doesn't mean she's up to something.
So you think it's just a freak coincidence she's with Jared? Zeke, you said it yourself.
I mean, I can't I can't turn it on and off like a switch.
- Mm-hmm? - But I'll do my best.
Here, try.
That bad? No, it it's happening again.
Hey, what's up? Um, I got another dark cloud Calling.
You okay? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Uh last time I got this Calling, it was about your being at Eureka.
Well, I'm persona non grata.
They wouldn't let me back in there if I tried.
Maybe your Calling's about Jared and Major Junior coming for dinner.
How did you know about that? Zeke came by and borrowed a pot.
Don't worry.
As long as you're not cooking, it'll all be fine.
Thank you.
Hey, keep me posted.
Eden loves a brunette! Like mother, like daughter.
You're gonna have hair just like this one day.
Yes, you are.
Sorry to interrupt.
Oh, no.
Not at all.
I think these fabrics could be great for the restaurant.
Angelina, this is amazing.
It's like you're reading my mind.
I remember you saying you loved gingham in your house when you were younger, so I just put some ideas together.
Not a big deal.
"Working late on campus in case you need help with your homework"? Uh homework? Yeah.
No thanks.
He's being sweet.
If you say so.
What's going on? We're trying to decipher texts from the boy crush.
So, Levi likes you.
What do I say back? Oh, you don't need to "Cyrano" this thing.
You're smart, you're funny, you're kind, and let's lot forget these luscious locks.
Grace! I need your help! Oh, Eden, your daddy needs me.
- Do one of you mind? - Yeah.
- Yeah, of course.
- Okay, big sis to the rescue.
Oh, bubba! Oh, bubba! Oh, bubba! - Grace! - Babysitting must be such a drag now that you're basically in college.
"Babysitting"? Eden's my sister.
Of course.
I just mean I'm happy to fill in with Eden.
I love being a part of the family.
Grace! Oh! Grace! Ben.
Hurry! Switch off the washing machine! It's overflowing! I'm not running the washing machine.
Well, then where's all this water coming from?! Ben, I'm not seeing any water.
It's a Calling.
Eagan? What the hell is going on, Professor? Hey! - Hey.
You must be - Sarah.
- Nice to meet you.
- Thank you guys for coming.
- Yeah, thanks for having us.
- Come on in, come on in.
- Just a little dessert.
- Oh! - It's tiramisu.
- Thank you, my favorite.
Well, Jared told me.
I'll put that in the fridge.
- Drinks? - Happy to help.
So you live in the city? Um, did you grow up there, or I'm I'm so sorry.
That Jared just hasn't really told me that much about you, other than how you met.
Yeah, weird, right? I mean, if you'd worked my mom's case like I intended, then Jared and I probably would've never dated.
Good on you, man, hosting the most awkward dinner party ever.
Ha! Good on you to come.
Yeah, well, Mick didn't really give me much of a choice.
Jared mentioned that.
That's incredibly generous of you and Zeke.
It happened.
Same dark clouds, but this time, it was dumping rain and there was a lion.
A lion lion? Yes, Dorothy.
It was roaring in my face.
I thought it was gonna rip my freaking head off.
Too bad it wouldn't find a heart.
Second I popped outta the Calling, I knew I was supposed to pay a visit to Professor Dark Clouds.
Mick and I saw them, too.
Eh, not the lion in the rain, but it has to be about Eureka.
Me and Boy Scout Ben, once again.
Imagine my excitement.
Maybe I can help.
Just tell me what you need.
Head over to Astoria.
See what you can dig up on lions and floods.
I'll give you my login for the research catalogs.
It's all good.
Um, I have a friend.
What are you waiting for? Grab your raincoat! Something bad's going down at Eureka.
We gotta go now! Okay, Ben, can I speak with you for a minute? Well hello, 24D.
You remember me? Never forget a pretty face.
Angelina, Eagan.
Eagan, Angelina.
Would you mind getting Eagan some water? - Sure.
- Exactly what I need.
More water.
I'll be right back.
So whatcha doing here? I live here.
Actually, I am a little parched.
So delicious! I can't believe you made all this, Michaela.
Ha! No way that that happened.
Yeah, no, no, no.
It's, uh This is definitely all Zeke.
My cooking is a bit more, um Pizza or cereal.
Hey! Uh eh Yeah.
- Um, well done, Chef.
- Thank you.
I need Parmesan.
I got you, Beverly.
You okay? Yeah.
Um There you go.
I I am so, so sorry.
Uh, I have to take this phone call.
Sor So sorry.
I'll be right back.
So Angelina, messenger of God.
Yeah, how'd you know the meaning? I crush at crosswords.
How'd you end up living here? Uh, fate.
Michaela rescued me.
The Stones took me in.
You got lucky.
My ma died when I was a kid.
My old man split.
We're all on our own in this world.
Family's where you find it.
I've been blessed.
Ben spends every waking hour trying to help the passengers.
A real white knight, that guy.
Ben was gonna give me the 25-cent tour.
You know your way around? Ben, the man kidnapped you.
Why would you even let him in the door? I don't like this any more than you do, but he's excellent at deciphering the Callings, and, clearly, the Universe wants us to work together.
I don't want you going anywhere with him.
And I don't want him in my house.
Look, Cal is at Dad's.
Olive's out.
You and Angelina can take E - No, no, no! - Grace.
I-I didn't choose who's in our Lifeboat.
He's gaining influence with the passengers, and I have to keep my enemies close.
As soon as we solve this Calling, he's gone.
Unbelievable! I'll be back.
Absolutely incredible! You've outdone yourself, sir.
Why are you in here? He said you were gonna show him around.
I'm so sorry.
Don't blame Little House on the Prairie.
I was very charming.
Did you lie about being an orphan too? - Oh, my - Ish.
A-Angelina, come on.
Let's get you out of here.
You have no business being in here.
Thought you were mister full-disclosure, till I find your garage wallpapered with 828 stuff like "A Beautiful Mind".
This is years of painstaking research.
I'm guessing exactly why the Calling led me here.
Where do we start? Yeah? Ben, it got worse.
Way worse.
I saw my reflection, and there was tears of blood streaming down my face.
Blood? In the Calling? Who is it? Put it on speaker! Shh-shh-shh! Eagan's here.
Do I need to send a patrol unit? No, I'm fine.
Touch nothing! We both got the dark clouds Calling, but Eagan saw a lion and rain, and my garage started flooding.
Hey, Professor, Saanvi's your inside man at Eureka, right? Yeah.
Her picture's wet.
The only one.
It's part of the Calling.
Ben, when was the last time Saanvi called you? Uh has to be close to a week.
Not much of a mole.
If she found something, she would have called.
She wouldn't keep secrets.
She works in a classified research facility.
It's filled with literally nothing but secrets.
I mean, I hate to agree with him, but, Ben, I think Saanvi could be in some serious trouble at Eureka.
It's the only thing that makes sense.
I'll try her.
You've reached Dr.
Saanvi Bahl.
I can't get to the phone right now.
That's it.
- We're going now.
- Look, I want to get inside Eureka, too, but we can't just barge in there like you did my house.
I got a badge.
I'll go.
No, come on, Mick.
Get real.
This is the NSA.
Ben, I have to do this for Saanvi.
Something is seriously, seriously wrong.
What in the world? Nothing.
Stabilize the instrument, Troy.
Saanvi, your vest.
Oh, my God.
Help! Dr.
Gupta! Somebody, help! But I grew up in, um Hey, I am, uh, so sorry.
I have to go.
There's an urgent matter - Right now? - down at the precinct.
- I'll be right back.
Just - Do you want me to come with? No.
No, no, no.
Gotta do this on my own.
But, um, I don't know, save me some tiramisu.
What happened? How is she? I just feel a little faint, but I'm fine.
You're not fine.
Bahl's vitals are fairly stable, but I've never seen anything like this.
This better be important.
There's a Detective Stone here insisting Dr.
Bahl is in danger.
Do you think she called someone? No.
And I don't think she needed to.
Bring her in.
If our doctors can't figure this out, maybe Michaela knows something we don't.
Mnh-mnh, mnh, mnh, mnh.
Mnh Uh No.
Shh! You must've been deeply annoying to sit next to in school.
Jocks paid good money during exams.
But calculus is easier than Callings.
My garage flooded for a reason.
There's something we're supposed to find here.
Hello, kitty.
Hypothetical for you Can one be mauled to death during a Calling? Aah! That did not happen in Oz.
The lion's eyes were bleeding.
It's just like Mick's Calling.
I feel like I'm going cross-eyed looking at images of floods and lions from every century, but none of it's connected.
You should take a break.
Maybe Maybe we can grab dinner? I have to stay focused.
But for the record, kinda seems like you're asking me out.
Well, I'm I'm not not asking you out.
But I'm totally down to keep looking at old paintings.
I-I'm vibing that there is a a big teddy bear under all that ego.
You promise not to tell? It's my dad.
Hey, Dad.
Okay, Ol, we're gonna narrow it down.
Not just a lion, but a lion crying tears of blood.
What's going on? I don't know.
Something at Eureka.
Mick's trying to get in now to find answers, but we think Saanvi might be in danger.
I-I'm on it.
Have you ever heard anything about a lion crying tears of blood? I don't think lions cry.
Well, my dad needs to find whatever he can about a lion with bleeding eyes.
It doesn't have to be real.
It can be a myth.
Ooh, uh, maybe Far Eastern mythology.
What the hell is going on? What are you doing here? We were wondering the same.
I had a Calling.
Ben and Eagan had it, too.
We thought it might point to trouble at Eureka.
It appears we were right.
This looks a lot worse than it really is.
Can someone please tell me what is going on right now? That's Dr.
Bahl's call.
Tell her.
I trust Michaela.
Bahl is suffering from erratic blood pressure and hemolacria, which presents itself as tears of blood.
Can't you stop this? We're trying, but so far, all our efforts have been ineffective.
Saanvi, you need to go to a hospital.
- No, I need to be here.
- She's perfectly safe.
Yeo and her team are emergency medicine specialists.
And we do need to get to work.
Yeah, um, I'm not leaving.
It's not a request.
I'm on with Ol.
Did you get in? Barely, yeah.
What'd you find? Eagan and I had another Calling huge lion, its eyes were bleeding.
How's Saanvi? Saanvi's eyes are bleeding.
Literally, secreting blood.
Oh, my God.
Maybe this is happening because Saanvi can't get Callings.
Olive, tell Aunt Mick what you found.
There's this Chinese Buddhist myth that if a lion statue is crying tears of blood, it's a warning of a flood.
The villagers have to rush to the top of the mountain or drown.
- We're getting a flood warning? - But there's more.
One day, townsfolk painted red tears on the lion to trick an old woman.
When she wanted everyone to rush to the top of the mountain for safety, they just laughed.
But there was a flood.
And everyone except the old woman was killed.
So God punished the liars by drowning them? It all tracks up with your Calling water, lion, blood tears.
Everything except the dark clouds.
- Which led us to Eureka.
- Exactly.
Mick, we're being warned about a lie over there, one that might be threatening Saanvi's life.
All of our lives.
I need to speak to Saanvi alone.
- I told you, Miss - It's Detective, and that's not a request.
Saanvi, your bleeding eyes are a warning.
You need to tell me what's going on.
No, no, no.
Forget Vance.
Forget all of them, okay? Whatever you're hiding, it could be killing you.
You need to tell me what you're involved in.
Experiments on a piece of wood.
And we thi we know it is a fragment of Noah's Ark.
Noah's Ark from the Bible? H-How? I had a hard time wrapping my head around it, too, but the science supports the conclusion.
And more than that, it's laced with sapphire.
Like the Tailfin.
Saanvi, were you working on the Ark when your eyes started bleeding? I controlled the dark lightning simulator for the first time, but others have been working on it for weeks.
They're fine.
They're not us.
828, ride or die.
Rest up.
I'm gonna go get answers.
Oh! Thank you, young man.
- You're welcome.
- Homemade cioppino.
Where'd you learn to cook like this? My mom's from San Francisco.
Real foodie.
Growing up, we cooked Sunday suppers together.
Yeah, my family, too.
We had dinners all the time.
I mean, that was nonnegotiable.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Mm.
- Oh, let me give you a hand.
- I got this.
- No, no.
- Ah! Ah! - Hey! Hey! - Ouch! - Aah! Beverly, are you okay? Does it look like I'm okay? - Let me get - Let me get some ice on No, no.
Take your Aah! Take your hands off of me! Michaela, help me, please.
Help me.
Michaela! Yes, ma'am.
Here we go.
It's gonna be okay.
There we go.
That a little better? Yes.
Thank you.
- Why don't we get you tidied up.
- Okay.
First aid kit in the bathroom? Yeah.
Here, take my arm.
Thank you.
Whatever's going on in Eureka, it's getting worse.
Damn it! My shoes are suede.
What the hell is that? Al-Zuras's journal.
Um why don't you seem surprised this book is throwing off SPF-10,000 sun beams? Not the first time.
You ready for this? Eureka has a piece of Noah's Ark.
Did you just say She did.
Sister Stone for the win.
Sounds like your inside man has been holding out on you.
No, wait, wait.
How on earth did they find Noah's Ark? I don't know, but I think it's connected to Saanvi being sick.
She was experimenting on it when her eyes started bleeding.
Is she okay now? No, she's not.
Oh, my God, Saanvi.
So, is that not the lie? Yeah, that's what I'm gonna find out.
How's Saanvi? No clue.
I'm shut out.
My gear's on the fritz.
Yours too? Nope.
Have you considered user error? Mate, I have two PhDs.
When my readings tell me there's seismic activity happening right under our feet, I'm going with faulty government equipment.
I need you to be straight with me.
This place is about more than 828, isn't it? Noah's Ark, Vance? Biggest secret NSA's ever held, apparently for the shortest amount of time.
And yet, Saanvi telling me hasn't changed her condition at all.
No, you're holding back on something.
It's not just about the Ark.
Vance, there's something more, something I-I-I don't know, but it clearly has to do with Saanvi, so enough.
Enough with the secrets.
You know all I know, and you know I'd do anything to help Saanvi.
There's nothing more to tell.
You can lie to me all you want, but I will get the truth from Saanvi.
Detective, I assure you, whatever else Saanvi thinks she knows has nothing to do with her condition.
Leave her be.
Let the doctors handle this.
- You can't help her.
- Then why did you let me in? No, no, no.
I'm I'm clearly here for a reason.
Otherwise, what is the point of all of this? Code blue.
Yeo to medical.
Code blue.
- Saanvi.
- Dr.
Yeo to medical.
Dad? Um, I brought all the books I could find on Chinese mythology and floods, lions Mom? Oh, my God.
Do you like it? What? Like it? I mean, borrowing my clothes, that was one thing, but but copying my hair? - No, I wasn't trying to - No? Look in the mirror! No, I-I didn't mean I I'm sorry.
I'll change it back.
I just I j-just wanted to be like you.
Just stop! Stop! Okay? You're not me! I know that.
Really? Because I-I see you.
I see you sucking up to my mom and pretending to be Eden's big sister a-and pushing me out so you can No, I wouldn't do that.
I I just wanted to be a part of this family.
You guys are all so nice.
Nice? We pity you.
Scale of 1 to 10, I'd say that dinner party was a negative 5.
Don't sweat it.
I admire what you and Mick are doing here with Bev.
She's lucky to have you.
That was incredibly generous of you to step in.
How's Beverly? I helped her change into her PJs.
She's fine.
Her love for Michaela is really touching.
I know Mick wishes she could have stayed.
Oh, we'll do it again sometime.
Next time, we'll host.
Glad you two found each other.
Yeah, me, too.
Some ancient texts say Noah's Ark was lit by sapphire, which Saanvi also found on the Tailfin.
Now, the Hebrew word for sapphire is sappir, which comes from sefirah, which means Glow of God.
Of course you know that.
Al-Zuras wrote about a glow on his boat.
I think that was sapphire, too.
So what? What does it mean? I feel like I'm going crazy.
So did Al-Zuras's crew.
That's sorta terrifying.
Isn't that your inside man? Saanvi.
How did I not see that before? We see what we want to see.
"The cure begat the affliction".
Some of Al-Zuras's men tried to get rid of their Callings.
Saanvi's experiments caused her to get rid of her Callings, too.
Are you actually suggesting that whoever drew this knew that Saanvi would be going through the same thing hundreds of years later? I don't know.
But it gets worse.
Worse? How? That's comforting.
Maybe the only way to keep the boat afloat was for those sinking the boat to jump.
Are you saying, Professor, our Lifeboat already has holes? You think Saanvi made one? It's hard to believe.
But it does feel like we're going down.
Code blue.
Get the crash team.
What's happening to her? She started crashing out of nowhere.
We're pumping fluids and meds.
Nothing's working.
Bahl, your O2 SATs are tanking.
We need to intubate.
No tube.
Saanvi, please.
You both know that you're not gonna fix me.
Once I go on a vent, I'm not gonna come back.
Saanvi, you have to let her do whatever she can to save you right now.
She can't save me.
No one can.
Saanvi, your tears of blood, your body breaking down, it's because you can't get Callings anymore, which is why my Calling led me to you.
It's about a lie.
What What are you hiding? You're not a killer, Saanvi.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Saanvi, you don't have to die.
You can save yourself right now.
I'm not afraid to die.
Then save the rest of us.
All of you, go.
I'm tired of fighting of hiding of lying.
Saanvi, you can trust me.
Whatever it is, we will get through it together.
There's nothing you can do.
There's nothing anybody can do, because I brought it upon myself.
I killed her.
I killed the Major.
Saanvi, your eyes.
The water, it's gone.
Dry as my grandma's meatloaf.
It's over! Hey.
Oh, thank God.
Mick, I am so glad you were with her.
Saanvi's eyes stopped bleeding.
She's going to be fine.
Been real, Dorothy.
Let's do not it again.
Wait, y-you can't leave.
I-It's our Lifeboat.
We gotta save it together.
Now you trust me? You didn't share any of this until you absolutely had to, so why should I trust you? Eagan we have the capacity to stop this from happening to all of us.
I can't do it without you.
Help me.
Tell me everything you know.
Alright, well, that could take days, but let's, uh let's start with, uh, some basic assumptions of Death Date and Lifeboat.
Hey, Ol, have you seen Angelina? No, I don't keep tabs on your besties.
O kay.
What's going on, babe? Have you seen Angelina's hair? I mean, she dyed it to match mine.
She did? She wears all my clothes and hijacks Eden.
She's all up in your restaurant stuff.
I don't know, it's just it's weird.
Yeah, I seem to remember another young woman who had a lot of weird, tough times after the plane disappeared.
Yeah, I know, but But we had each other.
Angelina doesn't have anyone.
She looks at you, and she sees someone who has it all.
It doesn't feel like that.
Trust me, she only meant it as a compliment.
So how do I fix things with Angelina? Well, the Olive Stone that I know is a consummate problem solver.
The Tailfin disappeared because I killed her.
That is the only thing that makes sense.
Yeah, but that was months ago.
Why is this happening now? Critical mass? I was lying about what happened to the Major.
I was lying about what we were doing here.
I guess it just came to a head and broke me.
Saanvi, I am so sorry that you had to carry that alone for so long.
I'm sorry I lied to you guys.
I'm even sorrier for sinking the Lifeboat.
I don't believe that.
No, you saved countless lives.
No, none of that matters, not after what I've done.
You're not the only one who's taken a life.
He felt responsible for his sister's death.
But he made amends, he followed the Calling, and he survived his Death Date.
That's not the same.
No, it is not, because you thought the Major had a cure for Zeke, and on top of that, she kidnapped and tortured passengers.
She killed people, Saanvi, so if her death isn't justifiable, I don't know whose is.
But still, like, how do I redeem myself from murder? I wish I knew.
But the Calling, it wanted you to come clean.
Maybe that's the first step.
Now what? I just confessed to murder.
You're a cop.
You have a responsibility.
- No, I don't - You have to - Yeah, you do to save the Lifeboat.
- Saanvi, no.
Look, come on, we both took an oath.
I betrayed mine.
Don't betray yours.
Alright, well, you're in no condition to go anywhere, let alone a jail, so why don't you get better, and then we can talk.
One last thing.
Um please don't say anything to Ben.
I'd like to tell him myself.
I feel like I owe him that much.
I'm gonna be with you for whatever comes next.
828, ride or die.
Hey, there.
You're back already? - Hey.
- Holy Angelina, your hair.
I thought you were Olive.
I'm sorry.
I just didn't know who else to turn to.
What's going on? It's Olive.
She hates me.
Hey, Angelina, it's me again.
Um, I'm sorry I was so harsh earlier.
But Find My Friends says you're on campus, so I'd really like to talk, if you could call me.
Whatever happened between you two, I'm sure you'll work it out.
I mean, no one could ever hate you.
- This can't hap - What the hell is going on?! Uh Olive, I didn't I I'm so sorry.
You need to leave.
Leave! Now! Do we have any ice cream? Mint chocolate chip, coming up.
They make a sweet couple.
You can feel the love.
Jared and Sarah seem to be the real deal.
Who's Sarah? I was talking about Jared and Michaela.
Sarah's the one who helped you.
She's Jared's girlfriend.
I'm Zeke.
I'm married to Michaela.
Michaela thought you only had one day left to live.
Doesn't hold a candle to 12 years together.
How do you know that? Can you feel what I'm feeling? Beverly? Do we have any ice cream? This Calling made me realize I had it all wrong.
Had what wrong? Well, I-I've been so focused on preventing people from poking holes in our Lifeboat, I didn't notice it was already leaking.
We have to fix it.
What if we can't fix it? Here, look.
Some of Al-Zuras's men jumped ship.
Maybe a-a sacrifice for the greater good.
Ben how do you know they jumped? I guess they could've been pushed.
You don't think the Callings are telling you to push another person out of the Lifeboat do you? There's gotta be another way.
Saanvi, you should be resting.
I feel fine.
It's a false alarm.
Nothing false about it.
I'm glad you're on the mend.
I, uh, really thought that I could help find answers to what happened to the Ark, to 828.
But, uh, that experiment was a fail.
Far from it.
Couldn't fix it, huh? Guess they're gonna have to revoke those PhDs.
Nothing to fix after all.
What am I looking at? It's an earthquake swarm, a cluster of tiny tremors.
Tremors? Where? Here.
I don't get it.
They built Eureka on a fault line? That's just it there is no fault anywhere in the vicinity.
Even though you performed the same protocol we'd tried again and again on the driftwood, your participation was invaluable.
How? Nothing happened, except for my eyes.
Well, that's what everyone thought.
But I slowed down the footage.
It vanished? At 7:44 PM, and returned precisely 37 milliseconds later.
I recalibrated and ran every test again.
My readings were accurate.
Barely detectable, but an earthquake nonetheless, just a couple of hours ago.
7:44 PM.
And we're standing on the epicenter.
I assumed the piece of the Ark wouldn't be more than a fascinating historical relic.
But it appears that God isn't the only one who can create a miracle.
We did it.
And we're just getting started.
We've had a breakthrough with 828.
That's game changer.
We're on the brink of something huge.
Get down!
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