Mapleworth Murders (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

A Murderer's Beef – Part 1

Good morning, New Woodstream.
Let's have a day of it.

Good morning, Peter.
Saw your wife. She told me everything.
[GASPS] Well, who are you, sir?
I'm going to name you Hungry for now.
And you can call me Sucker.
Let's go. Come on in.
You're gonna love it.
Izzy, I have very exciting news.
Today I am going to start my
first ever full-length novel.
No more procrastination.
Now you go lay down in
your orthopedic bed.
Good darling.
And begin.
Abigail Mapleworth.
To whom am I speaking?
Hey, it's Jerry, your agent.
How's the novel coming?
Jerry, I've written 64
murder mystery novellas.
I think I've got this.
I once wrote a Yelp review
that was 20 pages long
about a restaurant that used balsamic
that was not house-made, as claimed.
Okay, well, I'll let you
work your magic.
There's nothing magic
about murder, Jerry.
And you should also wear pants
when you're in the office.
How did you
I hate when you do that.
All right. For real this time, Abigail.
- And begin.
- Oh, my goodness gracious.
- No bark!
[GASPS] Heidi?
- Hi, Aunt Abigail.
- Ohh, come in here!
Look at you!
Oh, you've grown into such
a beautiful young gal.
I thought you were going to be
a little mushroom like I am,
but your legs got in
the game just in time.
Mom and Dad said thanks so
much for letting me stay here.
- Of course.
- It was either this
or go home to Australia, you know,
back in the marsupial pouch.
- Oh. [LAUGHS]
- Oh!
- Oh, here are all the babies
- from my marsupial pouch.
- Hi! Ohh.
Oh, and give her kisses. Oh, kisses!
So your parents tell me that you're
going to be finishing college
at New Woodstream instead of Princeton.
Uh, that reminds me.
I've gotta go online
- and register for classes.
- Hm.
Um, what's your Wi-Fi?
It's Wireless Network.
You should change that.
- Uh, password?
- Oh.
the four is spelled F-O-U-R
and then an entire line of asterisks
that just look like a
little blanket of snow.
It's a strong password.
And if you need anything at
all, at any time, you just
Dingy-ding. And I'll be right
in that bed right there.
Wait, we're sleeping right
next to each other?
- Mm.
- Don't you have, like,
- three other bedrooms?
- I do.
There's one for the dogs,
one for the cats,
and then the third one is where
they all meet for parties.

As you can see, Heidi,
the town square is quite
the bevy of activity.
This is my favorite shop
All windchimes all the time,
- and it's open till 11:00.
I can't post any of these. Is it
possible to have negative bars?
Oh, there's a grand
opening sign up there.
Something is exciting.
Let's check it out.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it says
it's a hot spot. Let's go.
Well, I mean, it hasn't opened.
That's pretty cocky to call
themselves a hot spot. [CHUCKLES]
No, it's an Internet hot spot.
Congrats on your big opening, jackass.
Maybe you can finally
pay me back the money
you sucked from my savings, you prick.
I hope you die soon!
And if you don't, let me know,
so I can kill you myself!
Sorry about that. That's my ex-wife.
She's an asshole.
So what do you think of the shop?
It's very nice. I don't usually
frequent meat markets.
Oh, God damn it, Ben Jr.!
What are you doing now?
Oh, I wanted to display
my homemade dry rub.
[MOCKING] Dry rub.
You know what I wanted? A daughter.
You have Samantha.
Yeah, but she's a shithead.
Now get that crap out of here!
Be better!
Yes, sir.
Come on. Move it!
God damn, that boy's got
about as much common sense
as a bee in a camper toilet.
Just like his mom,
the asshole from earlier. Hm.
Um, excuse me, what's your Wi-Fi?
Wireless Network.
Password is A1B2C3D4
and then that little squiggle that
goes over Ns in Mexican words.
Get out of here, Andy Hapsberg.
You get out of here, and by out of here,
I mean out of this town!
I've been the New Woodstream
butcher since 1987.
Well, we're all tired
of your limp meats.
You're gonna be closed and
out of business in 30 days.
Over my dead body.
Well, I can arrange that!
I'd like to see you try to kill me!
Stop this nonsense.
You two are grown men.
I'm trying to show my young niece
around the beauty of New Woodstream,
and you two are acting
like ridiculous pussies
going at it hard in the alley.
Now shake hands.
That's it. I believe in no time
you two will be fast friends,
sharing grinder stories and
comparing the size of your giblets
over a cold beer.
That was surprisingly fun.
Wait till you meet the
women's crochet league.
Now those are some skilled hookers.
- That was for you, Heidi.
And finally, this is the western
New Woodstream cemetery.
Aunt Abigail, this is the fourth
cemetery you've shown me.
Well, the rest of them
are closed on Mondays.
Now let's go have a luncheon.
Who says luncheon?
I just did. Did you not hear me?
And that's my favorite place
to get sanitary napkins.
Oh, Heidi.
I'm going to have to take off
my tour guide hat for a moment
and exchange it for a
mystery-solving tam.
Let's get to snooping.
Okay, yeah.
Gilbert, has there been
a crime committed?
Ouch, ah, hey, Abigail. [CHUCKLES]
Not sure. I was just about to
go check it out myself, but
- [LAUGHS] Gol dang it.
This thing's on the fritz again.
[LAUGHS] It's possessed.
Ohh. Okay.
Oh, wait, Abigail. You know the drill.
You gotta let me go in first. Come on!
Heidi, turn away, dear.
There's been a murder.
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