Mapleworth Murders (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

The Final Chapter for Mrs. Mapleworth - Part 1

- GILBERT: Whoa. Abigail, watch out!
- Aah!
Abigail! No, no!
- Oh, Abigail.
- Ah.
Oh. Are you all right?
That car hit me so hard,
it knocked my shirt clear off.
- What are you doing, Gilbert?
- I'm covering you.
Oh, my goodness.
Thank you.
May I say, your chest
has a lovely personality.
Well, thank you.
Right back at you, milady.
I'm so happy that you're all right.
That driver could have
caused a serious accident.
Oh, that was no accident, Gilbert.
Someone just tried to murder me.
Gilbert, I don't understand why
I have to do a police report.
It was nothing.
Someone trying to run you
over and leaving you topless
is not nothing.
Who would want to kill you?
I have accused nearly everyone
in New Woodstream of murder,
but I don't see why any of
them would want me dead.
Well, I'm not gonna sit
around here and do nothing
while someone's out
there trying to kill you.
Me "meither."
I meant to say,
"Me neeber." Nope, dang it.
I'm trying to sound reassuring
and I keep fudging it up.
What are we waiting for?
Let's deduce who's trying to murder me.
Ah. Well, it solves itself.
Oh, Aunt Abigail, are you sure
you're not shelving pingers?
- I could be.
- What in the hell is going on here?
Pewntz, you allowed this
woman to come in here
and "crapify" my suspect
board like this?
- This is a mess!
- Shh! I'm percolating. Please.
BILLS: You're not the police.
Which is why you shouldn't be doing
any of this arts and craft stuff
on my suspect board.
Where is Abigail Mapleworth?
Who is in charge here?
- Jerry?
- Abigail, you're okay. Thank God.
- JERRY: Mmm!
Everyone, this is my
agent, Jerry Sprinks.
What are you doing here?
I was in the next town over at
my niece's brother's wedding.
Your nephew.
My Yes. Yes. I don't know
why I said it that way.
But I thought I would come over
and see how the new book is coming in.
When I was checking into the hotel,
someone said you were almost
run over. Are you all right?
Yes, just a little bit of a
bruised ego and a left breast.
When that car came at me,
it really knocked my knockers,
but it evened them out,
so that's good news.
Well, I thought I'd come here
and find you as flat as a panini,
but you're not and I'm glad.
- Mmm!
- ABIGAIL: Ow. Jerry.
- Oh.
- My left beanbag, please.
It's like a gator gave me a mammogram.
Well, how about I finish
checking in at the hotel
- and you join me later for a cocktail?
I would love that. After tonight,
I need a good stiff one.
- The stiffer the better.
- Oh. Rock-hard liquor.
Well, it's not hard to lick her
when she's rocking that skirt.
- Oh! Holy innuendo.
- More like, "hardly in her endo."
- JERRY: Jerry, no!
- Jerry! For the win!
"In your endo."
Oh, agents.
Bad news, everyone.
My septic tank has flooded the basement.
Also, I just got a call
that there's an abandoned
car in the cemetery.
It matches the description of
that car that tried to hit you.
- New Woodstream Cemetery?
- Nope.
- South New Woodstream Cemetery?
- Uh-uh.
- Hilltop Cemetery Annex One?
- JERRY: Nope.
St. Francis the Blessed
Animal Owner Cemetery?
Stop. Which one?
Oh, it's at the Northwestern
Woodstream Cemetery South.
Let's go, Heidi.
- Hey, hey, hey.
That's a potential crime
scene over there.
I don't want you going near that car.
We promise.
- Pewntz, tail them.
- Tail?
- Gilbert.
- Yes?
- Tail them now.
- Tell them what?
- Follow them!
- Follow. Follow.
- You mean, "tail." Okay, got it.
- Yeah.
ABIGAIL: All right, Heidi.
There's the car. Let's get to snooping.
- What are those?
- Soiled tissues.
The driver either has a cold
or likes to play with their stick
shift when they're driving.
To the trunk!
Ah! My, my, my.
Oh, yeah. This is stalker city.
ABIGAIL: They tried
to cross out my name.
Clearly, someone despises me.
- HEIDI: Is that orange nail polish?
Hey, hey! It's me. It's Gilbert. Ah!
You didn't touch anything, right?
Why don't you ask, uh, Puppy Daisy?
[IN FUNNY VOICE] These nice
ladies didn't do anything.
Anything at all.
GILBERT: Hi, I'm a friendly unicorn.
- Wanna go romp in the grass together?
- Nope.
Great meeting you. Mm.
[IN NORMAL VOICE] Heidi, let's go.
Yeah, I know you're a badass,
but I'm worried about you.
Heidi, no one is going
to try to murder me
with all these people around.
I just wanna have one
nice drink with my agent
and then I'll be home
before you know it.
Could you be a dear and
feed all my babies?
- Yeah, sure. Um, where's their food?
- Oh, it's in the kitchen.
Now, Cooper likes a cup of the food
from the purple bag in the red bowl.
- And then form it into little meatballs.
Izzy likes the leftovers
from my egg fried rice.
Buttercrunch likes his
wet food warmed up,
preferably in a body nook.
Flattery Will Get You Everywhere
will eat everything you hand him,
so keep your tampons to yourself.
The Schranz will only
eat freeze-dried treats
that smell like cheese.
They'll be fine. They'll be fine. Um
- You just stay safe, okay?
- Thank you, dear.
I'm not doing any of that
shit, so who wants pizza?
- What can I get you?
- I would like a salty nipple.
And as long as you're pouring,
I'll have another Jack and Coke.
And this time, put some
Jack in it, asshole.
Sir, you have reached your
limit and I'm cutting you off.
- Oh, dear. Oh, my.
- BARTENDER: Riffraff!
My apologies for that rude individual.
Your drink is on the house.
- That is not necessary.
- Of course it is.
I've been working up the courage
to tell you that I'm a huge fan.
I own every single one of your books,
even your children's book,
Inspector Bear and the
Chipmunk Stabbings.
Thank you.
Well, there she is.
Hello there, Mrs. Twat.
Don't "hello" me.
You got my son locked up.
Well, your son hung me from a meat
hook and killed your ex-husband.
My son was a good boy.
And he always gave me
money when I asked for it.
And if he resisted,
I would say, "Puh-weeze."
And he would shit money out like an ATM.
It's like you murdered my
only source of income.
If there weren't so many
people in this bar,
I'd murder you so hard right here!
- Mrs. Twat!
- Go to hell!
A lot of birds flying
around this place tonight.
Kind of makes me wish
I brought my binoculars.
- Dang.
I thought I smelled burning sulfur.
I followed the slime trail to your seat.
Would you like to make a
statement for the paper
about your brush with death?
Speaking of brushes, your hair
looks like a merkin from a giant.
There's the sharp wit I've come
to expect from a novella writer.
- Any details?
- Yes. Uh, one detail:
Fine, if you won't spill the beans,
I will have to get my information el
Excuse me.
I guess I'm allergic to bullshit.
That was a good one.
Jerry, thank the Lord.
So sorry that I kept you waiting.
Oh, this is such a parade of
ding-dongs in here tonight.
I will get a virgin margarita
with a shot of tequila.
So a margarita?
Yes. Abigail.
Morty Bundt, the publishing house,
is gonna ask for the advance back
if you don't finish the new book soon.
Jerry, have I ever missed a deadline?
- All the time.
- Oh, fair.
Here is your drink, sir.
- Goddamn it!
This sweater was a Valentine gift
from my uncle's only sister!
- So your mom?
- Oh, shut up.
Oh, that's bleach.
- I gotta change.
- Oh, Jerry, I'm sorry.
Oh, poor Jerry.
I feel like I've stressed
out my agent so much
and he's such a support with
my career as an author.
Hey, that's not meant for you!
I cut you off!
You can't cut me off.
Death by salty nipple!
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