Marcella (2016) s02e08 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 8

1 - Where's Gail? - I don't know.
- Put it down! 17 dead children.
Their bodies are left with stuffed toys.
What the hell is that? - Drag marks.
- I think we're looking for a woman.
- They're home.
- You realise you wanted to go to Singapore with her and Dad? I want to try again the day I found Juliette.
You can't force it, Marcella.
Hi, Edward! The toys and the kids' TV in the cells.
They were there to keep them innocent and child-like.
I want everyone to grow up safe and happy, but it's not always the way.
She's stopping them from becoming abusers and hurting others.
It's a vicious circle, but it can be broken.
The rise and fall Of your god Will tell me the story of your city The rise and fall Of your faith Will show me the things that I've been missing Let this war begin I just wanted to talk to her, you know? - Get some answers.
- What about? Gail going missing.
What makes you think Dr Lewis has something to do with that? What's gonna happen to Taylor? Where is she? She's with social services.
Will they put her in a foster home? - I don't want that.
- You should have thought about that before you shot at Dr Lewis, shouldn't you? I know.
Course I know.
Why did you do it? Gail.
She does stuff not really thinking things through.
But she'd never leave Taylor.
So what do you think happened? Eric? She was obsessed with this bloke, Joel, at the care home where she works.
I think she was onto something and they made her disappear.
Thank you.
What are you doing here? Joel's one of my patients.
What are you doing here? Um I need to talk to him.
Joel, I'm DS Backland.
I need to Where did he get that scar? I don't know.
LeAnn? Hey, it's me.
I want you to get everything that you possibly can on Joel Lawrence.
- He's got exactly the same scar as all the other victims.
- 'OK.
Joel Lawrence.
'Is there anything else you can tell me about him?' Right.
I've got it.
Born 13th of the fourth, 1974.
Next of kin is his sister.
Shit! Jane Colletti, born in 1972.
She has a daughter, Samantha, with Alessandro Colletti, a wine-maker.
They divorced in 2013 and Alessandro moved back to Italy.
She's a midwife, no previous record, and not surprisingly, she's a volunteer of the Whitman Foundation.
Both parents are dead.
The brother Joel went to Norway when he was 19, had a car accident and returned home in the condition he's in today.
That's what the file says, but Eric's sister believes that Joel was never in an accident.
Maybe he survived her attempts at lobotomy.
She matches the profile.
Medical education, the scars on her brother and a possible link to our victims.
Go and get her.
All clear! That's Edward's bag! He had it with him when I dropped him off at school this morning! What's it doing here? Come on! No! Marcella! Why are you so desperate to get in touch with my mum? Samantha? Samantha, where are we? My nan's house.
So, why are we here? You wanted to come here.
To find my mum.
Why do you need to see her? What's happened? Wait here.
Rav? It's me.
- Have you found them? - Where are you and what happened? LeAnn said you just left.
Have you found them? - No.
She's not at work and she hasn't told anyone about going away.
- What about her car? 'There's no ANPR activation.
We traced her phone back to her place.
Where are you?' - I'm at her mum's house.
- 'What? Why?' Marcella, come back to the station and let's deal with this together.
Marcella? 'Marcella!' (Oh, my God!) Mum wasn't there? - No.
- Are we going home, yet? No, not yet.
We're gonna find your mum.
Try not to move too much.
The sedative might make you feel a bit sick.
But it will pass.
When Samantha told me about that mouse .
I started to keep an eye on you.
Your mother was very violent towards your step-mother.
Does she hit you? No.
Does she touch you? Make you do things? Sexual things? - No! - Did your father, or anyone else? So tell me, then.
- What happened to you? - Why are you doing this? What did I do? Oh, sweetheart.
It's about what you're going to do .
if we can't lock it in .
change the way you think.
Don't move.
Stay there.
- Rav? - 'What the fuck is going on?' - I'm at Colletti Wines in Wapping.
- Her ex-husband used to own it.
- 'Is she there?' I think it's her car.
I need a registration check.
Delta-Victor, One, Two, Delta Tango Zulu.
We need to go to Colletti Wines in Wapping.
Yeah, it's her.
Just wait there.
We're coming with back-up.
Time to go back to sleep.
It's all right, sweetheart.
Mum? Mum, what are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here! Put it down.
And step away from my son.
You were never supposed to see this.
Mum, what are you doing? Please stop! Step away from my son! I'm doing it for you.
For all the innocents who will suffer if I don't.
- I'll kill her! - Mummy! Let her go.
If you so much as touch him, I swear to God I will kill her! You wouldn't do that.
No? You're fucking with the wrong mother! Aghh! Aghh! Rav! Drag marks! - We're going in! - The warrant's on its way.
- I'm not waiting! Oh, Jesus Christ! It's OK.
It's OK.
We need a medic! Are you OK? Are you Samantha? Aghh! Thank you for bringing her.
How is he? Um, the operation went well.
He's, um He's sleeping.
The doctor says he'll be like that for a while, now.
- I called Jason.
He's landing first thing in the morning.
- Thanks.
What happened? Becky said it was Samantha's mum.
They don't know yet.
She's being held at the station.
- Are you OK? - Yes.
- I'm fine.
- Mum, you're bleeding.
- I think I should probably go and get that sorted.
- You probably should.
Edward's sleeping, and we're here now.
We'll text you if anything happens.
Maybe you should go with her.
She's not going to see a doctor.
She's going back to work.
- Why? - That's our mum.
Marcella, what are you doing here? You should be with Edward.
Edward's asleep.
Emma and Becky are there and I can be more use here.
Can you really? - Yes.
- Are you sure? - My God, yes! OK.
Come on, then.
But behave yourself! - This interview - I will report you.
- .
is being recorded - I think you should.
- The officer with me is DS Backland.
Also present is Mrs Colletti's solicitor.
You're still under caution.
Do you understand that? We need to hear your answer for the recording.
I understand.
What would you like to know? Why him? Leo.
He was about to change.
Same as all the others.
"Innocent child to abuser.
" Yes.
And I had to stop him.
Stop him from doing what, exactly? He was gonna hurt some of the younger girls in the school in quite an advanced and grown-up manner.
Did he call the school and tell you about it? No, no.
He liked Samantha.
He told Samantha and she told me.
Like she did with Edward.
What did you do to your boy? Nothing It's OK.
It's OK.
Maybe sometimes they just go bad.
Like your brother did? No.
That was our father.
That's when I really understood what could happen.
I watched Joel suffer for years.
And then, when our father died, it was all over.
And then a year later, Joel tried to do the same thing, victim turns abuser.
Evil had put down roots.
It was starting to grow in his body and I had to lock it in with the symbols.
I wanted to change him Lobotomise them.
Preserve them.
I never meant to kill anyone.
I wanted to save them in the same way I saved Joel.
Yeah, but they all died, didn't they? Gail Donovan.
Oh, she started to talk with Joel.
Where is she? The Thames.
- Where are the other children? - Uh, I could show you on a map.
We assumed you buried Leo at Reg Reynolds apartment because your best friend Debbie Canavan died there.
We can't work out why you buried Seema here.
My brother.
Joel came here and told them about our father.
But .
no-one followed it up.
So you buried them for what? Revenge? Punishment? No.
Symbolic justice.
Do you know how much suffering I've prevented? You really believe that, don't you, you sick fuck? Kill one to save many.
It's never easy.
'But it is right.
'My conscience is clear.
'Is yours?' Do you want a lift back to the hospital? No.
I've got to do something first.
I'm ready.
Even if we can reach that memory, there's no certainty the problems will disappear immediately.
What the hell am I doing here, then? All I'm saying is that I'm not sure it'll be enough just to remember.
But it'll be enough for me to fight back.
I'm ready.
You seem tense.
OK, let's try.
Concentrate on that day.
Visualise it.
Five .
four .
three, two .
'You are there.
' Stop! Shut up.
Shut up.
Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up! (You need something.
) Shh! Shh! Shh! God! Please, stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Please stop it! Juliette Come on.
Come on Five Four - Mum? - Don't come in! Three Two GET OUT! One.
I did that.
I did that to my baby.
- Please - Go away! - Are you all right? - Will you give this to Jason? What is it? You're giving Jason sole custody? Marcella, please come and sit down for a minute.
Take care of them for me.
Marcella .
I don't know what's happened, OK? Listen to me.
Whatever it is You have been a victim.
Marcella, please.
Just look at me.
Come to me, Marcella.
Come to me.
Let me help you.
It's me.
Let me just grab your hand.
I've got you.
I've got you! You're gonna have to talk to someone, so it may as well be me.
Hey Hey, hey, hey.
You were too close to the edge up there.
I'm not gonna let you go home.
Come on.
Sit down.
What's happened? Is it Edward? Marcella, you'll have to tell me, otherwise I can't help you.
My baby.
She wouldn't stop screaming, so I was so tired! I just wanted her to stop.
Do you want me to call someone? No.
Why don't you let me come home with you and make sure you get some rest? No.
You can't be on your own.
You can come back to mine, if you want, and we'll see what we can sort out tomorrow.
Marcella? There was a fire, nine days ago.
I don't know whether you heard anything about it.
An abandoned house, over in Walworth.
Or it was supposed to be abandoned.
A number of homeless people, paperless immigrants, were squatting there.
Three people died.
The bodies were so badly burned, they had to use DNA to identify them.
Couldn't match two of them.
But they were able to identify the third.
Marcella Backland.
DS Marcella Backland.
For some reason, there's been a mix-up with the DNA.
So now .
you're dead.
The department that Laura and I work for could use a dead police officer.
To go undercover.
What do you say? The rise and fall Of your god Will tell me the story of your city The rise and fall Of your faith Will show me the things that I've been missing Let this war begin