Marchlands s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

It's Alice's.
Draped over her headstone.
Someone is trying to tell us something.
We have a duty.
To have another baby? To try.
They keep asking questions about you, but none of them believe me.
'Everybody is upset.
' 'It's all your fault.
' Scott? What's wrong with you? I'm sorry.
Who was the woman? Olive Runcie.
She's deaf.
Lives further out on the forest road.
'I used to do their garden for them.
' Decide if you want some help around the house and then decide if you want me to provide it.
I don't even know your name.
Oh, didn't Mark say? It's Ruth.
Ruth Bowen.
(CONVERSATION CONTINUES) EDDIE: What do you think they talk about? You've been asking me that for three months.
I don't know.
Do you think she asks about us? She's a social worker.
It's her job.
They think this is all our fault.
Maybe it is.
What? Maybe we've done something wrong, or we didn't do something we should've done.
Or we missed something.
Do you really think that? I don't know, Eddie.
I just want Amy to get better.
(SIGHS) I just keep thinking back to that Cleveland business.
All those kids took into care.
That's different.
We know that but they don't.
Some kind of trauma.
That's what they're looking for.
Get back before she sees you.
Stick the kettle on.
Make some tea.
Act normal.
How do I act normal? I thought I was normal.
(CRY OF PAIN) Nisha? Here! Oh, I think it's started! It came on so fast.
(MOANS) Is the baby moving? Yeah.
I started getting cramps yesterday but they weren't very regular, then suddenly this.
Where's Mark? Oh, he's coming but he's miles away, so I phoned you.
Quite right.
They're not cramps.
They're contractions.
You're in labour.
Oh, I need to get to the hospital.
I'll phone them.
They'll send an ambulance.
I don't know if that baby will wait that long.
Oh, God! Mrs Bowen? My name's Dr Morgan.
I'm going to be checking your tubes this morning.
Make sure everything's clear down there.
Feet in the stirrups, please.
We use a little blast of carbon dioxide and then listen to see if it's getting into all the nooks and crannies.
Quite simple.
(GAS HISSES) (MOANS) They're very close together.
I know.
I shan't be a minute.
Where are you going? To wash my hands and get some towels.
Don't worry.
I've done this a thousand times.
I don't think the ambulance is gonna make it.
I shan't be a tick.
It'll be fine, I promise you.
(MOANS) (EXHALES) Oh, yes.
Loud and clear.
Both sides.
Very good.
That ought to have got rid of any cobwebs.
Would you come with me, Mr Bowen? Take your time, and when you're finished come and find me.
I don't understand.
Do I really have to spell it out? No, I mean, I thought it was my wife who was being tested.
She is, trust me.
This is the least you can do.
Have you noticed any change in Amy since my last visit? What kind of change? Has she seemed different? She seems a bit subdued.
Quieter than usual.
Yeah, I thought that.
She's shy with strangers.
But if Helen's noticed it too - It's true.
She has been very quiet.
Maybe cos she knows everybody's watching her.
It's best if you try and behave normally with her.
We do.
We are.
Normal, I mean.
Has she talked any more about Alice? Not to me.
Should we be asking her about it? Unless Amy raises it herself I'd leave it to the psychotherapist if I were you.
And how's Scott? Scott? He's fine.
Is he in? It'd be good to have a chat with him.
No, he went out earlier.
Out where? I don't know.
He never tells me anything, does he? These situations can be quite difficult for siblings.
(CLEARS THROAT) He's with his mates.
He's not run off or anything.
He's fine.
He's just being a teenager.
A normal teenager.
You don't have kids, do you, Marilyn? No, I don't.
But we're not here to talk about me, are we? (RAPID BREATHS) That's it, Nisha.
Don't push.
No, wait.
That's a good girl.
What the? Just in time.
Oh, God.
If you're going to faint, do it on the floor.
Where's the midwife? The ambulance? On their way.
Never mind them, where have you been? Doing 90 down the A59! You were supposed to be here! I am here! I'm here now! Look! Now, Nisha, one more.
Another one.
(CRIES OUT) That's it, sweetheart.
Go on! You're nearly there.
(SCREAMS) Come on, Nisha! You can do it! (PROLONGED SCREAM) (BABY CRIES) You've got a little girl.
Well, we couldn't find anything wrong with you, Mrs Bowen.
No reason why you couldn't conceive another child.
But there isthis.
What is it? The analysis of your sample.
What does it mean? It means It's unlikely that you'll be a father again.
No, II don't understand.
We had Alice.
So how? As I say, not impossible, but unlikely.
You beat the odds once.
It may not happen again.
I'm sorry.
It's not the end of the world.
It'll be all right.
I promise.
Come on.
You're hungry.
(SIGHS) Just take it.
Make us both happy.
Is there anything I can do? Not unless you're lactating.
Sit down.
Oh, there we are.
That's it.
That's better.
So we did it, then.
We did.
Can we send her back if we change our mind? What did they say? Is everything all right? Evelyn, please.
Paul? (NEWS ON TV) What do you think's worse? Drowning or dying of hypothermia? Scott.
What's hypothermia? It's when you get really, really cold.
And then you die? Not always.
Especially in water.
But drowning must be worse.
You must know you're gonna - Scott! What? Enough.
God! I'm just discussing the news.
Can't open my mouth any more.
Where are you going? Like it matters! Amy? You all right? Is it true? Is drowning really bad? Now, don't listen to Scott.
You know what he's like.
You thinking about your kitten? No.
So why are you getting upset, baby? I think Alice drowned.
Why do you think that? She's alwayswet.
And cold.
You mean, you see her? Sometimes.
Sometimes, I just know she's there.
Where? Here.
In the house.
In my bedroom.
Or the bathroom.
I think she likes the warm water.
What do you think she wants? I thinkI think she's just lonely.
Is Is she here now? (GASPS) Amy.
Time for tea.
What's up with you? Nothing.
I brought something for the baby.
Oh, you didn't need to do that.
May I? Of course.
Ooh, you're gaining weight, aren't you? You are! (CHUCKLES) Oh, Ruth.
It's lovely.
Thank you.
It's been in the family for years.
(TINKLY TUNE) I've no-one to pass it on to, so I thought It's us who should be getting you a present.
If you hadn't come over I don't know what I'd have done.
You'd have been fine.
I'm glad I could help a little.
You were a huge help.
Wasn't she, Mark? Mark? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
So, Neesh and I were wondering if you'd stay on for a bit, helping with the baby.
Just a few days a week, same as before.
I'd love that.
Thank you.
That's settled then.
Is the heating on? We need to keep the place warm.
So, do we have a name yet? We were thinking Alice.
(JUDDERING) Should I switch it back off? No.
Let's just see if it settles down.
(BABY CRIES) It's all right.
Don't fret.
Nothing to worry about.
Nothing to be afraid of.
That's better.
There we are.
How long do you think this is gonna go on for with Amy? Till she gets better.
Better than what, though? She used to be really happy.
Look at her now.
What's got into you? What if Amy's telling the truth about Alice? What if Alice is real? Amy's invisible, imaginary friend? What if she's like a ghost? A ghost? Or a poltergeist or something.
I don't know, I'm not an expert.
She can't be real like a ghost, Eddie, because ghosts aren't real.
But what if they are real? What if Amy's not ill, if she's just .
just haunted? It would explain everything.
To who? You think the social worker will report "No signs of historic trauma just supernatural activity"? No, but No.
Eddie, stop it.
This is our life.
Our daughter.
Not bloody Scooby-Doo.
I was down in the cellar yesterday.
I was trying to clear some things out and I found this.
Isn't that sweet? There's loads of other stuff too.
Look, these games and toys.
From years ago.
Why would somebody move out and leave behind all of this? Children grow out of things, don't they? I know, but this bear It was packed away so carefully.
It was obviously loved.
Yes, it was.
And will be again, I think.
I've just had Luddington's on the phone complaining you've invoiced them twice for the same supplies.
They thought we'd done it on purpose.
I'm sorry.
Look, son.
you can't run a business when your mind's somewhere else.
If you want to take some time off No, I'm fine.
You know, there are other ways.
Adoption is Thanks.
Thanks, Dad.
I'll sort this out.
Are you sure? It's my mess.
I'll fix it.
It's the same bear! Hm.
Isn't that great? What do you think? Well, it's a nice teddy bear and everythingbut But what? Don't you think you're getting a bit carried away? How? I like it.
But it's not just retro, is it? It's a bit creepy.
It's a connection to the past, that's all.
Yeah, but not our past.
The house's.
Our house.
AMY: What you need is someone else to play with.
Someone like you.
Then you wouldn't be so sad.
What? Nothing.
Do you think he's still there? No.
Don't be like that.
I do like you, it's just everyone gets upset.
Oh, all right then.
You can have Lucy.
She's a princess.
If there is anybody there, anybody from the spirit world, please give me a sign.
Alice, if you really are here show yourself.
Come on, please.
Knock on something oror move something.
Alice? Can you hear me? TOY: I love you! Oh! Oh (CHUCKLES) Idiot.
(BABY CRYING) (BABY CONTINUES CRYING) (SIGHS) Where are you going? To crash on the couch.
I've got to get up in a couple of hours.
I'm sorry, Neesh, but what can I do? I've got to be awake at work.
Oh, sweetheart.
But don't you see? This is proof! Proof of what? That Alice is real.
She exists! It's just a little girl's journal.
It doesn't prove anything.
How can you say that? If Amy's found it and read it, it's probably influenced her hallucinations.
Maybe she created Alice after reading it.
But it's still in her head, isn't it? It might just as easily have been Anne Frank she conjured up.
But what if they're not hallucinations? Stop.
We're trying to find a way through this.
We don't need you going into denial.
I'm not in denial! Refusing to face the facts is not going to help her.
It seems to me we're short on facts at the minute.
And this is what you're offering as an alternative? Superstition? At least consider it.
All right.
Then we can throw alien abduction into the mix or satanic possession.
Get a grip, will you? Left my watch.
Let me.
You deserve better, Ruth.
Do you keep records of local newspapers from 1967? Yeah.
Follow me.
November, November, November November.
"Local girl dies in river tragedy.
" Alice Bowen, aged eight Marchlands.
" Bloody hell.
ANSWERPHONE: Hello, you've called Mark Ashburn.
Sorry Hello, you've called Mark Ashburn.
Sorry I'm busy at the moment I understand that.
But my projections for next year were based on the undertakings you gave me.
If the job's delayed, I'll have to lay off half my guys.
Even if things do pick up in the next six months, it won't do me any good if I've gone under.
Yeah, I know, I know.
Well, thanks, anyway.
Let me know how it goes.
(MESSAGE ALERT) (SIGHS) Somebody still remembers you, Alice.
(WATER RUNNING) There we are, Princess.
It's all ready for you.
That's right.
Come on.
You going out? You've only just got in.
I know.
If I don't go now, I might not get a chance.
Ruth's running Alice a bath.
I thought you might want to come and help.
Next time.
I really need to clear my head.
You know how I get otherwise.
Why, what's wrong? Oh, nothing.
Just work stuff.
The usual crap.
I called you today.
I know.
You didn't ring back.
You didn't leave a message.
I was right in the middle of things.
Was it important? No, not really.
You like that, don't you, sweetheart? My little girl liked that.
She loved her bath time.
She loved it.
(RATTLING AND POUNDING) (DEEP RUMBLING, PIPES RATTLE) Stop it! Stop it! Stop this! "A-S-K-O-R" A-S-K-O-R? What do you mean? Now, Mildred? Only five, I'm afraid.
Only five.
Right, and Ray? Six.
So we'll hear Mildred's five.
Yarns You're home early.
Am I? Mm.
Everything all right at work? Yeah, fine.
Everything's fine.
(CLOCK TICKING) It hasn't changed much, has it? No.
Not like us.
Tea? Coffee? No, just water'll be fine, thanks.
Oh, erm You have a good memory.
You were a good teacher.
Soyou weren't born deaf? No.
I lost it when I got meningitis.
I was four.
I can't imagine that.
Yes, you can.
(CLOCK TICKING) What did you mean this morning, when you said I deserved better? If you wanted out .
I wouldn't stand in your way.
What? It's much easier now.
What is? Divorce.
If you want it.
I don't want a divorce.
I want you.
But I can't give you what you need another baby.
I don't need another baby.
What I need is usthis! But without a child We had a child.
We had Alice.
I know.
Why are you more upset about some baby we'll never have than you are about her? I'm just trying to think of the future.
Or to forget the past.
Forget? How can I forget? You drag it around with you like a ball and chain.
What do you mean? You're stuck in it.
Stuck in some elaborate conspiracy to pin the blame for Alice's death on someone anyone! Anyone except yourself.
Me? Yes, you! Where were you, Ruth? Where were you? You know where I was! Not where you should've been! Not with her, not with Alice! You bastard! Leave me alone! Ruth.
Stay away from me.
You haven't seen me, all right? I'm not here.
Ruth! Ruth! I'm looking for my wife.
Did she come this way? Dark hair? Pretty? Yeah.
She went that way, mate.
The coast is clear.
Where you off to, then? Anywhere.
Anywhere but here.
My favourite place.
All right, Scott? All right.
Are you a William Golding fan, then? Sorry? Bit nihilistic for me.
You've read it? It's part of our course.
I should've guessed.
We're not all tearing up the streets of Paris, you know.
May I? I'm Brian.
Hi, Scott.
You just caught me.
I was about to close up.
That was lucky.
I just came in for some snacks.
So you've had the baby, then? Boy or girl? Girl.
Six pounds six ounces.
So where is she? At home with Daddy.
I just about manage to stretch my legs for half an hour between feeds.
How's Mark coping? He's bearing upI think.
Must be a bit of a shock to the system.
Why d'you say that? Well, he was such a jack-the-lad when he was younger.
Now he's the responsible family man.
Jack-the-lad? Really? Yeah.
So he was seeing loads of girls? Well No, I mean he had girlfriends but He couldn't commit? Nothing serious? I wouldn't say that.
So there was somebody special? From what I remember.
Which one? I forget all the names he told me now.
Karen? Jenny? Olive.
Olive? Olive Runcie, the deaf woman.
He did tell you.
He used to work in her garden or something.
That's right.
The summer before he left.
Water under the bridge now, though.
New baby and everything.
Yes, of course.
It's a long time ago.
Thanks, Scott.
You got a name yetfor the baby? Yes.
When does your mum get back? Tomorrow.
Do you ever go away anywhere? LeedsBlackpool, sometimes.
You? SpainLondonScotland.
AmsterdamParis, I've been to Paris.
Where would you go, if you could go anywhere? Las Vegas.
Really? No, no.
Las Vegas would be cool.
I can come with you.
We could have a drive-through wedding.
It's getting late.
Yeah, I know.
I'll go in a minute.
We're getting off soon.
Where are you going? I haven't really thought.
Why don't you come to mine? We've got a few people coming round.
There'll be food, probably, wine, definitely.
I don't know.
Come on.
Take a chance.
Live a little.
Mark? Yeah? Did you What? (BABY CRIES OVER MONITOR) (CRYING INTENSIFIES) Did I what? Never mind.
I'll get her.
You finish here.
(CRYING CONTINUES) (DOOR CLOSES) Scott? Bit late, isn't it? Where have you been? Nowhere.
Just out.
Do you know what time it is? Have you been drinking? Dad.
Come on.
Have you? No.
Cos you're under age, you know.
I know.
I wasn't.
OK? Yeah, OK.
to be lies And all of the joy within you You all right? Hey, there you are.
Thanks, Brian.
Even these lot don't get it properly.
And they've read all the same stuff as me.
Here, Ruth, try this.
(COUGHS) When the garden's flowers Baby, are dead CREAM: I Feel Free We move like the sea You, you're all I want to know (MUSIC DISTORTS) Hello.
Thought we'd lost you.
Just wanted a bit of fresh air.
You having a good time? Thanks.
For what? Adopting me.
My pleasure.
I think I better go.
You don't have to.
I do.
Missed the last bus home.
I thought I'd lost you.
The other Alice, who you named our daughter after? Now you think she's haunting the place? I don't know.
Amy is my baby, Alice.
Please leave her alone.