Mare of Easttown (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Sore Must Be the Storm

1 Today is Saturday! And what's special about today? It's my birthday! You know, there are things from that night.
I walked around the whole house and you weren't anywhere.
Where'd you go, Dylan? You should probably leave.
I was with Erin the night she was killed.
Why didn't you go to the police? I have a previous accusation, then I have her bike in my trunk.
- Did you? - If I said no, would you believe me? What are you reading for? Bring it over here.
It was a blue work van.
And before we could do anything, his hands were on my neck.
Is that your Ford cargo van? Yeah.
You still haven't told me what this is about.
People are here.
He wasn't expecting them.
Where's that doctor? He's talking to the nurse.
Wish he'd come back.
They never tell you anything.
- And Drew needs to eat? - He's fine.
- Ah, he's okay.
- He's sleepy.
- He had a big lunch.
- Yeah.
- Mom - Hey.
- Hey.
There you are.
- There you are.
- You scared the crap out of me.
- Hey, Mom.
See, I told you Gran would be all right.
- You're gonna be okay.
- Say, "Hi, Gran.
" Hi, Gran.
You just go back to sleep, okay? Okay? You'll be okay.
A very emotional scene earlier today as Katie Bailey returned to the home she disappeared from just over a year ago.
Katie was reunited with her daughter for the first time since being rescued from the house of Wayne Potts.
I'm just so grateful right now to have Katie back home with me.
Police say they still have a lot to unpack as to exactly what happened inside that attic, and if this case had anything to do with the murder of Erin McMenamin.
The Easttown Police Department welcomes the help of the FBI in this investigation, which will be ongoing and far-reaching.
And while this is a good day for many, let us not forget that we lost one of our own.
Detective Colin Zabel was an exemplary detective.
A son.
A friend.
A protector.
All right, lift it up! I already told you everything that happened.
I dropped Erin off at Brandywine Park.
And then I drove back to the rectory.
And why do you think we brought you in here? Father Dan came in this morning distraught.
He said you were with Erin the night she was murdered.
Is that your car there? We found Erin's bike.
Did you toss her bike into the river, Deacon? Yes.
But I didn't kill her.
I didn't.
What happened to your face? I fell.
I don't believe a word that comes outta your mouth.
Right now, you're being placed under arrest for tampering with evidence.
I'm gonna need you to stand up, put your hands behind your back.
Excuse us.
Excuse us.
Just just - Wait, what? - Mm-hmm.
John's sleeping with Sandra again? Yes.
- Bitch.
- Oh, my God.
When'd you find out? Ryan saw John with her.
Poor thing had been holding that secret for months.
Must have been killing him.
Oh, God.
I'm ju Oh, Lor, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
That's The last time John had an affair, I could feel it.
Late nights at work, the way he would sneak out of the room to answer a call.
But this time, nothing.
I was totally blindsided.
You know, you're gonna have to be tough - I know.
- this time, Lor.
He's you know, he's gonna turn on the charm, - and he's gonna tell you - I know.
- that he'll change.
- I know! I know.
I know! But I still love him.
You can't just turn the switch off, right? That's the shitty thing.
I mean, the father of my kids.
Where's he at now? He's at his father's with Billy.
Go ahead and bring it down, Pop.
You okay, Pop? Yeah, I'm fine.
Keep going.
You're breathing like you just ran a marathon.
Set it down.
Set it down.
You all right? You gonna tell me what happened this time? Lor thinks I had an affair.
She thinks you had an affair? Or you had an affair? Jesus Christ! Do the kids know? Ryan does.
We told Moira I was going away for a little while.
This isn't exactly how I, uh, imagined my retirement, boarding with my two grown sons.
I know, Pop.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Come up here and help me get this mattress in the bedroom, please? Get it in yourself.
What the hell's the matter with you? Nothing's the matter with me.
You made a mess of your life 'cause you couldn't keep your dick in your fucking pants.
Now, you clean it up.
- Bill.
- No! No.
No, I'm holding him accountable, Pop.
Someone needs to for once in his goddamn life.
I don't know what's going on with him.
He's drinking too much, Pop.
I'll talk to him.
Everything'll be fine.
A friend.
A protector, who dedicated his life to saving others.
I ask, that you keep Detective Zabel's family in your prayers.
Now I'll take any questions.
Since Chief Carter's press conference, the Easttown Police Department has created a memorial fund to honor fallen detective Colin Zabel.
I just, um wanted to come here and say how sorry I am about Colin.
I want you to know he was a wonderful detective.
And he he saved my life.
How dare you come to my house? Who the hell do you think you are? Huh? You think you can just go through life, do whatever the hell you want not have any consequences? If my son had not followed you to that house, he would still be alive.
Don't you ever come here again.
Mare? - Mom.
- How'd it go? The two cases aren't related, Mare.
Wayne Potts didn't kill Erin.
He was in Altoona visiting his mother that weekend.
FBI confirmed it through toll records and debit receipts.
Left Friday, didn't return till Sunday night.
How long until you alert the public? I figure I got about a week before I have to announce it.
Why're you telling me all this, Chief? I don't work for you anymore.
I let Hauser go this morning.
Tomorrow morning, you take the case back.
Unless you wanna keep staying at home with your mom and scratching your ass.
Thanks for sticking with me.
One more thing.
- Lift it up! - I'm trying, Mom.
- This hurts, for chrissakes.
- All right, one more.
Oh, don't be such a big baby.
Get it up there.
- Get it up.
Leave it, leave it.
- Oh, God.
Did you just fart? Was that a fart, Mom? - Ow.
- It was my shoe! I got new shoes! They sound like I'm farting.
Oh, who the blazes is this? Quiet.
Oh, look who's here! I'm coming.
I'm coming.
Richard, come on in! Hi, Helen.
I hope you don't mind.
- Oh, not at all.
- She okay? Oh, yeah, she's fine.
She just whines a lot.
You know, you didn't have to bring anything.
Hey, Mare! You got a visitor.
I brought you a gift basket.
Um Rolling Rock, of course.
Hoagies from La Spada's.
Cheesesteaks from Coco's.
Are those cold? Hell, yeah.
Jesus Christ, Mare.
Yeah, I was Yeah, I was lucky.
- Could've been a lot worse.
- I'm sorry about your colleague.
That - that's gotta be tough.
- Zabel.
His name was Colin Zabel.
It is.
But you found those two girls.
I mean, your your dad would be proud, hmm? Yeah.
Um Hey, can I, uh, confess something? Yeah.
You know how I cancelled on you the night of your birthday? It's because I went out on a date with Colin.
He was just a friend, but It wasn't the right thing to do.
Well, it's okay.
We never made any promises, right? Yeah, I know.
But - I wanted to tell you.
- Yeah, it's okay.
I gotta get my shit together, Richard.
I can't do this.
I'll tell you what.
Uh, how about when you feel ready if you feel ready you give me a call and ask me out.
- Okay? - How do I know you won't be spoken for by then? Well, you don't.
But, you know, I'm 52 years old, and I'm living in Easttown, so I'd say your odds are pretty good.
See these striations here? In most guns, the rifling goes to the right.
But Colt guns are unique.
They have a left-hand barrel twist.
Like we see on the bullet we found lodged into the tree at Brandywine Park.
I did some comparisons.
The weapon that killed Erin is a Colt Detective Special revolver.
An old cop carry? That's right.
Popular in the '80s.
Your dad probably had one, Mare.
Are they still around? - Nah.
Production stopped in '95.
- Sorry to interrupt.
Brianna Delrasso is on the phone for you, Mare.
I woke up at 2:00 in the morning.
And Dylan wasn't in bed.
So I walked around.
He he wasn't anywhere in the house either.
So you lied to us before when you said Dylan was home all night.
You know how this looks, right? This just looks like you've come forward because you want us to help with your assault case.
No, I'm not asking you for anything.
- Come on.
- I swear, I'm not.
Look, I'm just trying do the right thing, okay? For Erin, and f for that baby.
All right.
Well, we're gonna look into this.
And you may have to come down to the station and sign a statement.
We appreciate you calling us.
Listen, I, uh, wanna say sorry about the way I behaved before.
It's a brave thing you did.
Saving those girls.
Bringing Katie home.
I'm sure you've seen the news about Wayne Potts.
So we, uh, called you in here just to wrap up some details on Erin's case.
Um, I need you to walk me through the night of January 10th, and, uh, I'll write it all down in a formal statement.
Okay? - What for? - We just need to file the relevant statements for the DA's office.
All right.
Um, well, like I told you guys ten times already, I left the woods, 11:45.
Got home around midnight.
Went to bed.
- With Brianna Delrasso? - Yeah.
And, uh, that was a good night's sleep? I mean, you fell asleep and then didn't wake up until the morning? Yeah.
'Cause we just spoke to Brianna.
And, uh, she said you weren't home that night.
That when she woke up at 2:00 in the morning, you weren't beside her and you weren't in the house.
I couldn't sleep, so I drove around a bit.
Smoked a bit of weed.
- Alone? - Yeah.
Why? I mean, what what difference does any of this make? All right, you guys just said you were just tying up loose ends, right? Wayne Potts didn't kill Erin.
But you already knew that, didn't you? Did you steal Erin's journals, Dylan? Was there something in there you're trying to hide? Huh? I think I want a lawyer.
That's smart.
I would, too.
And when you call, tell them your alibi's falling apart and the Easttown Police Department just said you're the prime suspect in a murder investigation.
So, I talked with that professor - from Berkeley this morning.
- Yeah? And? She's great.
Totally inspiring.
Just like you said.
She wants me to fly out and visit campus.
Are you going to? I don't know.
I don't know that my parents would want me to go that far.
Well, have they said that? - Not exactly.
- Then what's stopping you? Maybe you're what's stopping me.
Siobhan, we just started seeing each other.
I've had colds that have lasted longer than our relationship.
- Ew.
Colds? Seriously.
Come on.
- No, sorry.
Bad analogy.
I'm just saying Siobhan, I like you.
We have fun together.
The sex is good.
Things don't have to last forever to matter.
I can't be the reason you stay.
I don't want that.
What if I don't give you a choice? Oh, well You all right? Just tired.
I slept three hours last night.
I'm on till 2:00 here, and then I'm back - cleaning offices at 6:00.
- Oof.
Need a little pick-me-up? Energizer Bunnies.
It's fine.
Go ahead.
- No, thanks.
- Okay.
Well, I'm just so glad to see you again, Mare.
I've been watching you all over the news.
I mean How how have you been managing the attention? Oh, I don't know that I have.
I've been, uh - trying to avoid it, mostly.
- Well, why'd you come back? The department isn't requiring you to be here anymore, so what's different this time? I can, uh, feel it happening again.
What do you feel happening, exactly? I feel, like like panic.
Um, like this expectation from people to be something I don't think I'm good enough to be.
And, uh Well, can you tell me what would make you feel - good enough? - No.
Um Uh, no.
I I can't think of, um Well, would you mind if I shared some insights? Sure.
I I'm worried you haven't effectively grieved your son's death.
I think you've sought out an external solution to your internal pain.
You've been hiding behind other people's grief.
First, Katie Bailey.
Now, Erin McMenamin.
But even after these cases get solved, the grief is still gonna be there waiting for you, until you confront it.
Do you think you could, uh, walk me through the day that Kevin died? Well Um It was a Sunday.
Mm Neighbor called and said that she'd seen Kevin go into the back of the house.
He was, uh He'd been living with us off and on for a while at this point, so, you know, the neighbors kinda knew to call if they saw him.
Because, um, he'd stolen a bunch of things from us before and, uh you know, we had to put the word out that if anyone noticed him around.
I just thought he was there for drug money, like he always was.
Um Frank wasn't home that day.
He'd, uh, taken Drew to swim lessons, and I knew that Siobhan was right around the corner at her friend's house, so instead of going home myself I asked her to go check on him for me.
I was out running some errands, and then, uh Siobhan called me.
Hyste hysterical.
She, uh she couldn't even speak.
She she woul Yeah.
I don't even remember driving home.
I found him in the attic.
Hanging from the one of the beams.
He'd gotten a tow rope from the garage.
I cut him down.
I remember I tried to catch him, but he was heavy.
He was so heavy.
I held him in my arms until the paramedics came, and then, uh they had to pull him away from me.
Mare, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Do you still live in the same house? Yeah.
Have you been able to go back up to the attic since? No.
We don't.
No no no one goes up there.
- Hey.
- What's going on, Bethy? It's Freddie.
He's not answering his phone for, like, three days now.
All the doors are locked.
And you're sure he's inside? Yeah, I talked to one of the neighbors.
They said they saw him go in a few days ago.
I don't know.
I I got a sick feeling about this.
All right.
Let me park.
I'll check it out.
Freddie? Freddie? - Mare? - Wait there, Bethy! What's going on? Is he in there? Coming out now.
Is he in there? He's gone.
I'm so sorry, Bethy.
I wrote this song for the first girl that ever broke my heart.
When the sirens sound you'll hide under the floor But I'm not gonna go down With my hometown in a tornado It's Anne.
Leave a message.
Maybe if you're lucky, I'll listen to it.
Bye! Hey, it's me.
Uh, I decided not to go to that concert.
Um, I was just thinking about what you said the other night.
Uh, I don't know.
Anyway, I know you have your show tonight.
Um, but it would be really great to see you.
So call me.
Driving out into the sun Let the ultraviolet cover me up Went looking for a creation myth Ended up with a pair of cracked lips Windows down, heater on Big bolt of lightning hanging low Hey! Um, can you just call me back, please? Convinced it's a government drone Just call me call me back.
Is it so hard to just call me back? I'll find a new place to be from A haunted house with a picket fence - How's Bethy? - Oh.
She's all right.
I think part of her is relieved, honestly.
Things have been bad for so long.
- You know? - Hmm.
I need to ask you something.
Mare, I don't wanna talk about my marriage, okay? No.
That family reunion up at Lake Harmony.
Want can you tell me about it? Hmm It was a few months after Erin's mom died.
We wanted to do something nice for her and Kenny as a family, you know? To try to lift their spirits.
So John rented a few cabins on the lake.
We swam, we fished, we cooked out.
It was fun.
Who was there? Me and John, Billy, Pat, Kenny.
- Kids? - Yeah.
Kids were there.
- Erin? - Erin was there.
Was that it? There was no one else hanging around? Hmm.
No, not that I remember.
Why do you ask? It's, um I'll tell you later.
Hey, Dawn.
Uh, could we have a moment, Lor? Yeah.
Um sorry I didn't come see you sooner.
I've just been with Katie.
- Helping her get adjusted.
- How's she doing? She's struggling.
She wakes up in the middle of the night kicking and screaming.
She I don't know if she'll ever be herself again.
Of course, the truth is, she wasn't herself for years before she was taken from us.
But I don't wanna sound ungrateful, Mare.
I really don't.
I'm so thankful.
I know.
I'm so thankful that you returned her to me.
- I really am, Mare.
- I know.
- I really am, Mare.
- I know, Dawn.
I'm so sorry.
Just sorry.
Can you help me out? - Ooh! Stop.
- Hey, okay.
- Siobhan, quiet! - I'm fine.
I'm fine.
- I'm fine.
I'm fine.
- Okay.
- Oh, no.
- Hey, hey.
What's going on? Nothing.
Just she's just having a hard time.
I'll take it from here.
You guys can go.
Go! Now.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Go on.
I'm in trouble.
All right, come on.
God dammit.
All right.
There you go.
Oh, God, you stink.
Where the hell have you been? Jesus Christ.
There you go.
You should've been the one.
- Jesus.
- It should've been you that day.
What? I hate you for that.
I hate that you made me find him.
What are you talking about? We don't even talk about him, Mom.
- We don't even talk about him.
- What are you talking about, Siobhan? - Come on.
- We don't even talk about him anymore.
And I hate you for that! I hate you! - You should've been the one to find him! - Stop! Not me! Not me! - Stop.
Stop it.
- No! No.
- It should have been you.
- Stop.
- Get off me! Stop! - Stop! - Stop it! All right.
- Stop! Stop! It should've been you.
- All right.
I'm sorry.
- It should've been you.
- Not me.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Hey, Pop.
Where's Bill? He, uh, he just went off to work.
Well, I got steaks, old man, so I hope you're hungry.
Pop? - You okay? - Yeah.
Jesus Christ.
You look like you're about to pass out.
I'm calling Dr.
No, no, don't.
- I'm calling Dr.
- Put the phone down, John.
Sit down.
I need to tell you something.
You remember the night you went to Frank's engagement party? Billy came home late.
Must've been 3:00, 4:00 in the morning.
I I woke up, and I wandered downstairs to check on him.
He was in the laundry room.
Bill! There was blood all over him.
Just everywhere.
The next morning, they found Erin out at Creedham Creek.
You you think that he that Billy Oh, my God.
Well, did did you ask him? No, I haven't mentioned it since that night.
I tried to just erase it all from my mind.
I But What are we gonna do, John? And what was Freddie Hanlon doing with Erin's clothes? Well, I told him he could take 'em.
He visited me here one day.
Said he missed his daughter's birthday and didn't have no money to buy her a gift, so I told him to go over and pick something outta Erin's stuff.
I guess it's kinda morbid, but I don't know, I kinda liked the idea that someone could use her stuff.
You know? Hmm.
All right, Ken.
What can you tell us about this? Family reunion? We all spent the weekend together up in the Poconos.
Doing what? Just being together, really.
John, Billy, and I did a little fishing.
Lotta drinking.
Why? What's any of this gotta do with Erin's murder, anyway? Do you remember ever seeing Erin wearing this? I found it in her bedroom.
It was the same place she kept her journals, which I took to mean it mattered to her.
Maybe it was a gift from Dylan.
There's a date on it.
Matches the reunion.
Did she meet someone up there? Huh? Kenny, do you remember seeing her with anyone outside the family? No, nothing comes to mind.
It rained a bunch.
We ended up staying in the cabin most of the time.
- Who was in your cabin? - Erin and me stayed with Billy.
His cabin had a couple extra rooms, so he offered for Erin and I to stay with him.
And how many nights were you all up there? You know how much I love you, right? - Yeah.
- How much? - So much! - So much.
So much.
I love you.
Kiss my face.
Kiss my face.
- I love you so much.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hi, buddy! - Mommy! Come here.
Oh! Are you excited to spend the night with Mommy? - Yes.
- Yes! Come here.
- Thanks for driving him over.
- Take care of him for us.
Okay? Come on.
You go first.
You go first! Bye, buddy.
Can I come in? Are you gonna accuse me of a crime? No.
Where's Faye? She's gone.
She's at her mother's house.
How long's that been going on? Couple of days.
Things have been rocky since the paternity test.
I'm sorry.
How're you feeling? I'm okay.
- You want a drink or a beer? - Um no, thanks.
How'd it go at Carrie's? Oh, fine.
Drew just took her hand and went right into her building.
Didn't even look back.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
You know, I talked to the custody lawyer again yesterday.
He said it's not looking good for us.
We could lose him as early as this summer.
Yeah? That's it? What else do you want me to say? I mean, knowing what a pain in the ass you are, I just didn't expect you to give up the fight so easily.
You want me to plant drugs on her again? - Is that what you're asking? - No.
No, that's not what I'm asking.
We have to give her a chance to be his mother, Frank.
Since when did you get so philosophical - about all this? - I don't know.
Maybe I'm just getting old.
Going in the car wash.
- All right, you ready? - Yes.
What're you gonna sa what are you gonna say? Welcome to the event of the bathtub.
Welcome to the event of the bathtub! All right.
On your mark.
Get set.
Go! Aah! - Boom! - I'll save you, Mommy.
- Thanks, bud.
- Watch me zoom.
That's so cool, bud.
Do it again.
What's going on, Jess? Did you tell that detective we stole Erin's journals? Did you? Just leave me alone.
No, no.
No, that's impossible.
See, 'cause the three of us, we're joined together forever.
So why don't you get in the car? Get in the fucking car! Oh, fuck.
You sure you seen her, right? Yeah.
She's around here somewhere.
Let's just forget it, man.
She's not here.
- Gotcha! Come here! - Help! Help! - Shut shut the fuck up! - Help me! Please Look at me.
Don't open your fucking mouth again, or you're gonna end up with your face blown off just like Erin.
Understand? Come on, D! Let's go, man! Drew! Are you okay? Are You okay? Yeah, I'm fine, Mom.
You okay? Yeah, I can hold my breath forever, Mom.
Oh, you can? - You okay? - Yeah.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Good night, Ry.
Good night, Moir.
Thanks for letting me see 'em.
I'm gonna work at this, Lor.
I'm I'm gonna work my way back to you.
I promise.
Do you remember the family reunion up at Lake Harmony? Yeah.
Why? Did anything happen to Erin? Happen? N Nothing nothing comes to mind.
Why why you ask? Mare was asking.
Will you ask Bill for me? I remember Erin was staying in his cabin that weekend.
Uh, yeah.
She did.
Um Yeah, I'll talk to him.
- Thank you.
- Goodnight, Lor.
You understand? Dad saw you.
What the fuck am I gonna do? Mare's Mare's asking around.
She knows about the reunion.
What went on up there.
Only a matter of time.
Billy - John, I - Please? - Please.
- Yeah.
No, Billy, you gotta say it.
I need to hear you say it.
I need to hear you say, "I killed her.
" Please, look at me.
Hey, look at me.
No, you have to say it, Billy.
You have to say it out loud.
I kill I killed her.
I ki I killed her.
Oh, Jesus Oh, Jesus Christ, John.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Billy? What's gonna happen to him? I don't know.
Lor we gotta do everything we can to keep this from Mare.
Can you do that? Can you do that for our family? Hey.
You holding up? I'm ready.
I'm ready to confess.
Are you sure? Hey.
Hey, listen.
Let's Hey.
Let's go up to Dad's cabin.
One last time.
We'll go fishing again like like when we were boys.
You wanna do that? Yeah.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Detective Sheehan, Easttown Police Department.
I need some information about this pendant.
Can you tell me if it was purchased here? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, it's definitely one of ours.
Oh, I remember this young girl who came in to talk about selling it back.
I told her there wasn't anything we could do.
We don't take back things that have been engraved.
- Mm.
- She, uh, she seemed upset.
I need to know who purchased it.
Of course.
All set? Yeah.
I found it.
It was purchased on June 15th, 2017.
- Hand me that tackle box.
- No, no.
I'm good.
- Three, four five - Lor? Hey.
- What's going on? - Have you seen Billy? No.
Why? - Can we talk? - Yeah.
Okay, honey, bring these upstairs.
Why don't you grab your homework and head up? Do you know where Billy is? I need to talk to him.
Why do you need to talk to him? It's about Erin.
Something happened between them at the family reunion, Lor.
What's going on? I didn't know when you asked me before.
I swear I didn't know.
What didn't you know? John came over this morning.
And he told me that Billy - What? - The night that Erin was murdered, that Billy came home covered in blood.
That Billy shot Erin.
And that Billy is DJ's father.
And Erin started threatening to tell everyone.
Oh, God.
Billy freaked.
She's a kid.
And it's incestuous.
Kenny's Billy's cousin.
Relationship started up at the reunion.
Uh, one night in Billy's cabin Where's Billy now? Where is he? He with John? - Oh, God.
- Come on.
Look, tell me.
You gotta tell me, Lor.
They drove up to Pat's fishing spot.
Up the Lehigh River.
- Okay.
- I'm sorry.
It's okay.
You did the right thing.
All right? Chief? Billy Ross killed Erin.
Are you sure? Yeah.
He confessed to his brother this morning.
And he's the father of that baby.
Where's Billy now? At a fishing cabin on the Lehigh River.
I'm headed there now.
Mare, pull over and wait for backup.
All right.
- Uh, got a sec, Chief? - Yeah.
What's up? Girl named Jess Riley just walked in the lobby.
She asked for Mare.
I told her you were in.
Says she has information on Erin McMenamin.
Send 'em in.
And why did you burn Erin's journals? What was inside them that you were trying to hide? Show him.
Come on.
Get Mare on the phone.
Do it now.
7551 Delcom.
Send available cars to the area.
Maybe you could be my mom for a second, and give me some advice.
Just had a subject flee from me.
She obstructed a murder investigation.
Do you think maybe you're ready now, to finally face what you're avoiding?
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