Marianne (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Not an Easy Person

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES "The games of children are not games.
" I tell you everything, don't I? - There's nothing to tell.
- Oh.
She didn't want to, right? Nothing happened.
So, she didn't want to.
[laughs] It's just that I would rather not.
What did you say? I'm not like you, that's all.
Yes, of course.
You are better than me.
You have Emma Larsimon, who But you don't feel like it.
You're such a dickhead.
I said I would rather not.
It never happened to you? You want something so bad and when you finally get it, pfft, you're just really sad.
I was so in love with her.
So in love.
We all were.
No one was in love with Emma like I was.
One of my best memories.
When beautiful things happen, you don't mess with them.
To not damage them.
It's empty.
Kind of like your sex life, right? Hey! Arnaud, what is that? I can't see from over here.
Tonio, what's happening? [seagulls calling] - [dog barks] - Come on.
Hurry up.
[dog barking] [creaking] [Xavier] Mrs.
Chauront? [Chauront] Yes.
You already came yesterday.
I think you're good now.
[Chauront] What about my sins? I did evil things, Father.
[Xavier] Listen carefully, Mrs.
You have no idea what evil is.
Do you understand what I'm saying? [Chauront] Yes.
Actually, I'm not sure.
[Xavier] There is evil in Elden.
True evil that consumes and destroys.
You have to leave now, Mrs.
I have important things to do.
[man] One doesn't come back to life.
Not this way.
The earth must scream.
It must lose balance.
But Harrow Bay never liked balance.
- [Camille] Emma! - [Emma] Just a second.
I'm coming.
I'll wait for you in the car.
Emma! Emma! Camille, no need to scream! My head is killing me.
Can you see me? What's the matter with her? Mom? Where are you going? [door locks] We should call the police.
[Emma] Wait.
Mom, are you all right? - Do you need anything? - [Alice] Please, leave me alone.
What's up with her? We should call Inspector Ronan.
[Emma] Go and get a screwdriver.
- What? - A screwdriver, a knife, anything.
Something to open this fucking door.
There you go.
[scratching noises] [Emma sighs] Mom, let me open up.
[Alice] No.
I don't want to open.
Call the police.
She's my mom.
I know how to deal Mrs.
Larsimon? Please let us open the door.
We're worried about you, do you understand? About your health.
[Alice] Is my daughter still there? [Ronan] Yes.
[Alice] Do you have children? No.
[Alice] You know, the love everyone talks about Unconditional, unbreakable.
The love of a mother for her child? Well, my daughter has managed to break it.
Not at first, not all of a sudden, but over time.
She has talent.
A talent to take beautiful things and break them.
Mom [Alice] There is nothing left.
I pretend, but there's nothing.
I'm sorry, Mom.
[Alice] I don't want to hear you say you're sorry.
Not anymore.
[Ronan clears throat] I think you had better leave.
I'll handle it.
Moreau and I will take care of her.
Okay? I'll call you when I have some news.
Excellent idea.
Just one.
To celebrate the sea.
[cell phone buzzes] Yes? Ah.
How is it going? Great.
We're coming.
News about your mom? No.
It was Séby.
He's inviting us over for dinner.
Sure, perfect timing.
It's a great idea.
Why the hell not? My dad's missing.
My mom hates me.
What am I supposed to do? I need to be comforted.
I'm going to have Séby, it's going to be great.
A little old-school sex.
Emma, he's very married.
It's time to test this marriage.
Do you have a piece of gum? [doorbell rings] Ah, there you are! Good evening.
I'm Sophie.
[chuckles] Sebastien's wife.
- You have short hair.
- Yes.
So do I.
[chuckles] Hi.
I'm Camille.
I work with Emma.
She's my assistant.
Come in.
I'll go and get Sebastien.
Sebastien! [mocking] Sebastien I'm not going in.
I don't know this fat cow.
No, she's pregnant.
I've seen pregnant women less fat than this.
You wanted to come, so you have to go in.
Hey! I'm happy to see you guys.
You've met Sophie, and this is Hugo.
Hugo? [chuckles] Who is that? That's him.
[chuckles] He's my son.
Another one? Yes, from my first marriage.
He's a fan of yours.
Right, Hugo? You're a fan.
Tell her.
Um Do you like Séby? Yes.
He's super cool.
Yes, but he replaced your dad.
My dad's a jerk who left us.
I like Séby better.
You know, Séby and I, when we were young we fucked.
I know.
Thanks, Emma.
Can I have a kiss, too? [kisses] This kid's a little weird.
[jazz music playing over speakers] It's okay.
It's only wine.
So, how much? Excuse me? The price.
[chuckles] No, how far along are you? Um Just a week to go.
I'm almost full-term.
And is it his? [Sophie] Yes, obviously.
There's nothing obvious.
This little guy wasn't his.
Séby could have come after the fight once again.
Get all the problems and no benefits.
- We've been together four years.
- Four years.
Wow! We were at the school together.
Really? I don't recall.
I was two years ahead of you.
I read your article about mothers.
I thought: "Wow, 15 years old and she already wants to destroy everything.
She'll either become a star or an alcoholic.
Or both.
" I'll go and get the dessert.
[Sebastien] I'll be right there.
What are you doing? I'm getting to know her.
You're starting to lose your hair, but you're still so cute.
Stop it! No.
Why "stop"? I'm embarrassed.
You've seen worse.
Can I get a refill, please? No.
That's smart.
I can get up, you know.
- Yes, I know.
- Then I will.
- Go ahead.
- Here I come.
Want some? Did you find it? - All that's left.
- Too bad.
Let's go back.
Actually, I You know, I felt like enjoying myself a bit.
It's just the two of us, so I can say what I really think.
Usually I'm not so, uh So drunk? Yes.
I was going to say sad.
It's not easy right now, and it's never been so not easy.
Really? Yes.
Not since You know.
It was 15 years ago.
I know, but I didn't forget, and I never will.
I know.
You understand.
- [laughs] It's okay.
- What are you doing? I won't tell anyone.
You're a jerk and you're drunk.
Let's go.
What we had was real, no? You were crazy about me.
- Fifteen years ago, and you left.
- I know, but I'm here now.
Okay, I'm a little drunk, but you and I, it could work.
Emma, you have to stop.
I love my wife and my kids.
Your kid.
The other one isn't yours, and it's not really the same thing.
- No? No? - [Sophie] Seb! Seb! Where are you? In the garage.
I was glad to see you because I didn't know you've become this.
[Sophie] Is Hugo with you? No.
I was telling Emma we're out of wine.
I don't know where he is.
He's not in his bed.
Come on! [Sebastien] Hugo? [Sophie] Hugo! - [Camille] Hugo.
- [Sophie] Hugo! [man] But Harrow Bay never liked balance.
Its streets are Satan's church.
Its woods a snake pit.
[Sebastien] Hugo! [man] Lilian is one of them.
He drowned five calves in cresting waters and hanged five children near the fire towers.
- [children humming] - [rattling] [Sebastien] What the hell? He's such a good kid.
He would never leave like this.
What did you tell him? What did you do? Nothing.
What would I possibly say? Is your seat belt on? What's going on today? It started this morning.
A herd of cows jumped into the sea.
[mooing] [Sebastien] Cows don't commit suicide.
[children] Marianne born on a Tuesday Happy on a Wednesday Married on a Thursday Witch on a Friday Caught on a Saturday Judged on a Sunday Executed on a Monday Buried on a Tuesday The lighthouse.
Quick, we must get to the lighthouse! The old school.
Hurry! [man] Lilian did what the night whispered him to do.
He drowned five calves in cresting waters and hanged five children near the fire towers.
Hugo! [children choking and grunting] - Emma! - Fuck.
Emma! Fuck! Fuck! [unclips seatbelt] You're not getting out? No.
I really fucked up tonight, I know.
I'm not feeling good.
I've had it.
I'm leaving.
- Camcam - Stop calling me Camcam! I can't find excuses anymore.
Get out.
I'm not perfect.
That's why I need you.
My little green man.
You know, Jiminy Cricket.
You're my friend, Camille.
And I need a friend right now.
You're toxic, Emma.
And you're poisoning me, too.
Get out.
I have to leave.
What's going on isn't my fault.
I don't know what is happening in this town, all these horrors, but I have nothing to do with this.
I don't want to be in Elden with you.
Get out! Get out! See, you haven't left.
Why are you here? You're here for work, aren't you? I'm going to call Rachel right now, and you'll be my agent.
Is that okay? Camille, you're my friend.
You're the only one I can count on.
And horrible things are happening to me.
How do you think I knew about tonight? I knew because I'm the one who wrote it.
What I write comes true.
You have to believe me.
I don't know what to do.
Get help from someone who can.
I can't.
Close the door.
[engine starts] [Ronan] Good evening.
We left.
She asked us to.
She is okay.
Physically, she's okay.
The doctor tended to the cuts.
There were stitches, effusions, but it's minor.
So, she's okay.
Take care of yourself.
Both of you.
It's an order.
I can give orders, I'm a cop.
Signed: The inspector.
[pop music playing over radio] If I could sail away Find myself a new home [French folk music playing over radio] [music stops] [sobbing] CAMILLE'S CHOICE Lizzie yells the psalm - [woman] You were right.
- [Camille] I was.
- Yes.
- All right.
- You did what you could.
- Right, but she's completely unstable.
She's manipulative.
I tried helping, and she manipulated me.
I can't help her anymore.
Yes, you have to take care of yourself, daughter.
Are you driving right now? Yes, I'm going home.
- You've been driving long? - It's okay.
If you're tired, stop.
It's all good.
I'm not Mom? Do you remember anything? Your father is missing.
I remember that.
I remember Inspector Ronan.
I like him.
I remember walking through town before coming back home.
Do you remember what we talked about? What you told me? Very well.
It was like I could not control anything.
It was coming out.
Yes, it did come out.
It made me feel so good.
I'm so sorry.
I'm not easygoing.
[sobs] Sorry.
Emma You really put me through the wringer.
But I wouldn't change a thing.
You're my little girl.
And we still have a lot of time to spend together.
What about Dad? You really don't remember anything? Nothing.
- Just - Just I'm not sure.
A husky voice.
Whoever haunts her nights will take her life.
To obey her means suffering.
To refuse means dying.
One cannot run from her.
One can destroy her.
That's it.
How did you? Have you read my books? No.
I'm sorry.
They're scary.
I don't like scary stories.
EXORCISE ME! [Emma] "One cannot run from her.
One can destroy her.
" Lizzie comes closer to him.
She says, "I exorcise you, foul spirit.
Dare no longer deceive mankind, perfidious snake.
" Would you mind if I leave you for a while? I must do something.
What are you going to do? Something.
[The Texas Chainsaw Dust Lovers' "Film Noir: End Title" playing] [Emma] "Slowly she pours holy water at the top of her father's head.
The water flows down his face leaving red burn marks.
Lizzie takes the cross with her left hand.
In spite of screams and whistles, she presses the cross onto the burning forehead.
Lizzie screams, 'Be torn and chased from God's church because you don't belong here.
'" [classical music playing over speakers] [doorbell rings] [The Texas Chainsaw Dust Lovers' "Film Noir: End Title" playing] Guess what? I believe you.
[cell phone buzzing] [in English] What the fuck what? [Kevin] Are you fucking high? Lizzie Larck! Emma just resurrected her on her fucking blog! It's out there for fucking free! That's a breach of contract, you understand? I'm gonna sue her.
[man in French] Lilian did what the night whispered to him to do.
He drowned five calves in cresting waters and hanged five children near the fire towers.
[children choking and grunting] [Emma] I exorcise you, foul spirit.
Be torn and chased from God's church.
[whispering] "I exorcise you, foul spirit.
Be torn and chased from God's church.
I exorcise you, foul spirit.
Be torn from God's church.
Dare no longer deceive mankind, perfidious snake.
I exorcise you, foul spirit.
Be torn from God's church.
" [Daugeron] Three times the cat meowed and the hedgehog squealed.
Harpy screams, "The time has come.
" You read.
That's good.
Yes, just like you.
Happiness is found in books.
Misfortune as well.
I already signed hers once.
Release me.
[Emma] Damn it.
I won't go anywhere.
I'll be silent.
I'll be nice, I promise.
- Where is my father? - Mmm.
I said if you wrote by Tuesday, I would release your mother.
You wrote, I gave her back to you.
If you go on, I will give your father back.
You know how it goes, you wrote me.
So, you are Marianne.
Finally, you say it.
[distorted] You can see it.
I am her.
[in normal voice] And I always keep my promises.
[distorted] Release me! [in normal voice] What are you doing, Emma? I EXORCISE YOU! For she knows and sees Don't do it.
Or I'll take people you love.
I exorcise you, foul spirit.
- One by one.
- Be torn and chased from God's church.
[distorted shouting] You're burning me! [distorted sobbing] Dare no longer deceive mankind, perfidious snake.
[in normal voice] Get back! Stop moving, you bitch.
[screaming] [cawing] [Emma reciting prayer] [distorted] You're just a whore, Larsimon.
Master of deception and enemy of mankind.
[distorted] Camille knows it! Séby knows it! You have nothing! [screams] Mmm [in normal voice] It's the blood of a whore.
Of a killer whore.
Remember? [distorted] Teenage killer.
You watched without doing anything.
[in normal voice] I remember.
[laughing] [distorted laughter] You don't belong here.
[distorted laughter] Die, you fucking witch! [Daugeron laughing] Did you like it? Hitting the old woman's face as if it were your mother's.
You dreamt about it.
Do you really believe your childish games will change anything? [child giggling] Now it's my turn.
[distorted] I will drown your whore's mouth in a sea of torment.
[cell phone buzzing] Hello? [Ronan] It's Inspector Ronan.
I found your father.
I'll be right there.
It doesn't matter what you say or who you are.
You're fucked now.
[in normal voice] I'm warning you [distorted] I will punish you! I never leave empty-handed, Emma! Never! How? Mrs.
Larsimon? Where is my husband? That was my question for you.
[man] Acetic.
Acetic acid.
[sniffs] Mm.
Methyl stearate.
I know it.
Hexyl salicylate.
These are not found together in nature.
She has a lab on her head.
An old lab.
[metal clanging] [gasps] [exhales forcefully] [thud] Okay [exhales] [breathing heavily] [whispering noises] [gasps] [whispering noises] ANATOMICAL PATHOLOGY ROOM Mr.
Larsimon? [gasping softly] We found your wife, sir.
[groaning] She's fine.
She's at home.
What about going home? Can you move, Mr.
Larsimon? You know what? Let's go home.
Thank you.
[monitor beeping] It's not the right time, but several people saw Mrs.
Daugeron being attacked.
By a young woman with a hoodie.
A red hoodie.
You didn't do anything dumb? No.
Good for you.
It's real complicated.
Let's not make it worse.
- Don't you think? - Mm.
With your parents, the cows and the kids last night, I'm overwhelmed.
I admit it.
All this should stop, right? Yes, Inspector.
I'll be back, Dad.
I'll bring your wife back.
Go ahead.
I'm staying put.
WELCOME TO ELDEN [crying] [panting] [sobbing] Goddamn it.
I can't.
I'm sorry, Mom.
[Daugeron laughing] [laughter continues] [laughter continues] [laughing] [laughing] Emma I had promised you.
You see? [chuckles] [laughing] [Emma screaming] [choking] That's it.
[distorted] Kill the old lady.
Then I will inhabit your father's body.
Or your friends'! [distorted] I will always be with you Emma! [distorted] You can't do anything without me.
[breathing heavily] [strains] [Emma panting] Fuck, Emma! What have you done? [sobbing] [shouts] [growling] [closing theme playing] Subtitle translation by Catherine Kelsey