MARS (2016) s01e00 Episode Script

Before MARS (Special)

Mission control: Mars team, Mars team, be advised, stay at your consoles.
T-minus 10 seconds.
Hana Seung: Can I ask you a question? Astronaut: Of course, go ahead.
Hana Seung: Do you ever miss home? Man: Three, two, one.
Lily Seung: Hana, come on, let's go.
Come on, Joon.
Joon Seung: Thanks.
Lily Seung: Almost at the new house, guys.
Home sweet home.
Come on, girls.
Joon, that one goes with me into the kitchen.
Hana, take that upstairs into your room.
Joon Seung: Um, what are you doing? Hana Seung: I wanna see what's up there, pass me that box.
Joon Seung: No way.
It smells like old people up here.
Carly once said she found a dead body in an attic.
Hana Seung: Really? Joon Seung: That's what she told me.
[static and hiss.]
What's that? So it says here that these are frequencies.
It also says here it's illegal to operate a ham radio without a license.
Astronaut: This is november, alpha This is november, alpha, one, sierra, sierra.
Do you copy? Hana Seung: I saw that written in here.
Hello? Astronaut: Mission control.
[static interference.]
Hana Seung: Hello? [inaudible radio chatter.]
Hana Seung: Are you okay? [inaudible radio chatter.]
Hana Seung: It'll probably work better outside.
November, alpha, one, sierra, sierra? November, alpha, one, sierra, sierra? Hello? Radio announcer: There's a chance it will rain today, [inaudible.]
and then on Sunday [inaudible.]
Lily Seung: Hana, are you ready to go? [inaudible radio announcer.]
Joon, hurry up, we're gonna be late! [overlapping group chatter.]
Joon Seung: We have to get rid of these lunches, they smell horrible to other people.
Hana Seung: But I'm hungry.
Michelle: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I shouldn't be laughing.
I shouldn't be laughing.
It was so funny.
Joon Seung: Let's go sit with those girls.
Hana Seung: I don't know.
Joon Seung: Come on, it's not a big deal.
Hana Seung: You go ahead.
Joon Seung: Fine, wish me luck.
Christine: She'll have friends.
Like, one isn't going to ruin your life.
- Joon Seung: Hi, I'm Joon, I'm new here.
- Christine: I'm Christine.
- Joon Seung: Did you see Mr.
K today? - Hana Seung: Yeah.
- Joon Seung: I think he has a wig.
- Hana Seung: Really? I didn't even notice.
Joon Seung: So, that girl Christine invited me over, - do you wanna come? - Hana Seung: Maybe next time.
Joon Seung: Okay, well, tell mom I'll be home before dinner.
You know how she gets.
[static, noise.]
Radio announcer: And there's a series of high speeds.
Man: Hey, what are you doing with my truck? Hana Seung: Uh, nothing, sorry.
Danielle: Hey, you all right? Why are you sitting out here with the trash? Hana Seung: Uh, no reason.
Danielle: Well, you hungry? Carl, how many times do I have to tell you? You can't keep your dentures on the table.
- Carl: It's only soup.
- Danielle: It's common sense.
Albert: Pretty exciting stuff, ain't it? I still remember when they launched a monkey into space, 1948.
He was catapulted into that black abyss that floats over us, and he never came back.
Danielle: Here, dad, don't forget to take these.
Albert: But in that moment, the little chimp became a space pioneer for future monkeys like us.
Danielle: Ignore him.
Albert: Pancakes are the secret for a long life.
Hana Seung: My mom says ginseng is.
Albert: Doesn't sound as delicious as pancakes.
Hana Seung: She says it cures everything from colds to heartbreak.
Albert: What's that? Hana Seung: Oh, it's just this old radio I found.
Albert: I haven't seen this model for ages.
Hana Seung: You know about these things? Albert: "Know about these things?" I'm old, of course I know about these things.
Hana Seung: Oh, and there's this notebook with all these codes in it.
There's this one I heard on the radio.
- November, alpha, one - Albert: Sierra, sierra.
Hana Seung: Yeah, how did you know? Albert: Well, you were talking to that black abyss that the monkey had lead us to.
Hana Seung: Space? Albert: Space.
Hana Seung: I'm not sure if this is working.
Albert: The new antenna should be helping, do it again.
Hana Seung: November, alpha, one, sierra, sierra, do you copy? Christine: Daniel looks like Jack.
He's blonde and he has, I think he has blue eyes.
Hana Seung: November, alpha, one, sierra, sierra.
Christine: But he's cuter and they're brothers.
Hana Seung: Maybe we calculate the time of day wrong.
Christine: What is she doing now? Joon Seung: Um, I'm not actually sure.
Hana Seung: November, alpha, one, sierra, sierra, do you copy? - Madison: I think she made contact.
- That picture is awesome.
Christine: Send it to me.
Hana Seung: November alpha, one, sierra, sierra.
- Lily Seung: Joon, Joon, where were you? - Joon Seung: Out.
- Lily Seung: What do you mean out, with who? - Joon Seung: It's Friday night.
- Lily Seung: Were you smoking? - Joon Seung: No.
- Lily Seung: You reek of cigarettes.
- Joon Seung: Mom.
Lily Seung: Dinner's ready.
Albert: Hello there.
So I have this new antenna design we can try.
That was the Dayton hamvention, 1997.
That was a good year.
Hana Seung: Um, I've been thinking, and, you should have this.
Albert: Well, I have one already.
Hana Seung: I'll just leave it here then.
I'm becoming the weird kid at school.
Albert: You know who was weird? Einstein was weird, Picasso, Mozart.
A bunch of weirdos! You know, you remind me a lot of my daughter when she was your age.
You may not see it now, but one day, when you look back, you'll be grateful for being weird.
Let's try this new antenna.
Hana Seung: So if I go to a more open clearing, I can get a better connection? Albert: Exactly, the trees and buildings around here are obstructing the signal as the International Space Station passes by.
There's only a short window of time to make the connection.
Hana Seung: 7:03 p.
, pointing upward, following a northeastern path.
Albert: There.
Let me try it.
Hana Seung: Why are you hitting it like that? Albert: Back in the day, when our electronics malfunctioned, we give 'em a good old fashion whack.
Radio announcer: Weather station, partly sunny, temperature, 86, mostly sunny skies.
Temperature, 82.
Winds south at five miles an hour.
Temperature, 86.
Hana Seung: What would you ask the astronauts on the ISS? Albert: I think I'd ask them how it looks from out there.
In the great framework of things, a life is only a fraction of a second.
In a universe, that's almost 14 billion years old.
I'd like to hear from someone outside of everything.
Girl: Oh, my gosh.
Albert: Someone who understands what really matters.
Lily Seung: Hi Katie, I'm Lily, nice to meet you.
Katie: Nice to meet you.
Lily Seung: I've left a list of phone numbers and emergency contacts beside the tv.
And here is money for pizza tonight.
Where are my keys? Katie: Let me guess, you must be Joon? Hana Seung: Hana.
Katie: Darn, well, I had a 50% chance.
Lily Seung: Joon is working on a science project until about 5:00 tonight.
Call me if you need anything.
Hana, I'm working a double tonight on the base.
I'll be home in the morning.
You girls be good, all right? Madison: I wonder how many animals died to make this coat? Christine: Oh, my goodness.
Picture, two.
Madison: All right, let me see how it looks.
- Christine: Okay, #hotstuff.
- Madison: Yeah, I know.
Joon Seung: I wish my mom would let me get a cellphone.
Christine: Yeah, my mom's all right like that, but she checks it, like, every day, so I have to delete everything.
- Madison: You don't have a phone? - Joon Seung: No.
- Madison: That sucks.
- Christine: Yeah, it does.
- Joon Seung: Hana would love this.
- Christine: Oh, my God.
- You look exactly like your sister.
- Madison: I would put that down.
- Christine: What do you think? - Madison: Super cute, I would get it.
- Christine: It's $18.
- Madison: You can't afford that.
- Joon Seung: What are you doing? - Christine: What? It's no big deal.
It's just a shirt, besides, I can totally outrun that guy.
Madison: It's not a big deal.
We do it all the time.
Cashier: You know there are security cameras everywhere, right? - Christine: Go, go, go, go.
- Madison: Come on.
[cars passing.]
[doors creak.]
- Katie: Oh, hey, you must be Joon.
- Joon Seung: Yeah.
Katie: I'm Katie, your babysitter.
Hana is upstairs if you wanted to know.
- Joon Seung: Thanks.
- Katie: Great.
Joon Seung: Hana? [music.]
Hana Seung: Albert, do you copy? Albert: Hana? Hana Seung: It's Hana, will you be by your radio tonight? - Albert: Of course, over.
- Hana Seung: Over and out.
Joon Seung: Hello? Hana Seung: Joon? Joon Seung: Hana? Hana Seung: Where did you get a ham radio? Joon Seung: I found one at a thrift store.
It was supposed to be for you.
Where are you anyway? Hana Seung: I'm trying to get a better signal so I'm going to the top of the mountain.
Joon Seung: Um, why? Hana Seung: There's just someone I really have to talk to.
Joon Seung: How can I help? - Do you see a telephone pole near you? - Hana Seung: Yeah.
Joon Seung: There should be a hiking path that starts there.
Hana Seung: I found it.
[thunder rumbles.]
Joon Seung: Hana? Katie: Did you hear how loud that thunder was? - I mean, where's Hana? - Joon Seung: Uh, she's not feeling well.
She's been in the bathroom for a while.
Katie: All right, I hadn't seen her for a little bit so got a little worried.
Hello? Yeah, no, no.
We haven't lost power yet.
Joon Seung: Hana, are you there? [gusting wind.]
[hard rain.]
Albert: Hana? Joon Seung: Hana, are you there? Katie: Alright, jig's up.
I know one of you isn't here.
Joon Seung: She's in the basement.
Katie: I'm calling your mother.
[thunder, hard rain.]
Hana Seung: Come on! Albert? Joon? Hello? [music.]
[hard rain.]
Katie: Your mom's gonna kill me.
"How do you lose a kid?" Lily Seung: Joon! Where's your sister? [music.]
Really Joon, why up the mountain? Joon Seung: She wanted to get a better connection.
- To talk to the space station.
- Lily Seung: Why the space station? Joon Seung: Turn left up here.
[wind blows.]
Hana Seung: Albert? Albert: Hana, are you all right? Hana Seung: A little soaked from the storm, but I'm all right.
Go to frequency 144.
Joon, do you copy? Hello? Joon, are you there? Joon Seung: Hana? I'm here with mom.
Lily Seung: Hana? You're grounded for the rest of the year.
Hana Seung: I know.
Mom, I gotta go.
And I promise I'll get home soon.
Just tune into frequency 144.
49, okay? November, alpha, one, sierra, sierra, do you copy? [click.]
November, alpha, one, sierra, sierra, do you copy? November, alpha, one, sierra, sierra, do you copy? Astronaut: This is november, alpha, one, sierra, sierra.
We hear you loud and clear aboard the International Space Station, over.
Hana Seung: Hi, this is Hana Seung.
Can I ask you a question? Astronaut: Of course, go ahead.
Hana Seung: What does the Earth look like from way up there? Astronaut: It's bright and colorful.
It looks like home.
Hana Seung: Do you ever miss home? Astronaut: I do, I think about it a lot.
As a kid, I really struggled to find where I fit in the world.
Hana Seung: I feel like that sometimes, too.
Astronaut: For me, I just had to change my perspective.
And now, whenever I think of the word home, I don't think of a place.
I think of my family.
Of my mother, of my sister.
It took me years to realize that a home can change over time, that it isn't a destination or a location.
Mission control: T-minus ten seconds.
Astronaut: And once you find that place, home is anywhere you make it.
Mission control: 3, 2, 1 [music.]