MARS (2016) s02e02 Episode Script

Worlds Apart

Previously on Mars.
Looks like they're here.
Commander, we're seeing incoming debris.
No comment on the new neighbors? Let's just say they made quite an entrance.
Commander Hurrelle, but you can call me Kurt.
Commander Hana Seung.
They're not scientists, they're miners.
Here to steal natural resources and to make a profit.
What Lukrum industries wants is to back-door IMSF into some sort of partnership.
I wish you were still secretary general.
The IMSF is becoming irrelevant, on your watch.
Javier, I'm going home.
I'm sorry.
IMSF has struck a deal with Lukrum Industries.
Give the miners what they want.
Nothing, keep moving.
No yawning on the job.
Sorry, boss.
Just be a lot easier to do this during the day.
Then we wouldn't be doing it at night, would we? We're getting low on fuel.
We're burning through a lot of it with all these double shifts.
No complaining either.
I just don't understand why we have to be so secretive about all this.
We're not even in their area.
Hey Shep, stop here.
Yup, got it.
Sensor nodes online.
Solid contact.
- Go.
- Initiate seismic wave.
Keep driving? Sir? Do you see something? Only what we're looking for.
I wish Earth were more visible.
It might have been easier not feeling so far away from everything.
You're going to miss this view.
Honestly? No.
The only thing I'll miss is all of you.
Well, it won't be the same without you here.
You'll have your sister to keep you company.
And the others, and all the new people, too.
While I remain uneasy with some of their views, the Lukrum colonists are our neighbors here.
And in a lonely place like this, more unites us than divides us.
Since they've arrived here, real connections have been made between our colonies.
- Thank you, cheers.
- Cheers.
Friendships have been forged.
I mean, this'll be the first of many, and it's going to go with Gale Crater.
It'll be more energy-efficient with smaller connector domes.
Yes, it would.
Boundaries have been drawn.
Hey Marta, miners are surveying in Sector 10.
As long as they're nowhere near us.
And they've been respected.
They have to be.
How's the view from up there? Because we're millions of miles from anyone else.
And where are we now? And all we have.
7% completion.
Is each other.
Getting there.
Your Mandarin's getting better.
My Mandarin's a little better than your Korean.
Speak later.
Final checks and reviews initiated on Saga 3, on track for its scheduled departure.
And Saga 4? Landing port's been cleared for its arrival.
Any tips on how to tell you and your sister apart when she gets here? Yeah.
She's tougher.
Anything else? I'm not sure how you're going to feel about it, but Lukrum colony's using more water than expected.
What percentage? Ten over the agreed-upon amount.
Which wouldn't be so bad if they were living up to their end of the bargain.
They haven't made a single solar mirror for us yet.
I know.
And with how much they're putting into building the pipeline, I haven't pushed.
I'll advise IMSF.
We have a temporary agreement with Lukrum.
It's not as though it gives them the keys to the kingdom.
But this opens the door.
If they're already refusing to accept the Outer Space Treaty.
Which is quite vague, as we all know.
How can any agreement be enforced? It's not as though we can send an army over there.
Or should.
Some form of territorial law has to be put in place.
Might I suggest that we are being overly cautious here.
No one owns the planet, just as no one owns the ocean.
But its resources can be farmed the same way international waters are farmed here.
It's a system that already works.
Because it can be policed.
Mars is seven months away, and without a governing body.
May I remind the board that Lukrum is committed to fast-tracking IMSF's terraforming efforts.
And this is at a time when seeing results, however small, matters not only to the public, but to our solvency as a space agency.
So for now, we must give them the benefit of the doubt.
It is important to remember that under Secretary General Seung's guidance, IMSF became the most respected space exploration agency in the world.
And she felt quite strongly that companies like Lukrum had no place at our table.
Oh really? And where would we be without Lukrum now? Who would finance it? I'm sure in the future there will be lots of debate about Mars.
You know, what will the rules be? How might they be different from the rules here on Earth? Even our existing legislation around Mars leaves a lot of areas open to interpretation.
Back in 1967, the entire world agreed on this outer space treaty, that essentially states that no one can own another planet.
But the problem is, it says nothing about restricting private enterprise.
Because the whole idea that a private company could claim huge chunks of Mars was considered preposterous.
Now we think, yes, it's inevitable.
I'm sure that there are people who'd like to run it as a preserve.
And guarantee that nothing positive happens.
But the truth is, there's a huge amount of resources in space, and you can almost certainly mine it at a profitable level.
But if their motive is to exploit the resources on Mars, then it would be a profit-driven enterprise, and we have a profit-driven planet already.
And we've got some very big problems that can't be solved by that system.
A lot of the debates that we're having over how we'll live on Mars, are really mirrored by the kinds of debates we're having here on Earth.
Breaking news tonight in the battle to try to stop a controversial crude oil pipeline.
Drill, drill, drill.
We need the oil.
Why are we even discussing this? So when we talk about what we're thinking about doing on Mars, what we're really doing is talking about what we think is okay to do here on this planet.
We're currently one mile off the rig.
We're in a good position to start launching boats.
We are here protesting this particular company drilling here, but also in general protesting against Arctic oil drilling.
It's insane to come here and drill for more oil, when we have climate change pushing on us.
Our experience on Earth has shown that companies want access to new territory everywhere.
And so the Arctic is a perfect example of this.
We see companies looking at the Arctic as essentially a porthole for oil.
At the same time, we have a counter-movement, that says we are not going down without a fight.
Arctic Sunrise, request that you keep well clear of 500-meter safety zone.
What we're going to do is go to the site of the Tsonga Enabler, and stay there.
By staying there, they have to stop their operations.
Where are our friends, the Coast Guard vessel? From the industry's standpoint, they want to develop this area.
So they are not happy about these protests, as Greenpeace certainly found out in Russia.
It's something that you have to decide upon when you decide to participate in these actions, that you are ready to take the risk.
I did know that doing actions in, in Russia is more risky than doing actions somewhere else.
But there is always this unknown factor.
There was me and then another climber, and they were spraying like ice-cold water on us with the big fire hoses.
Already, that was really dangerous.
And then everything else that happened on top of it.
Guns pointed in our faces.
Two guns pointed directly at our faces.
Special forces landed on their ship.
It was a strong first response.
30 Greenpeace activists are sitting in jail on controversial piracy charges.
We might have been in prison for seven years, or for two years, or something in between.
So the uncertainty, that was the scariest thing.
Even though it's horrible what happened in Russia, what it caused to my family and, and my friends, I still think it's a necessity.
You have to be able to leave and not be certain when you'll come back home.
I can't live a life where I'm not doing all that I can to protect planet Earth.
It's what my home is.
We are made for this world, made for Earth.
Just as all the other living things on it are.
When I imagine the first people to live on Mars, what will their relationship be to their mother planet? Will they long for this world, or will they feel as if they have another home? Hey.
What can I do for you? It would mean a lot if you came to the party.
It's not just for me, it's for everyone else who is leaving, too.
I won't be able to make it.
Will you at least keep this lavender, since you grew it for me? Smell is one of the strongest senses tied to memory and I need to forget you.
Comms, play messages.
Message from Sarah Hammel at the Aerospace commission at 12:41.
Message from Senator Dylan Beck at 12:49.
Transmission from Commander Hana Seung, at Olympus Town, from 12:55.
Commander Seung.
Begin transmission.
Hey, Leslie.
I just wanted to reach out to you personally to share some concerns I have about Lukrum colony.
They're pulling about 10% more water than they should be.
In the next week, it could be 20.
Not to pile on, but they haven't completed any solar mirrors, either.
I could really use some support from IMSF on this.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Hope you're well.
Transmission ended.
Whatever's going on there is short-term.
And for you to take the Lukrum colony to task over something as essential as needing a bit more water, seems petty at best, and short-sighted at worst.
And one more thing, I recognize you probably often speak to Joon about minor details such as this one.
But I'm not your sister.
You do your job, and I'll do mine.
Transmission ended.
What the hell? For most of our evolutionary history nature was so much bigger than us.
We were a small impact on the planet, no matter what we did.
And we didn't have the technological capacity to do more.
But we have been improving our technologies at a pretty rapid clip, generation to generation.
And we have been seeing the natural world as a free source of income.
Within the last couple of generations, we've got the number of people and the technological powers to wreck the Earth in a way that we never had the power to before.
An oil well ripped open when a drilling rig blew up.
Is that oil in danger now of escaping into the sea? Uh, that is correct.
One of the things that pushed the Deepwater Horizon disaster was pushing time, pushing profit.
It led to mistake after mistake after mistake, which led to the completely predictable outcome of the worst offshore drilling oil spill in world history.
That oil has formed a slick up to 100 miles long, and 30 miles wide.
It's very typical in these projects that workers will be pushed faster than they should be pushed, technology will be pushed faster than it should be pushed.
Massive error is almost always the result, and those errors have disastrous consequences.
Tsonga Enabler, Arctic Sunrise uh, is here to protest peacefully against the preparations for reckless drilling.
What you are doing is an historic mistake.
It's going to be a huge environmental disaster if an oil spill happens here.
I mean, the problem with this particular area is that it's so remote.
I don't think there is any means to really clean it up.
With large-scale drilling operations, time is money.
And that is probably not going to change on Mars.
It's the next frontier, the next logical step for industry.
So I can certainly see the same debate playing out, no matter where we go.
Pretty impressive build, when you think about it.
Yeah, fast one too, almost cost you an arm.
That was an accident.
Have you seen their expansion plans? In four years, Lukrum will overtake Olympus Town in purpose and population.
I don't want to think about four days from now, much less four years.
And it all could have been avoided if you just asked Amelie to stay.
There was no point.
She had already made up her mind.
And anyway, personal feelings take a back seat to duty.
Isn't that what you tell yourself about Hana? Big mouth.
- I have eyes.
- Yeah, I bet you do.
Kurt Hurrelle here.
Got some questions for you.
Is this from sector 8? - Yeah.
- Anything? No, it's all inert, other than the microbial form we already know.
Magnify it.
It's not going to matter.
I just want to take a closer look.
Yeah, there's no difference.
- Go to 800.
- Marta.
Just do what I tell you.
I just have to show progress.
And we can only do so much from the surface.
I know.
Maybe they should have spent more on drills and ground-penetrating radar, than on a new lab.
Maybe those bastards at Lukrum have the right idea.
To what do I owe the honor? I need to bring some issues to your attention.
First being water usage.
You're taking 10% more from our supply than we had agreed on.
Well, maybe we can make up for that by unplugging now.
We found an ice shelf nearby, so we'll no longer need to draw any supplemental water or power.
Actually I was just hashing out the details with your guys here.
Right, guys? We want to deactivate the pipeline, but leave it available for emergencies.
That's fine.
That's not the only issue.
I understand you need time to fully outfit your mission, but you also have a commitment to ours.
Solar mirrors.
That's the other thing I was talking to your guys about.
We will get our first one over to you as soon as we can.
Thank you.
Comms, Commander Seung.
Commander Seung.
Hey listen, sorry, just assumed you had already been notified.
It's okay.
Hana, really.
They just called us in.
We had no idea.
I said it's okay.
End communication.
I think we're in trouble.
I think you are.
I have never met anyone more condescending, disrespectful, more sexist.
It's been a struggle for me too, being taken seriously.
You know, it's still hard being a woman in charge.
But I must admit, I'm a little surprised that Leslie got into bed with Lukrum like this.
I don't think she likes me very much anymore.
She probably doesn't like her job very much.
It's hard, maintaining all the funding, managing public perception.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm just tired.
Mostly of being weightless.
Anyway, as far as Leslie's concerned, you have to just give her time to find her way.
Everybody deserves that.
Secretary General, you asked to see me? Yes, thank you for coming, Anika.
Take a seat.
Do you see where I am? Where I sit at this table? Of course.
It is my responsibility to keep this organization at the forefront of space exploration.
I need help in achieving that.
You have our full support.
And I need respect.
Part of the reason why I was approached to take this position was because unlike anyone at this table, I have been to Mars.
Not even Joon Seung could say that.
So rather than invoking the spirit of my predecessor, I need you as my colleague and as my friend, to look forward, and not back.
You know what's funny, I'm in a better shape now than I was before I got here.
Aerobically, maybe, but your muscles.
I know.
But every little bit will help me readjust to Earth's gravity.
Mae, end simulation.
Now I just need to check my labs and approve myself for the return flight.
Mae, lab results on Amelie Durand, start with blood work.
Durand, Amelie, female.
Chem panel normal, lipid panel, normal.
CBC normal.
Hormone panel, HCG detected outside normal range.
Wait, no.
That has to be a mistake.
Uh, Mae, detail hormone panel results.
HCG detected at IUL 426.
Patient appears to be approximately four weeks pregnant.
Hey Joon, a few of us are going to eat in the galley.
You want to join us? No, I have a bit of a headache.
You want something for it? Always the doctor, aren't you? I'm fine.
I'll just turn in early, I think.
Next time.
Stop, rewind.
Rewind, play.
Zoom in.
Zoom in.
Delete footage.
You understand, don't you? Send message? No.
Save it.
Message saved.
It was good while it lasted, this pipeline.
Shame to shut it down, your colony put a lot of work into it.
So did yours.
Who says science and industry can't get along, right? Hate to interrupt but are we going to do this or not? We're ready if you're ready.
Launch shutoff sequence.
Affirmative, systems ready.
- Let's do this, then.
- Disengaging.
And not a minute too soon.
The different kinds of people that go to Mars will have a wildly different vision for the place.
You know, you're certainly going to have people who really say, you know what? This is our place to mold into something that meets the needs of humanity.
And there are other people that are like hey, we don't want any of that.
We want to preserve this place as it is, and we want you to stay out.
So everyone is in the boats, so we can start launching the kayaks.
I'd describe Sini as a bit of an activist warrior.
She's just staunch and unwavering.
She doesn't have to go through a big thought process to know that what she's doing is right.
Okay, so we launch kayak number one first.
You ready? Bridge, bridge, bridge, this is Morpheus.
Just letting you know that we have all the four kayaks in the water now, over.
Well, I truly believe that the people who work on this oil rig, I mean, they are just doing their jobs.
But I would want to ask it, like how can you sleep your nights knowing that you do this work.
There must be some sort of a denial I think people have.
There is a lot of anger.
But I don't see just the extremes of an industry versus activists.
We have to be very good at challenging the black-and-white narrative that you have to choose sides.
We on Earth have had to struggle through people fighting and, and warring with each other over this.
And so Mars is the test case for how working together would ultimately benefit us all, more than working against each other.
I guess that makes it official.
I have to be honest.
Sorry to see it go.
Enjoy spending time with this crew.
But hey, you're still going to see us around.
Commander says I got a bunch of solar mirrors to make.
Listen, we're having a going away party tonight.
It can apply to this too.
You guys want to come? Of course.
But if we get there and there's no booze, there'll be a little hell to pay.
Javier, we need to talk.
In private.
I'm pregnant.
What? I am pregnant.
How is it possible? I don't know.
I didn't think it was.
We're having a baby? stop smiling.
It's not a good thing on any level.
Okay, tell me how I'm supposed to feel about it, then.
How to act, what to say, since you are the one who's making all the decisions here.
I can't fight with you, Javier.
It's not like I planned this.
No, you just planned to leave.
I don't know what to do.
There was no indication that there was anything wrong.
I thought she was sleeping.
She's not breathing.
I need help! Defibrillator.
I'm so sorry.
When did this happen? Several hours ago.
I felt it.
I felt something was wrong.
I pushed it out of my mind.
There was so much going on.
Now see, this is the one thing you guys haven't got over at your camp.
Ah, well, I think our CEO wants more output from us before he's going to pony up any cash for a bar.
You think IMSF paid for this? All recovered and recycled materials, with a little design help from me.
You're a pretty handy guy when you're not putting your hand in the wrong place.
So where's the big boss tonight? Knowing her, still at work.
Incredibly dedicated to the job and the planet, her and her sister.
They're twins, right? Identical.
I don't understand how her doctors could miss something like a tumor.
Your sister reported no symptoms, and she passed all the routine neurological tests.
There was no reason to scan her brain.
And while a meningioma can cause seizures, they're usually benign.
We only found it because we were looking for it.
Did she know? She knew something.
Do you know what I've been meaning to ask you? Yes, and the answer is your place, because our colony just has bunks.
And by the way, your flirting's off by a week or two.
It's okay, I think it's quite cute.
Uh, that wasn't what I was going to ask you, though.
Well, that is awkward.
Well, there's nothing awkward about you.
That is uh, strictly my department, so.
So go on, then.
What's your question? Mm, I was just wondering what you think about being here? In your colony? On the planet.
I think it's amazing.
To be somewhere no one else has been.
I didn't just come here for work, though.
I came here for the adventure.
Yeah, me too.
Yeah, so, anyway.
I wonder where Amelie is.
She's missing her own party.
Uh, I'm sure she'll be here soon.
Maybe Shep can keep you company if you're feeling lonely.
Yup, see you later.
We found lamotrigine in her bloodstream.
So this wasn't her only seizure.
She was taking medication for them.
The sort an ordinary blood test wouldn't screen for.
Which leads me to believe that she was trying to manage symptoms outside of the agency's purview.
Because if they had known she was sick, she couldn't have come here.
No one really knows how being on a planet with lower gravity and higher radiation exposure affects pregnancy.
No one knows what traveling for seven months in zero gravity and even more radiation does, either.
Full-term pregnancy might not even be viable either way.
So you're talking about.
Yes, Javier.
An abortion might be the best choice, given all the risks involved.
The problem is there is nothing certain about any of this.
No, that's not true.
If this baby is born on Mars, and even if it's healthy, neither its bones nor its organs could ever withstand the gravitational forces on Earth.
It could never leave here.
I've always loved science.
- Really? - Yeah.
I did pretty well with it in school, too.
It was my dad who pulled me into the mining business.
So it runs in the family? Yeah, yeah, you could say that.
Though I don't think he ever thought I would be mining in space.
So what, I'm guessing you like, what, you wanted to come here, right? I didn't start out wanting to travel to distant planets.
- No? - Uh-uh.
But I guess it was a natural extension of the, well, the research I'm devoting my life to.
Hmm, you know what that sounds like to me? No.
That you work too hard, and you need to have a little fun.
I don't know, I'm, I'm having fun right now.
Yeah? Well it's too bad we couldn't have met sooner.
I'm not going to be around much longer now that we found that ice shelf to tap into.
Well, that was lucky.
No, no.
Finding water, that was lucky.
What do you mean? Are you saying that you found liquid water? Yeah.
I think old Shep here has had enough to drink.
Are you serious? As a matter of fact, it's probably time we all get back to camp.
So is this, is this true? Alright guys, let's go.
Because if it is, you need to tell us where you located it.
Potentially located it.
We haven't exactly gotten to it yet.
What sector is it in? I'm not at liberty to share that information.
Guys, let's not forget to thank our host.
You don't understand.
Liquid water almost certainly has other life forms in it.
That's what we're here to research.
That may be why you're here, but it's definitely not why we're here.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
What you're doing is not right.
Come on, guys, let's go.
No, this is wrong.
What you're doing is wrong! Enough! You wait a second.
I got to say, I really don't feel like having a debate about it.
This is not a debate.
You can't just drill and contaminate something before it can be studied.
I got some news for you, darling.
The fact that you, me, we're all here, means it's already contaminated, so if you don't.
You need to tell us where the water is.
You need to get your damn hands off me.
You think we're going to let you and your company wreck this planet? Okay, stop it.
You're one crazy bitch, you know that? Get off of me! Break it up, break it up! Lukrum out! Every one of you here, now! - Knock it off! - Let's go! That's it.
Party's over.
Let's go home.
You too.
Back up, back up, back up, come on.
Easy, tough guy.
Let me go! You.
This planet doesn't belong to you.
It doesn't belong to anyone.
Especially if there's life here.
For the record, tell your boss your guy threw the first punch.
Bridge, bridge, bridge, this is Morpheus.
Morpheus, Bridge, go ahead.
So we are going to start going in now.
Copy that, thank you, good luck.
I'm a very practical person, and I'm not very patient.
We have so many environmental crises heading against us, and so little time left.
So I feel like I don't have a choice.
I have to fight this battle for the future.
Arctic Sunrise, this is Tsonga Enabler.
All breach of the 500-meter safety zone is not legal, sir.
So this will be the last request that you need to relocate.
If not, we will regard this as a security threat.
The activists have entered the exclusion zone.
The oil rig has stopped operations.
They won't comment on that.
But they're not allowed to continue drilling for oil.
Morpheus, Bridge, go ahead with connection.
The longer we stay here, the more people start looking at this, and it highlights this operation.
Uh, just to let you know that the connection is completed, the connection is completed.
Standing by.
Copy that.
Standing by.
We'll see what happens.
When we're looking at Mars, and companies wanting to go to Mars, I think people will find a way to protect the planet, just like they're doing right now.
And that's not just in the Arctic, but everywhere.
People have gone through the fence.
The bulldozers are still going.
A lot of people right now aren't seeing change, and aren't seeing it happen fast enough, and see that at this stage, they simply need to put their bodies on the line.
Police attempts to move protestors voluntarily were ineffectual.
These battles right now against new fossil fuel pipelines, and new drilling in the Arctic.
Are not just a battle between oil companies and protesters, it's a battle of worldviews.
We are not complying with the Coast Guard request.
Are you comfortable with that? Uh, we will continue protesting against the oil drilling, over.
If people want a hobby of chaining themselves to oil platforms, you know, I'd say, go do it.
I mean, it's wonderful to live in a free country where you can go do weird things.
But the truth is, it won't matter.
Preservationists are moving against the tide of history.
Looks like Coast Guard is approaching.
What right do you have to deny the future? I don't know of any historic civilization where the preservationists won.
I mean, in the long run, they get drowned by progress.
For protestors, this is a symbolic gesture, but how effective they are at actually stopping things, I don't know.
It's like throwing stones at Goliath.
You have to take the people out from the water.
That's an order.
You have to do that.
Morpheus, Bridge, the ship has been arrested.
You can come back to the ship.
In order to do this, you have to believe that the change is possible.
Otherwise, we wouldn't be achieving for it.
Otherwise, we wouldn't be fighting for it.
I'm a little bit worried that it's not going to happen fast enough.
But uh, we are pushing for it.
On Mars, there will be a push, a cause, to maybe do better there than we've done here.
To maybe protect that beautiful red planet in a way that we were unable to protect the Earth.
But I'm not sure how successful that will be.
External tank loading complete.
Begin air-to-ground voice checks.
Copy that.
T-minus three hours and counting.
Verify ready to resume count and go for launch.
Flight crew has reached the surface and is ready to proceed for launch.
Confirmed, proceed to final countdown sequence.
Sequence initializing.
Four, three, two, one.
System check, we're good Saga III.
Safety systems initialized.
Main engine ignition.
Saga III, you're going home.
It might not mean much, but you are home for me.
I knew something was wrong.
I wasn't sure what.
Still not sure.
But I couldn't let it stop me.
That's why I moved myself up in the mission queue.
I knew there wasn't any more time to waste.
I hope you can forgive me.
But I had to try and get there.
I knew there was a risk.
I knew there was a chance that I wouldn't make it.
But I couldn't not try.
Because it was always my dream, to be with you on Mars.
I'm so sorry.
To leave you like this.
My little sis.
You understand, don't you?