Marvel Studios: Legends (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Sharon Carter

I'm here because I made a promise.
You lost someone?
I lost everyone.
And so will you.
ZEMO: My father lived outside the city.
I thought we would be safe there.
My son was excited.
He could see the Iron Man
from the car window.
I told my wife, "Don't worry.
"They're fighting in the city.
"We're miles from harm."
When the dust cleared
it took me two days
until I found their bodies.
And the Avengers?
They went home.
MAN: Who are you?
My name is Zemo.
- What do you want?
- ZEMO: To see an empire fall.
[ON TV] MAN: Officials have released
a video of a suspect
who they have identified
as James Buchanan Barnes
the Winter Soldier.
Tips have been pouring in
since that footage went public.
I should be the one to bring him in.
You'll only make this worse.
BROUSSARD: Hello, Mr. Barnes.
I've been sent by the United Nations
to evaluate you.
Do you mind if I sit?
What the hell is this?
FRIDAY: As soon as Barnes was captured,
the UN dispatched Doctor Theo Broussard
from Geneva within the hour.
He was met by this man.
BROUSSARD: Why don't we discuss your home?
Not Romania.
Certainly not Brooklyn.
FRIDAY: The fake doctor is actually
Colonel Helmut Zemo.
Sokovian Intelligence.
Your real home.
STARK: What happened to the real Broussard?
FRIDAY: He was found dead
in a Berlin hotel room.
Where police also found
a wig and facial prosthesis,
approximating the appearance
of one James Buchanan Barnes.
Someone framed him to find him?
ROGERS: People are dead.
The bombing, the setup
the doctor did all that
just to get 10 minutes with you.
- Who was he?
- He wanted to know about Siberia.
Where I was kept.
ZEMO: An empire toppled by its enemies
can rise again.
But one which crumbles from within?
That's dead.
STARK: He killed my mom.
- T'CHALLA: This is all you wanted?
- Did you know?
To see them rip each other apart.
ZEMO: I knew I couldn't kill them.
ZEMO: But, if I could get them
to kill each other
I'm sorry about your father.
Vengeance has consumed you.
The living are not done with you, yet.
ROSS: So how does it feel?
To spend all that time,
all that effort
to see it fail so spectacularly?
Did it?
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