Marvel Studios: Legends (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

The Tesseract

THE OTHER: The Tesseract.
FURY: Legend tells us one thing.
History another.
But every now and then we find something
that belongs to both.
SELVIG: What is it?
The Tesseract.
FURY: Power, Doctor.
Maybe unlimited power.
Well, I guess that's worth a look.
Well, I guess that's worth a look.
WONG: At the dawn of the universe,
Big Bang sent six elemental crystals
hurtling across the virgin universe.
These Infinity Stones each control
an essential aspect of existence.
The Tesseract was the jewel
of Odin's treasure room.
It's not for the eyes of ordinary men.
You cannot control the power you hold.
This will change the world.
You could have the power of the gods!
FURY: What do you remember about your dad?
He was about to kick off an energy race
that was gonna dwarf the arms race.
He was onto something big.
LAWSON: This isn't about fighting wars.
It's about ending them.
Lawson was working on
a unique energy core.
She developed a light-speed engine.
YON-ROGG: She absorbed its power.
There's nothing more dangerous
to a warrior than emotion.
I want you to be
the best version of yourself.
Is that it?
The core?
CAROL: It's the Tesseract.
What's given can be taken away.
Keep the Tesseract on Earth.
- Talk to me, Doctor.
- The Tesseract is misbehaving.
She's throwing off interference.
If there was any tampering, sir,
it wasn't at this end.
"At this end"?
Yeah, the Cube is a doorway to
the other end of space, right?
Doors open from both sides.
FURY: The Tesseract is with a hostile force.
As of right now, we are at war.
We need you to look this over.
You give up the Tesseract!
You give up this poisonous dream!
Where are the Avengers?
I'm not currently
tracking their whereabouts.
I'd say they've earned
a leave of absence.
HAWLEY: And the Tesseract?
FURY: The Tesseract is where it belongs.
Out of our reach.
- Odin's treasures.
- Fake.
Most of the stuff in here is fake.
Or weak.
That's not bad.
THANOS: I know what it's like to lose.
The Tesseract.
Or your brother's head.
All right, stop!
We don't have the Tesseract.
It was destroyed on Asgard.
[PANTING] You really are
the worst brother.
BANNER: He has the Power and Space Stones.
If he gets his hands
on all six stones, Tony
He could destroy life
on a scale hitherto undreamt of.
ROMANOFF: He did exactly
what he said he was gonna do.
Thanos wiped out 50%
of all living creatures.
The stones are in the past.
We could go back, we could get them.
We can snap our own fingers.
We can bring everybody back.
STARK: There's our stone.
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