Marvel Studios: Legends (2021) s01e12 Episode Script

The Ravagers

Peter, you have call.
- No, wait, don't!
- YONDU: Quill?
QUILL: Hey, Yondu.
YONDU: I'm here on Morag.
Ain't no Orb, ain't no you.
QUILL: I was nearby.
I thought I'd save you the hassle.
YONDU: Well, where are you at now, boy?
I feel bad about this,
but I'm not gonna tell you that.
We do not do that to each other.
We're Ravagers. We got a code.
Yeah, and that code is
"steal from everybody."
Put a bounty on him!
But I want him back alive.
- Alive?
- That's what I said.
I told you when you picked that kid up,
you should have delivered him!
He was cargo!
You have always been soft on him.
You're the only one I'm being soft on!
Now, don't you worry about Mr. Quill.
Soon as we get him back here,
I'm gonna kill him myself.
What we do need to worry about
is who else out there wants that Orb!
Welcome home, Peter.
- No!
- Sorry, boy.
But a captain's gotta teach his men
what happens to those what cross him.
Captain's gotta teach stuff!
QUILL: If you kill me now,
you are saying goodbye to
the biggest score you have ever seen.
Hey, what do you say, Yondu?
Me and you, taking down a mark
side-by-side, like the old days.
Let him go!
All Ronan's got to do is touch the Stone
to the planet's surface and zap.
GAMORA: Everything will die.
Won't there be
hundreds of Sakaaran soldiers inside?
- I think of Sakaaran as paper people.
Remember, boy.
At the end of all this, I get the Stone.
You cross me, we kill you all.
Let's go get 'em, boys!
This is a terrible plan.
A fleet approaches.
They appear to be Ravagers.
Come on!
- I'm going down, Quill!
- Come on!
Hand it over, son.
Do not open that Orb.
KRAGLIN: Yeah, Quill turned out okay.
It's probably good we didn't deliver
him to his dad like we was hired to do.
Yeah, that guy was a jackass.
QUILL: Who the hell are you?
I'm your dad, Peter.
EGO: I hired Yondu to pick you up
when your mother passed away.
But instead of returning you,
Yondu kept you,
and I have no clue as to why.
- I thought Yondu was your father.
- What?
We've been together so long,
and you thought Yondu
was my actual blood relative?
You look exactly alike.
One's blue!
No, he's not my father.
Yondu is the guy who abducted me,
kicked the crap out of me
so I could learn to fight.
TASERFACE: Suppose it's time
for a change in leadership.
It's time for the Ravagers
to rise once again to glory!
He and the other captains
were the only family I ever had.
And I broke the code.
I didn't mean to do a mutiny.
They killed all my friends.
Get the third quadrant ready for release.
- Where to, Cap'n?
- Ego.
The bodies are his children.
EGO: I had Yondu deliver some of them to me.
It broke the Ravager code,
but I compensated him generously,
and to ease his conscience,
I said I'd never hurt them.
Hey there, jackass!
You look like Mary Poppins.
Is he cool?
Hell yeah, he's cool.
I'm Mary Poppins, y'all!
Kraglin, we need the quadrant
for an extraction.
- T-minus five minutes.
- Aye, Cap'n!
Yondu, we're about to blow!
Get to the ship!
Not without you.
You need to give me this.
I am Groot.
What's that?
He says, "Welcome to the frickin'
Guardians of the Galaxy."
Only he didn't use "frickin'."
He may have been your father, boy,
but he wasn't your daddy.
I'm sorry I didn't do none of it right.
I'm damn lucky you're my boy.
Oh! Oh, come on!
I had a pretty cool dad.
DRAX: What is it?
QUILL: It's a Ravager funeral.
QUILL: I think Yondu would want you to have it.
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