Marvel Studios: Legends (2021) s01e15 Episode Script

Doctor Strange

CHRISTINE: You should be
my neurosurgeon on call.
You could make such a difference.
- I can't work in your butcher shop.
- Hey.
Look, I'm fusing transected spinal cords.
I'm stimulating neurogenesis
in the central nervous system.
My work is gonna save thousands
for years to come.
In ER, you get to save
one drunk idiot with a gun.
Yeah, you're right.
In ER, we're only saving lives.
There's no fame,
there's no CNN interviews.
CHRISTINE: I have a very strict rule
against dating colleagues.
- DR. STRANGE: Really?
- I call it the "Strange Policy."
DR. STRANGE: Oh, good.
I'm glad something's named after me.
I'm talking tonight
at a Neurological Society dinner.
Come with me.
Another speaking engagement?
So romantic.
DR. STRANGE: You used to love
coming to those things with me.
- We had fun together.
- [LAUGHS] CHRISTINE: No! You had fun.
They weren't about us,
they were about you.
DR. STRANGE: Not only about me.
Everything is about you.
- What have you got for me?
BILLY: I've got a 35-year-old
Air Force Colonel
Mid-thoracic burst fracture.
Yeah, well, I could help
but so could 50 other people.
Find me something worth my time.
WOMAN: Here we go.
One twenty
It's gonna be okay.
What did they do?
No one could have done better.
I could've done better.
CHRISTINE: Some things just can't be fixed.
DR. STRANGE: Life without my work
CHRISTINE: Is still life.
This isn't the end.
There are other things
that can give your life meaning.
Like what?
Like you?
All I need is possible.
The place you're looking for
is called Kamar-Taj.
BARON: Forget everything you think you know.
ANCIENT ONE: What if I told you
that your own body could be convinced
to put itself back together
in all sorts of ways?
DR. STRANGE: Teach me.
- ANCIENT ONE: We harness energy
drawn from other dimensions to make magic.
The language of the mystic arts
is as old as civilization.
It's our fear of death
that gives Dormammu life.
He feeds off it.
You defended the New York Sanctum
from attack.
With its master gone, it needs another.
Christine, I am so, so sorry.
For all of it.
You were right.
I was a complete asshole.
I treated you so horribly.
CHRISTINE: What the hell is happening?
KAECILIUS: The world is not
what it ought to be.
Humanity longs for the eternal
DR. STRANGE: You think this is where you die.
WOMAN: Her pupils have dilated!
ANCIENT ONE: Death is what gives life meaning.
To know your days are numbered.
DR. STRANGE: I'm not ready.
It's not about you.
You said that losing my hands
didn't have to be the end.
That it could be a beginning.
CHRISTINE: There are other ways
to save lives.
Dormammu, I've come to bargain.
This is time.
Set me free!
Take your Zealots from the Earth.
And I'll break the loop.
WONG: You might have a gift
for the mystic arts,
but you still have much to learn.
Word of The Ancient One's death
will spread.
Earth has no Sorcerer Supreme
to defend it.
We must be ready.
We'll be ready.
BANNER: Thanos is coming.
He's coming.
BANNER: If he gets his hands
on all six stones
He could destroy life
on a scale hitherto undreamt of.
Did you seriously just say
"hitherto undreamt of"?
Are you seriously leaning
on the Cauldron of the Cosmos?
EBONY MAW: You are about to die
at the hands of the Children of Thanos.
You're trespassing in this city
and on this planet.
Dr. Banner, if the rest of
your green friend won't be joining us
Gotta get that stone outta here, now.
It stays with me.
It's a simple spell
but quite unbreakable.
Then I'll take it off your corpse.
Give me the stone.
Your powers are inconsequential
compared to mine.
STARK: You saw what they did,
what they can do.
So I say we take the fight to him.
DR. STRANGE: We go to him.
But you have to understand
I will not hesitate
to let either of you die.
I can't, because the universe
depends on it.
Good, moral compass.
I went forward in time
to view alternate futures.
How many did you see?
STARK: How many did we win?
Our oath to protect the Time Stone
cannot change.
This stone may be the best chance
we have against Thanos.
Yeah, so conversely, it may also be
his best chance against us.
DR. STRANGE: Spare his life
and I will give you the stone.
Why would you do that?
There was no other way.
STARK: You said one out of 14 million,
we win, yeah?
Tell me this is it.
DR. STRANGE: If I tell you what happens,
it won't happen.
You better be right.
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