Marvel Studios: Legends (2021) s01e20 Episode Script


You're a Valkyrie.
I thought the Valkyrie
had all died gruesome deaths.
Choose your next words wisely.
Are you a fighter or are you food?
I'm just passing through.
It is food.
He's mine.
More food.
Thank you.
Whenever we get to talkin' about
Scrapper 142, what do I always say?
"She is the"
And it starts with a "B."
Were you waiting to just call her that?
It doesn't start with a "B."
Booze hag.
That's the one that put me in here.
Scrapper 142. Gotta watch out
for those Asgardians.
THOR: The Valkyrie are legend.
Elite warriors of Asgard,
sworn to defend the throne.
I'll listen to you till this is empty.
Asgard is in danger and people are dying.
We need to get back there.
I need your help. Wow.
I'm not getting dragged into
another of Odin's family squabbles.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Your sister.
Look, I already faced her once
back when I believed in the throne,
and it cost me everything.
THOR: But this isn't about the crown.
This is about the people.
And they're dying.
And they're your people, too.
If I'm gonna die,
it may as well be driving my sword
through the heart of that murderous hag.
Here we go.
Don't die.
Go! Go, now!
THOR: We're fulfilling the prophecy.
I hate this prophecy.
So do I, but we have no choice.
Your throne.
Where to?
THANOS: Dread it,
run from it,
destiny arrives all the same.
And now, it's here.
Or should I say,
- I am
- No!
ROCKET: Kind of a step down
from the golden palaces
and the magic hammers and whatnot.
Have a little compassion, pal.
First, they lost Asgard,
then half their people.
They're probably
happy to have a home.
You shouldn't have come.
We need your help.
Anyone see an ugly brown van out there?
Yes! But you're not gonna like
where it's parked!
When can we expect you back?
Um, about that
Thor, your people need a king.
No, they already have one.
That's funny.
Are you being serious?
You're a leader.
That's who you are.
You know, I'd make a lot of changes
around here.
I'm counting on it, Your Majesty.
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