Marvel Studios: Legends (2021) s01e23 Episode Script

Princess Shuri

So surprised my little sister came
to see me off before our big day.
You wish!
I'm here for the EMP beads.
I've developed an update.
It worked perfectly.
How many times do I have to teach you?
Just because something works
doesn't mean that it cannot be improved.
You are teaching me?
What do you know?
SHURI: More than you.
Sorry, Mother!
- My King!
- Stop it. Stop it.
SHURI: I've great things to show you, Brother.
Here are your communication devices
for Korea.
NAKIA: Klaue.
It's now or never.
Unlimited range, also equipped
with audio surveillance system.
- We need to move on Klaue.
- T'CHALLA: Stand down.
We can't afford a shootout.
Check these out.
Remote access Kimoyo Beads.
The nanites absorb the kinetic energy
for redistribution.
- You show-off.
No, no, no!
Get down!
He just jumped in front of me.
Great! Another broken white boy
for us to fix.
All right, where am I?
Bullet wounds
don't just magically heal overnight.
They do here.
But not by magic, by technology.
EVERETT: There's vibranium on those trains?
SHURI: There's vibranium all around us.
That's how I healed you.
KILLMONGER: Ask who I am.
SHURI: You're Erik Stevens.
An American black operative.
A mercenary nicknamed Killmonger.
That's who you are.
Snap out of it, T'Challa!
was murdered in ritual combat.
- Were the odds fair?
- Yes, but
So it was less a murder than a defeat.
- Do not rub our noses in it!
- Silence!
I make the pronouncements here, girl.
Look, Your Highness
One more word,
and I will feed you to my children.
I'm kidding.
We are vegetarians.
Come with me.
- Impossible!
- Is he breathing?
He's in a coma.
Why do you have him in the snow?
It is the only thing keeping him
from joining the ancestors.
We need to get him to my lab.
I can heal him there.
Take him.
He'll be dead in seconds.
Nakia, the Herb.
- Shuri, now.
- SHURI: Copy that.
Wakanda forever!
What's up, Princess?
You'll never be a true king.
He moves it!
He moves it!
SHURI: Why here?
T'CHALLA: This will be the first
Wakandan International Outreach Center.
Nakia will oversee the social outreach.
And you will spearhead
the science and information exchange.
SHURI: How are you feeling?
BUCKY: Good.
Thank you.
Much more for you to learn.
BANNER: Thanos is not gonna stop until he gets
- Vision's stone.
Then we have to protect it.
No, we have to destroy it.
Can we do that?
Not me, not here.
I know somewhere.
SHURI: The structure is polymorphic.
BANNER: Right, we had to attach
each neuron non-sequentially.
Why didn't you just reprogram
the synapses to work collectively?
Because we didn't think of it.
I'm sure you did your best.
Can you do it?
- Yes.
- How long?
As long as you can give me.
The Black Panther lives.
And when he fights
for the fate of Wakanda
I will be right there beside him.
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