Marvel Studios: Legends (2021) s02e12 Episode Script

Talos & the Skrulls

SUPREME INTELLIGENCE: The Skrull expansion
has threatened our civilization
for centuries.
Imposters who silently infiltrate
then take over our planets.
YON-ROGG: The Skrull general, Talos,
has sent kill units
How about I tell you my secret
when you've told me yours?
Do we have any information
we can act on?
That did something.
-What do you want?
We're looking for the location
of a light-speed engine.
Track the pod.
Find the girl.
She knows more than she knows.
This one's taken.
Excuse me, miss.
How long you plan to be in town?
Oh, I'll be out of your hair
as soon as I track down the Skrulls
that are infiltrating your planet.
FURY: Skrulls?
They can transform into any life-form
down to the DNA.
And the woman said that there were more?
FURY: The word she used
was "infiltration."
We can't trust anyone.
Not even our own men.
TALOS: I just need your help
Your people are terrorists.
My people lived as refugees
Homeless, ever since
we resisted Kree rule
and they destroyed our planet.
Unless you help us
find the light-speed ship
capable of carrying us to safety,
the handful of us that are left
will be slaughtered
those insidious shapeshifters
will threaten our borders no more.
The Skrulls are just fighting
for a home.
You're talking about destroying them
because they won't submit to your rule.
And neither will I.
TALOS: Onto the ship! Let's go!
You all right, friend?
(WEAKLY) Never better.
This is just the beginning.
There are thousands of us
separated from each other
scattered throughout the galaxy.
I assure you, it'll be worth your while.
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