Marvel Studios: Legends (2021) s02e14 Episode Script

James Rhodes

138 combat missions.
That's how many I've flown, Tony.
Every one of them
could've been my last, but I flew them.
Because the fight needed to be fought.
-SOLDIER: Bogey spotted!
-Get me Colonel Rhodes down here now!
What are we dealing with here?
-The Iron Man weapon.
-My device does not fit that description.
STERN: It's a weapon, Mr. Stark.
I hate to inform you.
If your priority
was actually the well-being of
My priority is to get the Iron Man weapon
turned over to the people of the U.S.
Hey, buddy. Didn't expect to see you here.
Look, it's me. I'm here.
Deal with it. Let's move on.
For the record, can you please
read page 57, paragraph four.
You want me read specific selections
from my report, Senator?
Yes, sir.
It was my understanding
that I was going to testify
in a more detailed manner.
A lot of things have changed.
Reading a single paragraph out of context
does not reflect my findings.
Just read it, Colonel. I do.
Thank you.
As he does not operate
within any definable branch of government,
Iron Man presents a potential threat
to the security of both the nation,
and to her interests.
You said nobody else would possess
this technology for 20 years.
Somebody else had it yesterday.
It's working. America is secure.
You can't have my property.
They're gonna take your suits.
They're sick of the games.
You don't deserve to wear one of these.
STARK: Think you got what it takes
to wear that suit?
You wanna do this whole
lone gunslinger act.
You don't have to do this alone.
STARK: You kicked ass.
WAR MACHINE: Thank you. You too.
Listen, my car got taken out
in the explosion,
so I'm gonna have to
hang on to your suit.
Not okay. Not okay with that.
Wasn't a question.
Colonel James Rhodes. The Iron Patriot.
"War Machine" was aggressive.
This sends a better message.
All right. Let's go.
They're using the Iron Patriot
as a Trojan horse.
They'll kill the president.
Mr. President!
Just hold on, all right? I'm coming.
People are concerned about you.
I'm concerned about you.
I've come to save the world.
He's in your files
and the Internet.
Ultron says the Avengers are the only
thing between him and global destruction.
RHODES: The Pentagon is scared.
After New York, aliens Come on.
These Accords. I signed because
it was the right thing to do.
Congratulations, Cap.
You're a criminal.
Sorry, Cap, this won't kill you,
but it ain't gonna tickle either.
All right, now I'm pissed.
Okay, tiny dude is big now.
He's big now.
Give me back my Rhodey.
Tony, I'm flying dead stick.
RHODES: Yeah, this sucks. This is, uh
This is a bad beat.
GENERAL ROSS: I remember your signature
on those papers, Colonel.
I'm pretty sure I paid for that.
You know they're only criminals because
you've chosen to call them that.
Arrest them.
EBONY MAW: You are about to die
at the hands of Thanos.
-Should we bow?
-Yeah, he's a king.
-What are you doing?
-We don't do that here.
Back up, Sam.
You're gonna get your wings singed.
Focus that fire on the left flank.
What is this?
What the hell is happening?
We lost.
Oh, God.
WAR MACHINE: What's up, Regular-Sized Man?
RHODES: If we can do this, you know
go back in time,
why don't we just find baby Thanos?
You know, and
-First of all, that's horrible.
-RHODES: It's Thanos.
BANNER: And secondly,
time doesn't work that way.
RHODES: This is known.
BANNER: I don't know why everyone
believes that, but that isn't true.
ROGERS: Today, we have a chance
to take it all back.
Get the stones. Get them back.
This is the fight of our lives
Are you telling me this actually worked?
ROGERS: Bruce!
I think it worked.
What I'm about to do
to your annoying little planet
I'm gonna enjoy it
See you on the other side, man.
ANT-MAN: Hang on! I'm coming!
RHODES: World's a crazy place right now.
RHODES: Nobody's stable.
Everybody's just looking
for somebody to fix it.
It's a new day, brother.
Now this is gonna be a good story.
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