Marvel's Avengers Assemble (2013) s03e19 Episode Script

The House of Zemo

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Come on, soldier.
You can do this.
Hey, Captain America.
Is everything okay? Maybe you need to get out for a bit.
I'm busy right now, Hawkeye.
Yeah, sure.
We can just hang, - watch an old movie, make some popcorn - Not today.
What's so important? I'm trying to draw a picture of my father, but I I just can't seem to get it right.
Why don't you just grab a photo and, you know, trace it? I don't have a photo of my dad.
I used to carry one in my wallet, but lost it years ago during a break-in at my camp.
I thought I could remember what he looked like.
Okay, then why not feed the deets into Friday's police-sketch algorithm? Friday makes everyone look like a criminal.
FRIDAY: And I'm very good at it.
Well, I'll be in the gym.
(IN SING-SONG VOICE) Fighting bots that look like Red Skull.
Know you can't resist that.
(HUFFS) (GROANS) Friday, maybe I should get out.
What's on the police scanner? Hubcap-stealer on Bleecker, dock alarm on Lower East Side That one.
My dad used to take me fishing on those docks.
Maybe it'll jar a few memories loose.
(BEEPING) Baron Zemo.
Hold it right there, Zemo.
Captain America.
(BEEPS) (LAUGHING) Your response to my alarm is timely.
I believe you know Heinrich Zemo, my father.
(GASPS) He died during the war.
How can he be here? (LAUGHS) My traitorous team, the Thunderbolts, taught me that I can trust no one except family.
Which is why he brought me here.
Across time itself.
But how? Have you forgotten your recent battle with the time-traveler, Kang? You recovered fragments of his future tech.
Enough to communicate with my father in the past and then build this time machine.
Well, you're in for a disappointment.
Your father was the lowest, most corrupt leader Hydra ever produced.
How dare you! (GRUNTS) My father was Is A great scientist, a great leader! A mighty name of the House of Zemo! (GRUNTING) (GROANS) (RUMBLING) And the only one who can erase the name "Captain America" from existence.
ALL: Surprise! (LAUGHS) (HORN TOOTING) Where's Cap? Uh, sorry, Black Widow.
I'd say something drew him away, but the joke would be lost on you.
For the record, this is supposed to be a party for Cap's birthday.
Can I help it if he was born on the 4th of July? Plus, the colors match his uniform.
He was probably onto us.
He hates celebrating his birthday.
That's why it's so fun.
- Hey.
- (YAWNS) Sorry.
Every minute here is a minute of genius not expressed.
Okay, forget surprise.
Friday, just tell Cap to report for cake duty.
FRIDAY: Captain America has left the building.
Let's go get him.
HEINRICH ZEMO: Forgive me, Captain.
(GRUNTS) But after crossing decades, I don't wish to waste another second on you.
(GRUNTS) You dare! Explain yourself.
Father, this man thwarted the plans of two generations of Zemos.
He destroyed our legacy.
Made history see us as nothing but criminals.
We must redeem our name.
We will take over Hydra once more, then the world.
Und let him live? Let him watch us destroy his friends, his country, and finally, let the triumph of Zemo be the last thing he sees.
Your obsession with revenge against one man has left you short-sighted.
Fortunately, I have been working on a way to strengthen our ranks and return the focus to our legacy.
FALCON: Two Zemos? Gotta be a trick.
Falcon, help Cap.
I got ya.
You should have known they would show up.
You are less useful than the infant you are in my own time.
I can handle them.
I have a better strategy.
Drive them toward the portal.
It's powering up.
(GRUNTING) (YELLS) (YELLING) CAPTAIN AMERICA: Widow, Falcon, Hawkeye! Where are they? You think I would help you find them? No, Captain.
Your friends are lost in time.
Don't bother, Captain.
My father sent them into the past.
They've been swept into history.
Irrelevant, as are you.
- (WHOOSHING) - Huh? Avengers Tower! It's gone! HAWKEYE: Where are we, Planet Fedora? We've been sent backward in time.
And we left Cap to deal with those guys on his own.
We gotta get back, fast.
Anyone else want to miss helping Cap take out one of his greatest enemies? - Bring them back, Zemo.
- Never! (BEEPING) I'll bring 'em back myself.
(LAUGHING) By all means, try.
Technical genius is not your strength.
Und strategy is not yours.
Our legacy hails back to the great Harbin Zemo of the 15th century, yet you've reduced us to fighting one man in an abandoned warehouse.
Iron Man, Friday, come in.
HELMUT ZEMO: Tachyons are very disruptive to communications.
Face it, Captain.
You dare not destroy the machine.
And you'll never operate it.
Now that none of his friends are standing in our way, let us finish what we started! I may not be able to operate the portal and bring my friends back, but I know someone who can.
(GRUNTS) (BEEPS) And in the meantime, you won't have access to it either.
No! Rogers has taken the transference cylinder! Falcon, come on.
Use that brain of yours.
Me? I can't build a time machine.
You brought Cap back from Kang's time portal.
You and Tony have been studying his tech.
We barely understand it.
But I know one thing.
The only way to operate that portal is from the other end.
(GROANS) You mean our fate depends on Cap precisely calibrating and operating an advanced time portal that even our tech geniuses don't really get? Okay.
Last time, I was able to pull Cap back by locking on to a temporal signal.
I might be able to build a time antenna, a temporal ping.
So, when the portal reopens, whoever's on the other side will be able to lock on to us? I'll need transmitting equipment.
Must be a military base nearby.
Will that do? TONY: (ON RADIO) Cap, got your Code Blue.
Give me the high points.
Zemo, back.
Both of them.
Falcon, Widow, Hawkeye, gone.
Time machine.
Broke off a piece.
TONY: You broke somethin even I couldn't invent.
Now you want me to fix it.
That sums it up.
We need to find radio gear.
There must be an equipment room on base.
Well, let's ask him.
Hey, kid! I'm not a kid, sir.
It's him.
Before the Super Soldier treatment.
Before he became Captain America? That's Steve Rogers? Can, uh Can I help you, Captain? (CHUCKLES) He called me "Captain.
" (CLEARS THROAT) Where are you headed, civilian? On my way to the recruitment office, sir.
I'm here to enlist.
I want to fight for my country.
And do you know where the communications facility is? Back that way.
I passed it on my way in.
But shouldn't you know that, sir? Yeah, yeah.
Just testing your powers of observation.
Good man.
I'm sure your dad would be proud.
I'm sure he would've been.
Hmm? (FOOTSTEPS RECEDING) The Captain will have warned the rest of the Avengers by now.
- They will be here any minute.
- Of course, they will.
Which is why I will be ready for them.
HELMUT ZEMO: But Rogers rendered it useless.
HEINRICH ZEMO: He disabled the portal, fool.
But the time machine can still scan the time stream.
And I've found something of more interest than you.
- Dibs on Sock-Face.
Both of 'em! - THOR: Not if I get there first! Argh! (GRUNTING) (ROARING) (GRUNTING) (GROWLING) You're right, Helmut.
I might not be a tech wiz, but I know someone who is.
I prefer "Tech genius.
" Hulk, Thor, keep them occupied.
'Tis well in hand! (GRUNTS) (ROARING) IRON MAN: And I made a few modifications to your time machine.
(BEEPING) Can you find them? They could be anywhere in time, and scanning across time takes time.
Let's hope Widow, Falcon and Hawkeye are doing what they can from their side.
(GRUNTS) Father, we must retreat! You are the one who fought these Avengers before.
(GRUNTS) Have you no plan for fighting an Asgardian? A monster? Fortunately, I have prepared quickly.
(EXPLOSIONS) (BEEPING) Thank you, Herr Stark.
Unlike you, I've located the time coordinates of my target, the year 2099! Behold my descendant, the genetic culmination of the Zemo lineage.
Huh? I am Heinrich Zemo, your great-great-grandfather.
You are the pinnacle of the House of Zemo.
And these are our family's sworn enemies.
Destroy them here and now, and the future will belong to the House of Zemo! (CRACKLING) (GRUNTS) (GROWLS, GROANS) (YELLING) (GRUNTS) Ah! (GRUNTING) (YELLS) (ROARS) (GRUNTS) (MECHANICAL WHIRRING) (BOTH GRUNT) (LAUGHING) Look at him! HEINRICH ZEMO: A credit to the House of Zemo.
He is my true heir.
You see, Avengers, a century hence, the name of Zemo is still dominant.
So is the Zemo ugliness gene, apparently.
(GROANING) (GROANS) Father Father, do not leave me behind! You deserve your fate.
You are weak, and I am ashamed to call you my son.
No, please (GRUNTING) Hawkeye, we need a lookout.
I'll need a bipolar junction transistor, a niobium capacitor and a lead/carbon resistor.
I've got a vacuum tube, a copper coil and a vacuum tube.
Hey, you guys aren't officers.
What are you three doing? Ugh, that guy never changes.
Clear the area, recruit.
I saw you break in to this building! All right, little guy.
I don't wanna (GRUNTS) Ooh! You're working for the enemy.
You're spies! Guards! (MUFFLED YELL) (MUFFLED GRUNTING) Listen.
I can't tell you what's going on.
I can only tell you we're friends.
We're on your side.
And I'm just supposed to believe that? We're with Stark.
You want to delay the repair of the communications system? We got soldiers on the front lines waiting for their orders.
You work with Howard Stark? Top secret.
I shouldn't even let you see that.
- Really.
- SOLDIER: You there! You are not authorized to be in this area.
Oh, great.
We're caught.
Now, what? HAWKEYE: Get out here.
Company's coming, as in an actual company.
Surrender and come out with your hands in the air.
(GRUNTS) Huh? Oh! (COUGHING) Top secret.
This way! Hawkeye, shoot that transformer.
Gotta love that '40s wiring.
Now or never.
Turn on the transmitter.
(HARSH WHIRRING) Is it supposed to be that loud? I didn't realize these old components would do that.
Why are we still here? We should have vanished the moment I turned it on.
Either they aren't looking for us, or the signal isn't strong enough.
Or the Zemos still stand in the way.
(CIRCUITS SCRAMBLING) (LASERS FIRING) Everyone else has swell weapons, and I'm stuck with a trash can lid? Oh, well, here goes nothing.
(GRUNTS) Stand down, or we'll (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) Hey, that's not too bad.
Well, you still have a ways to go.
You're stealing his money? Something more valuable, actually.
(HARSH WHIRRING) (GROANS) (ALL GROANING) (GRUNTING) IRON MAN: You always said you wanted to fight a worthy opponent.
- How's it feel? - (GROANS) Surprisingly painful.
(YELLS, GROANS) (ALL GASP AND EXCLAIM) What was that? Civilians in the crossfire! Aren't they always? (GRUNTING) (ROARING) (GROANS) (YELLS) IRON MAN: Stay calm, people.
- This shipment's duty free.
- MAN: Hey, it's Iron Man! (CHUCKLES) All right! Get in.
(GRUNTS) (YELLS) Oh, thank goodness.
Do it, Captain.
My own life no longer matters.
I now know the Zemo name and legacy will last forever, thanks to the Zemo of 2099.
(CLANGING) You still wish to fight me? No.
Your loyalty in your father is misplaced.
He doesn't believe in you.
He doesn't respect you.
(BOTH GRUNTING) My father is a great man! Fathers should support their sons, not tear them down.
You spent your life honoring his work, and all you earned was his scorn.
If you weren't trying to live up to his poor example, you could have created a better legacy of your own.
You don't know what you're talking about.
(BEEPING) What are you doing? (GRUNTING) Time for you to surrender! (GRUNTS) (GROANS) (GRUNTS) I have Captain America! Finish him! Destroy your enemy! Prove you are worthy to be my son.
It is you who are not worthy to be my father.
(GRUNTS) (STRAINING) Finally, a show of strength! You almost make me proud.
And I no longer care.
Goodbye, Father! (GRUNTS) (DISTORTED YELLING) (GRUNTING) HEINRICH ZEMO: You will never triumph over the House of Zemo! (ROARING) Huh? What happened? We have defeated their villainous legacy.
In the future, he will not exist.
Tony, the other Avengers.
(BEEPING) (CRACKLING) It's like finding a needle in a (WHIRRING) Wait.
Picking up a signal.
Good work, Falcon.
Locking on.
(BEEPING) Welcome back, soldiers.
YOUNG STEVE: (SHOUTING) What's going on? (ELECTRICITY CRACKLING) You really never change, do you? Starting to think that's a good thing.
Well, what now, Captain? Will you lock me away to rot in the Vault? The Vault's a prison for unrepentant criminals.
But you, Zemo, can have a future.
(GRUNTING) That fool.
He sent me back to my own world, right behind enemy lines.
Now, to capture their base and Argh! (CHUCKLES) I may make this work yet.
Over here! I found the spy! STEVE: I usually hate to make a big deal of my birthday, and Independence Day, but I'm honored.
Sorry I made you wait.
Actually, it's good the party got delayed, 'cause we managed to find you the perfect gift.
How did you (CHUCKLES) I know people.