Marvel's Avengers Assemble (2013) s04e13 Episode Script

The Return

1 We're home! Back on Earth.
Wonder what we missed.
Come on.
- We don't have time to lose.
- Hmm.
[CHATTERING] Captain America, when you and the other Avengers were abducted, this was left behind.
Perhaps you could put it to good use.
Thank you, Vision.
Now it feels like home.
[THOR] Friends! Everyone's back.
We're going to need all the Avengers if we're going to have a chance at dealing with this.
[WIND HOWLING] So snow day? Nay.
This is no ordinary storm.
This enchantment has the hallmark of one person: Loki.
[LOKI LAUGHING] How did Loki do all this? While you were gone, Loki took over the world.
To do this to Earth.
I have been a fool to show my brother Loki mercy in the past.
Not this time.
I wanted a chance to thank your team for risking your lives to save us, - but I guess it'll have to wait.
- Indeed.
We have work to do.
[TOGETHER] Avengers Assemble! [AVENGERS CHUCKLE] [BOTH CHUCKLE] Captain America, if you please.
Avengers, spread out.
Get into the city.
See what you can find.
Help anyone you can.
Exactly what I would have said.
[THOR GRUNTS] - You and me, Ant-Man.
- I swear, we did a really good job of taking care of things here on Earth while you were gone, until this whole Loki mess.
I'm going topside for a bird's-eye view.
- See if I can get the lay of the land.
- Captain Marvel, wait.
Make sure you look out for the Look out for the what? Aah! [GRUNTS] Dragons! No one said there'd be dragons.
Not that I mind.
[GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] Please, let me show you how it's done.
[YELLS] [ROARING] [YELLS] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] It's still got some fight left in it.
[GRUNTS, GROANS] - Captain America - Right behind you, Black Panther.
[GRUNTS] There are hundreds of these things above the city.
And this is just one of the babies.
Loki's dragons are keeping everyone trapped in New York.
Before this guy tried to take a bite out of me, I saw a group congregating in Central Park.
If it's Loki's army, they're that way.
[WIND HOWLING] We are approaching a compound.
There is no obvious entrance in, other than over the wall.
Copy that.
We're on the opposite side from you.
Over here we've got a big, unguarded gate.
Key word being "unguarded.
" Protected by Asgardian magic.
Loki's doing, no doubt.
- Is there a way to get through it? - I have a way.
[YELLS] [LOKI LAUGHING] Took you so long to show up.
You've missed out on all the fun.
Welcome back to Earth, Avengers.
Do you like what I've done to the place? So that's how you did this.
The Casket of Ancient Winters! Wait.
Who do we have here? Dr.
Jane Foster.
How nice of you to come pay tribute in person.
You remember me [GRUNTS] A-ho-oh.
You do have a way with people, Dr.
- Hm.
- Hm.
Give up, Loki.
Your plan to control Earth was doomed from the beginning.
Oh, you're wrong, brother.
For I was burdened with glorious purpose.
But that burden has been lifted.
After my Cabal scattered your Avengers and left Earth undefended, I was free to spread my wings and take what I wanted.
I've won.
The Earth that you love so much belongs to me.
And if you so much as lift a finger to try and take it back, I'll tear this little world apart.
[CREATURES GROWLING] Loki, call off your Frost Trolls.
This conflict is between you and me.
Leave the humans out of it! [LOKI] But you've already brought the humans into it.
So I can do what I want.
Like this! [AVENGERS CRY OUT] [LAUGHS, GRUNTS] [YELLS] Ah, the Avengers, constantly going from one trap to the next.
After all this time, Thor, still so naive.
Frost Trolls, the Avengers still live.
Let's remedy that, shall we? [GROWLING] [GROWLING] Leave Thor for last, but shatter the others into oblivion.
Marvel, Vision! Get the others out of the ice, and make it snappy! Aye, aye, Captain! [ROARS] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS, GROANS] Come here, ya ice cube! [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] And here I wanted your demise to be dramatic.
[SIGHS] Lesson learned.
We'll simply make it painful.
[GROWLING] [GRUNTS] Let me know when the painful part comes in, because so far, this is fun.
[TROLLS GRUNT] Are you injured, Captain? Please! Not the first time I've been put on ice.
[GROWLING] More trolls closing in on both flanks! Sitch is getting too hot.
Retreat and regroup.
[CAPTAIN AMERICAN] You heard her! Go! [CHUCKLES] You know where to find me.
Come on, people! Let's move! Loki is my responsibility.
I cannot run.
We're not running.
We're regrouping.
We'll come back stronger.
We're out.
Where to now? I know just the place.
Follow me.
I know it's small, but I usually don't have this many guests over.
[GROWLS, BARKS] Whoa! Easy there, puppy.
I'm friendly.
Sorry, Hawkeye.
My dog doesn't like strangers.
[BARKS] [BARKING] [ANT-MAN] Jane saves the world and still has time to read this many books? Ooh, I've heard good things about this one! Can everyone see? [MS.
[SNIFFS] [GRUNTS] Hey, what was that for? Mm, fine.
- Uhh - Everybody scoot over.
I can't feel my leg.
[GRUNTS] [GROANS, CRIES] Okay, I'm good.
FOSTER] These are giant stone ships.
Loki's positioned them at the north and south ends of Manhattan.
The World Breakers.
They are one of the ways that Loki can unleash Ragnarok.
The end of the world! If anyone moves against him, Loki only need wave his hand for them to set sail and destroy the Earth.
Loki was well prepared.
Organizing the Cabal, kidnapping the Avengers, biding his time for the right moment to take Earth.
His forces are entrenched now.
Removing them will not be easy.
It won't be easy, but we can do it.
Once I modify the portal technology that brought you home, I can counteract Loki's magic and send his dragons and trolls back to Asgard.
But as soon as Loki sees it coming, he'll activate the World Breakers.
Then we don't give him a chance.
Hit both ships and Loki at the same time.
- Don't give him time to react.
- Split into three groups.
I'll take a group to the north ship.
Captain Marvel, you lead another group to the south ship.
- Thor, your group's got Loki.
- Aye.
So be honest.
Which group got the easy job? All three tasks will be equally impossible.
Certain doom.
Appreciate the honesty.
The World Breaker.
We need to figure out how to destroy it.
Without raining debris down on all of Manhattan.
That too.
Permission to come aboard? [GROWLS, GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] [THUDDING] Dropped a Hulk on it and it didn't even move.
Destroying this thing is gonna be hard.
[GROWLING] And it ain't getting any easier.
Our World Breaker's loaded with Trolls? Yep, we found 'em.
Or they found us.
[GRUNTS] [GROWLING] [GROANS] [GROWLING] [GRUNTING] I do believe that was the last one.
More trolls? That would be too easy.
[THUNDEROUS FOOTSTEPS] Air force, you seeing what we're seeing? If what you're seeing is a Destroyer, then yeah.
Everybody move! This is my fault.
Loki should never have been allowed to get this far.
You are not to blame for your brother.
Loki is entirely responsible for his own behavior.
My compassion for Loki has been misplaced.
I've always tried to see the good in him, but now I see that it just makes me naive.
But that's what makes you different.
If you didn't show compassion for Loki, you wouldn't be Thor, you'd be Loki.
And one of those is enough.
[LOKI] You've come to see me again.
I knew you couldn't resist.
Enough of this, brother.
Your playtime is over.
Release control of Earth.
Now! [LAUGHING] Oh, my playtime has just begun.
And I see a new toy.
[SCREAMING] - No! Loki, stop! - Vision! [GROANING] Your teammates may be loyal to you, Thor.
But Vision? Vision is just a thing.
And things can be controlled.
[GROANS] Vision, dear, destroy them.
[GRUNTING] Vision, don't do this! [GRUNTS] - Aah! - He can't hear you.
Or, actually, he doesn't care.
[GRUNTS] Don't fight us.
Fight Loki's control! [GRUNTS] [PANTING] [GRUNTS] [CRIES OUT] [GRUNTS] [STRAINING] [YELLS] Loki, this is a fight you cannot win! Then I'll have others win it for me.
[LAUGHING] [ALL LAUGHING] [GRUNTING] Nothing but air, just like your claim to this world! [GRUNTING] [LAUGHS] That "air" seems to be giving you some trouble.
[GRUNTING] Loki's got his mind, and Vision can't feel pain, so hit him as hard as you can! [GRUNTS] [YELLS] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] Hit the Destroyer with everything we've got! It's our only chance! [GRUNTING] [GRUNTING] [YELLS] [GRUNTS] [CHUCKLES] [RUMBLING] - What was that? Were we hit? - No.
We've set sail.
Loki has activated the World Breakers.
[CAPTAIN MARVEL] Our ship's on the move too.
We're running out of time.
FOSTER] Captain Marvel, Captain America.
You need to get control of the ships.
You can't let the two World Breakers meet up over Manhattan.
If they come together, they'll release an energy pulse that will destroy the Earth.
So keep the ships away from each other.
Try to get them over open ocean and destroy them there so they don't crush the entire tristate area.
Any tips for steering a flying ship - powered by Asgardian magic? - Cap, heads up! Lucky for us, we're not on Asgard.
As long as we're on Earth, basic laws of physics apply.
If you can hack their flying controls, you can fly the ship.
Stone can be hacked? Physics.
I'll hold off the Destroyer.
Panther, find the ship's controls! [GRUNTING] I believe I have found it.
[GRUNTS] Got it.
[GRUNTING] So where are we parking this thing? [STRAINING] [GRUNTING] Not only did your attack fail, but it gave me time to launch the World Breakers.
You've just assured the destruction of all of Midgard.
You should be proud.
[GRUNTS] Have you noticed Vision's just holding us off? He's had chances to take us out.
Why hasn't he? Ant-Man, don't give him any ideas.
[GRUNTS] Aah! There is still time, Loki.
Your World Breakers will fail, as will you! [YELLS] Yes.
Now, Vision, use it to strike down my brother! Strike him down with all the fury of Wait.
How are you worthy enough to lift that when I'm controlling you? [SHRIEKING] [GROANS] [LAUGHING] Our deception worked, friend Vision! You mean you and and he were That's why you didn't take us out when you could have.
I was merely acting.
And I think I've gotten rather good at it.
We need to take this thing apart where it can't do any damage.
[GRUNTS] A little busy over here.
[ROARS] [YELLS] That does give me an idea.
Captain Marvel, you know the Avengers' "face in the mud" maneuver? I think I know the one.
Then hit it! [YELLS] [GRUNTS] [STRAINING] [YELLS] [HAWKEYE] We did it! And I'm dead.
[CAPTAIN MARVEL] Your turn, army.
You heard her.
Take 'em down! [WIND HOWLING] [CAPTAIN AMERICA] We did it.
World Breaker is down.
You're good to go, Dr.
I really need a bigger apartment.
Winter's been cancelled.
[TROLLS SHRIEKING] What is this? A truce, if you will agree to it.
We will always be brothers.
Let us work together for peace.
[CHUCKLES] So, if I won't go along with your plan, I suppose it's time to send me back to Asgard.
Oh, no, brother.
Not this time.
[CAPTAIN AMERICA] It's good to be home.
[CAPTAIN MARVEL] Even better to be together.
Ah, but at least there's plenty of room for all the Avengers.
And guests.
You will remain here, where we can keep a close eye on you.
Savor your victory, brother, because someday I will see your Earth destroyed beyond repair.
Earth is under our protection, Loki, and it always will be.
[LAUGHING] This isn't over.
It's only just begun.
Keep an eye out! Strange things are on the way.