Marvel's Avengers Assemble (2013) s05e11 Episode Script

The Lost Temple

This country is nothing but trees and vines.
How can we ever find the Shrouded Temple if it's hidden in all this Aah! See? This is what happens when you wander off, Zemo.
Next time, stay with the tour.
As usual, Captain America, your humor is elusive.
I've got my eyes on you.
- T'Challa may trust you, but - Enough.
The Black Panther does trust me.
This is all that matters.
Trust may be an overstatement.
Let us say our goals coincide.
Our goal is finding the Shrouded Temple and unlocking it with the Panther's Key.
Yet all we have done is wander aimlessly in this jungle.
For what? This statue is a marker.
We are close.
Shuri? There's a network of power grids and surge blocks under this part of the forest.
I'd say very close.
I hate when he does that.
We have found something.
This must be the hidden temple.
Be ready, all of you.
There will be security measures in place.
These, uh, "security measures," Black Panther what exactly are they? Whatever they are, here they come! Wait.
I've seen these.
Princess, look out! T'Challa, these things seem to be based on third generation robotics designs.
The power cell disable it.
Got it.
Just breaking them works fine too.
It's a design flaw.
We don't make them like this anymore.
Zemo! Is everybody all right? Uh, no.
No, I don't think we are.
Princess, look out! This one has no power cell! There has to be another way to shut it down.
But I don't see where Get down, Captain! Thank you.
You are welcome.
But we're still at its mercy.
T'Challa! Of course! The Panther's Key! Aah! Shuri! The key! T'Challa! I am well, sister.
No need to shout.
I think that means we're invited.
In a dusty, old-school kind of way.
Your people built all this only to bury it in the jungle.
Such a waste.
What do you make of those dots? Some kind of warning? I do not think so, Captain.
They are stars.
T'Challa, I don't think this is a temple.
It feels more like an observatory? Your are right.
This is not the Shrouded Temple.
But perhaps somewhat more than an observatory.
What do you think? Any idea of what this old stuff might do? It is hard to say.
While our forebears were advanced for their time, everything here is Old.
Everything here is old.
Yet according to my scans, this is an elevator.
That's strange.
I'm not reading any sublevels.
None of you find this all a bit convenient? This is precisely the sort of lure I would use to trap an enemy.
You may stay here if you wish, Zemo.
In the jungle.
Very well.
If you insist.
And now? Is something meant to happen? I was right.
It is an elevator.
To doom us in the depths of space! We Just how long has Wakanda had space travel? Quite a long time, Captain.
Your grandfather and I weren't close, but you'd think he would've mentioned something about this.
The kings and queens of Wakanda are bound to keep its secrets.
Looks like your grandfather kept his fair share.
Indeed, Captain.
And that can only be the Shrouded Temple.
We found it.
We actually found it.
We did.
So why don't I have a good feeling about this? Intruders.
Engage primary defense.
I am T'Challa, King of Wakanda.
Accept Royal Authority.
Will that work? It better.
We're sitting ducks out here.
Royal Authority accepted.
Is that Grandfather? Welcome, King of Wakanda.
T'Chanda?! He looks the same as he did in the '40s.
It's the interface for temple security.
T'Challa, the system only responds to the ruler of Wakanda you.
Why are you here? We seek knowledge.
Why was this temple constructed? What is its purpose? Come.
There are many dangerous objects on Earth.
Artifacts of terrible power.
Our ancestors realized they must be kept hidden from those who would use those powers for evil.
Beyond this door is the most dangerous artifact of all.
It is the reason the temple was built.
We call it, simply, the Crown.
"The Crown"? T'Challa, what is he talking about? I believe we are about to find out.
This is disappointing, I must say.
Your people built all this to contain a single crown? Hang on.
I've seen this box before.
When I was with your grandfather.
What's inside it? I don't know.
We thought I thought it was destroyed.
T'Chanda had his reasons for placing the Crown on this vessel.
I think we should obey those reasons and leave it where it is.
I'm with the Princess.
The temple is secret.
It's secure.
It was nearly impossible to get here, even for us.
No one else will find it.
We cannot know that.
Killmonger had access to many secrets.
We must assume the Shadow Council shares That's plasma fire! We're under attack! What about the Crown? Leave it.
It's safest here.
Right, T'Challa? For now.
What? - We need to get back to the - No! Stop! Aahh! T'Challa! T'Challa, talk to me! Are you all right? I am unharmed.
I have enough oxygen for several minutes.
What about you? The automatic safety systems have engaged.
We should be fine.
What was that? What happened? I happened, T'Challa.
Killmonger! This attack is your doing! As always, I am a step ahead.
Thank you for leading us to the Shrouded Temple.
And here's our Dr.
All done wrapping up the big surprise, eh, Whitney girl? Don't call me that.
My name is Madame Masque.
Not Frost.
Not Whitney.
Not "girl.
" Understand? I'm sure he does.
Release him.
Focus, both of you.
You are not permitted to enter the temple, traitor.
I don't need your permission.
But don't worry.
I've left you a surprise to enjoy.
The Shadow Council's attacking.
How did they find us? We have another problem.
Those blasts knocked us out of orbit.
Earth's gravity has us.
We are crashing! The temple must have a manual control station.
- We need - To be given a hearty "thank you.
" Killmonger! Indeed.
Madame Masque, if you please.
Traitor! What have you done with T'Challa? Nothing, Princess.
Only left him a small surprise.
Now, stand aside if you want to live.
Aah! Move, people! We can't let them take the temple! Going somewhere, Cat King? Tiger Shark! Surprise! Is this your best effort? Perhaps your fighting prowess is overrated.
Anybody ever tell you you talk too much? You're Whitney Frost.
My brother told me about you.
My name is Madame Masque.
You're some kind of mechanic or something, right? Mechanic? Mechanic?! Got you on the run now, Zemo! Looks like you backed the wrong horse.
You will never have the Crown, you ridiculous fool! Aah! I beg to differ, Mr.
Yes, Black Panther, fight! The more you struggle, the more air you use.
You are right.
But we are close enough now.
What is this? What are you doing? I am hacking your propulsion system.
Stop! No! We'll crash! Let me go! As you wish.
Noooooo! Finish him.
I will take the Crown.
Listen to me! The temple is falling to Earth.
It's going to burn up in reentry.
See for yourself.
Uncontrolled reentry.
Calculating speed, vectors, impact force Well done, sister.
Very well done.
T'Challa! You're alive! Apparently.
But our situation remains dire.
Where are Captain America and Zemo? Where are the rest of the Shadow Council? How about two out of four? Glad to see you in one piece.
Tiger Shark has been dealt with.
Madame Masque and Klaue are down.
That leaves only Killmonger.
And Zemo.
At last! Victory is Never! The Crown's power isn't meant for petty tyrants.
T'Challa's weakness has infected you.
Zemo's change of heart is not weakness.
You will never have the Crown.
Aah! - Do you want good news or bad? - Tell me all of it.
I've analyzed our trajectory.
The good news is we won't burn up on reentry after all.
The bad news is that we're going to crash into New York City! If we can't change the temple's trajectory, we're going to crash into New York.
What kind of damage are we talking about here? Worst case.
At this speed, the impact of something as large as the temple would be an extinction event.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Did he just say "extinction," as in "everybody wiped out"? That is what "extinction" means.
Unless "Unless"? "Unless" is good.
We could self-destruct.
From here, I mean.
We could.
Who is "we"? Shuri's right.
We could blow up the temple.
It'll save all those lives.
It won't.
It won't work.
I'm with her.
Stay back, Madame Masque.
Blowing up the temple won't save anyone.
The pieces will still hit.
- I may be able to help if - She said, "Stay back.
" Do you want to fix the damage to this ship or not? Let me help.
So weak, T'Challa.
So desperate.
Giving your enemies control of your fate.
You are no king.
You're just a spoiled little Quiet, please.
I'm concentrating.
Yes, there is a lot of damage.
With help, I can fix most of it.
But someone will still have to pilot us down.
Where is the pilot's station? Three levels up, rear seven.
T'Challa, I'm the better pilot.
Shuri, all this, all of you you are my responsibility.
You stay here.
Use your tech skills to help Madame Masque.
We're still missing connections in grids 20 and six.
Those sections were destroyed.
By you! When you attacked us! Rerouting those systems.
There's another problem the debris field.
Also created by your attack.
I'm seeing a pattern here.
You're seeing the wrong pattern.
The attack is the past.
Look at the debris field.
It's spread too wide.
Even if we land the temple, we'll never catch all of it.
This isn't going to work.
They're failing.
We are all going to die! No one's dying, Klaue.
Right, ladies? Inconclusive.
I'm sorry.
The correct answer is: "Right, Captain.
No one is dying.
" T'Challa, where are you? Entering the pilot's station now.
The security system appears to be damaged.
It is not allowing access.
But I may be able to bypass the systems.
There! I have taken care of it.
Pilot system engaged.
You could also extend the temple's gravity net around the debris field.
The net would be too thin.
We'll need something to give it a power boost.
A medium, like water, or or plasma, or Sound waves! They're looking at me.
Why are they looking at me? Aaahhh! I think it's your turn to be a hero, Klaue.
Oh, no.
No, no, no! I'm strictly a passenger on this flight! Shut up, you big baby.
It won't hurt.
It won't, right? If he keeps his mouth shut.
Aah! We must secure the Crown before someone stumbles on it.
Are we sure it made it through the crash? No mere crash could destroy the Crown.
It is here, somewhere.
Okay, we've got a deadly ancient object to find.
Let's move, people.