Marvel's Avengers Assemble (2013) s05e13 Episode Script

The Last Avenger

[IRON MAN] Explain yourself, T'Challa, now.
Black Panther, what has happened here? He was trying to use that Crown for himself.
Cap tried to stop him and Panther.
He destroyed him.
This cannot be so.
Because it is not, Thor.
Captain America and I were trying to stop the Crown together.
Whatever you believe you saw, Black Widow, you are mistaken.
All of you, I am still your friend.
Black Panther is an Avenger and our ally.
No, not anymore.
He quit, remember? And if she says it's true, it's true.
Tell him, Nat.
I saw the two of them break off from the fight with the Shadow Council.
I followed them all the way down here.
They were fighting over the Crown.
Panther let Cap get caught in the blast.
Captain America sacrificed himself to protect us all.
I saw what I saw.
- Captain America - Isn't here to back you up.
Convenient, huh? Okay, here's the plan.
T'Challa, you and that Crown are coming with us to Avengers Tower.
We'll sort this out there.
No! I will not allow you to touch the Crown.
Are you threatening us, friend Panther? The Crown is more dangerous than you know.
We tried to contain its power here and failed.
I must be allowed to take it with me, now! You lost your vote when you lied to us and attacked Cap.
I did not attack him.
And I am a king, Hawkeye.
I do not vote.
The Crown is going with me.
If you insist on blocking my path, I will be forced to use extreme measures.
That'll make the fight fair.
Since when is four against one a fair fight? [THOR] Princess Shuri! O-kay.
That doesn't look good.
[YELLS, GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] I was able to build a new containment box for the Crown.
These three bars are all we had left at the embassy.
- Once the Crown depletes them - Yes.
There will be great danger without sufficient Vibranium to dampen its energies.
[HAWKEYE GRUNTS] The Shrouded Temple was filled with Vibranium.
The structure, the circuits everything.
We'll need at least that much to keep it stable.
The temple is destroyed.
There is only one place where we can find that much Vibranium.
[IRON MAN APPROACHING] If we don't get this back to Wakanda before these bars run out, half of North America will be vaporized.
Hold on.
I'm rerouting power from your armor.
That should help sustain the Crown until we reach Wakanda.
Till then, you'll be on auxiliary power.
But exactly how much time does that give us? The Crown will burn right through that Vibranium in a few hours.
Barely enough time to get back to Wakanda, unless your friends want to lend us an Avenjet.
But there is an alternative.
[GRUNTS] Stand down, Your Majesty.
Don't make this uglier than it has to be.
- Captain Marvel - I mean it, T'Challa.
I'm not asking twice.
You have to stop this.
Just come with us before it gets out of, uh, hand.
Marvel Carol, you do not understand.
We must return to Wakanda without delay.
Wakanda? Tony told us what you did to Cap.
The only place you're going is a holding cell.
But if you come in on your own I mean, we're all friends.
Maybe you've got an explanation for what happened, right? I would totally give you a chance to explain.
He used up his chances when he vaporized Cap.
Shuri, go! Get the princess! [GRUNTS] Okay.
I guess we're doing this.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] Hey! Stop that! Put me down! Totally sorry, Princess.
If you'll just Aah! [GRUNTS] Hey! That stings! This'll sting, too, Kamala.
Marvel! Incoming! [GRUNTS] Well, I had him.
Till I didn't.
[GRUNTS] [CAPTAIN MARVEL] Just grab him, can't ya? Like it's that easy.
Hello! He's Black Panther! Shuri, be ready.
- [YELLS] - [GRUNTS] Kamala! [GRUNTS] Aah! [GROANS] Come.
I really am so sorry.
[THUNDER RUMBLING] Central Park? I made preparations after the Atlantean attack in case the embassy was compromised a second time.
It seemed wise to have off-site transportation at the ready.
Sometimes your ideas aren't half bad, brother.
[THUNDERCLAP] Look out! Aah! [GRUNTS] T'Challa! The jet! [BLACK PANTHER] The jet is not the problem.
Black Panther! Surrender now, traitor, or face the wrath of Thor! This is not good.
Do you have a plan? I am forming one.
You have your prototypes with you, I presume.
Yes, of course.
I Wh What? T'Challa, wait.
I wish to speak to you, one royal to another.
I must return the Crown to Wakanda.
If I do not, there will be unimaginable destruction.
You destroyed Captain America.
You might make any claim to avoid punishment.
You will not let us pass? - [THUNDERCLAP] - No.
Your crime is too great.
You must face justice! Then it is decided.
[YELLS] [YELLS, GRUNTS] Hmph! [BLACK PANTHER] Aahh! Shatter Ball.
Stealth web.
Micro battery Aha! Yes! Power siphons! [YELLS] Aaah! [GROWLS] [GROWLS] Aah! [GROANING] - [GRUNTS, GROWLS] - This might sting a bit.
- [GRUNTS] - [GRUNTS] [SCREAMING] Nicely done.
Your power siphons work very well.
[GROANING] They haven't been tested on a real Asgardian before.
We don't know if they can hold this energy for very T'Challa! [GROWLS] [THUNDERCLAP] [GROANING] Aah! [GRUNTING] [YELLS] Well, now we know.
We should go.
One of us must get to the jet.
Have you seen the jet? It's not going to help us.
You must trust me.
The jet is hobbled, but there are weapons inside.
Weapons? What sort of No! T'Challa, you didn't! Shuri, go! I will distract Thor.
[GROWLS] I can't believe I'm doing this! Hmm? Thor, please hear me.
I am only trying to protect the people of Enough! No more talk! [YELLS] [THUNDERCLAP] Your technology is formidable, but it can never match Asgardian power! [ROARS] [STRAINING] Wakandan technology is a match for anything! [YELLS] [YELLING] Shuri, be ready! Panther! Thor, we can still stop this.
Just put the hammer down! [GRUNTS] As you wish! [YELLS] Now! [CLICKS] Huh! Another of your tricks.
It will fail, like the rest.
[GRUNTS] This is nothing.
When will you learn that your traps are useless? That is not the trap.
This is.
[GASPS] [YELLS] I can't believe you had a weapon designed specifically to defeat Thor.
It is only a temporary solution.
We must go before he returns.
We lost time.
We lost the jet.
The Vibranium's almost depleted.
How are we going to make it back to Wakanda? Shuri, an effective backup plan requires a backup of its own.
T'Challa, wait.
Where are we going? An empty warehouse? This is your backup backup plan? Honestly, when do you find the time? [BEEPS] [ENGINE WHIRS, STOPS] Looks like you're having engine trouble.
So sad for you.
Stand aside, Black Widow.
Let us put our jet back together, and we'll be on our way.
You're absolutely free to go, Princess, - just as soon as your brother surrenders.
- [KNUCKLES CRACK] Why are you doing this, Natasha? You know I would never harm Captain America.
I know what I saw.
[BOTH GRUNT] [GRUNTING] [BEEPING] Missing something? [BEEPING QUICKENS] [COUGHING] You don't happen to have another jet hidden somewhere in New York, do you? Why do I ask? Of course you do.
Isn't this where the Avengers wanted to take you in the first place? I am fairly certain they did not wish to bring me here.
Hidden elevator? You really have been busy.
"No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.
" Sun Tzu.
"My brother's backup plans have backup plans.
" Princess Shuri.
Seriously? You hid a jet in my trophy room? I'm starting to get the feeling you never trusted any of us.
Trust is a two-way road.
Really? T'Challa, we don't have time for this.
I will be quick.
Hey, wait! [YELLS] [GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] [GROANS] [GRUNTS] If this is how you treat your friends, no wonder you've got so many enemies.
[YELLS] We are not enemies! I know that.
I just said we're friends.
T'Challa! Clear! Aah! That was quick.
[BEEPS] Okay.
Now I'm mad! T'Challa? T'Challa, do you plan to say anything before we get to Wakanda? [GROANS SOFTLY] I I am sorry, Shuri.
I was thinking.
Tell me.
I prefer to remain silent.
I'm your sister.
I know what troubles you.
I know how much Captain America meant to you.
And now, being forced to go against your friends Sometimes doing our duty takes a toll on our lives, Shuri.
Another lesson on how to be a king? Perhaps.
Once this is all over, can we not just explain to the Avengers? - Your friends will see - You call them my friends? I am not certain of that.
They are your friends, T'Challa.
If they are, they will forgive.
You have a good heart, sister, but sentiment is a luxury we cannot afford.
If we do not get the Crown back to Wakanda, it will destroy millions of lives.
Nothing else can matter now.
[MONITOR BEEPING] Closing in on the African coast.
We might actually make it.
Surprise! How do you like my new stealth tech? [GASPS] Now, where were we? Did you really think you could get away with this, T'Challa? I tried to reason with you.
Your actions dictated this course, not mine.
I gave you a chance to surrender at the embassy.
This mess is all on you! You took Black Widow's word, yet you did not even consider mine.
Is that how you treat buddies? Whatever.
I'm not here to argue.
I'm here to bring you and that Crown thing back to New York.
[GROWLS] So be it.
[BOTH GRUNT] Shuri, return to the capital.
Initiate the Shield protocol.
[GRUNTS] [ALARM BLARING] - T'Challa, stay alive.
- [BEEPS] [ALARM CONTINUES] [GRUNTS] You can't beat me, T'Challa.
Perhaps not.
But beating you was never my plan.
Stopping you was.
Hey! Hey! No! Stop that! I need that! Yes, you do.
[DESCENDING WHIRRING] The reactor's power will continue to protect your heart, but its connection to your armor is severed.
Good-bye, Tony.
[GRUNTS] Okay.
That was actually a pretty good plan.
Time to hunt some big game.
[CRIES OUT] Aah! Neat trick, but I've got some too.
[BOTH GRUNT] [GROANS] You are not getting away.
Stay back, Hawkeye.
I do not wish to hurt you.
[GRUNTING] Oh, we're way too late for that.
This one's for Whitney Frost.
[GRUNTS] And this one's for the Avengers! [GRUNTING] And this one is for Steve.
That's far enough! Stay back.
If you pass this point, it will be viewed as a hostile incursion into Wakanda.
Did he just call us hostiles? Ouch.
We were friends, T'Challa.
Why are you doing this? Some things are more important than friendship.
You should know that.
Final warning, Panther.
One more step T'Challa, you must hurry.
The Crown is Be calm, Shuri.
Returning the Crown to Wakanda has stabilized it.
The danger is passed.
Not for you.
Is this how you solve your problems? It doesn't always have to be Wakanda versus the rest of the world, you know.
There was a time when I believed that to be true.
I defied the wisdom of my forefathers, opened our border, joined forces with the Avengers.
But your minds are closed.
You will not hear me.
I thank you for making it clear that my ancestors were correct.
Wakanda stands alone in the world.
I must stand alone.
[BEEPING] Once again, the borders of Wakanda are closed to all foreigners.
Any attempt by you or anyone else to cross will be seen as an act of war and punished accordingly.
It's completely inert.
Klaue told the truth about it being safe on Wakandan soil? It seems so.
As soon as I crossed our border, the energy build-up ceased.
That sounds like magic.
There must be a scientific explanation.
We'll keep working on it.
You should rest.
It's been a bad day.
T'Challa, have you been out here this whole time? I have teams examining the Crown.
It has many unexpected properties, but it does seem to be a new form of Vibranium, as Klaue said.
Or a very old one.
I think T'Challa? Are you all right? I I am not certain.
This quest has shattered friendships and alliances I've spent years forging.
For what? For Wakanda.
We saved the world.
Even if the Avengers don't know it.
That is true.
We did what was right.
You did what was right.
It's what Father taught us to do.
Father taught me to plan everything to the finest detail, to prepare for any circumstance I might encounter as king.
But this? For the first time in my life, I have no plan.