Marvel's Cloak and Dagger (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Colony Collapse

1 TANDY: Previously, on Cloak and Dagger What happened to us back there? Why us? People didn't just die in the Core, they were infected.
IVAN: That fear spreads from person to person.
I call them Terrors.
A valve is part of a complex and thoughtful system connected to a new drill.
[screams] If I had a knife of light, Detective Connors would be dead and buried.
CONNORS: How's your little quest for justice feeling now? POLICE OFFICER: Tyrone Johnson! You are under arrest for the murder of Officer Fuchs! Mr.
Scarborough sends his regards.
- [screams] - [gunshots] Three two one.
[pages rustling] [birds singing] AUNTIE: The first time we know what happened was the Great Famine that stuck the Chocktaw people.
The crops were fallow.
The fish had not bitten.
The men that went off to find help never came back.
But through this darkness, two lights shine bright, two children who were alive and healthy despite nature's angriest efforts.
It was on their shoulders to save the whole village.
That one of set of shoulders with the mark on it, of course, bore most of all that weight.
It wasn't fair.
It wasn't anything resembling justice.
It just was.
But when she died, they say the land grew fertile again, the fish came back, and from that seed of sacrifice grew the city we would probably know as New Orleans.
Three two one.
Don't hurt her, or you'll never see the files.
- Tandy, get out of here! - Mom, I got this.
- What files? - The ones you're here to kill me over.
ROXXON's off-point oil rig turned its workers into primal screams.
Clever your water delivery getup.
Use what you can to survive, right? Well, then, I suggest you use those sensible shoes and get out of my mother's home.
Read the room, princess.
- I kind of hold all the cards.
- [grunts] Maybe I have a few up my sleeves.
Scarborough didn't tell you about me, did he? That makes sense.
He's a need-to-know kind of guy.
And this, I'm assuming, is his need to clean up everyone who knows too much about that rig.
- Don't step any closer! - Tandy, what are you doing? Ivan and Mina.
Do they know too much, too? Don't move, I'm serious! About what? I'm unarmed.
[screams] No! [groans] [grunting] [groans] [panting] Are you okay? Yeah, are you? No.
No, Mom, I I screwed up.
Mom, listen, okay? I need you to go to Mr.
Munney's, and I need you to tell him that the government is after you.
He'll keep you safe.
[phone ringing] [on voicemail]: Mina here.
You have been missed.
- Please leave a mess - I got to go.
Where are you going? - I need to go help some people.
- Why you? [kiss] Why not? [voices chattering] OTIS: You looking for this? I I already know what you're gonna say.
You have no idea what I'm going to say.
Because I have no idea.
I get a call from your mother.
She's hysterical because the police are calling you a cop killer.
- I didn't kill anyone.
- Of course you didn't.
But, Tyrone, you need to run as far away as you can, as fast as you can, and never look back.
You don't call us.
You don't send us a postcard.
You hear me? Yes, sir.
Ty, I have no idea if I've done any good as a father, for either of you boys.
[loud knocking on door] BIG CHIEF: What can we do for you, Officer? One of your Red Hawks seems to have gone off the reservation.
BIG CHIEF: I know you think you're being clever, but the fact is, that's quite racist.
Our native brothers and sisters helped our people survive under slavery.
I'm gonna try to sneak you out the back.
Tyrone? [engine revs, stops] Mina! [loud clattering] [grunting] [growling] - [slices] - [grunts] [grunts, pants] How is this happening again? It's so far away from the ri [shattering] - [grunting] - [clattering] [grunts] [breathing softly] [shrieks] [screaming] TANDY: Hey! [grunts] - [shrieks] - Hey, are you okay? - What the hell happened to him? - He turned into a Terror.
- A what? - Mina, listen.
Eight years ago, on the rig that stole our dads, the entire crew went crazy, just like this guy did.
No, that's not true.
The reports from the rig Were Scarborough lies! Aimed at getting you back in there to extract whatever had that kind of power.
That power made people crazy.
It turned their adrenaline up to 22.
Your dad called them Terrors.
Yeah, he always did have a knack for accurate nomenclature.
Dan was there at the valve when it blew, and then they were chasing me That power is rearing its head again.
Heads plural.
What? There are nine other valves, spread out around the city by design.
[whispers]: My design.
The rest of my map is feeling the pressure, too.
It's only a matter of time until they blow.
Okay, so what do we do to stop it? Mina! Yeah okay.
There may be a way to shut it off, centrally.
But we need to get to ROXXON.
Of course we do.
[computer beeping] [crowd cheering] One-Adam-Nine, possible match to APB.
[cheering] [indistinct police radio chatter] [siren wailing] POLICEMAN: Stop! NOPD! Stop! [tires screech] - Get in! - Thank God.
- [gun cocks] - Show me your hands! - Freeze! - Hands! Let me see 'em! What are you doing? Do your thing! [sirens wailing] I can't.
There's too many people.
[grunts] - [thunder crashing] - [wind howling] AUNTIE: They say it was over a woman.
They say it's why Leland, the eldest brother, wore that mourning band on his left arm.
His heart had been broken.
And just as the blue blood of the Wilson brothers boiled over, New Orleans was struck by a storm more devastating than it had ever seen.
And as brother faced off against brother, it only looked to get worse.
But Leland had a change of heart in the rain.
They say he found grace when he was loading his gun.
They say he knew somehow that sacrificing himself was the only way to save his family.
And when he died, he not only ended the feud, but the storm as well.
And the young city of New Orleans lived to see another day.
It's a wonder that mantle ain't come crashing down.
Weight of the world all up on it four times over.
Maybe five now.
You found her? Tyrone's divine pairing? I found her, but she ain't particularly divine.
- Do they know? - Know what? I have no idea what's going on, or what's going to happen, or what Tyrone and his friend have to do with it.
There is a danger coming right at us.
Fear bubbling just beneath the skin of this city.
Greed bringing our worst instincts to the surface.
I don't understand how Tyrone and that girl can do anything about that.
That's why we need to remember our history.
[indistinct police radio chatter] Hey, you gonna book us or what? What.
What is going on? Nothing good.
NEWSWOMAN [over radio]: Police have issued a warning for an aggressive celebration that has led to violence in the Garden District.
Authorities warn citizens to avoid the area until the situation has been nullified.
How you doing? Aside from the crushing fear that in trying to make the world a better place, - I might have broken it? - Besides that? Yeah, I've been better.
We're gonna fix this.
We're gonna fix this, and we're gonna get you back to saving the world.
Maybe I'm not cut out to save her, Tandy.
Mina, you might be our only hope.
And I know hope, believe it or not.
And destiny, this is yours.
Destiny doesn't exist.
Sure it does.
It's just string theory we don't understand yet, right? [whispering]: Why are we back here and not in a cell? [whispering]: They have to book us officially if they wanna put us in holding.
But we're not here officially, so if something happens to us It's looking less like "if" and more like "when.
" Unless you can, you know, do your thing.
Look, I'm trying, I am.
I need that cloak to control it.
Or someone to fire a gun at me.
Hey, beware of what you wish for.
Lafayette, right? You're not supposed to talk.
Yeah, they've been telling me that my whole life, but here I am, gabbing.
So, uh, what are we waiting for? What, you guys can't do anything without Connors, is that it? What am I not getting here? Everything, 'cause you're not from here, O'Reilly.
I am.
Straight up.
I I grew up in the Lower Ninth and now I live in MidCity.
- And now you're a cop killer.
- I'm not any kind of killer.
And Fuchs? I knew him for less than a day, - and he's more cop than you'll ever be.
- You watch your mouth, boy.
Don't call me boy.
My name is Tyrone, my parents pay taxes, and it's your job to protect me.
And if you're really 504, you would know that.
You know, I got a mom worried sick about me? And a dad ready take on the world to protect me.
I bet your parents would do the same.
Listen, I get you're afraid, we all are.
Most of the time we have a good reason to be.
But right now I need you to find a reason to be just, to protect us.
Look, you took an oath, and right now, you have two lives in your hands.
Understand that power.
[keys jangle] Connors just pulled up.
He's putting the place on lockdown.
Yeah, watch them for me, okay? Where Where you going? [elevator dings] Hey, again.
TANDY: I can tell by the look on your face, you already know about the valve that blew by Mina's.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
For a while, you were the only one that knew.
But you kept scratching that itch, and now, instead of a handful of Terrors on an isolated oil rig, we're looking at a whole city about to destroy itself.
What's so important down there? Power.
And with great power comes even more power.
In this day and age, you need to keep up with the Joneses, as well as the Starks and the Rands.
What we need to do is shut all of this down, which is why we're here.
We tried, but the equipment at the Core is not responding.
We've lost the ability to shut it down remotely.
You had me build these things all over the city.
We put one near a school and a police station.
City property is the easiest to indemnify.
- [grunts] - [groans] You said Core.
Mina, that's where we were on the rig, we were in the Core.
And that's where we shut it off.
There's a kill switch and three shut-off valves.
Shut it down manually, yeah.
- Yeah, okay.
- So where is it? It's in our annex building 616, by the waterfront.
See, that wasn't so hard, was it? [birds singing] Look at me.
Where are we? Your greatest hopes.
This is the place where anything is possible.
You want power? I do.
You want to be a god? I want to be God.
Right through that door.
- [wind howling] - [alarm buzzing] - Thank you.
- For what? For being the one good cop.
No, there's more than one.
Not as many as there should be.
Well if it isn't the Gaslight Gang, all together again.
We're all going to take a drive.
This one here, he's gonna get loose.
He's gonna kill you, and then we're gonna kill him, and then we're gonna mourn you like the fallen hero that you are.
- [thumb cracks] - [gasps softly] And you think, uh the chief's just gonna let any of that fly? It's Mardi Gras.
Even if she weren't waving from a float, she's got way too many citizens out there saying farewell to the flesh.
- It's mayhem, O'Reilly.
- No one's gonna believe you.
They have so far, haven't they? - [indistinct police radio chatter] - [phones ringing] - [glass shatters] - [growls] - [shouts] - OFFICER: Go get him! Get him! [Tasers crackling] What was that guy on? [growls, shouts] - [police shouting] - [sirens wailing] AUNTIE: The War of 1812 had been over for a month now.
But the Battle of New Orleans was fought so fierce that word couldn't get to the battlefield.
As legend has it, a young private whose name was lost to history was tasked with getting word of the ceasefire to General Jackson - [grunts] - and fell short of his delivery.
As legend has it, he died in the arms of a young refugee, and with but a look, he passed his urgency on to her.
His mission was executed.
And because of this divine pairing, this man without a name was the last soldier to die for the cause.
They didn't understand how a young maiden could end a war, how a little girl could stop a famine, a bullet could stop a storm, or the love of one man could stop a plague, but here we are, alive to tell the stories.
How are we gonna help them? Suppose you tell them of their destiny? You mean their fate.
I mean, what has always been the way: One must live, one must die.
We should've taken my truck.
Scarborough said the Core is near the waterfront downtown.
That's on the other side of the Mardi Gras masses, there's no [gunfire] Stay behind me, okay? Run! [growling] [woman screams] [grunts] Come on! - [grunts] - [growling] You try over there.
[shouting, growling] - [screams] - [growls] I'm trying to find a ladder, or some sort of roof access, but I'm not seeing sh Mina? [running footfalls] Mina! [running footfalls] [glass shatters] [frantic shouting] - What are these things? - Fear itself.
Look, don't touch! [clattering] [clattering] [shouting] I need to find that cloak you took from me.
- My costume? - He moved it to weapons.
- [shouting] - [gunshot] Go, go, go! I'll hold 'em off! [footfalls running] [footfalls running] [panting] O'REILLY: Let me see your hands.
You need to get out of here as fast as you can.
- What? - You need to get out of town.
- Not now.
- Especially now.
No, everything I just said to that cop, that's on me, too.
Okay? I live here, too.
I need to help.
You okay in here? I will be.
As soon as I find the mercy bullets.
Hey, be safe.
Yeah, you too.
Defy the odds again [shouting, screaming] Wrangle them to me! Hey! Over here! Hey! Come get me! - My heart - [footfalls running] - My heart is pumpin' - [clattering] A thousand miles per hour [screaming] [screaming] Lafayette! Hurry! Lock the door! My head is thumpin' [grunts] A thousand miles per hour My head is thumpin' Now I'm on fire Mina, I don't want to hurt you! - [grunting] - [cloak ripping] My heart is thumpin' [Taser crackling] Game on! Took you long enough.
AUNTIE: In the fall of 1918, the Spanish influenza spread throughout the globe, killing millions.
New Orleans was hit harder than most.
A young doctor named Jack Rogers found himself running a clinic out of St.
Theresa's Church, giving everything he could to stem the tide against the plague.
But when his lover, famed jazz clarinetist Bobo Smith was struck with the disease, Jack gave even more.
Experts claimed his blood donation, this passive immunization, is what saved his lover.
But that doesn't explain the two dozen other patients in that church who up and walked out, healthy as oxen the day Jack died.
Those who pay attention know, there were other forces at play.
And it was because of Jack's sacrifice that New Orleans lived on for one more song.
It's gone.
I just got it back, I I just got control, and now it's gone.
So is Mina.
I mean, she was the one who was supposed to figure out how to stop this thing, and now the whole city's running wild with Ivan's Terrors.
I don't know, Ty.
I think we lost.
I think you're right.
So what happens now? What happens is you two are gonna come at the problem and fix it.
But in the process, one of you is going to die.
Uh Uh, I'm sorry, can you repeat that last part? Every time the city's been struck with a catastrophe, it's always come down to two people.
My auntie calls them the divine pairing.
It's always two, since the stories began.
Wait, those dolls on her mantle, that's what they were? Yeah.
And here are the latest two editions to her display.
Uh No, this is ridiculous.
Maybe not.
Maybe that's why we've been going through all this.
Did you not hear the part where we die? Not both of you.
- Just one.
- Still! I know, okay? Listen, it's on me to let you know what you're going up against.
The same way it's on you to go up against it.
Now, I'm sorry, I wish I could do more to help you, I really do.
Yeah, I know.
I was in your head.
Look, you should be somewhere safe, okay? I needed to tell you everything.
Evita, you got to get out of here.
You know this whole city is tearing itself apart.
I also know it's in good hands.
Look, you've become You are important.
And I don't want to see you hurt.
Okay? What? Nothing.
I'll see you soon, Tyrone Johnson.
You know, on second throw, I don't hate you two together.
Tandy If the city doesn't destroy itself, you should lock that down.
So, what are we gonna do now? Um we'll beeline past the CBD and see if the parade's past and no Terrorizing has gone down.
Oh, I mean, there's got to be hundreds of Terrors by now, right? Okay, then we deal.
, and we go straight to the Core, and we stop it at the source, just like we did at the rig.
Ivan stopped the rig.
We're not even sure stopping it will make the Terrors go away.
And I I don't know how good I'm gonna be now that my cloak is ripped to shreds, it's useless.
Look, I I'm useless! Maybe the city picked the wrong saviors this time.
No, what? No to this whole thing.
This old you that I met, hiding from his own shadow? Second-guessing every move instead of actually moving, if this is the guy that's gonna show up, Tyrone, we're both gonna die.
Maybe that's who I am.
Again, no.
You are Tyrone freaking Johnson.
Baller lady-killer, master of space, if not time, and you don't need a cloak for all of that.
Look, what if I do? Well, then you can use this.
Is that? It is.
How did you? I stole it.
From little you.
It was the first thing I ever stole.
Why didn't you say anything about his before? Because I needed it.
I really needed it.
And now? And now you need it.
Even though you don't need it.
But I need you.
You ready to do this? Yeah.
Oh, you were right.
This is the quickest way! There it is, right up there! I think we finally got a path - [growling] - [woman screams] luck.
- [screaming] - [growling] [grunting] [grunts] [grunting] [both grunt] - [gunshots] - [grunts] [growling] [alarm chirps] [distant sirens wailing] [gunshot] [grunts] - Shit.
- Yep.
[grunts] [grunts] You just couldn't leave it alone, could you? Well, what fun would that be? [shouts] You should've stayed in New York, bitch.
[water splashes] [Auntie speaking Creole] [Auntie speaking Creole] AUNTIE: Amen.
- You okay? - No, I just It stings a little.
So here we are.
Here we are.
Looks like O'Reilly led me right to you.
You really gonna try to shoot at me again? No fool me thrice.
Your little side piece, though.
I'm guessing she doesn't travel as light as you.
[gunshot] Nope, she doesn't.
I'm not letting you hold my life hostage anymore.
Not my friends or my family, you understand? Listen, you little [grunts] [whimpering] I'm not afraid of you anymore.
Are you? Yeah.
You should be.
You should be very very afraid.
You afraid? I am.
[distant sirens wailing] [groaning] [screams] You okay? Like I said before, if I had a knife of light I'd kill him, but I don't.
No, but you have the power to be wherever you want.
[distant rumble] Or wherever I'm supposed to be.
Reflections in the waves - Spark my memory - I get it now.
- Tyrone? - Evita was right.
One of us has to die in order for us to stop this.
Yeah, but nobody says that has to be you.
Fate does! That's why I'm so fast, so I can get there first.
This is bullshit.
You can't just - It was nice knowing you, Tandy Bowen.
- die! We lived happily forever - [alarm buzzing] - So the story goes But somehow we missed out on that pot of gold But we'll try best that we can To carry on [explosion rumbles] [alarms buzzing] - Screw you! - Tandy, get out of here! You're the one that can travel great distance, Ty.
Have at it, then.
I'm not gonna let you die in here.
One of us has to.
- [explosion] - [grunts] Then we both have to.
For some reason, life tossed us together and mixed up our mojo, so if it's on you, it's on me, too, I know that.
Shit, Ty, sometimes it's the only thing that I know.
And this swirling ball of scary down here is probably nothing compared to that sting when you and I touched.
Actually it's exactly that.
Hold my hand.
We'll show these assholes a divine pairing.
[grunts] [grunts] [shouts] - Come sail away - [both shouting] Come sail away with me Come sail away, come sail away Come sail away with me Come sail away, come sail away Come sail away with me Come sail away, come sail away Come sail away with me Come sail away, come sail away Come sail away with me Come sail away, come sail away Come sail away with me NEWSMAN: Similar reports are coming in that the unexplained acts of violence across the city have all but stopped, immediately after a strange flash of energy lit up the morning sky.
Authorities currently have no explanation for what happened, but the mayor and the governor have both given statements promising a full investigation into the matter.
Walked in the rain Now I want some pleasure to go with my pain They see a kind man and take him for weak I suffered my fair share of the defeat And if they could, could, could, by now The wolves they'd eat me alive But the good, good, good die young The strong are gonna survive They're gonna survive I see the ending swim in the flood You got your pound of flesh, you got your blood I got a feelin' I'm walkin' alone If I gotta stay in hell I want the throne And if they could, could, could, by now The wolves they'd eat me alive While the good, good, good die young The strong are gonna survive I'm through pretending, the damage is done You better bow your head, you better run 'Cause soon you'll be reapin' what you have sown I'm gon' be keepin' the promises of my own And if they could, could, could, by now The wolves they'd eat me alive While the good, good, good die young The strong are gonna survive The wolves they'd eat me alive Hey - What's this? - Care package.
It's not as glamorous as I make it look.
I didn't know you knew how to care.
I'm learning.
[insect buzzing] [theme music playing]