Marvel's Cloak and Dagger (2018) s02e05 Episode Script

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1 TANDY: Previously on Cloak and Dagger Who the hell are you? [gunshots.]
Billy! - What the hell did you do? - I don't know! - You shot a kid.
- I need to call my uncle.
OFFICER: What's he gonna do? He's gonna fix it.
I'm sorry.
- What's wrong? - My wallet.
TYRONE: Hey, blonde girl! TANDY: Find rich kids, slip a little something into their drinks, and jack them of their rich kid stuff.
- [grunts.]
- Let's ransack this bitch.
I'm Andre Deschaine.
I spent a lot of time in this part of town.
Sometimes people don't know how to ask for help.
LIA: Seeing one of my girls shot up so full of heroin has me on edge.
I'm so sorry.
Your mom said you had a big heart.
RANGE MASTER: Let me see your weapon, O'Reilly.
You think the piece is off? That could explain my score.
Nah, it's perfectly fine.
Maybe it's in your head.
MINA: In the dociles there is almost no activity in the anger and rage centers of the cerebral cortex.
I can't even shoot straight anymore.
I'm useless.
- Watch out! - [gunshots.]
What was that? It felt like she was being sucked through me.
- And why do you think that? - 'Cause it happened once before TANDY: If it were me, I would bring him back and end him.
What if I can't protect them? TYRONE: What if they die, just like Billy? What if I pull him out and I'm not brave enough to stop him.
Tandy, what happened? [glass clinking.]
I suppose the best place to start is with a story.
After all, who doesn't love a good story? It had been a long, harsh winter and the cold that had come months before dug its teeth into the land.
It refused to give way to the thaw, to growth, to the goddess of spring.
A late winter storm had come, turned the sky gray for days, like the stones of a river.
It had lasted so long, the Farmer's hearth had dwindled to ember.
If he wanted to survive until the spring, he needed more firewood.
He had to go outside, had to brave the cold.
Putting on his only pair of boots, he trudged through the snow across a fallow field.
He didn't see the roots he had tripped on till he had fallen, until he was on his knees.
And that is how the Farmer came face-to-face with a Viper.
- How did this happen? - Way too quickly.
I went in for the Other Brigid, but Connors was there.
When she tried to kill him, my protective-ish went up, and I was blown back out.
I grabbed for her, Ty, I swear But instead you freed the man who killed my brother.
He could anywhere now.
He could be after Brigid, my parents.
Okay, so so we find him.
Look, how could you let this happen? I got screwed too, Ty.
Okay? I went in there to get leads on the assholes responsible for what happened to those girls and I came out with zero.
[cell phone vibrating.]
What is it? Nothing.
It's It's my mom.
She's in full meltdown.
Apparently there's no cell reception in your hoodie.
Go check on her.
No, I - I need to help you with Connors.
- Go.
I'll hit you up when I have a lead to follow.
Okay, good luck.
Yeah, you too.
I was helping Ty.
I like him.
Yeah, me too.
Most of the time.
You know, before I went Psycho-Mom in your texts, I actually had some fun last night.
It was just drinks with the women from group, but it was nice.
- You were drinking? - Yeah, I only had two.
But I let go just a little, which I needed.
We even danced.
And then this superhot doctor, he bought us a round.
And he even asked for my number.
What? [scoffs.]
No, speak.
Why not a superhot plumber? A superhot doctor, another man who can provide.
What is that supposed to mean? Well, that's why you stayed with Dad, right? Because he kept us in Chanel and Benzes and benzos? So who cares if he hits you every now and then? I do.
I did then.
I stayed because I was scared.
And I stayed for you, so that you would have a father who loved you.
- And he did.
- Don't put this on me.
I'm not.
It is on me entirely.
I am just trying to explain to you how complicated it was for me.
And how hard it was to leave.
No, what? Leaving someone who hurts you isn't hard, Mom.
You just leave.
: Is unwashed produce putting your family at risk? Experts have long said that we should be washing the produce supply [kettle whistling.]
[continues whistling.]
[whistling stops.]
[knocking at door.]
Tyrone, you shouldn't be out in public like that.
Connors is back.
What? What do you mean he's back? - Are you sure? - Look, I saw him.
Then he got away and Look, we just gotta look for him.
Find him before he finds us.
I I was thinking we could, uh probably check all the places we know he goes "We"? Yeah.
You, me and Tandy, - we'll all go together.
- No.
No? No, what? I can't.
I'm not the person that I was.
Tyrone, I'm not who I used to be.
What? What do you mean? Of course you are.
- All you have to do is - I said no, Tyrone.
And I mean it.
You know, the next time you get mad at me because I went out and did something on my own, remember this moment.
I wish the other you were here.
TANDY [on voice mail.]
: Hey, I don't know how you got this number, but leave a message anyway.
The rush, the terror Can't hide nowhere All this power Fire in the sky Fear in your eyes All this power All this power Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh Your world is shaking It ain't a dream All this power All this power It's gonna bring you Down to your knees All this power All this power All this power [seagulls screeching.]
I want to find that bastard that killed my brother.
The brightest star is born No one's ever seen a light That shines as bright as this Like the cosmos might explode Everything ceased to exist Tyrone Johnson.
I've been waiting for you.
I bet you have.
I, uh I want to help you.
With what? With putting me behind bars.
The Farmer looked at the Viper.
He knew it had fangs.
Fangs swollen with poison that would stop his heart.
He thought it was gonna bite him.
But the Viper it didn't bite him.
TANDY: The cold, you see, it'd been worse to it than it had to the Farmer.
It was barely clinging to life.
What the hell is this? Is this some some type of set up? TANDY: The Farmer could have killed it.
It would have been easy to ends its life right there.
You want me to pick the gun up so you can get my prints on it, right? That's not what I want, Tyrone.
So then tell me what this is all about before I take you 10 miles off the coast and leave you there.
TANDY: But that's not what the Farmer did because that's not who the Farmer is.
You recognize that gun? You were pretty young, but that's the gun that went off the night your brother died.
That's the gun you fired when you murdered him.
When I chased you out of Dwayne's shop, you hopped the railing.
I found your prints.
And then used this to saw off the piece of the railing used to beat Fuchs to death.
The cut patterns will match.
My DNA is all over it.
With them and my confession, that's almost enough to exonerate you.
And put me in jail.
- But not quite.
- What the hell are you doing? I mean, what are you really doing? I'm trying to make good.
I mean I don't even know how I came to be in that that other place.
One moment I was on a rooftop standing across from you and the next, I was It was a waking nightmare.
Me, alone with my thoughts.
All the things I said and done.
The lies I've told.
The misery I've created and spread.
For what? I don't even know who I am anymore.
But I know I'm no longer the guy that that murdered your brother.
I'm the man who wants to make it right.
- How naive do you think I am? - What? I I don't think you're You expect me to believe you've changed? That you want to make things right? I can't undo what I've done.
That's for God damn sure.
I'm not here to try.
I swear I'm not.
But that place you put me That place whatever it was, whatever I was, I came out of it knowing what I need to do.
Stop as much of the suffering I've caused as I can.
[handcuffs clicking.]
And that starts with you.
ANDRE: Sure.
What time is the hearing? Okay.
Okay, I'll see you at the courthouse at 10:00 a.
Hope you've got a good lawyer.
But they're not for me.
You know, someone rescued a dozen women from a human trafficking operation a couple of nights ago? Are the girls okay? Various stages of distress.
Some of them in the hospital.
A few of them in jail because they're too scared to tell the truth.
That's where the lawyers come in.
Well, I'm glad that they have you on their side.
Apparently, I'm not the only one on their side.
Some of them recall the wild story of a girl who looks like an angel, a boy who moves like a shadow, took down the bad guys and freed all of them.
- That sounds crazy.
- Right? But it gives me hope.
Angel, shadow, whoever they are, I'm just grateful that they're on our side.
- Can I talk to them? - The angel and the shadow? No.
No, no.
The, um, the rescued girls.
Look, my friend my cop friend, she thinks somebody's targeting them.
Taking the women away in ambulances.
Maybe these women know something.
They're victims, Tandy.
Look, I know.
I just I wanna give them the chance to stop the assholes who victimized them.
Just a couple questions, - nothing more.
- Look I know you wanna help, but this not appropriate.
Okay, well, is there anyone else that might have answers? That might know something, anything at all? [indistinct conversation.]
I'm sure the women that this happened to, don't want to relive this, Tandy.
[phone ringing.]
I'm sorry.
I gotta take this.
Yeah, of course.
Hey, this is Andre.
Long Long way home Some kind of midnight circles now Some kind of darkness circles now If you're gonna take that gap You're gonna feel that bitter sap Oh, can you feel the heat now? Can you feel the heat now? Can you feel the heat now? Can you feel the heat now CHOO CHOO: It was the pillows, man.
That what finally done us in.
- OTIS: Pillows? - Yup.
She'd like to go to that What is it? What's that fancy store that's got the bull's-eye out front? Target.
Yeah, that's it.
Yeah, they got everything.
Pom Wonderful.
But did she buy any of that? No.
She come home with pillows.
A man's got to rest his head.
Shit, I wish she would catch you with your head on one of them sum' bitches.
They strictly for decoration.
[banging at door.]
CHOO CHOO: Who that is? It's the home of the Wild Red Hawks of the 9th Ward - and if you ain't got no business - It's Tyrone! Johnson.
Son, what are you doing here? I told you to run as far as you can, never come [grunting.]
Dad, Dad.
Dad, don't.
Before you do something you may regret, you may hear what I have to say.
Your son has.
There was this guy for some reason he always sees the best in me.
TANDY: Expects me to be good.
CONNORS: It's almost enough.
But not quite.
I could sing like a bird and still walk away without an indictment.
- Huh? - Because of my uncle.
- Asa Henderson.
- The state senator? You know, when we were on, we were so on.
We took on the whole city.
We're an old, odd, family.
Been here since Well My great-great grandfather was a founding member of the Promenade Society if that gives you an idea.
The place rich white folk go to talk about how they going to upstage other rich white folks at Mardi Gras? A place of power and money.
Parties, drugs Even jacked a few people.
A place where crimes are covered up.
I unfortunately know what that's like.
You do? I have my own share of regrets.
Things I have to live with.
Just like you do.
CONNORS: When Billy was killed Murdered.
When I When I murdered Billy, I was looking at prison, disgrace, losing my badge.
So I called my uncle.
He spent an afternoon at Promenade Society and after that An afternoon? That's all it took.
He probably put two judges on the bench as well.
- So he's untouchable? - CONNORS: Almost.
It seems like your ex brought out the worst in you.
Not the best.
Is it possible someone can do both? There is a way to get to him, to stop him.
Put him and me behind bars.
How? A file my uncle has hidden away.
He called it the "Monopoly" file.
Why Monopoly? 'Cause it's his "get out of jail free" card.
And that's exactly what you need, Tyrone.
Okay, you've identified the problem.
Now, what's the solution? To face him one last time and say goodbye.
The dirt he has on anyone of consequence, things they don't want known, things they've done, or, shit, they haven't done.
Secrets are powerful things when you know how to use them.
LIA: What can I do? Will you come with me? Just to stay nearby in case something goes sideways? Of course.
I have your back.
Is it light or dark Is it day or night It's right before our eyes But what are we seeing? It's madness You better pay attention It's getting twisted It's getting twisted It's getting twisted It's mayhem The Farmer knew he didn't want to kill the Viper.
But he also knew that if he left the Viper there in the middle of that storm, it was as good as dead.
It would be the same as killing it.
Faced with a tough choice, the Farmer made his decision.
He reached out and picked up the Viper.
He was gonna bring the Viper home.
Your mom done freaking out? She was and then I freaked her out all over again.
So, um We should talk about - what we should do to find Connors.
- I found him.
You did? Ty, that's amazing! Well, we'll see.
He he told me his uncle can clear me, but I gotta steal something first, so Thank God I know an honest-to-goodness thief.
Well, I don't know about honor or goodness, Ty.
- That woman's watching us.
- What? No.
No, she's not - She not watching anything.
- No, she is.
Look, I told you meeting out in public was too risky.
Look, I gotta go.
No, no, no.
Just stay another minute, okay? Look, what is going on right now? Her name is Lia.
She can help me find someone.
I think he ex-boyfriend might know something about the scumbags taking those girls.
But in order for her to tell me more, I need to find some common ground.
So So who am I? Your abusive boyfriend or your pimp? I mean, either one will do.
So you called your black friend? No.
I called my best friend.
Ty, come one.
If it were you, you'd do the same thing No, I wouldn't use you or lie to you or break a promise to help you out.
I didn't break a promise.
You cut me loose.
And you didn't even need me.
You're right.
The way you've been acting, maybe I don't need you at all.
I'm proud of you.
You did it.
It's over.
It's not.
Not for a while.
You know that.
Do you wanna talk about it? No, it's just The things I went through with him, you you wouldn't understand.
Actually, Tandy, I would.
I have a master's degree in men who use and abuse and turn your mind inside out.
My ex? He was everything to me.
I would have done anything for him.
And he took me up on that offer.
One of his big-volume buyers was looking for a good time.
Eric asked me to deliver it.
Seal the deal.
Oh my God.
Lia, I'm so sorry.
Do you wanna talk about it? There's no way he's serious, right? That he's changed and he regrets what he did? I don't trust him, if that's what you're asking.
Not even a little.
The next time he asked, I did it.
And the time after.
And then I said no.
But that's how he saw me now.
He, uh [exhales.]
He hurt me.
Made me feel And he said he'd leave me, with nothing.
- And yet, people do change.
- Yeah? Haven't you? Shit, I've been making myself a new costume and it's like nothing that ever came out of me before.
I had no family, friends, no one to turn to.
No one who would speak with me.
So when he asked again, I said yes.
And every time after that.
Until I found Andre.
TYRONE: What he's done to us What he's done to our family.
Doesn't he doesn't he deserve What? Finish your sentence.
What does he deserve? Justice.
Your ex? I hope he's locked up somewhere.
I hope justice found him.
OTIS: I agree.
But can you tell me what that word means? What the word justice actually means.
LIA: Eric? Face justice? Not when you run the best growhouse in the city.
A growhouse? OTIS: He's right, you know.
Secrets are powerful.
If you had the secrets he's talking about I have a "get out of jail free" card.
A chance to not spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder.
Maybe your only chance, son.
It sounds too good to be true.
It also sounds too good to pass up.
Eric's the mainline supplier for all the drug runners in the city.
Do you think he knew who was moving the drugs to sedate the stolen girls? He knows everybody.
That's his thing.
What if he's lying? Then that gun he shot Billy with is going to be the last thing he ever sees.
LIA: I think about it all the time.
What it would be like to make him pay.
Where is that growhouse? TYRONE: You know what happens to you if you're lying, right? I do.
Tell me what I need to do.
Well, first you'll need the key.
He keeps the key on him at all times.
Well, almost all the time.
There's one small window when he doesn't.
TYRONE: When? CONNORS: When he's in the steam room.
There's a way to get in, but, uh you're gonna need a pair of white pants.
TYRONE: Once I have the key? CONNORS: Then you gotta get to the place where he keeps the files.
But you can't do that part alone.
You're gonna need help.
And you're also gonna have to create one hell of a distraction.
There was still some heat left in the embers of the Farmer's hearth when he placed the Viper near it.
But he still needed more wood.
So he had to go back out into the storm.
- Thanks, yo.
- See you later, Eric.
TANDY: He nearly froze as he loaded up as much as he could carry.
Despite his work, despite what he had done for the Viper as soon as he stepped through his door, the Viper bit him.
Filled him with heart-stopping poison.
Those, he knew, were the very last moments of his life.
Excuse me, miss.
- This club is for gentlemen only.
This facility is the target of a bomb threat.
We've got a situation.
We've been notified of a bomb threat on this facility.
We need everyone to evacuate immediately.
Hold on a minute.
I've heard nothing about any bomb threat.
Big man, come 'round This is ol' girl is cutting you down My hands, they're scarred But dang, they're strong to steady your town I'm sure that if a bomb threat were credible, we would have been notified.
[muffled rumbling.]
I think you just were.
Feeling like a god when I'm in my zone I throw the bags on the table and bet it all 'Cause I'm gonna start a war, I'm gonna start a war Whoa, whoa, whoa I'm hotter than the game so don't play me like a fool Got the throne, I'm the queen I've been fighting for Yeah, I'm gonna start a war I'm gonna start a war If you want play, then go ahead and set me off [people yelling.]
Ohh Set me off Aw, yeah If you wanna play, then go ahead and set me off [chuckles.]
What'd you get lost, little girl? [panicked shouting.]
[sirens blaring.]
Security cameras? Shut down.
You really believe Connors? No, but either way, the problem is solved.
If he's telling the truth, I'm cleared and he goes to jail.
And if he's lying? Then, like I said, the problem is solved.
- The clock is ticking.
- We better hurry.
CONNORS: The facility itself is big.
I mean, the lounge, the restaurant, the gym, and wine storage.
[Eric laughing.]
CONNORS: And that, in his personal wine storage, number 4, that is where he keeps the file.
But you can believe me, everything that you've seen [screaming.]
But you can believe me 'cause it happened to me [grunting.]
Who's taking all those missing girls? Wh What? [grunts.]
Abusive pricks like you always stay together.
Who's forcing those girls to turn tricks? How the hell am I supposed to know? Wait.
I do my own thing, okay? [yells.]
Well, your own thing is over.
Pay off cops, double security, I can still get to you.
Remember that the next time you try and pimp out another girl.
CONNORS: Within that special bottle, should be all the information you need to clear yourself.
Most think the moral of the story is simple.
You can never change someone's nature.
A Viper is always a Viper.
But that's not why I'm telling you this story.
The Viper is not the hero of this story.
The Farmer is.
The Viper represents the worst in us.
The Farmer represents the very best.
[banging at door.]
TANDY: Doing the right thing, even that which might hurt us.
But as good as the Farmer is, he's nothing compared to the man we're all here to celebrate today.
Tyrone? That you? TANDY: He is nothing compared to the good that is at the core of Tyrone Johnson.
So I'd like to propose a toast.
To Tyrone.
My best friend, port in a storm, my hero.
- You deserve this, you've earned this.
- Liar! What are you talking about? I should have never trusted you.
I should have never listened to anything you said.
I have no idea what you're talking You set me up, huh? Huh? For what? - What game are you playing? - There's no game! Everything is in that file! There was no file! I guess you knew that already, right? The bottle was empty.
You know why I didn't bring you here first? Why I brought you to my father? Because I knew if I was alone with you, I'd probably just kill you first.
[handcuffs clank.]
[handcuffs clank.]
[handcuffs clank.]
[handcuffs clank.]
[handcuffs clank.]
[handcuffs clank.]
[handcuffs clank.]
[handcuffs clank.]
Go ahead.
Just do it, kid.
I'm ready for judgment.
No, no, no.
That's not I'm not the one who can judge you.
There is someone who can.
[bullet casings clattering.]
[knocking at door.]
TYRONE: Mom? [knocking continues.]
TYRONE: Mom, are you home? Tyrone, what are you doing here? There's someone you need to talk to.
Who? About what? Him.
About justice.
LIA: Are you okay? Better than the other guys.
What are you doing here? I couldn't shake it, the feeling that you were gonna do something.
What did you do? Sometimes bullies need someone to punch them in the face.
He just had too many faces between him and my fists than I could count.
You did that for me? It's all people like him understand.
You have to choose to fight back.
You have to refuse to be a victim.
And you have to take away their power.
[engine starts.]
- [electricity crackling.]
- [screaming.]
It sounds like a plan.
In violent times You shouldn't have to sell your soul In black and white They really, really ought to know Shout, shout, let it all out These are the things I can do without Come on I'm talking to you [glass clinking.]
I suppose the best place to start is with a story.
After all, who doesn't love a good story? Shout, shout Let it all out These are the things I can do without Come on Shout, shout, let it all out These are the things I can do without Come on I'm talking to you Come on