Marvel's Inhumans (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Behold... The Inhumans / Those Who Would Destroy Us

- Aah! - Shh, shh! You're safe.
Who are you? My name is Triton.
I've been looking for you.
You're one of us.
What are we? We are Inhumans.
- What? - We don't fully know why this is happening, but you've been exposed to Terrigen.
And now I'm a freak.
What if I told you there's a place where we're all like you, all Inhumans? The city of Attilan, and I can take you there.
I hear them.
They're here! Run! No, no, no! Aah! He's the target! He's the target! Unh! Aah! Mission accomplished.
Do you remember what it was like before we were king and queen? Neither do I.
What the hell? It's offline.
What happened? Rover is not responding, sir.
Controls are offline.
What? Why? Where's Triton? Let's not wait.
This is the live feed that was going down to Earth.
One more for the collection.
What's that? The little baby car? No.
What's that above it? My hoof.
You don't see a problem with that? Mnh-mnh.
No, the little thing He was just banging against our walls.
You know, and as leader of the Royal Guards, well, it was my responsibility to do something.
Yeah, something smart, ideally.
If the humans on Earth see this Nobody is gonna know that that's a hoof.
It looks like a hoof.
A what? A hoof.
Well, that's what it looks like.
You're exhausting me, cousin.
I think what you mean to say is, "Thank you, Gorgon, for saving us once again.
" Are you really sure that's what you want to say to our board, to our owner A hoof crashed the Moon rover? I didn't say it was a hoof.
I said it looks like a hoof.
What do you want to do about this? We do nothing.
We wait.
We do nothing.
Brother, that's your strategy for everything.
Here we go again.
Sooner or later, the humans are going to find us up here, and when they do, because they are humans, their first course of action will be to try to destroy us.
Hmm, and you know this, Maximus because you're one of them? I'm not one of them, Gorgon.
I've never been to Earth.
Regardless of what my genes might suggest, I am an Inhuman like the rest of you.
My point is that when the Earth humans come for us, we will be unprepared.
If they penetrate our walls Nothing? You have nothing to say? We need to go to Earth now.
We need to strike first.
We've been hiding here too long.
Let's go to our rightful home! We are not going to Earth anytime soon.
It would only lead to war.
I'm sorry, Medusa.
Are you speaking for yourself or for our king? I'm speaking for myself.
Now, please, can you tell us what the king thinks? Of course, my king.
I trust you.
We've seen this a hundred times, and I still don't know what it means.
Well, what it means is that we just wasted $80 million.
We? I believe you were at the controls.
Now, why don't you just try to figure out what this is? I welcome you all to our Terrigenesis ceremony.
Esteemed members of the Royal Family, Genetic Council, friends and guests blessed are we to witness the Terrigenesis of Iridia and Bronaja, the sacred touchstone of our civilization that elevates us above all others, that allows the true nature of the individual to be revealed.
Terrigenesis simply provides our species with what it needs An evolutionary direction forward.
- This holy ceremony - Flawless genetics.
- Has been the touchstone of our people.
- Hardly.
It's nothing but random.
An archaic luck of the draw that's been obsolete for centuries.
Sour grapes.
None of it matters in the long run.
Eventually, the universe will grow darker until black holes dominate the cosmos, and everyone, everything you've ever known will be sucked into the vast nothingness.
No one will be left to observe this, no one left to care.
This is why nobody invites you to do their birthday toasts.
and our future.
Where's your sister? Princess.
Lockjaw! Yeah? The Grand Hall.
Your Highness, we are ready to proceed with the ceremony.
Pray their Terrigenesis turns out better than our own.
You may step out and fully reveal yourselves.
A flyer! She's a flyer.
Oh, flyers are awesome.
I love flyers.
Bronaja you may reveal yourself.
I feel the same.
Sometimes, one's Terrigenesis can take a while to fully manifest.
Hey, hey.
I saw you.
You You were surrounded by them.
They threw you against the wall.
They They They what? The snakes they were all over you.
It's okay.
We'll talk soon.
What did you get? Oh! What did you get? I don't know.
I walked out of the chamber and fell down.
I guess I had a seizure.
To the mines you go.
He has yet to undergo the Genetic Council's testing.
I'm sure they'll find something wonderful about him.
They didn't with you.
You should be digging in the tunnels with the rest of us.
Our outspoken friend here has a point.
I had the worst possible Terrigenesis, being rendered nothing but a simple human.
But my brother is king, and I am well-aware that others are not so fortunate.
Yes, Bronaja may possibly end up in the tunnels, but his life, like some of yours, is only like this because of this place.
Our finite kingdom forces us into a strict caste system.
But if we were on Earth Earth? If we were on Earth, we would have an entire, glorious planet to live on Thrive on! Each one of us.
Imagine that.
2 1/2 days.
First day, I'd be captivated by your beauty.
Oh The fun we'd have.
Second day, it would start to bother me that you're a servant.
And then I'd discover that you have dependency issues.
You chew with your mouth open.
And by the second afternoon, I'd want to kill you.
Sad, but true.
What'd you You are your own worst enemy, my friend.
You kidding? This is my gift.
Family I-I'm not sure It's Triton.
Triton is dead.
What are you saying? No, that can't be true.
I wish it weren't.
Duodon came to see me, showed me this.
Duodon, please show them Triton's last moments.
Why did you keep his mission secret, brother? Because you knew we wouldn't approve? Did you know? I did not.
However, the king need only consult me as he chooses.
Can we at least understand your reason for sending Triton to his death?! We don't know that he's dead.
And the reason he is there is because the recent spread of Terrigen throughout Earth The contamination of their water supply.
Has ignited the Terrigenesis of people's genetics who are at least part Inhuman.
These are members of our own family.
Descendants of those left behind when we made the move to the Moon.
And once they've become who they are meant to be, they no longer resemble humans.
They are imprisoned, and we will not leave them to suffer.
That is why Triton was sent To bring them back.
Is it really in Attilan's best interest to increase our population? Our resources can barely support us as we are.
We should be going there.
Not now.
Trust your king.
Maximus right or wrong, he's dangerous.
You think you're being tough with him, but you are not.
He has the ear of the people, and he undermines your decisions.
You're blind to his intentions.
That's one of your greatest weaknesses.
Regardless, you have my loyalty.
Never doubt that.
You should've sent me instead of Triton.
Crystal, now.
This is a rescue mission, not one of revenge.
Let's roll.
Take Gorgon to exactly where Triton was.
It looks horrible there.
If anyone can do this, it's Gorgon.
Karnak is right, you know.
We can't trust Maximus.
We can talk about it, if you'd like.
You need to be alone to think.
I love you, too.
I'm Medusa.
I know everyone's afraid of you, but I'm not.
Off by himself again? He should never have sent Triton.
I'll see you later, Maximus.
This is difficult, I know.
But I'm here for you.
Thank you.
But there's not much in this life that I can't handle.
You mean that Bolt can't handle.
The rest of us have no choice.
We're just bounced around according to his will.
I'm just telling the truth.
I would never treat you the way he does if you were my queen.
I am your queen.
Are there times you wish you never entered that room and that your life never became so complicated? No.
You always were a good liar.
That's why we made such a good team back then.
We were never a team.
But we were.
We were best friends.
The bad kids who would sneak away and cause all kinds of trouble, and we had fun.
Do you remember that? Fun? Is there a point to any of this? Do you ever think about how much better your life would be with me? Because I do.
If I were to tell Black Bolt Why? Why would you tell my brother? You think you can't handle me on your own? This is not I think you should at least try.
But I can think about it.
You're disgusting.
The snakes They were all over you.
"Snakes all over you.
" Threw you against the wall.
The head of the Genetic Council, Kitang, is here to see you.
Thank you for meeting with me, Kitang.
And bringing Auran was wise.
She suggested it.
I heard about that Earth rover knocking on our door.
These are dangerous times.
Tell me, uh How did Iridia and Bronaja's genetic testing go? Iridia's flying skills are quite impressive.
As for Bronaja there's something there.
But I don't yet know what it means.
Any more convulsions? While I was testing him, he told me he saw me resting in a beautiful river.
We have no rivers, so what could that mean? Are these just hallucinations? Only time will tell.
Is this why you brought me here? I'll be blunt.
Does Black Bolt's plan of staying hidden up here make sense? Well, do you have a better one? Yes.
We go to Earth All of us.
Maximus The small scope of our city is holding us back in many ways.
Black Bolt is afraid that if we return to Earth, we will get into a war with the humans, but fear is not the emotion that should be dictating our actions.
We need to be bold.
Your brother thinks different.
And he is king, Maximus.
I need the backing of the Genetic Council.
No, there must be another way.
Speak to your brother, oth-otherwise, I must inform the Council.
I want you to.
And let them know you're speaking of treason.
I'm trying to save our people.
Maximus, you must reconsider.
My mind is made.
Then I'm afraid you leave me no option.
Arrest him.
I'm truly sorry it came to this.
Knowing that you actually agree with me but hold out hope for a useless king I'm talking to a dead man Resting in a beautiful river.
We have no option.
We have to move on.
Do you understand what this means? Fully my king.
Still going with the lithium.
We're here under the order of King Maximus! King Maximus? Really? This is Hunter One.
Yes? Got eyes on target.
Take him out.
Copy that.
And what has the king ordered you to do? Capture or kill.
Your choice.
I love choices.
Never approach downwind, dumbass.
Well, that didn't work.
Let's try again.
You should never have given me a choice.
Contact Black Bolt, Medusa, and Crystal.
Send alert.
Not now.
We're in the middle of a coup.
- Maximus has betrayed us.
- Wait.
What? He has the Royal Guards with him.
Look, I'm the head of the Royal Guards.
- Send Lockjaw to get me.
- No.
I don't have time to spell it out for you.
You need to stay there! Trust me! Crystal, I've been calling you.
What's going on? Maximus is trying to take over Attilan.
- What? How? - It's a coup.
Have Lockjaw bring you to Triton and Gorgon.
You must escape now.
No, we all have to escape.
Crystal Lockjaw, take Karnak to where Gorgon is, then come right back.
Crystal! No! No, not me! Good boy.
Now let's find Medusa.
Black Bolt, something's happening.
Answer your comlink.
Take her.
Medusa, please just stop.
I wish you had chosen me.
I'm sorry.
But you've given me no choice.
This is your fault.
If you do this, I will never forgive you.
Now for Black Bolt.
Hello, brother.
You should've known this day was coming.
But you didn't, did you? You've so completely taken me for granted that you can hardly imagine that I have thoughts of my own that I can carry through.
It's your arrogance that has destroyed you.
Medusa is writhing on the floor.
Triton and Gorgon are gone.
We have to get out of here.
- We have to get to Black Bolt.
- We will.
And now it's all over Your reign.
Take her to the others, then come right back.
It's done.
Are you going to speak? Are you going to use your voice? Kill your only brother? Just like you murdered our parents? Why? Stop him! Get her before she torches us all! Don't even try.
Where am I? - This is your fault.
- I will never forgive you.
Black Bolt, where are you? Lockjaw where did you leave me? It's a coup.
Lockjaw, take Karnak to where Gorgon is.
Stupid dog.
This is a rescue mission.
Triton! You should've known this day was coming.
What the What the hell was that, man?! Hey.
Hey, hey, hey! What's going on here, man? Give it back.
The cops are here.
Where are you going? Hey, where you going? You can't just run off! What the hell, man? It was him, bro.
The guy in black.
Where did you send them? You really think I'm going to tell you? Lockjaw! Take me to Black Bolt and the others.
No! Lockjaw, wake up! Lockjaw! Lockjaw! Take her to her apartment.
- Lockjaw, wake up! - Don't let her out.
Wake up.
Lockjaw, wake up.
Don't hurt him! He stays here.
Friends, please listen.
Black Bolt and the rest of the Royal Family have fled Attilan.
I don't know what this means, but I will find out.
And trust me, justice will be served.
Contact Black Bolt.
Black Bolt? It's me.
I'm here on Earth somewhere.
I'm safe.
I'm in a a crater, I think.
Are you here? Can you hear me? Please.
Just let me know that you're okay.
Thank Thank you.
I hear cars traffic.
You're here.
I have to go, but I will find you.
Where does this bus go? Uh, back to the city.
Okay, everyone, let's get back onboard.
I need to find my king.
Word is spreading that the Royal Family has fled, but most don't know what to make of it.
Put Royal Guards on every corner.
A quiet show of force.
Make them a little nervous, and just when they need it most, I will step out and provide a calming hand.
What are you doing? You can't sit there.
This is the last thing I wanted.
But our people need a leader.
You're not the king.
Where is Lockjaw? Where is my family? I understand what you're feeling.
I know that right now, you see me as the bad guy.
But I hope that you can take a step back from everything and understand.
Understand what? That the way you view the world, perched on the seat of royal privileged, your head crammed with lies from the Genetic Council, is not the way things really are.
Do you even remember what your life was like before your sister married Black Bolt? What would your parents think of you now, protecting the family they so detested? I understand.
You've put all that behind you.
But I simply ask you to open your mind.
You're not a child anymore, Crystal.
I know that.
Then you should know that things are changing, and they're not going back.
You can spend the rest of your life imprisoned in your room or you can join hands with me and move forward.
What do you mean, "join hands"? Speak to the people of Attilan.
Honor me as your new king.
You make me sick.
You're just a human.
I'm so sorry you feel that way.
You're young, pretty, smart a princess, even.
But none of that will keep terrible tragedy from falling upon you.
Triton! You should've sent me.
We got you.
So, you're one of them? No.
You're one of them.
I'm Makani.
Those legs are clearly not made for swimming.
You must be one of those Inhumans I've read about.
I was looking for Triton, my cousin.
Fell off the cliff.
He was being chased by humans with guns.
You all are a violent people.
He was sent here by my king.
But you think Triton's dead.
So what are you gonna do now? I have no choice.
I have to wait here until they send someone to bring me back.
Back where? The Moon.
Wanted to see if you were still holding on to your hoof scenario.
Until something changes my mind.
You see what's coming out of Goldstone? These four energy glitches on the same location on the Moon? Yes, we all saw that.
Yeah, well, the data suggests there's an energy pulse moving 1,250 miles per hour in the opposite direction of the Moon's motion.
Now, using the speed and the direction, I was able to triangulate the course to a location on Earth The island of Oahu.
Louise, you should be trying to figure out what happened to the rover.
Yeah, well, I happen to think they might be related.
Oh, come on, now.
We were able to pick up four energy bursts above Hawaii at almost exactly the same time.
I happen to think that something Uh, well, four somethings From the Moon left the Moon and landed in Hawaii.
And those glitches on the Moon They happened at exactly the same place as our rover died.
So, what you're suggesting is that our creature with the hooves and three of his, uh, his buddies smashed our rover, and now they've come to visit us on Earth? I don't know if they're buddies.
Louise, you were hired here because everyone thinks you're brilliant.
A little nutty, maybe, but brilliant.
But now it's looking like the nutty part is pushing brilliant right out of the way.
You know I don't much like doing this, but I'm gonna have to relieve you of your duties on this mission.
Well, that's disappointing.
I'm sorry.
But, you know, actually I think I should I should probably take some time off.
That's probably a good idea.
Need to find my king.
North, south.
You think that little gun matches what I can do? If not, I've got nine more guards outside who'd love to take target practice on a princess.
Hoping you're not hungry.
You know, the sooner you accept Maximus as your king, the happier you're gonna be.
He's a traitor.
My family's going to come back.
And what if they don't? Contact Medusa.
- Hello? - Medusa! You're safe.
Where are you? Are you on Earth? No, Maximus has me locked up in my apartment.
Are you okay? I'm fine, but he's taken over Attilan.
- They've got Lockjaw somewhere.
- And the others? Black Bolt and Karnak made it out.
They're not with you? No.
No, I I spoke to Black Bolt.
I don't know where he is, but I will find him and the others, and we will come back for you.
Don't worry about me.
- I stole Auran's comlink.
- What? It fell off.
No, Auran's too smart for that.
It was a setup.
They wanted you to call me.
They're tracking this call.
They're using this to find me.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I have to go.
Be careful.
Remember what I taught you.
Look, I can't just sit here waiting for Lockjaw to get me.
You said you were a fighter.
I am a fighter.
Then bring the fight to you.
You're alive.
And so are you.
Where's my family? That's the question at the forefront of my mind, cousin.
I suppose this means they're not with you.
So, they're here on Earth.
What the hell have you done? I have brought freedom to our people.
I'm sure if we had more time, I could make you see my side.
Yeah, well, you're gonna see the bottom of my hoof before that happens.
I wish we could come to some sort of agreement.
Oh, we will.
Because I'm leaving my comlink on.
Come again? I'm leaving my comlink on.
I mean, should you wish to come and find me traitor.
You should leave.
Why would we leave our beach? Because when they come, they're gonna come right here, and when they do, there's gonna be some serious trouble.
Who doesn't like a little trouble? What's happened to me? You've located Medusa? Yes.
What would you like me to do? Gather up whatever you need, whoever you need.
Then transport to Earth and take care of the Royal Family.
"Take care of"? Bring back or kill.
Black Bolt definitely kill.
Gorgon, too.
All I need is myself.
It's best to be discreet.
Then go see Eldrac for transport.
Eldrac! It's Auran.
I know who you are.
I need you to transport me here.
I say yes.
I said no.
It's painful.
I don't care if it's painful.
If you don't, I will kill your entire family and bring all their pieces to you in a garbage bag.
If you do anything that harms me the guards will make you pay.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah.
Excuse me.
All right.
Hey, slow down.
Wait till we're stopped.
Can I help you? You're not from here, are you? Oh, you don't speak English.
Um, why don't I show you something? Come.
Um What about that? Nice.
Let's ring you up.
Sir? Excuse me.
Security! Excuse me, sir.
We have a shoplifter.
He just assaulted a security guard.
Freeze! Down on your knees.
Down on your knees.
Hands behind your head.
Hands behind your head.
Behind your head.
Aah! Aah! - Get on the ground! - Freeze! Freeze! Down! Down! Down! You're surrounded! Get on the ground! Take him down! Don't resist! Don't resist! Down on the ground! Taser, Taser, Taser! Freak.
Bronaja, please, join me.
I wanted to continue our conversation.
Of course.
Tell me, uh have you had any more visions? No.
Perhaps if That is very interesting.
What did you see? - They want to kill you.
- Who? Uh, they were wearing silver robes.
- The Genetic Council.
- Yes.
They were talking planning your death.
Thank you, Bronaja.
You are most helpful.
I'll see you soon.
There was a strange and violent confrontation with police in downtown Honolulu today, in which the suspect managed to flip an officer's police cruiser.
Eyewitnesses say he appeared out of nowhere.
The suspect is now in police custody.
Council members.
I-Is this everyone? Generally, when a Council meeting is held, the Royal Family is notified.
In the absence of Kitang, it seems rules have been falling by the wayside.
I would very much like to keep you all on my side, but honestly that's up to you.
I do miss Kitang and his guidance.
Do you know what his last words were? They were a sort of gurgling, guttural sound.
Not exactly words.
But I do hope that you keep them close to your hearts as you move forward.
Me again.
What? I simply want to talk.
I haven't changed my mind.
I'll never side with you.
I think you should reconsider.
Acts of violence seem to be springing up everywhere.
I'd hate for your beloved Lockjaw to be involved in some sort of accident.
You wouldn't.
I'd certainly prefer not to.
Because that is not who I want to be Cruel and vicious.
You still have a choice.
I would've thought that you, out of anyone, would understand my position and know that it's right.
But why me? Your parents, of course.
They gave their lives trying to do exactly what I'm doing Overthrow the old system and move forward toward something better.
Do you even remember that? Of course I do.
They were killed by my own parents Black Bolt's parents.
Are you truly willing to risk your life supporting something that they knew was so deeply wrong? I'll let you think on this.
But not too long.
This the guy? This is him.
- Not a word? - Nothing.
You can't be in here right now.
Hey, I said No one touches me.
Traitor! Not much without your hair, huh? No match on his fingerprints.
No ID on him.
Clothes he was wearing before he stole this was pretty bizarre.
Everybody's ID'ing him as the same guy that caused the traffic tie-up.
They're saying he appeared out of nowhere.
Hey! Are you not speaking? Or you one of those smart-asses that's waiting for your lawyers to come and get you? And if he was out of those cuffs and tried again, his luck would run out.
Don't move! Hands in the air! I prefer to bring you back alive.
You tell me if that's possible.
I am the queen of Attilan.
No one tells me what to do.
Maximus will find you.
We take your picture, we take you to lockup.
Put those away.
He's cooperating.
Photographer! Contact Black Bolt.
Black Bolt, I'm near the city.
Soon, we will be together, and when we are, we will return to Attilan.
We will find Maximus, and we will tie a rope around his neck and throw him from the highest wall in the city.
We are not defeated, not ever.
Bronaja, Loyolis.
I have come to see how Bronaja's adjusting.
He's doing horribly, as am I.
I understand.
I do.
But trust me.
The days of Black Bolt's rigid meritocracy are coming to an end.
And you, my friend you will play a big part in our new society.
All of you will.
Me? How? You, Bronaja, are special.
You can see the future.
I can build it.
We can build it All of us together, all of us equal.
A great Inhuman once said that difficulties strengthen the mind as well as labor does the body.
I guess that means you're the smartest and the strongest of us all.
You, like me Like everyone in Attilan We are defined by change.
Who we are today is not who we are born.
We transform an evolution that usually only happens once in our lifetimes.
But change is happening today.
Now Black Bolt is gone.
Our king has deserted us at the hour of our greatest need.
I ask you to accept me in his place, not to keep things as they are, but to move forward.
We are the change that we seek.
We will have a new beginning.
When the current crisis is past, we will leave Attilan and go to Earth.
Life will be what you make of it.
The doors of opportunity will be wide open.
We will create our hope.
We will create our destiny.
We will create our will.
We will not let anyone or anything stop us, because nothing can keep us from being free! Contact Maximus.
This is Auran.
I need backup.