Marvel's Inhumans (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Something Inhuman This Way Comes...

1 Previously on "Marvel's Inhumans" - What is that? - That's my dog.
He needs a doctor.
- His name is Lockjaw.
- Uh [Chuckles nervously] I'm a geneticist, but at my lab, you'll be safe.
- You have a wife? - He's looking for her.
I'll find her.
Karnak: Since I hit my head, I can't see the consequences of my decisions.
When my Terrigenesis made me human, you abandoned me.
I'm still your your friend.
For how long this time? Mordis.
[Tires screeching] Medusa: She can help us find our family.
I don't trust him.
You didn't trust me or Jen at first.
Let me help you.
Normally, people I spend the night with leave before dawn's first light.
Just laying here with you, I feel Please say "good.
" No, I was I was gonna say "phenomenal," which is weird.
It can't be post-conjugal endorphins.
We had intercourse over five hours ago.
"Intercourse"? [Chuckles] I want to be around you, like, all day.
This despite the fact that you snore in your sleep.
And the second toe on your left foot is crooked.
Should've stopped with, "I want to be around you.
" [Chuckles] - [Bullets clink] - [Insect buzzing] God! Hawaiian paradise, my ass.
[Breathes deeply] [Gun cocks] Or m-maybe I'm just hungry.
[Chuckles] Yeah, those, uh, post-conjugal endorphins can really kick up a hunger, huh? [Chuckles] Morning, Sunshines.
Aah! Run.
Run! [Gunshots] How did you even [Gunshots] Aah! Aah! Ted? - Shh.
- [Muffled] Oh, my God.
Reno: Sharing was never one of my strong points, Jen! Rough way to find out.
I know.
But what are you gonna do? [Rustling] [Breathing shallowly] [Cellphone rings] Crap.
[Cellphone beeps] Hey.
You're on your way, huh? You're early.
I'll be waiting for you.
[Cellphone beeps] We better move.
[Grunting] [Lo Tom's "Overboard" plays] You really messed me up Yes, it hurt.
When you couldn't see me We need to focus on finding our family, on saving Crystal from your brother.
I don't want to talk about it.
It's not gonna change anything.
Don't stop on account of me I'm not living there anymore Pulsus.
He shocked me.
And Auran and some of the other guards, they They held me down, and And then he he It just takes a while For me to un-feel a thing Hey.
And the opposite of what you think I'll be all right.
Calm yourself.
[Pounding on trunk] Okay.
That's it.
We are letting that woman out of the trunk.
Karnak's over there somewhere.
How do you know? [Shrieks] That's how I know.
My call echo-locates whatever I'm sent to find, even Royals.
Well, I certainly can't drive through that.
Good, 'cause riding in that What's that called? It's a trunk.
And they're not meant to be ridden in.
Not that it's any different than how the Royal Family normally treats us.
Do your job.
See? What? Do you really always treat everybody that bad? Locus was here to kill us.
This is good.
We find Karnak and then Gorgon, and then we return home and we make sure that Crystal's safe.
Karnak will find a way home.
Nobody knows this, but my company's prepping a manned mission to the Moon to beat the Chinese.
I might be able to convince them to let you guys tag along.
They would find out about our home.
[Comlink beeping] Wait.
What is that? You hiding something from us? [Comlink beeps] Locus.
Why isn't Auran answering? Hello, Maximus.
You have Locus.
You better not have hurt my sister.
Crystal is I would never harm her.
I don't want to hurt any of you.
Is that why you sent Auran and her soldiers, why you released Mordis? Because we put him down, too.
Black Bolt says that when he gets home, he wants to have a few words with you.
Tell my brother I look forward to the family reunion.
[Comlink cracks] Ooh! Can I see that? Bring me Tibor.
Now! [Lockjaw panting] Audrey: Lockjaw's swelling is way down, so we've got that going for us.
[Lockjaw grunts] We need to find our family now.
You ready? No, he's healing, but he's not ready to be running around anywhere.
That's okay.
We'll just transport.
What do you mean, "transport"? Just what I said.
Lockjaw can transport to any location and take people with him.
Karnak calls it "folding space.
" Does folding space make playing fetch out of the question? No.
He loves that.
- Okay, I want to see.
- This is ridiculous.
How do you think I got here from the Moon? I don't! We sent people to the Moon.
We took pictures of the whole place.
There's nothing there.
Come on.
I want to try it.
Don't play along with her.
Come on, Dave.
Let's go.
[Lockjaw grunts] Take us to where you took Medusa.
Get up close.
You have to be touching him.
[Lockjaw grunts] Oh, my God.
Declan: That's fascinating.
It's like a a serpent's venom gland except in his neck, not behind the eyes.
[Gasps] [Glove sizzling] That's extraordinary.
You think she has a power of some kind, too? Set up a DNA test on both of them.
I have a feeling they have a lot in common with our silent friend.
[Breathing heavily] Where are you, Karnak? Karnak! Karnak.
I've been looking all over for you.
Clearly, I didn't hide well enough.
Look what I found out there.
Huh? Want to play catch? Put that flag back right now.
I found it out there.
It's been out there for years.
Plus, it'll look great in my room.
You are putting our civilization at risk.
It's just a flag.
A satellite's gonna pass over where that flag was in 22 minutes.
So? Humans will wonder what happened to the flag.
They're gonna see your hoofprints around where it was.
Aren't they? 21 minutes.
Go! You would destroy Attilan without me.
Look good in his room.
You got hurt.
Don't worry.
I'm coming for you.
[Sighs] You scared me.
Where are your partners? Ted had an accident.
Buried out back.
However, I ran into a little glitch.
Jen met some Asian dude with face tatts.
They took off after After they saw Ted's body.
And now you're afraid they'll go to the cops.
I could use your help finding them.
You know, the more, the merrier.
What'd you do with Ted's body? [Sighs] Whoa! Wait! [Body thuds] [Birds squawking, wings flapping] I don't trust people who kill their partners.
You see that blood trail? You four, bring the truck in as close as you can, load up the green.
You, follow me.
Let's make sure face-tatts and his girlfriend don't make it out of here.
Jen! You called for me, my king? We're old friends.
Enough of the "my king" business.
I have a task for you.
Auran has failed yet again.
I need you to figure out which of these Inhumans we could send to her.
Like a forced conscription? Call it whatever you want.
The Royal Family can't be allowed to return.
If Black Bolt returns, they lose their newfound freedom.
I don't think this is the freedom the lower caste is looking for.
That's the problem with those people.
They think that freedom is something granted, but it's not freedom until they earn it.
Still, it's not what they're expecting.
Look, it's in our best interest to have any confrontation down there rather than have them come back up here and ruin all we've done.
I understand, Maximus.
You know what? I've changed my mind.
I like "my king" better.
Yes, my king.
[Breathing heavily] [Groaning] Ohh.
This hurts.
Complaining will not do.
What are you doing? - [Bones crack] - Mm! Huh.
How did you do that? Blocked the pain nerves in your side.
You shouldn't feel any pain there for a while.
Show me the wound.
[Groans] I should've seen this before it happened to you.
How would you have done that? I'm usually good at predicting outcomes.
This is my fault.
We need to get the bullet out before we sew you up.
Uh, uh, can't we just leave it in there till we get to a hospital? Moving around with the metal inside will cause internal damage, and you'll die.
Well, when you put it like that I could dig it out from the front, but that would ensure infection.
Cut it out your back but then we have to deal with two open wounds.
There is a path to get it out.
I need you to stay very still.
What? Why? Do you trust me? That's one of us.
[Groans softly] What What are you doing? Stay still.
You're like my cousin "Ooh! What's that?" Stay still.
[Grunts] [Exhales sharply] Wait.
Is that? [Groans] [Exhales sharply] How did you? One of the rare times the shortest distance between two points is actually a straight line.
[Sighs] Mm.
[Breathing heavily] What are you doing with that? Improvising a suture to sew you up.
Uh, no.
Just no.
I've got a sewing kit.
We're always tearing holes in our tents.
[Sighs] [Birds chirping] [Exhales forcefully] Once you get me closed up, we have to call the police.
Your kind tends to react badly to anyone different, especially those in authority.
And trudging through the jungle to the police won't stop Reno from hunting us.
We can't stay here.
But we can go back to camp.
Go back? What? Like, to ambush him? I don't see a flaw in the plan.
I don't think I see the flaw in anything in my current state.
[Branches cracking, leaves rustling] [Grunts] So both of them seem to have DNA similar to the silent one.
Except there seems to be a slight degradation in the female's DNA.
All these people with powers What if they stopped fighting each other and turned against us? Well, all the more reason why we have to help them and understand them.
[Tray clatters] Relax.
It's just a postmortem spasm.
[Gasps] [Choking] Please stop.
Ow! Tell me where Black Bolt is, or I'll snap your neck.
What's a Black Bolt? The one who doesn't speak.
I was helping him.
[Gasps] You were helping Black Bolt? I helped him get away from jail.
Why would he even care about you? I was helping him find his wife.
[Gasps] Who are you, and what did you do to Sakas? He was killed in the explosion.
I was I was performing an autopsy on him.
You were dead Both of you were.
Black Bolt owes you? In a way, yes.
Aah! Looks like nobody's there.
I don't know.
What? I-I can't see my way to a clear, definite ending for this plan.
So? How How do I act on a plan when I feel this doubt? You just make the best decision you can.
Everybody has doubt.
I don't doubt anything that I do.
At least I didn't before I hurt my head.
You know that people who don't feel doubt are the scariest people on this planet, right? Why? Because doubt is our friend.
It makes us question things, helps us find new solutions.
Only crazy fanatics don't feel doubt.
You You would have m Have me just Just go, like Like my cousin Gorgon? Yeah.
But Gorgon is right 62 percent of the time, which means there's 38 percent of the time where I have to step in and make things right.
Well, I've got your back.
That's got to be good for at least 14 percent of help when things go bad.
Come on.
I believe in you.
I put everything back.
And I even cleaned up my hoofprints.
Just barely in time, too.
The whole time, I was thinking, "How would Karnak handle this?" You could never handle anything like I do.
That would be almost as impossible as me handling anything as moronically as you.
Yeah, well, now you're just being mean.
I'm just stating a truth.
Thanks to Terrigenesis, you will always be the one making a mess of things.
I will always be the one cleaning them up.
But at least I'll have some fun along the way.
And look at you.
Even when you play games, you're still stuck doing nothing.
14 percent sounds like the right number.
Let's go.
[Grunts, inhales sharply] Under no circumstances will you allow any harm to come to my ally, Dr.
What? And don't tell him you're with me.
He wouldn't understand why I sent you.
He had Black Bolt.
Why didn't you have him killed? That's not for you to question.
Declan is important because of his research on the humans who have undergone Terrigenesis.
I don't like the idea of consorting with this human.
I don't understand.
You don't need to.
Just keep him safe, find Black Bolt and the rest of the Royal Family, and finish your mission.
I'll be sending you some help soon.
Who? Whatever happened to, "Yes, my king"? Yes, my king.
[Vines sizzle] Aah! Really? Well, get him.
- [Vine cracks] - Ohh! [Grunting] Well, look at you with the hot hands.
Think he's one of us? [Comlink beeps] Auran: Where are you? Well, we stayed on the trail of Black Bolt, but we lost him.
Did manage to capture the other human, though.
Hey, you know he's got abilities? I didn't.
He says that he and Black Bolt are friends.
He helped him escape from jail.
Bring him back to me.
We need him.
[Birds chirping] No sign of Reno.
See? You were right.
What are the odds of these versus Reno's gun? I'd go with the gun.
[Sighs] You got some reach with that one.
These weren't there when we left.
Someone else has been here.
[Vehicle approaching] Get in there.
[Grunts] [Brakes squeal] Load it up! - Got room for it? - Yeah.
They're robbing us? Seems unlikely.
They came prepared.
Reno cut a deal on the side.
That makes sense.
Sneak out the back.
Why? I need you somewhere safe while I take them down.
If Reno's in league with them, four is better than five.
I don't doubt that math.
Be careful.
[Grunts] - Whoo! - Good boy.
Dave: This is incredible! Wow! Kind of gives you a jolt in your fillings, you know? Oh, Crystal, we've been all over the island in the blink of an eye.
Do you know how long that would take us to drive? My family could be anywhere.
This place is enormous.
Want to know the state quote of Hawaii? "This is my office!" [Laughs] I don't get it.
Ah, it's okay.
It's kind of a dumb thing to say, anyway.
[Grunts] I can control the elements, but this There is so much water.
It looks like it keeps coming toward us.
- It's - It's the tides.
They say it actually affects normal people.
But you? It's overwhelming.
I bet they don't have anything like this on the Moon.
Everything is very controlled in Attilan.
I always feel separate from everyone outside the Royal Family.
You don't get to hang out with any friends? It's just me and Lockjaw mostly.
Well, even if I did have friends to, what did you call it, "hang out with," my sister, Medusa, is so protective.
Things are pretty lax here in Hawaii.
Our other state motto is, "Hang loose.
" Hang loose? Don't let life wind you up tight, you know? Like, if you feel like, I don't know, uh, doing a handstand, you do it! [Laughing] You're different than I expected.
I never expected being with a human would be What? Fun? Safe.
All we ever saw of humanity was war and terrorism Awful things.
Yeah, there there are bad people out there.
But I'm safe, and most humans are.
You can't live life all afraid, you know? You Sometimes, you just You just got to go for it.
Like do you want to run out into the ocean? You do it! You have fun! Come on! My family.
We'll find your family later! But right now, hang loose! Come on! [Insects chirping] [Indistinct chatter] [Locus shrieks] - Hey, it's that guy! - Get him! Aah! [Groans] Hey! Let him go, or I'll burn all this! Don't do nothing stupid! Do it! They care more for the crop than us.
[Shrieks] [Shrieks] We're close.
H-H-How exactly does that thing work? I don't know.
It just does.
So you feel this Karnak guy's what His, um his location, his distance from you? Yes to all of that.
And that makes you, what? The Royal finder of things? Medusa: Terrigenesis decides all.
Well, I don't think I'd like that.
Try being me.
If something goes missing, I have to find it.
But think of all the good that you're doing.
Pre-Terrigenesis, I wanted to be a healer.
She can't do both? Finding is Locus' one true path in our society.
And you wonder why I chose Maximus.
Do you dare speak against our king? Your parents dared.
And his parents banished them for it.
What? You married the son of the people who banished your parents? It's not like it sounds.
[Fingers snap] We were alone.
His parents died shortly after mine did.
We understood loss.
It connected us.
I hear you, but isn't it ironic that you guys have been thrown out for not wanting to change the caste system while your parents did? The laws of the land in Attilan aren't perfect, but we're always working towards the good of Inhumanity.
You make it sound like there's no choice in how you oversee the law.
Maximus cares enough about us to want to change things.
We've made mistakes, and we know the system isn't perfect for everyone, but we always try to do what's best.
Wasn't it Maximus who forced you to come here and use your gift to find us? They don't understand because you've been guarded for so long.
Maybe it's time everyone knows you like I do.
I have the full list of lower-caste abilities.
Some promising ones here.
Maximus: Good.
Isn't this Bronaja's father? He's a level eight in strength.
He was also the only one who considered it an honor to be drafted into your mission.
The others were not as happy.
You have to earn your freedom.
Look at me.
I sacrificed everything for Attilan.
Do you really think I wanted to lose my family? To send Auran to kill my own flesh and blood? Forgive me, but some Inhumans might wonder if this is for the good of Attilan or for the good of Maximus.
What? How dare you suggest that this was all for me.
I'm speaking to you as a friend.
I don't need friends who constantly tear down my plans.
Yes, my king.
Father, you don't understand.
You weren't there as everyone looked at me in pity.
If I'd gotten an ability, anything but being human, I could have been king! None of this would have happened.
But now I've lost my brother, my cousin, all for the greater good of Attilan! [Breathing heavily] [Grunts] Wait.
How would Karnak handle this? Where's Jen? Getting a preview of what's gonna happen to her if you don't tell me who you're working with or why you burned my crops.
I'll tell you everything, but you're not gonna believe me.
Try me.
I'm Karnak.
I'm from a city on the Moon, and I'm an Inhuman.
Stick to the body for now.
[Grunting] [Blows landing] Hyah! [Rumbling] [Grunts] Free yourself.
I can't.
[Exhales forcefully] Get the girl.
Who? - The girl! - Oh.
Who are you? Gorgon.
He talks about you a lot.
Really? Uh-huh.
Before you tell me how stupid I was to stomp - my way in here - Stop! Thank you.
We got to go! [Insects chirping] I like your new clothes.
Another word, and I kill you.
Sorry we lost Black Bolt.
The days of chasing Black Bolt are over.
We're going back home? No.
We'll complete the mission King Maximus gave us.
We'll hold these pitiful humans hostage and force Black Bolt to come to us.
[Coughs] Ohh.
I don't think that I can keep this up.
I never liked retreating, anyway.
It's good to have you by my side.
Are you okay? I'm not sure, but I mean what I say.
[Gunshots, men screaming] [Gunshots, screaming continue] Black Bolt! [Laughs] Medusa, you okay? We heard gunshots.
Yeah, we took care of them.
What happened to your hair? It's a long story.
You're a welcome sight, too, my king.
Who's this lovely human? I'm Louise.
Sorry to break up this Moon-people reunion, but I need to find a phone and call the police.
All of you should leave.
The police? You'll get in trouble.
Leave with us.
I'll make an anonymous call, but you don't want to be hassled by the cops.
You're like the epitome of illegal aliens.
We thank you.
One moment.
[Groans] You're sending me off before dawn's first light.
It's not like that.
We had a good time, but now we have to go our own ways.
Sometimes, life is just like that.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
A little doubt is good for you.
One day, 6 hours, 46 minutes.
Look at you.
Good for you.
Louise: Oh, my God.
Medusa: She's been shot.
[Locus groans softly] This is a fatal wound.
Remember, you can change.
Please be the king we deserve.
Crystal's here.
What? On the island.
Where? Where is she? Please.
Where is she? No.
Tell King Maximus I'm loyal.
What were you and the king talking about, Tibor? I'm sorry.
I won't speak out against any of his plans ever again.
You defied Maximus? No, not defied.
I only pointed out how some of his people might feel about his rule.
We are some of those people.
We need your assistance to take down the false king of Attilan.