Marvel's Iron Fist (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Felling with Tree Routes

It's, uh it's Silybum marianum.
Milk thistle.
It's good for the liver.
Why is it that a man who is so obsessed with his own longevity can be so careless with the people who control his fate? The Hand is concerned with this rebellious streak you've shown.
You left the confines of your penthouse.
I explained that already.
There was someone claiming to be Danny Danny Rand.
The lost heir to your company.
He and Madame Gao met earlier tonight.
She finds it odd that you failed to mention the man whose identity you helped restore is also the legendary Iron Fist, the sworn enemy of the Hand.
Danny Rand doesn't even know I'm alive.
I have no idea what an iron fist is.
Sounds like a sex toy.
Maybe you really are telling us the truth right now, and you really have no idea what you brought into this company.
Maybe you really are just a fool.
And Madame Gao can forgive foolishness but not without punishment.
Vando he was a fool once, too.
Twice, actually.
But he has a constant reminder of his failure.
The fingers were because he screwed up.
The tongue, because he lied about it.
The real question is, how big a reminder do you need? Hey, listen to me.
I've done nothing wrong.
I swear on the lives of my children, I have nothing to do with Danny Rand.
Harold, we have a problem.
You killed them.
What choice did I have? They were going to kill you, Danny.
Why didn't you summon the Iron Fist? I can't.
I just used it at the tournament.
It drains my chi.
The tournament? That's where you met her? The woman behind the curtain? She she challenged me.
If I won, she said the Hand would leave New York.
But then she changed the rules.
Well, it doesn't matter.
All that matters is they're onto us.
We need to move fast.
- Who is she? - Ah.
Her name is Madame Gao.
I, uh, met her on my deathbed.
She's the one who made the deal, Danny.
Live in service to the Hand, or die in the dark.
She said she knew my father.
What? She said he had no honor.
Wendell never told me.
- Told you what? - I don't know.
If Wendell knew Gao or the Hand, he never shared it with me.
I need to find out how she knew my father.
Hey, don't play her game.
That's what she wants.
Time isn't on our side.
Look how out of control this has already gotten.
What I had to do to protect you.
I don't know how much more of this I can take.
You know what needs to be done to end this, Danny.
What do we do with the bodies? I'll, uh I'll take care of 'em.
I'll make 'em disappear.
Gao will know they're missing, but as long as it looks as though they did their job before they left What job? To remind me of my mistakes.
Do you understand how stupid that was? What if someone had seen you in there? I don't think anyone would recognize us from the country club, Joy.
Oh, come on.
- You're slipping.
- I'm fine.
You're fine? You're fine, like when I came in the other night and I found you passed out on your couch? I told you, I took a muscle relaxer.
What else have you been taking? I don't need your bullshit, Joy.
You have no idea what my life is like.
No goddamn idea.
- Because you won't tell me! - I can't! I ca You need help, Ward.
What I need is for you to stay out of my business.
I have everything under control.
Yeah, well, you know, I can see that.
Who's Frank Stein? - Is he your dealer? - No.
Then who is he? Tell me.
Enjoy your secrets.
It's late.
Wasn't sure you were gonna pick up this time.
- I'm glad you did.
- What do you want? I need your help with something over at the penthouse.
It's important.
Really not a good time.
Hey, I need you, son.
- You need me? - Please.
I'll be right there.
Hold still.
I haven't done this in a while.
Maybe I should go to the hospital.
- I can tell 'em I got mugged.
- The hospital's not safe.
And I can handle a few stitches.
What? Hey.
That's not something I want to hear right now.
I'm almost done.
I don't think your ribs are broken, but they're pretty badly bruised.
My whole body feels like a bruise.
Well, any tournament of death you can walk away from I still lost.
Sounds like it might have been rigged to begin with.
Madame Gao she gave me a choice to win, but I couldn't let Sabina die.
Madame Gao.
Not "Mrs.
Gao" or "Linda Gao.
" Why "Madame"? What, does she run the best little whorehouse in the Hand or something? I'll be sure to ask her once I find her.
After I find out how she knew my father.
What if Gao was lying? Just trying to get in your head, undermine your will to fight her.
It's strategy straight out of The Art of War.
Oh, it's Claire.
Sabina's safe.
- Just trying to keep the wound clean.
- Yeah.
What are these for? 'Cause I need a drink.
And you're going to join me, because I hate drinking alone.
Back in the monastery, Brother Kuo would harvest plums every summer to make wine.
He used to hide it in these big clay pots, have it ferment in the bell tower over the winter.
Me and my friend Davos, when we were kids, we'd we'd wait until the brothers had gone to sleep and we'd climb up the tower.
We'd, uh we'd sneak drinks and refill the pots with water so no one knew it was missing.
The wine was so sweet.
In the dead of winter, it tasted warm like summer.
Tell me another one.
Another story.
About K'un-Lun.
Man I was there a long time.
They aren't all great memories.
How about how you got that tattoo? Well it's not exactly a tattoo.
It's the mark of the Iron Fist.
Danny I still do not understand what that even means.
It's a It's a unique force used to protect K'un-Lun.
It's passed down from generation to generation and it's given to one student from the monastery to wield.
Why were you chosen to get it? I wasn't chosen.
I earned it.
Okay, so what does it do? It's complicated.
But it lets me harness my chi.
It enhances my strength my focus.
And it, um makes my hand light up.
Look, I know it sounds weird, okay? - I get it.
- Can you show me? No, I don't think so.
Mmm, what, do you think I can't handle it? That I'm too weak? Colleen, you're one of the strongest people I have ever met.
I wasn't strong enough to protect Radovan at the hospital.
Hey, look, that wasn't your fault.
He was my responsibility.
I was supposed to protect him and now Gao has him again and we might never be able to find him.
So, yeah I guess we both lost tonight.
You're going to keep trying aren't you? To stop them? I can't quit now.
I should go.
- You can stay.
- No, I I gotta go to the office in the morning, so I should Danny I want you to stay.
- You sure? - Yes.
Definitely, yes.
Oh, Ward, it's about time.
You okay, son? You look a little green.
Hey, what happened to your hand? What happened to yours? Oh, kitchen accident.
Who are they? Oh, the one without the tongue is Vando.
The other guy, I didn't get his name.
The Hand sent them over to deliver a message.
- We have to call somebody.
- Yeah, I did.
I called you.
I need you to take their bodies to Pelham Bay Park.
Either the cops or the Hand will find them eventually, but hopefully we'll be finished this by then.
They'll find it difficult to identify 'em without their teeth.
I'm almost ready to wrap these guys up.
- Then you can put 'em in your car.
- You said you needed me.
Yeah, I do.
You called me in the middle of the night to dump bodies for you? Well, who else was I gonna call, Ward? I knew you'd come.
You always do.
I could do with an extra hand on this.
Come on.
Just like when we went deer hunting when you were a kid.
You have to clean your kill.
We never went hunting.
Oh, maybe it was your sister.
Well, guess I'll do it myself, then.
Come on! God.
You can do this.
You can do this.
You think I don't know that? You think I don't know how messed up this is? I'm not a child.
Danny? Right here.
How long have you been up? Not long.
The city is always so quiet this early.
It's nice.
About last night Yeah.
I've been living a very different life for many years.
There are certain things I haven't But last night was I enjoyed it.
A lot.
I liked it, too.
You know, this cloak of I don't know, bravado that you have I know why you wear it.
I do the same thing.
It keeps people at bay, but you know that you don't have to wear it with me.
Hey, I need you to find all of my dad's old files.
They're probably in storage.
Which ones do you want? Um anything that mentions a woman named Gao.
- Who's that? - Um Just just get everything of my father's.
All of it.
And get them to move it into my office.
It's probably gonna be a lot of files.
Well, I have a pretty big office.
- Danny.
- Oh, Joy, I was just about to We need to talk.
"My actions were impulsive, and I now realize the severity of my words.
" Is this an apology? No, it's the statement you're gonna be making at the board meeting this afternoon.
It sort of seems like an apology.
Well apologies are what got you into this disaster, so, yeah, officially, it's a statement.
It's the first step of CIR's plan to save the company's image.
But but what about the plant? What about it? It might be making people sick.
Danny, we don't know what's causing it.
The EPA cleared us.
Fifteen cases of cancer can't be a coincidence.
Do you think that I don't care about those people? I do.
But I also care about this company.
And right now, I seem to be the only one here who is taking this seriously.
I mean, I have no idea where Ward is.
And you don't even show up for the CIR meeting.
And when you do show up to work, your face is beat to shit.
You're the one that wanted into this company, right? You fought like hell to get it.
Well, now is the time for the hard work to actually start.
I need you to just do what I say at this meeting today, so we can get this situation fixed.
- Danny? - Hey, I'll be there, okay? You really need to take better care of yourself, Danny.
This room has terrible feng shui.
Too many angles.
Poison arrows can weaken the soul over time.
That's better.
Don't you agree? How did you get in here? I've been in Rand far longer than you have.
And I don't plan on leaving anytime soon.
You're not going to attack an old woman in front of all your employees, are you? I think Danny Rand is in enough trouble around here.
I passed your test.
You know who I am.
What I can do.
You're not the first I've met to carry the mantle of the Iron Fist.
Is that why you use that symbol on your heroin packages? The dragon without the wings? The other Iron Fists I've known were fierce, unrelenting in their mission to protect K'un-Lun from the Hand.
They would never have backed down from a grand duel just to save the life of one girl.
How did you know my father? I've been alive long enough to watch the world change in many ways.
But this change now, it feels significant.
The Devil of Hell's Kitchen.
The man with unbreakable skin.
And now, an immortal weapon has left K'un-Lun, not to fulfill his duty, but in dereliction of it.
History says that the Iron Fist and the Hand are mortal enemies.
But I wonder in the spirit of change, perhaps we can be something different.
Last night showed me the truth.
K'un-Lun did not send you to hunt us down.
You left of your own free will, because you wanted to be Danny Rand.
So, why not enjoy the life you traveled so far for? I need your company.
But the spoils are for you to enjoy.
Buy a yacht.
Eat at fancy restaurants with your friends, like Claire Temple and Colleen Wing.
Stop your war.
This city is no place for the Iron Fist.
You're a businessman now and this is the best offer you are ever going to get.
My father did you make him an offer too? Don't forget to water your plant, Danny.
It is your responsibility now.
Yamade wa Buddha, please watch me and guide over my descent.
This is probably gonna hurt.
Ward? Hey.
I, uh, I talked to Danny.
He said he's gonna apologize to the board.
Hey, listen.
I'm sorry I snapped at you last night.
I love you.
And I mean, you you're the only family I have left.
And maybe what's happening to you is partly my fault, too.
Sometimes, it's it's just easier to pretend nothing's wrong than to say something.
Maybe you should take a break.
Just for a few weeks.
I can handle things here.
There are places discreet places that could help you.
I think that's a good idea.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Come here.
You just gotta let me know you're safe.
I'm here for you.
The Russians have agreed to carry our product exclusively, which covers most of Lower Manhattan and New Jersey.
The Dogs of Hell will be using Rand trucks to deliver to the south.
The rest of our partners will be using the company's shipping network to cover the entire Eastern Seaboard within the next month.
They are not our partners.
They work for us.
- You need to remind them of that.
- Yes, ma'am.
Demand is higher than we anticipated.
As long as supply can keep up with orders, we should be reaching our sales goal within the next three months.
Quantity is not an issue.
The chemist is almost ready to give up his formula.
And once he does that, we can begin mass production.
There are still holdouts.
Like Hai-Qing Yang.
The Hatchet Men won't be a problem much longer.
- Anything else? - No, ma'am.
We should brighten up this office, yes? I'll put in an order for some lamps.
You shouldn't be here.
Why, Mr.
Rand, I have a mind to report you to HR.
You think this is a game? You're using my company, my building, to sell poison! Is that really so different than what you're doing on the top floor? Do it.
You're scared.
You don't even have a choice.
You can't go back to Gao.
She killed the last guy who failed to defeat me.
Turned his head into a mailbox.
I'm giving you a new choice.
You're gonna leave my building.
You're gonna run, and you're never coming back.
They'll find me.
That's why you're gonna give me your password.
So I can find them first.
Your form's getting a little sloppy, Colleen.
I didn't know you were coming.
I was just warming up.
I only recently got back into the city.
I heard the dojo's under new management? Ownership, not management.
And that's your Danny Rand? The Iron Fist.
It's really him.
The way he fights Not just his body, but his heart.
It's like a second language to him.
It's it's It's inspiring.
It sounds like you truly care for him.
Are you trying to make me jealous? You will always come first for me.
You need to be cautious.
He's begun to attract a lot of attention.
Comes a great deal of danger.
Mmm, I am aware.
Believe me.
For now, keep doing as you are.
I'll be in touch.
What happened to you? The board will be here in a minute.
Oh, um Uh, come on.
Come on.
Put this on.
- What's this? - Those are the files you asked for.
Where's everything else? All of my father's things? That's all I could find in storage.
It's been 15 years.
There was probably more, but things get moved around, and then, eventually, they get lost.
And forgotten.
Do you think this is a good company? To work? Sure.
I mean, I lost my dental benefits in the last contract negotiations, and that kind of sucked.
I I mean, with the plant.
- You saw the video, right? - Yeah.
- What did you think? - It's not really my place to say.
It's okay.
My mother lives on Staten Island.
I think I wanna make a few phone calls.
You said you had this under control, Joy.
He'll be here.
You're late.
Sorry, everyone.
I, uh had a problem with the elevator.
I know some of you aren't happy with me.
And I know what you want me to do.
But I've made a decision.
Until we can be sure it isn't causing illness, we're shutting down the Staten Island plant.
We're also gonna keep everyone on payroll.
That way no one loses their job.
Don't be a jackass, Danny.
This isn't the way business gets done.
If your father were here But he isn't.
And as far as I can tell, he's nowhere in this company.
And believe me, I've spent most of the day looking.
I know you all want me to back out on this but my dad once told me, "If something is worth fighting for, you stand and you fight.
" So, I'm standing.
Danny, you may have a voice on this board, but it's just a courtesy.
Don't expect anyone here to be listening to a kid who got his MBA from a Himalayan monastery.
Lawrence, you don't have to attack him.
- Danny's plan is - The idiotic dream of a child.
Karen Page at The Bulletin seemed to like it.
What? You already went to the press? She seems to think it's gonna make front page tomorrow.
I know this isn't what you wanted.
Any of you.
But if you look deep down at the better part of yourselves you'll know we're doing the right thing.
Look, I'm sorry to cut this short, but there's somewhere else I really need to be.
Oh, uh, and the assistants need their dental plan back, so we should probably get on that, too.
Just incredible.
Yeah, this image, the serpent, do you know what it means? Did you know about the offices on the 13th floor? Well, if I had known, I would have had Ward charge her rent.
Hey, I've always been honest with you, Danny.
You know that.
It's just it's my father's name.
It's my name.
I can't believe the Hand's been using it all this time.
Yeah, well, that's why we're doing this.
Get 'em out of our company.
Make Rand honest again.
And you may have delivered exactly what we need to get it done.
Oh, it's everything about the Hand's synthetic heroin operation.
Their clients, their shipping routes.
And look, it's all going through Rand Enterprises.
This is why Gao's been keeping us on such a short leash.
She needs the company for all this to work.
Does it say where she's making the heroin? Yeah, there's a warehouse in Brooklyn.
Gao's been running a lot of our trucks through there in the past few days.
It's possible this may be the manufacturing plant.
- That's where she'll be keeping Radovan.
- Who? He's the chemist.
The one who's making the heroin.
Look, I promised I would help him.
Hey, you can't just go barging in there.
You'll be one man facing an army.
- I can't just leave him.
- Hey, do the smart thing, Danny.
Strike Gao down while you have the element of surprise.
Leave Radovan.
Look out for your own.
I started this program to teach you not just how to defend yourselves, but how to prepare for your futures.
Today is Darryl's last day.
He's been selected for an elite training program that comes with a full scholarship to a university.
- You gonna miss me? - Nah Mostly.
You deserve this.
For your work ethic, your commitment to the code, and, most importantly, honoring and protecting your fellow classmates.
You're part of something bigger than yourself now, Darryl.
And that will make you stronger.
A single arrow is easily broken but not ten in a bundle.
I came to warn you.
The Hand knows who you are.
Claire, too.
I can handle myself.
What about Radovan? I know where he is.
Now I think I have a plan, but it's dangerous.
I don't care.
Let's go get him.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
But we gotta go.
- Go where? - To get a bundle of arrows.
Hello? Mr.
This is Veronica from Ambergris Caye.
- There's a problem with your reservation.
- What kind of problem? I'm afraid your card was declined.
That's not possible.
Run it again.
We actually did, sir.
Just hold on.
Stop the car.
You've refused to sell the Hand's heroin.
They've taken your pier.
Butchered your men.
They've given you two choices, serve or die.
I'm here to give you a third.
Join with us.
We know where the heart of their operation is.
We attack together.
Before they even know what's hit 'em, we can end the Hand's heroin business in one strike.
You can fight.
I'll give you that.
But the Hand is legion.
Why attack now? Why do you think you can even the odds against our enemies? Because I have heard Madame Gao's plans for you.
And if you do nothing, you'll all be dead by the end of the week.
You don't know me but the Hand does.
And they fear me.
With you and your men by our side they'll fear you, too.
I was just reading some of the press on the closure.
It's good.
Danny might actually be onto What's going on? The board just held an emergency meeting.
About what? About how you, your brother, and Danny will no longer be on the board or any part of this company ever again.
You've been ousted from Rand.
Oh, no Radovan.
Radovan! Sabina Sabina's fine.
She's home.
She's safe.
We're gonna get you out of here.
Where's Madame Gao? You must forgive me.
I told her.
I told her how to make the heroin.
Where did she go? Radovan, please.
Where is she? Anzhou Radovan.
Oh, Danny.
Danny, I think he Danny? Anzhou It's the name of a city in China.
Have you been there? I would have, 15 years ago, if my plane hadn't crashed.
It's where my father was taking us.
Oh, Ward, I thought you might be stopping by.
How did you know? How did you know - about the account? - I always knew.
Did you really think it was that easy to steal millions of dollars from the company and not get caught? Come on, I thought I raised you smarter than that.
Who do you think's been keeping your transactions hidden from the accountants? Or the SEC? Stick with business, son.
You're a shitty thief.
Why? Why would you let me think I was getting away with it? Oh, well, we all have our private vices.
Yours just happened to be embezzling.
And as long as your hobby didn't interfere with our work who was I to judge? But honestly, Ward, couldn't you have just gotten a mistress? Much simpler.
I am sick of it! The control, the manipulation Yeah, I know you're upset.
You don't see it now, but I had to stop you from leaving.
You were making the biggest mistake of your life.
That was my money! Well, technically, it was the employee pension fund's money.
I was gonna be free.
Yeah, we're all gonna be free, Ward.
We are so close to being done with the Hand.
Now, if you had run away, run away like a scared child, you would have regretted it every day for the rest of your life.
Now, relax.
You just had a moment of weakness.
Eh, it happens.
I'm not gonna punish you for it.
I'm not a child and I'm not scared.
Well, then stop acting like one.
Today's a good day.
You should be happy.
You know what the last happy day of my life was, Dad? The day you died.
That's just mean, Ward.
You should be grateful.
You wouldn't have a life without me.
I've given you everything.
I've shown you how to run the company, how to be respected, how to be feared.
All you had to do was listen.
You're my creation.
You belong to me.
Don't ever forget it.
Ah, you really should take a look at this, Ward.
Danny took it off Gao.
Genius how the Hand's been using our company.
Well, not just us, it's everywhere.
It's, like, Roxxon, Midland Circle Yeah.
You could really learn something from them for the next time you feel like stealing millions.
Huh? Huh?