Marvel's Runaways (2017) s01e04 Episode Script


1 [Nico] Previously on Marvel's Runaways Guys, there's an easy way to get to the bottom of this.
We do some P.
work, and we let cooler heads prevail.
I would be happy to tell you more about your mom and dad.
- What's that? - It was Amy's.
I found it in my mom's desk.
She was hiding it.
Did you see them? The lights, colors? Did you get into a fight at the party? Just some stupid lacrosse shit.
Get away from her! So it wasn't about a girl? - No, no.
I'll call you later.
- Okay.
[Stacey] You know we're gonna have to tell the girls.
Oh, that we're moving to a remote ranch in the Yucatan with our prehistoric guard dog? Mr.
Dean, this area is off-limits.
I can't even check it out? Must be pretty nice, considering how much time she's been spending in there.
I don't understand.
It's never taken this long before.
[Karolina] It must've been some kind of Gibborim ceremony for a higher level than me.
My mom seemed fine this morning.
She wouldn't have acted so normal if she'd killed a parishioner last night.
If you know anything about Destiny Gonzalez, you're being urged to contact Detective Flores We're gonna need another sacrifice.
[alarm beeping] [Wizey] Amy, please turn off your alarm.
Amy, traffic is heavy on the 405.
If you do not depart in 40 minutes, you will be late for school.
Amy? Mom! - Amy! - No! No! Wait, what's happening? I don't understand what [Nico] No! No, no, no, no! No, no! This isn't happening! Mom! [screaming] - Wizey, call 911! - Nico, no.
Wizey, seal the house.
Sealing home, and perimeter.
[sobbing quietly] [dispatcher] 911.
What's your emergency? Hi.
We need an ambulance at my house.
Come quick, please.
Um, the address [whirring] [policeman] Does anyone else have keys? [Tina] Not that I'm aware of.
We just had them all changed three weeks ago, too.
Are there any entrances I'm not aware of? Wizey, scan all windows and doors for any known breaches.
[Wizey] Scanning house now.
Wizey, show me Tina's office.
I am sorry, Nico.
Shh! Wizey, voice off.
Show me Tina's office.
[Flores] Where's your husband? [Tina] Robert? He knows you're here.
[papers shuffle] I'll handle it.
Wizey, freeze.
Zoom in.
[Wizey] Incoming call.
Incoming call.
Incoming call.
Incoming call.
- What are you doing? - Group WizTalk.
- I think your mom invented it.
- And why are we doing it? - [Alex] You haven't heard the news? - What news? - You haven't heard yet? - My God, about the beach? Have you been living under a rock all night? Yeah, that cleared nothing up.
[Karolina] They found her body.
Gotta say I called it.
- Nico, what - It doesn't make any sense.
Yeah, none of it does.
They found her body on the beach, not in that weird box which we found in Victor's garage, empty.
Did you find anything in your parents' lab? - No, nothing at all.
- Well, not nothing.
Gert saw something.
You want to say what? - Uh, no.
- My junk.
She totally put on x-ray goggles and checked me out.
[Alex] Can we stay on topic? Okay, Wilder, what'd you find in your basement murder library? [Gert] Okay, the word choice there implies that a murder definitely happened.
I couldn't get in.
Dad wouldn't leave me alone.
Oh, what, like he knew you were suspicious? No, like he loves me and actually wants to spend time with me.
So, did our parents do it or not? Molly, that's what we're talking about.
[Chase] That's the whole thing we're trying to figure out.
Why are we even still debating this? I've been reading Amy's diary, okay, and I thought my mom hid it from me because of what was in it, but now I think it's because of what wasn't in it.
Amy was happy.
There's no way she did what she did.
A girl dies on the same night after the same meeting that Amy died.
- Oh, my God, Nico.
- Nico, come on, are you crazy? That's totally different.
We're their blood.
Not all of us, technically.
[Chase] Yeah, sorry, Nico, strangers are one thing Destiny wasn't a stranger to Karolina's mom.
Which is why I don't believe that she would hurt her.
And my parents wouldn't hurt Amy.
[Chase] Like your parents are better than ours? You father was actually in prison for murder.
A long time ago, and the charges were dropped.
The murder library's in your basement.
[Gert] Can we please stop calling it that? [Karolina] Can we stop turning on each other? Okay, all I'm saying is we need to be smart.
[Alex] First time for that, huh, Chase? We need to protect ourselves.
No, you don't.
I could be your muscle.
I-I could show you I'm so sorry about her.
Although it only works when I'm scared.
Are you not scared? Because I am.
Look, you can all believe in whatever fantasy you want, but I'm gonna make damn sure that they can't hurt me.
I suggest you all do the same.
[Wizey] Call terminated by host.
[sighs] [dings] [drops heavily] [drawers slide] [radio playing] [woman] Help! Help! Help! Help me! Help me! Please help me! Help! Somebody help me! [increases volume] Help! Somebody help me! Help! We always knew that this could happen.
That is why we put a tracking device on her.
Yeah, which you never turned on.
The tracking device is for tracking, for when she's on the move, not when she's safely ensconced in her habitat.
Yeah, where she would still be if you hadn't left the door unlocked.
Why is it always me who left the door unlocked? Maybe you left the door unlocked for once.
Okay, I always lock the door.
You know I have a system.
All right, all right, look however she got out, we need to find her.
- Yeah.
- Fast.
- [Gert] Find who? - Oh, hey, sweetie! [laughs] Someone is missing from the lab.
Yeah, a hedgehog.
A, uh very rare, valuable hedgehog, and I well, actually we are gonna take this drone out and find it.
[Gert] I don't remember a hedgehog.
I was down there the other night feeding everyone.
Definitely no hedgehog.
[whispers] Monster! Well, I guess that means it has been gone longer than we thought.
Um, you know, maybe we'll just get something to eat while we're out.
- Okay.
- Bye, girls.
Good luck.
[door closes] - Those two are the worst liars ever.
- Pretty much.
- Hoo! That was a close call.
- I know.
You think they suspected anything? No, we're smooth operators.
[phone buzzes] Oh, it's PRIDE.
Emergency meeting.
- Now? - No! No more! PRIDE can suck it.
This is too important.
This is about our future.
Testify, Mama Bear.
Now, how hard can it be to find a dinosaur in the Palisades? Right? I hope this works.
Yeah, well, this guy look like someone you can trust? [radio playing] Is everyone here? No.
We're winging this shit, man.
Since you called out the blue side, everything's all patched up.
You have a right to be angry, I know, but I said I was gonna make it up to you all, and I am.
The solution is right Where is she? You said you had someone.
I did.
I hit her with a tire iron and tied her up in here.
She was eating French fries.
[distant shouts] - Hey.
- Hey, what's up? I didn't want to say anything on the phone last night, but after reading Amy's diary She didn't do it, Alex.
I know she didn't.
I'm going to the police after school.
Come with me? The police? No way.
Nico, what are you even going to say? That the most prominent families in the city, dressed in matching nightgowns, put a girl in a glowing box that you're pretty sure killed her? There are six witnesses [distant chatter] and a dead body.
Two dead bodies.
[scoffs] And then what? Our parents lie for each other, or say nothing and demand proof.
They have the world's greatest lawyer, my mom, not to mention, who do you think they're going to suspect turned them in? The only other people at the house that night us.
So I take it that's a no? If the police don't believe me, that's on them, but I'm telling them everything I know, about Destiny and my sister.
- We are in trouble here, Victor.
- I know.
I know I screwed up.
First the girl, and now this false alarm? What is going on with you? The side effects from malaria medicine, I think, from my trip to South Africa.
Why not just tell us the box wasn't working? He wanted to, but I talked him out of it.
I was sure that he fixed it.
It wasn't the box.
It was me.
But I'm feeling much better now.
You sure about that? I got my people covering on the girl's body.
We'll be okay on that front, but We have a larger problem.
He's sicker than he's ever been.
We need a replacement, now.
Someone else from the church? Two kids in the same week? It'll draw attention.
I think Victor had the right idea.
We need a homeless person or a prostitute.
You mean someone who doesn't count.
They all count.
You think this isn't hard for me? Would you let me take care of this? It was my screw-up.
You are right about that, but you're not going alone.
Robert? My plate's a bit full today.
Clear it.
[Leslie] I see Dale and Stacey chose not to attend today.
I think it might be a good idea for us all to take some time to consider the promise we made all those years ago.
[Tina] I'll make sure they do just that.
[Leslie] I have to get back to him.
He can't be alone right now.
[Gert] Hey, Chase! Tried to get your attention in homeroom.
Guess you didn't notice me.
No, I saw.
I just pretended I didn't.
I thought it'd be weird, you know, talking like we're friends.
After everything that's happened, that's what you think is weird, okay.
Um, well, I just wanted to say thank you for not telling anyone about the lab.
Yeah, figured it wasn't my place.
Why keep it a secret? I don't know, I don't really want my parents to get in trouble with FEMA or the ASPCA.
They must've genetically scripted that therapod, so must be all kinds of illegal.
Yeah, so is killing a girl.
There he is right there.
All weekend, no apology? You're not getting one now, either.
Come on, man, it was just a party.
Everyone's wasted, shit happens.
All that matters is the team.
We gotta be able to put stuff like this behind us.
"Stuff like this"? You can't even say what you were gonna do.
Look, man, State is almost here.
Just say you're sorry and we all move on.
You gonna say sorry to her? No.
I got a broken rib 'cause of that bitch.
Well, good thing you got 23 more! Chase! [all yelling] - [Karolina] Hey, hey, hey, stop it! - Get off me! That's enough, stop! - Stop it, Chase! - That's enough! - Get off of me! - That's enough, stop! Three of you, in my office now.
Let's go, gentlemen.
Come on, everyone, let's go.
Break it up.
Back to lunch.
Nothing to see.
[Eiffel] This is all your fault.
What is? Well, if you didn't get wasted and hook up with Brandon and Lucas at that party, then Chase wouldn't have gone ham on their asses, and our state lacrosse title wouldn't be in jeopardy.
No, that that that never happened.
Yeah, it did, but you wouldn't remember that, because you're a lightweight drunk and a lacrosse-ruining slut.
I have no idea what she's talking about.
I I was I was dancing alone downstairs, and then the next thing I knew, I woke up with Chase.
Karolina, it sounds like maybe those guys No, no! She's lying.
I would know! I'm I mean, I would know, right? Yeah.
Why wouldn't Chase tell me? I think he's trying to protect you.
The light of the stars The warmth of the sun The energy of the universe.
I can't.
There must be something that I can do.
Just tell me.
Warm me.
I had a feeling I'd find you here.
This is a sacred space, Frank.
This is our church, last I checked.
I haven't seen you in days, so what's going on in there? It's called a meditation room.
It's pretty self-explanatory.
Leslie, are you having an affair? That's your fear, isn't it? You think the threat to our union is lust and temptation of the flesh? It's a pretty normal married-guy fear.
What am I supposed to think? It's not your fault that your worldview is so limited.
All of that is about to change.
I've made arrangements for you at the Crater.
- What? - I sense that you're ready to go Ultra.
That's what I've been doing in there praying for you over the last two days.
And I've made my decision.
And I just accused you of Insecure actor.
You'll have to cleanse yourself of that if you want to join me but I think you can.
They're expecting you tonight.
I don't know what to say.
Thank you.
Don't thank me.
You did this all on your own.
[sighs] [boy 1] It's always the church girls that are the craziest.
[girl laughs] [boy 2] What's wrong with this chick?! Stein, team meeting happening about you.
Sorry, Coach.
Inspirational speech time, gentlemen.
You guys have worked your ass off every day to get here.
You got college recruiters around the country after you.
Whatever's come between you guys, it can't be worth risking all that.
Right? Hello, Gert, reporting for duty.
What are we talking about? Your club.
Undermining the Patriarchy.
It says the first meeting is today.
We made T-shirts! This shirt no longer fills me with unspeakable sadness.
Oh, my God, my club.
I totally forgot about this.
I feel like I passed these out a lifetime ago.
I think it was Friday.
Hey, Gert, can I talk to you for a second? Sorry, blondie, members only.
I'm so sorry, fellow travelers, but the patriarchy is going to have to remain for another day.
Hey, Karolina! I'm just surprised you wanted me to help.
With everything going on right now, proving that our parents are innocent is the one thing that would actually make me feel better.
You're the only other person who thinks they might be.
Not that I'm incapable of doing it on my own I do most things on my own.
No, this is better, though.
Sisterhood is powerful, right? [Gert] Hey, Alex, do you want to come with us? You two are going somewhere? - Together? - My house.
Yeah, we're bonding on a mission to prove our parents aren't killers.
And how's that? As I was telling Gert, there's a Gibborim ceremony when somebody goes Ultra.
I haven't seen it, it's a higher level than me, but maybe that's what we saw.
My mom has a bunch of my grandpa's old papers and books on our rites and rituals.
Could explain it.
Except the rest of our parents aren't in your church.
There's clearly a lot we don't know about the 'rents, but wouldn't it be great if their big secret was just that they'd converted to Gibborim? Everyone can live without Dale and Stacey's Passover brisket.
Actually, Gibborim practitioners can still observe any other aspect of other religions.
- It's really inclusive in that way.
- Even better! You guys really want this? Are you with us? Team There's Gotta Be Another Explanation? Yeah, honestly, I don't know what I believe right now but at least you two have each other, from someone who doesn't have anyone in their corner.
I gotta go.
[sighs] [siren wails in distance] What's that smell? The smell of failure.
Pick one, and let's get out of here.
Yeah? [Robert] Okay.
All right, let's wheel him to the car.
No, no, no, we gotta hit him first so he doesn't wake up.
The man's passed out! He's probably been passed out for days.
He would shit his pants.
I can't take that chance.
That doesn't seem like the most accurate indicator for whether or not he's Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you doing? Finishing what I started.
[groans] Robert, slice his Achilles tendon! Disable him! - Are you insane? - You ain't slicing shit, mother! [siren squawks] Your wife is going to kill us.
My wife is never going to know.
I'm calling Flores.
[policeman] I got a 1010 in progress on Fifth and Spring.
Requesting backup.
You know, I'm really digging this Gibb thing.
I mean, I'm not super down with the amount of white jeans involved, but there's a lot about this that's really beautiful.
Thank you.
I know how it looks to the outside world, but the more others doubt it, the more it's always just reinforced my beliefs.
Well, I apologize for ever referring to it as a quasi-sci-fi crackpot pseudo cult.
You know, the other kids think we're crazy for believing in our parents.
That's called faith.
That's weird.
My mom's laptop.
She usually has it with her, but she has been kind of distracted lately.
Ultra hey, maybe that's what we're looking for.
The file's encrypted.
Hey! Do you remember Alex's sixth-grade party favors? Well, the gift that keeps on giving.
I'm sure Alex can figure this out.
Ooh, that could be my mom.
[knocking on door] - Chase.
- Karolina.
and Gert.
What are you doing here? What are you doing here? - It's kind of a long story.
- That's, uh great.
Um Hey, can we talk? Alone? Of course, yeah.
I have to go get this to Alex, so I'll be going.
Oh, hey, Gert Thank you for being there for me.
It's nice to know I have you as a friend.
Of course.
I I'm everyone's friend.
I'll wait for my Lyft out here, thank you! [phones ringing, office chatter] [sighs] You come here to try and talk me out of this? No, I know better than that.
I came here so that you wouldn't have to do this alone.
Help you? I'd like to report a murder.
I mean, I wouldn't like to, but Is that right? No.
It's two murders.
- You quit? - Yeah.
But lacrosse meant everything to you.
Yeah, it did, but there might be other things that are more important.
Chase, I don't even remember Brandon and Lucas being at that party but if they were and something happened, I need you to tell me.
Please, okay, I can handle it, but not knowing is, like, way worse.
You don't have to worry.
[sighs] I I walked in before anything happened but just before.
Thank you.
- I'm sorry.
- Hey, you don't have to be sorry.
What I saw in them, I can't be a part of.
And, hey, maybe I'm replacing lacrosse with something better.
Come inside.
- Where are we going? - You'll see.
Something else happened that night, something that I can't explain, and I think I can make it happen again, but I've been too scared to try.
So if I pass out again, I need you to help me, okay? - Just like you did.
- Wait What's going on? Just stand there.
I'm gonna take off my bracelet.
Your bracelet.
How do you do that? I don't know how! I don't even know what [gasps] What does it feel like? Good.
- [chuckles] I'm kind of afraid.
- Of what? Electrocution? Radiation poisoning? I think it's okay.
I have so many questions.
Me too.
[phones ringing, keyboards clattering, office chatter] What's taking so long? You getting cold feet? Oh, hey.
Sorry for the wait.
Detective on the Gonzales case got an important call, so We're good.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Wait, why? Whoa What is Chase's dad doing with your dad at the police station? Holy shit.
Go, go, go, go.
[panting] That detective is the man my parents called when Amy died.
He came to the house.
He said he'd handle it.
And now he's in charge of Destiny's case.
Your parents Our parents have the cops in their pocket.
This has gotten too big.
You believe me now? I think I always believed you.
That's why I took this.
Jesus, Alex! I found it in my dad's desk.
And what do you think's going to happen when he notices it's gone? I don't know.
But Chase was right.
We've gotta protect ourselves.
Thank you for meeting me at home.
As I'm sure you're aware, this isn't exactly official business.
Your house calls are my favorite part of the job.
You find what I was looking for? I did.
Paints a pretty clear picture.
Those bastards.
It's none of my business, of course Sure isn't.
but I was expecting something else economic espionage, trade secret theft, but not this.
To be honest, once I put it all together, huh, kind of wanted to go with them.
As always, Kincaid thank you for your service.
As always, Tina, thank you for your money.
You know they don't seem like bad people.
They never do.
Temescal was a bust, but I say we head northwest, Paramount Ranch.
Let's face it, she's gone.
I say we go, too.
What do you mean? Go home? No.
No way, we are not giving up yet.
No, not home.
I say we go away.
Without her? Stace, someone is going to find her.
And then what? Well, then it'll become the stuff of urban legend, like alligators in the sewers of New York.
Or it becomes the biggest thing in the history of biogenetics.
- And we don't get the credit.
- Or the blame.
I can't do this anymore.
I'm tired.
I'm scared.
And I'm done.
What about the girls? Hmm? The sale of the serum hasn't gone through yet.
We have enough money.
It was a good plan, but the plan is screwed.
Look at us! We go home, we pack, we leave, and no one ever hears from the Yorkeses again.
[starts engine] So maybe the bracelet is some kind of inhibitor? Which would explain why my mom never wanted me to take it off.
Do you think there are other people in your church who glow? I don't know.
I really, really just gotta talk to my mom.
Well, are you sure you can trust her? Yeah.
Chase, I take this thing off and I turn into Rainbow Brite.
I mean, with all the weirdness going on Hey.
It's not weird.
You are a You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
You deserve answers.
[keyboard tapping] [object shifts] Gert? Gert? Are you home? [object thuds] You better not be trying to scare me, Gertrude.
This isn't funny! Ah-hah! - [roaring] - [screaming] [roars] Aah! - [roars] - [screams] [roars] - [screams] - Stop! [whining] Get away from her.
Be still.
Holy shit, it does what I say.
[snuffles] Here.
No way.
[Stacey] You know, hon, I think my passport expired.
- [door opens] - [Dale] Yeah? We'll take care of that.
I guess we found the dinosaur.
We have a dinosaur! When were you gonna tell us this? Well, there's a, um, a time and place for that kind of stuff.
I'm available now.
Can we start with why this dinosaur listens to me like a dog? What do you mean? It only listens to her and it doesn't listen to me.
- Okay, that's - unexpected.
We created it for your protection for our protection.
Protection? Protection from what? Uh Look, this might be difficult for you to hear, but I just want you both to know that everything we do, we do it for you girls.
And what I'm about to tell you you may not understand right this moment, but I promise you, one day, you will.
It's just I'll explain more to you in the car on the way.
[doorbell rings] Ignore it.
This is more important.
- [phone buzzing] - Um, okay, - what we're trying to say - It's Tina.
Were you expecting her? What's going on? Uh, nothing.
Just stay here and keep her quiet.
It's a "her"! [chuckles] [Tina] It's not like you two to miss an emergency PRIDE meeting.
Oh! We are so sorry about that.
Wanted to come.
Mushroom hunting in the cave.
Yeah, and the cell reception is so spotty.
- Really bad.
Have you ever been there? - Oh, but the mushrooms! - Really good.
- They are delish! We have some if you want to take them home.
Little olive oil, salt, pepper Okay, I didn't think so.
I'm just happy that you both are okay.
When you didn't show up, I was worried something might've happened to you, or that you left us.
Left you? How is that even? [stutters] Where would we go? The Hernandez's ranch in Yucatan.
Oh, you, um know about the ranch.
Seems like a lovely property, completely off the grid, held in a private trust, hidden behind a wall of LLCs and DBAs.
So thoughtful of Gene and Alice to leave that to you in their will, almost like they wanted you to have someplace to run to.
I mean, it's just a shack in the jungle.
We're not even I'm sure that sounds like paradise right now.
I assume that's why you've been transferring large amounts of money there.
Anyhow dreamers gotta dream but I do hope you can focus on the job that really matters.
- Ours.
- Ours.
It's on the top of my the list.
We're almost there.
And by "we," I do mean all of us.
Oh, my God.
It's over.
We're never getting out.
- Oh, my God.
- [Gert] What happened? Um You, uh, you wouldn't understand.
Really? Just like I didn't understand you guys were lying about the hedgehog? - Maybe if you guys finally - You know what, Gert? This attitude needs to stop.
The sarcasm, the snide remarks.
So, admittedly, you got that from me, I have had enough! Got it.
No, Gert, wait a sec Oh, God.
[groans] [Alex] Gert says this is from Leslie's laptop.
How long do you think this will take? Oh, I'm getting there.
The encryption on this is a lot more complicated than you would expect for a church group.
But not someone hiding a murderer.
Well, the good news is by the time this is over, I'll have a pretty high tolerance for caffeine.
Great, we're already not sleeping.
[blips] I got in.
There's nothing in here about any ritual church doctrines.
It's files, intake files.
You go sleep with the fishes There's no room for you here There's no room for you here Wrap your teeth around the pavement 'Cause your body's a message Send my regards to hell Fall upon your knees This is my body and soul - Chase? - Shit.
Uh, sorry, I'll, uh, I'll get out of here.
You needed something? Uh, no, it's nothing.
Give me that.
Dad, please, I've been working on that for a long time, so just please.
[clatters] I knew that was gonna happen when you got ahold of it, goddamn it! Sit down.
Right there, sit.
Now, tell me.
Tell you what? That thing is the work of a child.
You got ahead of yourself.
Don't worry about the execution.
Not yet.
Just tell me your idea.
Every detail.
What it does.
How it feels.
How it makes you feel.
Right now it is perfect in your mind, and that is where you need to live while we build this thing.
Take me there.
What is this thing called? Fistigons.
Destiny Gonzales, 18.
No next of kin.
Special consideration: per led.
Geparhart, Brian, 16, runaway.
A Mexican.
They're all "per led.
" What does that mean? No idea.
Is Amy in there? You think they're all dead? One way to find out.
Yeah, there's no mention in here of any of these names.
Because they were nobody.
No one cared for these kids.
Not even enough to file a missing persons report.
One a year for 15 years.
[sighs] Leslie's maiden name is Ellerh.
Leslie Ellerh Dean.
So our parents are serial killers, and Karolina's mother hand-picks the victims? Do we tell her? We have to.
[barista] Anyone drive a silver Prius? Plate frame says "My other ride is a Tardis.
" Um, yeah, that's me.
Alarm's going off, bro.
- Go.
I'll call her.
- Okay.
[vehicle approaches] Mom? [laughter] [cell phone buzzes] What's up, Nico? Alex cracked the files.
They weren't about any ceremony.
They were about So Destiny isn't the only runaway to go missing from your church.
And it looks like your mom was the one choosing the victims.
They've been taking people for over 15 years.
We don't know if Amy was involved in all this.
- Karolina, are you there? - Hey, hon.
Come meet us.
We're at Timely.
Karolina, are you there? Can you hear me? [car alarm wailing] Where is he? [Alex] Get off me! Aah! Stop! Hey! Alex! Alex! Alex! Alex! - [Karolina] What is it? - Someone took Alex.