Marvel's Runaways (2017) s01e06 Episode Script


1 [Nico] Previously, on Marvel's Runaways - What's going on? - You didn't make it.
Ultra is still out of your reach.
[Tina] I booked us a room five minutes away.
I can't do this, Tina.
I'm sorry.
[Robert] I'm ready to start living my life with you.
- I'm ready to tell Tina.
- I have to make sure that none of this blows back on Chase.
- Dad! - Glioblastoma.
- That's a - Brain cancer.
I haven't told your mom.
I can beat this thing.
I know it.
I just wish I knew more about them.
I would be happy to tell you more about your mom and dad.
Whatever you want to know.
You are the only other person that staff will work for.
Why don't you keep it for the night? - I trust you, Nico.
- Guys? Chase found a hidden camera in the library.
The video is being funneled to your parents' company.
We have to find a way to get it.
It's actual evidence of what - our parents have been doing.
- [gunfire] [sighs] [groans] Get out of here.
Cat, I got a live one, but I don't think he'll last for long.
Get PRIDE together.
We need to do the sacrifice now.
[Leslie] It worked.
How do you feel? I feel fantastic! Like I always do.
The hell kind of place is this? This used to be my home.
It looks hundreds of years old.
And I know I don't need to point this out, but it's underground.
[chuckles] You're in real estate development now.
I thought you'd have more of an appreciation for its unique features and more gratitude for the fact that I'm giving it to you.
You're giving us three quarters of an acre in Brentwood? - Why? - That basement's gonna come in handy.
What the hell for? You're gonna be doing things you don't want your neighbors to hear.
[chuckles] We really have to wear these? It's a request from Jonah.
He says it's tradition.
Whose? I ain't down with robes, not even red ones.
Not to mention it's kind of itchy, right? This feels like the first dress rehearsal of a bad play that nobody wants to be in.
Like you've ever been in a play, Gene.
Reminds me of an episode of Real Sex.
I didn't know you watched that.
[Gene] At least Tina gets a wand.
She loves that thing.
She's been sleeping with it.
[all chuckle] I'm sorry.
I didn't Really? What I want to know is what Victor's gonna do with that box.
Brooks here is going to get into it.
It's going to be beautiful.
Just follow the light, Brooks when it comes for you.
Go with it.
Um, I guess you're supposed to drink this.
I don't Whatever you say, Mrs.
I'm ready.
[scrapes, thuds] So, what was that, like, a magic trick? - [Victor] It's not magic.
- Where'd he go? It's the pure conversion of matter to energy in a form that can be absorbed by the human body.
The math has existed for a while, but no one's actually done it until now.
What do you mean, "his energy's been converted"? - He's dead? - And we killed him? It isn't a death.
He lives on in another.
- Wait, what? - Wait a minute.
You brought that kid here knowing what would happen to him? [Gene] Alice and I didn't sign up for this! Except you did.
You all eagerly accepted Jonah's gifts.
You reaped their enormous benefits over the years.
You knew he'd ask for something in return.
Not this! We're not killers.
He asked for help with the project.
This is not a project.
[Robert] I am calling the police.
I think it's too late for that.
- It's recording.
- Well, turn it off.
Erase it.
- That won't make a difference.
- Why? Because the tape simultaneously uploaded to the Wizard server.
And that's where it's going to stay.
You willingly went along with this.
Set us all up.
Look, I'm sorry about that kid who just became eternal or whatever, but if Jonah will do that to him, he'll do it to us.
Or our kids.
- So we're - Trapped.
We made a deal with the devil.
And the devil will have his due.
What, you don't like the tux? I just don't see why we have to change how we do things.
You see PRIDE when you need to, and you stay out of the spotlight.
Besides, I like having you all to myself.
Well, that's a very sweet thing to say, but it's not the truth, is it? I understand your concern given what happened with the sacrifice, but everything's under control now.
This is about your husband Frank.
He always asks so many questions.
Just tell him what we tell everybody else.
That you're a foreign billionaire and benefactor of the church who's never been seen or heard of before? Are you trying to tell me that my cover story is thin? I thought women liked mystery.
Husbands don't.
We've worked for years to come this far.
It's my party.
Dance moves might be a little rusty, but It's a fundraiser for the school.
Oh, come on.
We both know it's about a lot more than that.
[sighs] I'm going.
Do you like my tux or don't you? Please.
I want you to meet her.
Of course I do.
But it's gotta be the right way.
All right.
You tell me what's the right way to meet my daughter? [phone chimes] Someone's up early.
[Alex] Yeah, I'm just checking in with you.
Sure you haven't changed your mind about tonight? Why would I? Because, unfortunately, the Real Serial Killers of Brentwood isn't available on iTunes, only in your mom's private collection, which is why you are helping me hack into the Wizard server at the PRIDE gala tonight.
Can't wait.
You've been right about everything, Nico.
See you soon.
[phone beeps off] Mom.
What are you doing in here? Training begins now.
Let's do it.
[Tina] Ready? Picture what you'd like to have happen, whatever comes to mind.
[no audible speech] It worked.
I can't hear you.
You said the first thing that came to mind.
[giggling] [whirs] I'll try not to be offended.
An electrical current just traveled from your neural pathways into the staff and made that happen.
Explain it however you want, but it needed my blood and it read my mind It's just like Wicca.
It is science, Nico.
If by science you mean high-tech magic, then sure.
You still haven't told me where it came from.
We made it in the Wizard labs with some very special technology.
Unparalleled technology.
[whirs] Not the most pleasant on-off button, but it was designed to respond to my DNA alone.
So when I use it, it thinks I'm you.
Apparently, we are more alike than you'd care to admit.
Thanks for letting me take it for a spin.
If you wanted to know how it worked, you could've just asked.
And if you wanted to see Amy's diary, you could've asked me, too.
Look, don't worry.
Her diary didn't tell me any more than you did.
You must have a theory.
You guys fought a lot, and Of course, we fought all the time because she was 16 years old and I was her mother and We had our issues, but I didn't once, for a second, think that she was going to Kill herself? The truth is you never really know what's going on in someone's mind even someone you love.
[knock on door] Hey, sweetie.
I'm gonna go hike the canyon.
You want some fresh air? What do you got there? Grandpa's drawings.
Those are pretty wild.
You and Mom always taught me that the Beings of Light Grandpa talked about were just a metaphor.
That's right.
The light inside all of us.
It's our life force.
David believed that if you studied the spectrum you could enhance that light, become something else.
Right, but the way he drew them becoming light wasn't just an ideal.
It could actually happen.
Do you think he ever saw something like this? Something divine? I don't know what David saw.
And, truthfully, right now, I don't even know if I understand what David wrote.
I don't know if Mom told you, but I failed to go Ultra.
I wasn't aware you were trying.
Sometimes it takes more than one trip to the crater.
I think I might be done with that.
Like maybe I was chasing something that isn't mine.
It isn't me.
I just need a break.
Dad, why aren't you in PRIDE? All the other parents do it as a couple.
I don't know.
Just always kind of seemed like your mom's thing.
She seems to have a lot of those.
She does.
But, hey, you and me, we can put the "fun" in "fundraiser" tonight, okay? And you can totally use that joke.
[laughs] Looks a little worse for wear, but nothing we can't fix.
Must've given them quite a test run.
- Eh, just some target practice.
- And they worked? - More or less.
- That's great, son, that a trial run would yield any success at all.
We must know what we're doing.
Um, I would love to talk more, but I am meeting up with some friends.
Oh, I'll drive you.
We can continue this meeting of the minds on the way.
Actually, I'm good.
Oh, I get it, son, you don't want your friends seeing you with your old man, even if he is the coolest guy in the world.
Hey, Gizmodo said that, not me.
Maybe they're on to something.
[chuckles] I'll see you tonight at the party.
[door closes] [Robert] Jaguar on the side of the road, or the cougar parked inside! [Janet] Really, Robert? Sorry.
I meant it as a compliment.
Of course you did, because you are the sweetest man I have ever met.
Well, you married Victor Stein.
You're working off a limited sample size.
True, although lately Victor's been a different guy.
Nice to me, great with Chase.
Cheating's much harder when your husband isn't being a dick.
That's why now is when you tell him, not when he's in a manic phase, or - violent.
- I never said he was violent.
You didn't have to.
You think I didn't notice the bruises? The ones you blamed on the car door? Walking into the chair? I know, I'm sorry.
I never meant to keep anything from you.
- I just - None of this is your fault.
He's a monster, Janet.
And how do you think he'll react when I tell him I'm leaving him? That's why I got this.
That's a little extreme, Robert.
It's just a precaution.
You can't go on living like this.
It's time you tell him about us.
- So, what's the plan? - Yeah, Alex? Why does everyone assume Alex has a plan? Someone else might have a plan.
Let's hear it.
I just meant hypothetically.
Guys, all I meant is are we carpooling or going separately, and how dressed up is everyone gonna get? Oh, uh, suit, no tie.
Oh, so that you have a plan for.
Also, my parents are okay footing the bill for a limo.
- Mine, too.
- Same.
Yeah, my parents have been really nice these days.
Guys, we cannot have the carbon footprint of a fleet of limos.
[Alex] Nico, I could pick you up if you wanted to go together.
Karolina, I practically go right past your house.
[Molly] Some of us are too young to date.
Dating is so heteronormative.
- One limo, five stops.
- Okay.
So, we figured out the transportation situation.
Everybody cool what happens once we get there? Once that video is out, there's no going back.
Our parents will be put away forever.
[Karolina] And that's a bad thing? No, but don't you have questions? Maybe we should try talking to them, you know, one last time.
I don't know, I think the time for talking is over.
But everybody's gotta be in.
I know I am.
Chase, put your hand in.
Sorry, I didn't realize putting my hand in a pile was some kind of legally binding contract.
- It's symbolic.
- Yeah, well, of course I'm in.
Who hates their dad more than me? So, how long do we have to do this? - Yeah - Ugh, it's hot.
- Let me give you a hand.
- I got this.
I don't need you.
[sighs] You're still signed up for a few more years under my roof.
We ain't gonna make it like this.
You made the problem, not me, and I'm not gonna fix it by pretending that nothing's wrong.
I know too much.
[Tina] Nico? Where are you going dressed like that? To Karolina's.
I'm getting ready for the party there.
Oh, I thought maybe you'd changed your mind and weren't going.
No, I'll be there.
In party shoes.
It works with my dress.
You going to meet up with Alex? Wait, that was a smile? Does this mean you like him now? I might have overreacted when I found you two together.
Bye, Mom.
See you there.
Bye, Dad.
Planning on doing some spells while Nico's out? More like hoping this darkness is in the past.
Maybe this gala will be a new start for our family.
[meditative techno music playing] Oh, sorry.
No, not that one.
Oh, sorry.
- It's okay.
- Yeah, sorry.
- It's okay.
- Okay.
Hope that wasn't weird, like I was trying to make you glow or something.
Were you? Maybe.
What I saw you do the other night? It should never make you feel afraid.
Or ashamed.
It's just everything my whole life has been for my mom and the church.
Then I learned that what I thought was the ultimate good is somehow a part of the worst thing imaginable.
And what if what I do is connected to that? What does that make me? You know who you are.
I know who you are, and neither of us is our parents, or the messed-up shit they're doing.
Though nothing is more messed up than what my mom is doing now, actually being nice for the first time in years.
It's funny, you were always the rebel, and now you're feeling close to your mom.
I was always the mama's girl, and now Oh, now what? You're the rebel? [laughs] No, I'm serious! Gert was right, I was the perfect church girl.
I never did anything disobedient or different or what I wanted.
But now that I know I'm, like, a total freak, maybe I'm free to be who I really am.
And to be honest about who I want to be with.
Hi! Hi! I didn't know you guys were coming.
Nico invited us.
Support your local girl gang, right? Right.
Cheers, guys.
We're here.
Hey, I think I saw a Kardashian.
Definitely recognized the butt.
The red carpet is just another commodification of the so-called beauty industry and fashion designers who exploit garment workers and promote negative body images.
Seriously, you look amazing.
You're impressing everyone here.
I guess one step- and-repeat wouldn't hurt.
Come on, let's go.
[shutters clicking] [applause] Everybody here thinks our parents are the heroes.
[Nico] Not after tonight.
[Gert] I hope they enjoy it.
It'll be the last fun they have for a while.
If they go to prison, it'll be hard to talk to them, right? I'm not too worried.
What's with you tonight? You usually live for this.
Yeah, well, I've grown.
They say that you learn more from your failures than your successes.
Turns out that's true of action comedies and religious tests.
I'm sorry you didn't go Ultra, Frank.
I'm not, because I see now.
I see that I need to follow my own passion, wherever that takes me.
Leslie, it's so good to see you.
I'm Frank Dean.
I'm Leslie's husband.
And I'm Jonah, long-time member of the church, and admirer of your wife from way before that.
Jonah just moved here.
He used to study with my father.
Oh, may his journey continue into brightness.
What a great man.
Frank, do you mind if I steal your wife? Just for a moment.
There's somebody I'd like to meet, and I need an introduction.
Frank Get out! Get out, Frank.
Get out.
Okay, it's go time.
Nico, you ready to lead the way? Karolina, hey, can I talk to you for a second? I was just wondering, are you kind of into Nico? Just when I walked into the room, I kind of sensed a vibe.
By the way, I would totally support it.
So you could be with Chase? Excuse me, what? No, I don't like Chase.
- That's crazy.
- Could've fooled me.
Hey, Chase.
I'm thirsty.
Should we go get a drink? Yeah, I'll get in line.
But just know you're not being honest about who you really like.
Well, neither are you.
Okay, we three are Operation Tina Server Room.
I'm not great at code names.
I'm working on it.
- You ready? - Born ready.
Let's rock this bitch.
Where's Molly? your generous donation furthering PRIDE's philanthropic efforts.
- Don't we, Catherine? - Indeed.
Good to see you.
- You okay? - Yeah, yeah.
You seen Alex yet? He's probably avoiding us.
Go get him, Tiger.
We just need a couple of minutes of quality flirtation.
- That's it.
- That's it.
Right, but how? Just be yourself.
Come on, Gert.
Make it happen.
Cockroaches, right? [chuckles] No other creature could better convey the lows of human existence.
Kafka nailed it.
Agreed, yeah.
It's for a class called The Dehumanization of the Proletariat.
I have always been fascinated by the way the Industrial Revolution contorted the human spirit.
Well, um - Did you see Jonah at the carving station? - I did! - How weird is that? - That is weird.
You notice when he gets revved up he disappears, right? - Yeah.
- And he travels the world, or Whatever he does, I don't know.
You don't think after what happened he doesn't trust us, do you? Well, would you? I don't know.
Hey! Hi, sweetie.
- You look beautiful! - Very good.
- You try the bacon-wrapped dates? - Nah, I'm good.
I don't eat 'em, either.
That was close.
Yeah, but we totally covered.
You're having a bad dream Here in my arms Oh, sugar Chase, did you come with Karolina? Waiting for her, actually.
But I'm gonna go look somewhere else, 'cause why would she be here, standing in line at a bar? do you harm Oh, oh, oh Oh, lover [elevator dings] Is that it? From the other side of the screen, it all looks so easy.
Tron? It seemed appropriate.
I knew your nerd brain couldn't handle this much processing power.
There's so many.
How will we figure out which one we need? Do you really want to know how a hypervisor delineates between a physical server and a virtual one? 'Cause if you did, that's kind of hot.
[beeps] Yes! Okay Oh, baby Yes, here we go.
Plugging in.
- Oh, no.
- What's wrong? These ports must work off an internal interface.
I can't plug in.
That's why there's no security down here.
Wizard is the security.
What if we were in my mom's office? Could you get the video from there? [distant siren wails] I didn't realize this was BYOB.
Now I see why you ditched downstairs.
I needed to be alone.
I'm not so sure about that.
'Cause everyone knows what's best for me.
No, because you're drinking well vodka.
You could've at least swiped a bottle of the good stuff.
Hey, whatever it is, you can tell me.
Not this.
Try me.
- My whole life is a lie.
- [sighs] Mine too.
No, it's not the same.
Your secret is that you're super smart, not that you light up like a rainbow glow stick.
[sighs] Hey, maybe you want to get away from there? No, I'm good.
"Out the window at a barren waste "where the gray sky and the gray earth mingled inseparably.
" He had a way with prose.
[chuckles] Excuse me, it's just Hey, it's Earl.
Did you guys just - Use the Force, Luke.
- I'll call you right back.
- [game beeping] - Uh, no, no.
You shouldn't be playing with that.
Oh, weird.
See, I was under the impression that games were meant to be played.
You've gotta be kidding me right now.
It's not working! Let me try.
Let me try.
How'd you guess my mom's passcode? I'm just that good.
In fact, did you know that Robert actually gifted this unit to Tina after Wizard's first anniversary? [thud] Dude, what are you doing, man? Oh, we were just shutting it down.
Do you know how valuable this is? Do you know how epically Tina Minoru will lose her shit if anyone even touched this? - I'm guessing pretty epically.
- Yeah.
She's a killer.
Holy shit.
- How did you? - It read my DNA just like the staff.
I guess 50% Tina's enough for it to think I'm my mom.
All right, we'll just do it before it realizes you're not.
It's getting a little chilly out here.
Maybe we should go back inside.
- Maybe we should.
- Oh, yeah? Great.
You know, maybe we should march in there and I could light up and I can show the world what I actually am.
That's not exactly what I had in mind, but sure, if it gets you off the ledge Maybe it's time to be reckless and to make some bad decisions and drink some truly terrible vod [screams] No! [chuckles softly] You can fly? [chuckles] You scared the shit out of me.
Considering you almost died without me ever doing that, I thought this would be a good time to go for it.
Thank you all for being here.
Robert and I are honored to be sharing the stage with our fellow members of PRIDE.
[Robert] Without their tireless dedication, we wouldn't be here celebrating breaking ground on a new state-of-the-art community school.
A place that will one day train the next generation of Wizard executives.
[applause] [high-pitched whirring] But of all the people here, I would most like to thank my husband Robert for his commitment to PRIDE, to Wizard Computers, and, most importantly, to our family.
[groaning] And I think Victor Stein would like to say something.
One of the world's most brilliant minds founder of Nemo, a true visionary Save your breath, Tina.
Everyone knows I'm a genius.
Although here's a question my superior intellect is of no help in solving.
What should I do about the fact that my wife is sleeping with another man? That's right, Janet.
I know everything.
Any of you know how easy it is to hack a cell phone? You'd think that the man she's banging would.
After all, he helped create the phone.
Isn't that right, Robert? [crowd murmurs] [scoffs] To PRIDE.
[inhales sharply, groans] Oh! [mic thuds] [Chase] Dad.
We need help! Dad! Dad.
I've got you.
I've got you, Dad.
We need to get him to a hospital.
- I'm o I'm okay.
- No, you're not okay.
- You've got a brain tumor.
- What? The headaches And you knew? He told me not to tell.
We've been working together on a project.
Don't blame Chase.
I'm his dad.
Victor, if I had known If you let me in Get away from me.
But you're sick.
You need help.
- All this time - Mom.
He wants you to leave.
I'll stay with you and your dad.
I'll call 911, go wait for the paramedics.
I have a better idea.
I'm assuming this means you need me here after all.
Victor is sick.
He kept it a secret from everyone.
Seems to be a trend amongst the PRIDE.
Affairs, illness What else are they hiding from you? I told you, everything is under control.
Oh, yes, clearly, you're running a very tight ship.
Take me to him.
Oh, uh, hey, Tina! I was just, uh We were checking Playing this incredible game.
It's so romantic that Mr.
Minoru gave this to you.
I really hope to be as lucky as you some day.
[chuckles uncomfortably] She's a lot scarier when she's quiet.
Shit! My mom is coming.
I don't hear anything.
[sobs] - Who's this guy? - Not to worry.
I taught the good doctors here everything they know.
I wouldn't say everything, but he's a very smart man.
We trusted you.
That's hell of a bedside manner, Leslie.
Well, I'm sorry, but we need Victor.
- Need him for what? - She's right.
We need Victor.
We all do, and we shall have him.
No, I'm not leaving my dad.
Oh, he's got a cure for brain cancer? [Geoff] We get that this is upsetting, but let's leave him to do his thing.
Honey, I'm gonna You got this, right? Of course.
Your kid has a point.
You have a cure for cancer in that little black bag of yours? It's an experimental immunotherapy developed from the DNA of someone [chuckles] with an extraordinary immune system.
Works to right a variety of ailments.
Shall we, Doctor? Hmm.
- Do you mind? - Not at all.
Thank you.
Are you ready? Do it.
[gasps] [exhales heavily] [pants] [chuckles softly] - [explosion] - [men groan] [Gert] Oh, looks like I still have the high score.
Oh, you'll make one hell of a pilot for the rebellion.
- I'll tell you that much.
- Copy that, Gold Leader.
Well, you should probably get back to the party, 'cause, you know, your boyfriend's probably looking everywhere for you, he's worried Oh, he's not, because he doesn't exist.
As in I don't have one.
Cute girl like you? Where were the girls like you when I was in high school? Did you try the theatre department? - Or the library? - Come on.
You could probably have any guy you wanted.
You know, it's like, uh You were maybe a little bit How old are you? Okay! And now it just got weird.
But thanks.
God, you know, I feel strange.
Up until now, it's been all theories and hunches, right, but as soon as I decrypt that data, we'll have that tape, undeniable proof that our parents are killers.
You having regrets? It just doesn't make sense.
Do killers really bawl their eyes out like my mom just did? The code you used to get into my mom's office what was it? "Password.
" Your mom's a really busy lady.
I figured she'd use something simple.
You know, something that she could actually remember.
Plus, who would ever think that the tech titan Tina Minoru's password was "password," right? You did.
I got lucky, I guess.
Really lucky.
[Chase] How'd it go? Mission successful.
How was the party? Great.
Saved Karolina's life.
Well, tried to, but, hey, luckily she can fly.
Big night.
That's an understatement.
You hear about our parents? They're having an affair.
What? My mom and your dad? No, my mom and Oh, my God, and my mom? No, my mom, your dad.
[scoffs] My dad [sighs] - It's nice to see you on your feet.
- Yeah.
Look, I know we have a lot to talk about Oh, why? Never felt better.
I've got a new lease on life, and a beautiful wife who loves me.
What more could a man want? So, everything okay with you guys? I have no idea.
Come here.
[exhales heavily] [Jonah] Karolina? I've been looking forward to meeting you all evening.
Why? Who are you? I'm a friend of your mother's.
I know my mom's friends.
I'm an old friend new in town.
I'm I'm Jonah.
It's my pleasure.
Is everything okay, kiddo? We're about to head out of here.
Room for one more in your car? Always.
It's nice to finally meet you face to face, Karolina.
I've seen your films, Mr.
Dean but it's your work for the church that I truly admire.
I'm sure it was exciting to finally get out to the crater.
News travels fast.
I guess going Ultra wasn't for me.
My friend, you went Ultra.
You just didn't know it.
[Dale] Frank should have no memory of Jonah.
I took care of that myself.
He doesn't.
What the hell do they have to talk about? Nothing good.
Hey, have you seen Chase? Gert, I don't think you should look for him.
- Why? - Because I did see him.
He left the party and I wanted to know why, so I followed him.
He was up on the roof kissing Karolina.
I'm sorry if you didn't want to know this.
I just can't handle any more secrets.
No, you did the right thing.
Hey, Molly, I got your text.
- I was hoping we could talk.
- About my parents? Well, about what you wrote.
What did you mean "time was running out"? I meant what I said.
You just don't understand.
If something happens, I need answers before it's too late.
What is gonna happen? Why are you so upset? I'm not upset, it's just you're taking too long.
Why don't we go talk in my car.
We'll have more privacy.
There's nothing, I swear.
I just want to know about my parents.
I didn't see a thing.
What did you just say? Nothing.
Just some weird robes.
It must've been a party.
- I don't know.
- Everything all right over here? You ready to go, Moll? Okay.
Good night.
Good night.
What was that all about? I messed up.
Big time.
Molly was in the basement.
I think she saw everything.