Marvel's Runaways (2017) s01e09 Episode Script


1 [GEOFFREY] Previously on Marvel's Runaways [JONAH] We can't fully revive him without a sacrifice.
- Is he gonna be okay? - That's what we're all hoping for.
Have you talked to your mom? Does she have these same issues? Oh, I don't know, I'm adopted.
My parents died in a fire.
The Hernandezes were good people.
They didn't deserve this.
I saw her hand, Robert.
She burned herself on a frying pan.
- Is that a fact? - Tina didn't do this.
Your parents sent me this just before they died.
There's a Metrolink.
We'll go down there in the morning if you like.
[GERT] Are you kind of into Nico? By the way, I would totally support it.
- Yeah, so you could be with Chase? - No, I don't like Chase.
- Could've fooled me.
- You're not being honest about who you really like.
Neither are you.
Do you know what they do? [FRANK] PRIDE? They raise money for charity, honey, - that school they're building.
- No, Dad, that is not it.
That is not it at all.
Then tell me what it is.
You can't keep the circumstances of my sister's suicide a secret.
Well, if Amy was digging into Wizard, maybe your mom was worried that she found something out about PRIDE.
[NICO] Her laptop was wiped clean, but we never found her phone.
I need to search her room again.
Got it all right here, all the proof we need to put them away forever.
If something happens to PRIDE, my dad dies.
This video can't get out.
Give me the laptop! - It's not up to you.
- Hey! Shit! No, no, no! Chase, don't! - Chase! - What's wrong with you? I'm sorry.
Elian's gonna love his new home, you know that? I love you.
[COMPUTER] Incoming Wiz Chat.
Oh, thank God.
We've been trying to reach you all night.
- We saw.
- What's going on? - Everything okay? - No.
We got the new dig projections.
[DALE] Oh, great.
Email 'em over.
No, you have to see these in person.
- You worried about Tina again? - Look [DALE] If they are, you think whispering's going to help, seriously? [ALICE] It's not about the risk assessment.
We dug up these rock samples.
- [DALE] Yeah.
- We can't explain it.
[STACEY] I think this dig has jack-shit to do with renewable energy.
Now, I want to know what this asshole, Jonah, has us working on.
[DALE] Okay, you know what? We will be right over.
[STACEY] And, Al, whatever it is, we will figure it out together.
[DALE] We will.
Don't worry.
- Alice? - What? Open it.
[BEEPING] [ALICE] Oh, my God! What is that? Molly! [TINA] Hello? It's done.
[LESLIE] Gene and Alice are no longer a problem.
You mean I handled it.
Shit! [GROANS] Molly, sweetie, I made huevos.
Lookin' for something? Just tights.
So, you're back? I-I know, it's strange, me being home.
Your mom's giving me a second chance.
I'm grateful, even if she doesn't want me back in her bed yet.
You do realize we have a guest room.
Maybe it's weird, but it gives me comfort being in here.
You don't mind, do you? No.
I get it.
So, all of the data got destroyed when Chase smashed the computer? Yeah.
Alex had no time to back it up.
I've never seen him so mad, but now we're back to square one.
No evidence.
Listen, I think it's really brave, what you guys have done, but I think it's time that you step back, you let some adults take over.
One adult.
Dad, I appreciate you letting me confide in you, but what can you really do about all of this? Just give me a couple days.
But I don't want any of you kids taking this any further.
If you're right about all this If? Then it's too dangerous for you to do this on your own.
[LESLIE] Frank? I promise you, I got this.
There you are.
Didn't you hear me? Yeah, I was just saying goodbye to Karolina.
Later, Gator! - [FRANK] Gotta go, Buffalo! - [LAUGHING] - Bye, honey.
- Bye, Mom.
[JANET] This type of tumor is particularly aggressive and will require both surgery and chemotherapy, but anyone who knows my husband knows he won't stop until he succeeds.
Unfortunately, the radical therapy that he's pursuing is only available overseas, so he will retire from public life while undergoing this process.
Our family ask for privacy [JANET] Does my voice really sound like that? When you lie, yeah, it does.
Where is he? - What is happening with Dad? - They took him.
- Oh, so he could be dead? - I don't think so.
The man who's taking care of him is very invested in his recovery.
Jonah? What the hell is that guy's story? Chase, I know that this is the most difficult thing that you have ever been through, but I am begging you, do not ask questions.
The less you know, the better, about Jonah, about PRIDE, about your father.
Just do not rock the boat in any way.
Making waves is only gonna Put Dad in jeopardy, I get it.
I was gonna say put you in harm's way.
Losing my husband, I could survive.
But losing my son, I could not.
What? You're actually worried that I might die? Who are these people, really? They're no one you need to worry about if you just listen to me.
Okay, but Mom, how did we get here? How do we make it stop? I wish I knew.
But I need you to be careful.
Can you just promise me, just please be careful? Okay.
TEZUKA] Chase! We heard the awful news about your father.
The whole school has your family in our thoughts.
He's a great man.
Thanks, Ms.
He's a fighter, all right.
Hey! Chase.
I'm really sorry about your dad, man.
I know we've all been through a lot, but, uh, your dad's the shit, so Yeah, man, hey, we're rooting for you, buddy.
- For real.
- Wow.
Thanks, guys.
Bro hug? Got all these people feeling sorry for him.
Doesn't need a hug; what he needs is a punch in the face.
Another reason to miss Molly.
His dad is in rough shape, wherever PRIDE has him.
His dad is just as bad as the rest of our parents.
And Chase destroyed the only chance we had to put 'em away.
It still might work out.
I'm not saying what he did was right Please do not try and defend him.
Even if you did hook up with him.
Could you please not tell everyone that? What, like Nico hasn't already told them? How would Nico know unless you told her? Why would it bother you if I did? Yeah, no worries, right now Nico isn't even talking to me.
He speaks the truth.
And I'm leaving.
- Stay.
Let's talk through this.
- I've got a busted laptop that says we're past the point of polite conversation.
Wilder, I said I was sorry.
Are you sorry, Chase? Tell me, what does that change, exactly? Thanks to you, we don't know what our next move is, or if we even have one.
We can't win, not anymore.
My dad says he has a plan.
[NICO] So, what are you suggesting? That we all break up? Again? No.
No, we can't disband the group.
We never even gave ourselves a cool nickname.
How about the Runaways? For all the kids we couldn't save or avenge.
- Too dark.
- Even for me.
Why don't we just go nickname-less? [EIFFEL] Last chance to get your tickets before the dance tonight! I'm sorry, this does not concern you.
Chase, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad.
You know, sometimes a bad thing has to happen for something good to come of it.
How about a free ticket? I'll even save you a dance.
Um, I'm not sure I'm going.
You want one? The water polo team will be there, in case you're looking to diversify.
We'll take five tickets, you hateful bitch.
We're all going together.
If there's nothing left for us to do, then let's dance.
[TINA] Why are you smiling? [ROBERT] 'Cause it's finally over, the grip PRIDE had on our lives for the last 15 years.
I hope you're right.
When that drill starts up, we'll finally get our lives back.
Our family our marriage.
What we've lost we're never getting back.
Hey, Amy, Mommy's home.
Hi, Mommy! What did you do to the babysitter? [LAUGHING] Oh, that's for me? Thank you.
[TINA] I thought you were sick.
Oh, feeling much better, thanks to all of you.
But mostly to you.
What did I do to deserve such gratitude personally delivered? Keeping the recording on your server, standing up to the others.
I believed in you, and you believed in me.
All I believed is that you would make good on your threats.
[JONAH] Hmm.
Come here, sweetie.
Fascinating what you can learn watching a child at play.
Hmm! She is a smart one, this one, just like her mom.
Does the right thing.
[CHUCKLE] You're so lucky.
A what a lovely family you have.
Come here, baby.
Hi, oh They say that raising girls at this age is easier, but when they become teenagers, watch out.
[CHUCKLES] That's when they turn on their mothers.
Hey, you okay? Yes, you are.
- Ready? - Almost.
You realize we're standing at the edge of history? Step on up and witness a great leap forward for humanity, all because of PRIDE.
- Where are all my guys? - I've dismissed them.
We're gonna need a different level of security moving forward.
And Leslie's church can provide that? This is my neighborhood, my site.
And you have my word it will be protected, but this elite group of men and women are far more dedicated than your average wage drone.
- Hey, my guys are not - I, for one, am just glad - this day is finally here.
- [DALE] Agreed.
Look, this renewable energy source you've been talking about for so long, I think maybe now it's time for a few more specifics.
We've all sacrificed a great deal to get here.
Some details would be nice.
Please, huh? Let's not get distracted from this joyous occasion.
Everything we've worked for has finally come to fruition.
He never really answers a question.
You ever notice that? [JONAH] You ready? [MACHINE STARTING UP] Oh, my Wow.
You gotta be kidding me.
Hurry up, man, get in the car.
So, what's going on? I'm paying you to be my eyes and ears in there.
What, you get a splinter or some shit? Got fired.
We all did.
Okay, almost 20 years I've been waiting to see what the hell old G's gonna do with this shit.
I guess it's finally on.
[MOLLY] Gert! [GERT] Molly? - Oh, my God, are you alone? - How's your new house? - How did you get here? - You missed some real shit last night.
- What are you doing here? - Listen, Graciela's probably already calling around looking for me.
I don't have a lot of time.
Which is why you decided to do a show-and-tell on retrotech.
It's from my parents, and I need you to help me.
Okay, well, uh, when I was in AV club, we had an old VHS machine that we used to stash in the closet of the library.
Maybe it's still there.
What? It used to be a cool club.
- No, yeah.
- Definitely.
It's literally the club they use in every teen movie to show how uncool someone is.
Guys, come on, don't take away his one thing.
You're all assholes.
This was left specifically for me, something important.
Hi, baby.
- Molly, those are your - Yeah.
[GENE] Molly, since before you were born, we've been part of an organization called PRIDE.
[ALICE] PRIDE does a lot of good for the city, but it's not the group's reason for being.
[GENE] They're planning on digging something up, something buried deep beneath the city.
[ALICE] We were told that it was a renewable energy source, that would do good for the planet.
[GENE] But now we're not so sure.
Doesn't sound like this story has a happy ending.
- And you're surprised? - Shh.
And even if what's down there is good There's a blind fault you can't see from the surface, and if we disturb it, it will cause a series of seismic events.
[ALICE] Catastrophic earthquakes.
[GENE] Hydrocarbons causing explosions and massive fires.
Not to mention we found some really weird stuff in these rock samples, and we don't know if it's caused by a virus or a fungus [GENE] It doesn't it doesn't matter.
The point is, if you're watching this, we failed to stop it.
Baby, we love you so, so much and there's so much more we wanna tell you.
But please know that we are right beside you always.
You are our greatest joy.
[GENE] And we are so, so sorry.
This this makes zero sense.
Maybe our parents don't know what that dig will do.
Come on, of course they do.
They just went from serial killers to genocidal maniacs.
I was hoping my parents weren't a part of this, but I guess they're as bad as the rest.
No, your parents thought that they were doing something good, and when they realized they weren't, they tried to warn you.
Maybe they tried to warn the others.
Maybe that's why they died.
[ALEX] Forget turning our parents in.
We have to stop them.
Stop them from what? What are they even doing, digging a hole? The school.
They're using its construction as a cover.
The PRIDE meetings, the gala? It's all been a front.
Basically our whole lives, they've been planning on how to end the world.
Getting rid of anyone who stood in their way.
Which could include us next.
Anyone interested in doing a semester abroad? Oh, so you're cool with letting California just drop into the Pacific? Exploding hydrogen! Mutant fungus! No, I but [KAROLINA] Maybe we should just slow down and ask for some help.
Things are always changing.
It has been ten years.
What if nothing's changed? Alex is right.
We have to do something.
Maybe we're in way over our heads, but I think our parents are, too.
Mine definitely are.
As much as it pains me to say it, Chase is also right.
We have to stop this.
No one else will.
I guess that means we're not going to the dance.
Probably would've had a better chance at a refund if I hadn't called Eiffel a hateful bitch.
Oh, no, the dance is still on.
It's the perfect cover.
Then I regret nothing.
Let's meet there tonight.
[ALEX] Drive separately, dress nice, lie to your parents.
Good? - Yeah.
- Good.
Thank you for agreeing to meet with me.
Of course.
What is it you'd like to discuss? Taking a more active role in the church, perhaps teaching a few lessons? Jonah, they say that knowledge is power, and if that's the case, I'm feeling very powerful because of the knowledge that I have.
I'm just connecting dots for you.
Thank you, Frank, I'm managing to follow along.
So, tell me, what is it you know? [GROANS] Mom, what are you doing? There's no need to involve the housekeeper in any of this.
PRIDE doesn't have a cleaner? I thought every group of shadeball criminals had one.
I think my membership's been revoked until your father's back on his feet.
Turns out they didn't appreciate me for me.
And they seem like such nice people otherwise.
Look at you! Mom, if you want me to stay and help, I will.
No, it's good for you to go out and do some normal teenager stuff.
You wanna take a car? Take any one you want 'cause your dad's not here to say no.
You could take the Leapfrog.
I'm gonna take a Lyft, but I just wanted to say goodbye.
You didn't even tell me who you're taking as your date.
Eiffel or Karolina? I know you guys have been spending a lot of time together.
And the more time I spend with her, the less I think she wants to spend with me.
No, doesn't matter.
Dates are so heteronormative.
Really, since when? - That's what Gert says.
- Ahh.
Most of the time, I don't even know what the hell she's talking about.
Apparently there are a lot of ways to offend someone, but once in a while, she does make a good point.
Well, you go have fun.
"He found out.
Leave the house now.
" So, at least two other people knew that Amy was in danger.
- Whoever warned her - And whoever killed her.
God, and all this time we blamed ourselves.
And it was never suicide.
Someone did this.
The message says "he," so at least we know it wasn't your mom.
if that's what you were thinking, not that I was.
What about your dad? Kincaid? He knew Amy was hacking Wizard.
If he's not the one who found out, maybe he sent the text.
No, she has him in her contacts.
This is from an unknown number.
Do you think that maybe Amy reached out to someone in PRIDE, like one of the parents? [ROBERT] You guys are gonna be late! Your mom and I wanna take a couple pictures before you go! Yeah, pictures would be great.
You do look really, really nice.
Ooh Aw, you think I look nice? I think you look great.
Too bad I don't give a shit anymore.
This is just our cover.
Nico, you know how sorry I am.
And yet not nearly as sorry as I am.
This doesn't change anything.
Hi, Graciela, it's Dale and Stacey! We knew Molly would be home from school by now, and we are just missing her.
I'm sorry, but Molly's not here.
Is she out with a friend? Because she's already so popular? [STACEY] Don't be ridiculous, she's at dance practice, because she's already the star of the squad, right? She's not here because she left.
Okay, uh, when? - She was gone this morning.
- [STACEY] And you didn't call us? - We trusted you with her.
- Yes, but I don't trust you.
That's absurd and offensive.
Gene and Alice obviously didn't trust you, either, or they would've left the key with you.
- What key? - I don't know.
Look, I'm sorry, but leave that poor girl alone.
She's been through enough.
Well, remind me never to leave any of our other children in her care.
Gene and Alice didn't trust us? They loved us.
They left us the ranch because they wanted us to have someplace to escape to.
But they also knew that we might become compromised, which we were.
So I think it was actually smart of them to leave something with Graciela, something only for Molly.
Smart? It means they knew we'd fail.
But it also means they knew what we were up against, because they were up against it too, and they also failed.
The lab was destroyed in the fire.
Did anything survive? Unknown caller.
- Answer it! It could be Molly! - Hello.
[JONAH] I do hope I'm not interrupting.
I'd like a group meeting, my place.
How was Molly's Day Off, steal a sports car or lead a parade? Pretty much.
I rode the trolley at the Grove, checked out the Tar Pits, grabbed a slice of razzleberry pie at Marie Callendar's.
Thanks for hooking me up.
You brought her?! Figured we'd need some backup if we're gonna save the world tonight.
I missed you, girl! Hi! Are we the first ones here? Chase was in a while ago.
He went inside, and he left me with this.
Maybe I'll give the Fistigons a try.
- Do not touch anything.
- Even the x-ray goggles? Especially those.
Looks like the Lyft armada has arrived.
I think I'm gonna look for Chase.
You sure look pretty for a mission.
I had to keep the cover story.
I've never seen that necklace or that dress.
- Is it for him? - No! Go get him.
Live your truth.
- Aw, stop, just stop, please.
- [LAUGHING] Hi, girl.
[KISSES] Go back.
[INDISTINCT ROMANTIC MUSIC PLAYING] May I have this dance? This is the great I love you [MUSIC CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY] Can you believe we were ever a part of this? [SIGHS] I never really was.
What do you mean? You wouldn't understand.
No matter where you go, or what you do, people see you.
When someone like me walks through a door, no one really turns my way.
Unless I just barfed orange juice onto my shoes.
- I remember that.
- That was one day.
There were a hundred when you didn't realize I was standing right next to you.
What do you care? You thought I was an idiot.
I never thought that.
I may have said that often and loudly, but it was a defense mechanism 'cause I felt ignored.
Looks like my invisibility's contagious and that Brandon stole your life.
He can have it.
That life was bullshit.
As messed up as things are right now, at least we know the truth, who our friends are, who our parents are.
It might suck, but it's real.
I think the boy just became a man.
About time, I guess, since tonight may be our last night on earth.
Well, if that's how it is, I'd like one last dance.
[GIGGLES] [CHASE] Whoa! I've been watching you For some time Can't stop staring At those ocean eyes I always saw you.
I know you did.
Fifteen flares Inside those ocean eyes Your ocean eyes No fair You really know How to make me cry When you gimme Those ocean eyes I'm scared I've never fallen From quite this high Falling into your Ocean eyes Those ocean eyes No fair What is taking them so long? - I'm gonna go look.
- Want some company? Sure.
Karolina, you wanna come? Mm-hmm.
- Someone's in the dog house.
- Yep, I got it.
I got it.
No one down here.
We must've missed them.
- Let's head back? - Wait, uh Everything all right? You really know How to make me cry When you give me Those ocean eyes I'm scared I've never fallen From quite this high Falling into your Ocean eyes Whoa.
I've just wanted to do that for a really long time, and after tonight, I didn't know if I'd get the chance.
Falling into your Ocean eyes Those ocean eyes We should go.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm not sure I understand the urgency of bringing us together like this.
In 1967, in New York City, after weeks of unrest and rioting caused by young people, the news began to run a phrase at the beginning of every broadcast.
"It's 10:00 pm.
Do you know where your children are?" - If this is another threat, we - It's not a threat.
It's a legitimate question.
They're at a school dance.
Yeah, Gert said they went as a group.
- And you believe them.
- Why wouldn't we? [JONAH] Because they're liars.
They've been lying to you for weeks.
She knows.
[JONAH] They all know.
On the night of the failed sacrifice, your children witnessed everything.
They attempted to go to the police and discovered the involvement of the good Detective Flores, so at the gala, they hacked the Wizard server.
- Oh, my God.
- They've been conspiring against you for weeks, and certain members of our group Yorkses and Wilders, I'm talking to you decided to protect Molly by sending her away.
- Why didn't you say something? - Oh, why do you think? - To keep this asshole from hurting her.
- [DALE] Okay.
How do you know all this? Because one of you did the right thing and came to me.
Don't look at me.
I'm not saying I wouldn't, but I didn't.
I didn't know.
Neither did I.
When Victor was dying on the floor I was not your first call.
When you found out about Molly, you did not alert me.
When I handed you the serum that cured Victor's brain tumor, it was not returned to me.
I suspect it's undergoing a battery of secret tests in your lab as we speak.
- No - Yes.
There are many difficult decisions ahead of us.
If you question my leadership in any way, the consequences shall be severe.
So, let me ask you again.
Where are your children? [SIGH] He took the gloves.
The drawer with the gun is still locked.
Thank God.
But he took a keycard from my desk, the one for the PRIDE construction site.
- Ooh - It's the third time already.
Everything okay? The baby's sitting right on my bladder, so no, everything's not okay.
Why we gotta come here all the time? We need to think about eating healthy.
You can eat wherever you want.
Nobody asked you.
Well, it seems like if I want to see you, I gotta look for a Wilder construction sign.
You got a real problem.
Why can't you just let go of all that shit? Because something's goin' on here, somethin' big.
You gonna get yourself killed.
You almost did already.
And now Andre disappeared, your whole crew busted up? I'm not raising this kid alone.
Listen, I saw some shit, Tamar.
A girl that glows.
A little one that can lift an SUV.
This stick that I really don't even know what it did.
And a glove that makes lightning.
You said you were off the drugs, D.
This better not be a crack baby.
Geoffrey Wilder was always one step ahead of everybody.
Now he's into something new.
I want to find out what it is and then I wanna take it from him.
So, I guess you're sleeping in your car again tonight? I won't be sleeping.
I'll see you when I see you.
I'm going to Steak 'n' Shake.
[STRAINED SIGH] [ALEX] All right, everyone double-check that your phone's off so our parents can't find us using WizKidTracker.
[NICO] The invention of which we can add to the long list of evil things my mom has done.
We're a long way from Brentwood.
Hey, it's okay, we got this.
- Chase, Fistigons? - Got 'em.
- Staff? - Done.
- How do you feel? - Ready.
- Molly? - I'm so good.
- What about my secret weapon? - Um, she stays in the car.
- For now.
- Crack the windows, though.
This is LA.
If anybody sees an animal in the car, they'll call the cops, even if it is a dinosaur.
And what are you bringing to the party, Alex? Access.
Stolen from my dad.
Now, once we get in there, we destroy as much as we can as fast as we can, then we get out.
All right, I'm sure that there's plenty of security.
Gonna need some help with that.
Best case scenario, we don't get caught, we don't have to fight.
When was the last time any of us experienced a best case scenario? Look, I know that it's been a shitty couple of weeks.
- Understatement.
- But we're friends again, and I didn't think we ever would be.
I wouldn't wanna save the world with any other crew.
Let's go.
Hey, excuse me! Stop right there! Um, hi, I'm Alex.
I think you, uh, know my dad, Geoffrey Wilder.
This, uh, is his site.
Wilder Construction's not in charge anymore.
This site's being run by the Church of Gibborim now.
Oh, maybe you should call my dad and have him authorize it.
- [GUARD] Oh.
- [DARIUS] Oh ho! [KAROLINA] We have a school photography project.
He said it would be okay.
Now this just got interesting.
Karolina, uh, Miss Dean.
This is a nice surprise.
- What's your name? - Carl.
Ah, well, it is a pleasure to meet you, Carl, but if you could just hurry, - we have a lot of work to do.
- [ALEX] Yeah.
Waited to the last minute, huh? - I was like that.
- [KAROLINA] Mm-hmm.
Do you need his number? No, I have it.
[PHONE RINGING] - This is Frank.
- Hate to bother you, Mr.
Dean, but this is Carl down at the construction site.
Your daughter is here, and she said something about a school project? Wants to get into the site.
I'm sure it's okay, but, uh, I just felt like I should check.
She has a bunch of friends with her.
[FRANK] I really appreciate you calling, Carl.
I should've let you know in advance, but the day just got away from me a little bit.
Please just let her and her friends on the site and facilitate whatever they need.
- Happy to do it.
- Thanks, Carl.
You're the best.
I think the church is going to thrive under your leadership, Frank.
You're good.
Let's go.
[MOLLY] Whoa.
[ALEX] This is gonna be tougher than I thought.
[GERT] One step at a time.
Let's find a way to shut this down for good.
My dad created this thing.
Maybe I can find the controls.
Molly, Karolina, let's see if we can move one of these trucks.
- [MOLLY] To where? - There! I'll keep watch, shield you guys if something goes wrong.
Let's go.
[ALEX] Over here! What is this, an on-off switch? 'Cause that's about all you could manage.
Are you mad at me about what happened between us? What, that we had sex in the middle of the Tennenbaum wedding and didn't even stop to talk about it or define the relationship? That was an hour ago, and now we're trying to prevent California from dropping into the ocean! I'm not saying what happened wasn't also important It wasn't.
It if it was just a one-time thing.
It was? Of course.
It was hormones.
We're teenagers, driven by biological imperative to propagate the species.
Okay, well, I'm not sure what you just said, but, come on, let's just focus on the mission.
[GRUNTING] - [MOLLY] [GROAN] - [KAROLINA] Come on, Molly! Aw, this thing isn't recognizing me.
It must only be for authorized users.
But this drill is a dangerous piece of equipment.
There's gotta be some sort of emergency system that cuts the power.
Or not.
You mean something like that? Should I press it? I have a better idea.
Stand back.
[LAUGHING] Come on! - Come on! Molly! - Oh, jeez.
[MOLLY] [GROANING] [GERT] Molly, you can do it! Molly, come on, you got this! [ALEX] Come on, Molly, here we go! - Come on, keep pushing! - [SCREAMS] [ALL] Whoa! [ALEX] Wow, that is one deep-ass hole.
[GERT] Where are the guards? Fill the hole! Stuck around for more lessons, I would've shown you how to do that.
- It's time to come home, son.
- I'm not going anywhere with you! [CATHERINE] Alex, please.
[LESLIE] We know you have a lot of questions.
You mean like how could you murder 15 kids? [LESLIE] We promise you everything we've done, we've done for you.
How can you even say that! - Because it's true.
- We love you.
You guys don't get it.
We're not on the same side anymore.
Sides? There aren't any sides.
We're a family.
We are a family.
And we'll fight you if we have to! Holy shit.
Did you know about this? No.
But it's what I was afraid of.