Marvel's Runaways (2017) s02e09 Episode Script

Big Shot

1 KAROLINA: Previously on Marvel's Runaways - CATHERINE: You're gonna do one more thing for him.
- Yeah, what's that? Take the rap for his murder charge.
I have evidence that proves - someone is innocent.
- FLORES: It's an alibi.
Our boy AWOL here can destroy the footage.
- Send a message.
- I'll take care of it.
- [GUNFIRE] - [PEOPLE SCREAMING] You're gonna tell me every damn thing you know about this mess.
ALEX: Sounds like it's time for you to meet my friends.
We know that Darius was killed at the Gordon Hotel, so if I can hack into the surveillance system there and prove it, then we can clear Darius's name once and for all.
I was gonna tell you about that.
It's the school of my dreams.
You make a decision, you lie, and then you keep shit from me.
- We gotta go! Now! Come on.
- [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] CHASE: Stairs! Go! [MAN GRUNTS] - She's been inside way too long.
- OK, so we're going in, right? If we go back in, we gotta be ready to fight.
- I don't know.
- GERT: What do you mean, you don't know? - That's Molly.
- NICO: No offense, but the people who have no powers are the ones calling the shots.
I can mind-control a dinosaur.
That sounds like a power to me.
And how does that help us in this moment? Speaking as someone with an above-average range of power, - I say we can beat their asses.
- Okay, what the hell is going on? There may have been some things I didn't tell you about us.
Yeah, no shit.
And did you say "dinosaur"? ALEX: I'll explain later, all right? - But right now, we have to save Molly.
- Get off me! That's AWOL.
Tamar warned me about him.
- This isn't good.
- GERT: What if they lock her up? What if they feed her lies and they brainwash her? What if she gets Stockholm Syndrome? Slow down, Gert.
She hasn't gone Patty Hearst yet.
MOLLY: Thanks for the ride.
I thought I was gonna have to walk home.
- Now what? - We follow her.
Somebody call Karolina.
We're gonna need all hands on deck.
Shouldn't I be in a police station? AWOL: You where you're supposed to be.
In the Black Box.
Made for people like you who can't mind their business.
- Oh, so you're a crooked cop.
- [CHUCKLES] Everything's black and white with you kids.
Look, I don't make the rules, I just enforce 'em.
Shit, you're lucky they sent me.
Lucky? You Tased me.
My boss Flores woulda shot you.
So you're one of Flores' little bitches.
I'm no one's bitch.
You sure about that? [CHUCKLES] You know what? I like you.
You're kind of tough for a little girl.
You can go.
I'll take it from here.
You sure? She's strong, man.
Took that Taser like a 400-pound grizzly bear.
She's also fourteen years old.
Almost fifteen.
Besides Ms.
Hernandez and I, we got history.
I'm an old friend of her parents' may they rest in peace.
She's harmless.
Go home.
[FLORES SIGHS] You do realize your parents are worried sick? You said it yourself.
My parents are dead.
Let me get you home.
You and your friends.
You can trust me.
Not happening.
You're just a flunky, do-boy.
PRIDE owns you.
- Where are your goddamn friends? - MOLLY: I don't know, man.
I mean, still at the hotel, reporting a kidnapping to the actual cops, eating pizza, maybe.
It's kind of your job to find out.
There's nothing worse than hurting a kid to get information.
But I will.
[FLORES LAUGHS] Oh, you won't be smiling for long.
Wanna put money on that? I can use the cash.
[WHOOSH] [UPBEAT ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] [TIRES SCREECHING] GERT: Molly, put the corrupt law enforcement officer down.
It's not worth it.
NICO: Told you she'd be fine.
- [FLORES YELPS] - MOLLY: Sorry to worry you guys.
MOLLY: Who's hungry? [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] You know what? I almost forgot.
That Flores guy, he took my phone.
Then he's tracking us.
That's right out of the Minoru handbook.
ALEX: You know what that means.
Everybody toss your burners.
Problem solved.
- Just one question.
- GERT: You mean, like, why did we just treat the streets of our beloved city like a Taiwanese landfill? Who's this? I'm Livvie.
Who are you? Do you have a bionic dinosaur too? The dinosaur isn't bionic.
I'm Karolina.
That's my friend Livvie.
- She's coming with us tonight.
- I am? Thanks for making the decision for all of us.
Including me.
I'm sorry, I just meant that you should come over tonight, and then we can decide what we're gonna do in the morning.
That's if you wanted to sleep over.
Do you want me to? If you want to.
That was romcom cute, but can we figure out where we're going? Gert, take her home.
We can't afford any more risks.
No, Gert, we're going to the hostel.
Take a right.
NICO: Bad idea.
It's not safe.
This is stupid.
Livvie has more than proven herself to us.
GERT: I have to pee, and we're running out of gas.
We're going home.
Welcome, Livvie.
Make yourself at home.
Oh, and if you're hungry, we're really good at dumpster diving.
LIVVIE: How did you find this place? Dumb luck, I guess.
Yeah, we were chasing this guy who stole Chase's Fistigons that's what they're called, the robot gloves and Old Lace, that's the dinosaur, Gert's a classic movie buff anyways, Old Lace tackles this guy, Karolina falls through that skylight, and boom! Underground mansion.
Was Karolina OK? ALEX: Yeah.
No, she was fine.
She was glowing, so, you know, she hovered.
You know that sounds totally crazy, right? Yup.
Welcome to the hostel.
This is my spot, we call it Alexville, or at least I do, in my head.
This place is freakin' huge, and you don't get a room? Well, I've been spending all my time with this cool girl from Compton.
Who needs a room? - [PHONE CHIMES] - Was that your phone? Yeah.
Tamar's been texting me like crazy.
You didn't get rid of it like the rest of us? If that AWOL guy knows that you're with us, he could be tracking us right now.
I I'm just supposed to toss my phone and throw away the little memories I have with Darius? - This is evidence.
- Evidence? When he allegedly killed Destiny, he was at my birthday party.
And I'll lose the footage of us leaving the hospital.
- I know it went wrong - Wait, you have footage from the hospital? Can I see that? Livvie, please.
[TYPING] TAMAR: Say bye! [GUNFIRE] There's the car.
Look, we got it, OK? But I have to destroy your phone.
I can save everything.
OK? Anything you want, it's yours.
Then I'm gonna make it look like your phone's in the mountains of Wakanda.
- You can do that? - ALEX: What? Did you really think I didn't have a superpower? So then what, what do we do with it? ALEX: Well, we know that we can't trust the police my mom owns them, too.
Aside from being an assassin, she's also one of the city's top defense attorneys.
So what's the plan? You always have one.
ALEX: We're gonna use the little fish, a.
AWOL, to get to the big fish, better known as our awful parents.
Technically, aren't piranhas little fish? Moray eels? They're both deadly.
OK, great, so you're a cosmetologist and an oceanologist.
Look, I understand that you're scared.
OK, but you have no idea what our parents are capable of.
- We have to take them down.
- LIVVIE: I don't know, Alex.
I don't know what to say, who to trust Trust me.
OK, but no more secrets not between us.
No more secrets.
I have one more request.
Request away.
Can I meet the dinosaur? [CHITTERS] FLORES: You've been keeping secrets from the beginning.
LESLIE: We figured it was a need-to-know basis kind of a thing.
FLORES: I should have known you psychos would Frankenstein your own kids into super-powered assholes.
Hey, slight clarification.
Our kids are not assholes.
And they don't all have powers.
FLORES: Right.
Some of them only have military-grade weapons and hacking computers.
You sent me in unprepared! But I won't do the same.
Heads up.
They're comin' for you.
GEOFFREY: Comin' for us how? They're onto Darius's murder.
If they dig any deeper, it leads right back to this room.
To all of us! Look, you don't need to square off with our kids.
You just find 'em.
We'll take care of the rest.
PRIDE was supposed to be over.
Only you two have dragged us all back in with this Darius crap.
You weren't singing that tune when it got your daughter off murder charges.
We saved all our kids.
We've been tied to each other for too long.
We were fools to think ending PRIDE would absolve us of our misdeeds.
ROBERT: Or end our association.
And now we could all to go prison.
STACEY: Come on, guys, don't be so pessimistic.
- We can fix this.
- DALE: Stacy's right.
I believe it was The Tramp himself, the great Charlie Chaplin, who once said, "You're never gonna find a rainbow if you're looking down.
" Oh, hon! I like that.
What happens if Flores does find the kids? They want nothing to do with us.
They're armed, not afraid, and coming for us.
Let's not forget, we're still PRIDE.
The most brilliant minds in biotech, computers, and engineering are standing in this room.
Thanks for including us, Vic.
LESLIE: What are you suggesting? We build our own weapons.
To turn on our kids? ROBERT: Of course this is your idea.
You're the same man who blasted his son - through a plate glass window.
- VICTOR: Yes.
Unfortunately, I hurt my son.
But that's not what I'm doing here.
They'd just simply be tools to ensure our safety and, ultimately, theirs.
You really think this is the best way to bring them home? It is, if it's the only way.
I'll help you.
Thank you.
We'll start today.
GERT: I don't understand.
She's never been like this before.
- [OLD LACE GROWLING] - Old Lace, you have to eat something.
OK, watch me.
I'll eat it first.
Whoa! Wait! You're gonna eat a palm tree? Maybe if she sees me do it, then she'll eat.
It's the sacrifice we have to make as parents, Molly.
We have crackers.
They're cardboard bland and they're easy to digest.
- I'll be right back.
- Molly.
- MOLLY: Cool.
We're no longer strangers.
Gert needs your help.
It's Old Lace.
She won't eat.
CHASE: And Gert wants to use me as bait? MOLLY: Don't be a jerk.
Gert hates me.
I drowned her dreams in a chocolate waterfall.
MOLLY: You didn't drown her dreams.
It's an application.
She can get another one online.
Gert was just afraid that you wouldn't support her decision.
She said that? Not really.
Um, I'm just kinda getting really good at this whole advice thing.
CHASE: I know.
But after everything that went down in the hotel I think we're over-over.
Is it that unfair for Gert to consider a future without you? No.
No, not at all.
It just it hurt my feelings.
I thought, "We're a couple and we're gonna figure things out together.
" But God, if my teammates heard me talking this way right now MOLLY: Who cares what those idiots think? I'm sorry.
No, I'm not sorry.
You and Gert don't have to be boo'ed up in order to make sure Old Lace is safe.
Is she OK? [OLD LACE GURGLES] GERT: She's been tossing all night.
Not to mention I woke up next to Dienonychus vomit, so I'm doing great, by the way.
CHASE: Do you want my help or not? I'm frickin' trying, Gert.
It's that, um it's just, this isn't normal.
Maybe maybe something she ate? CHASE: I thought you said she was an omnivore.
GERT: Yeah, but I don't think they really had Domino's pizza during the Cretaceous Period.
Well, uh, maybe we change her diet.
I'll get the Fistigons, go hunting? That's very sweet, but I was hoping for something a little less barbaric.
But, speaking of bad ideas I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Smith.
I was operating from a place of fear.
CHASE: I get it.
And you're super smart.
Scary passionate.
And you want more out of life.
But I want you to feel comfortable telling me things.
Especially if we're a couple.
Can we, um can we just start over? Maybe figuring out what's wrong with Old Lace together? Yeah.
I'd like that a lot.
We have kinda been wingin' it.
OK, yeah.
I know what you're thinking, and it's definitely a legitimate question.
Can it still be called a muffin if it also functions as a blunt object capable of rendering a man unconscious? [LAUGHS] It's fine.
I like peanut butter and crackers.
Sorry, I need these.
Thanks! You know, I should just get home.
Tamar, she'll be worried about me.
I'll take you.
Maybe we can get some food on the way? You mentioned some place with amazing plantains? I did, but one problem.
I've seen AWOL there.
Well, maybe it's not a problem.
Could be the perfect way to get to him.
- Alex, it's too dangerous.
- ALEX: I'll bring my friends.
And you think they'll be down for that? Well, maybe we don't have to tell them.
But you said it was an amazing place, and they love Caribbean food.
- What about no more secrets? - I meant between us.
I just met them, Alex.
I'm not cool with lying to them.
Look, it's fine.
OK? Trust me.
Plus, I'll handle all the lying.
[JAMAICAN RAP MUSIC PLAYING] [BELL DINGS] [CHATTER] Oh, my God, it smells so good.
Great place, Livvie.
Oh, it was Alex's choice, but thanks.
Yeah, it's apparently very popular here, so - GERT: Can we sit anywhere? - LIVVIE: Yeah, just grab a table.
MAN: Yo, AWOL, what's up? Those were the guys who grabbed me.
What are they doing here? AWOL: Come on, man.
Yo, Sharon.
What's the deal? Where's my food at? It's coming.
I'll get it.
Yo, it's always supposed to be here.
I'm tired of coming and waiting.
Like, I'm here every day.
Who knew dirty cops liked to eat clean? Wilder.
This is not a coincidence.
You tricked us.
OK, we're not here just for the food.
LIVVIE: I told you they wouldn't like it.
No, we don't.
Like what, exactly? Alex's small-fish-eats-big-fish plan.
AWOL is your idea of a small fish? GERT: Small fish can be deadly.
There's the puffer fish, which is small but very dangerous.
Don't forget about stingrays.
They're vicious.
Is every girl a frickin' marine biologist? I got this, OK? AWOL: It's always something.
It's always something.
Hot and ready, right.
It needs to be.
- Shit.
- ALEX: Hey, you got a minute? [AWOL CHUCKLES] Anyway, like I said, this thing better be good Once you're done harassing this cashier, I wanna talk to you.
All right? One on one, man to man.
Man to man! Get outta here, kid.
Come on.
Did you just touch my food? Yo! - Did this kid just touch my curried goat? - Looks like it.
Yo, tell me that you did not just touch my God.
Goat! Didn't realize curried goat was such a big deal.
But I got an offer for you that's gonna make you forget all about lunch.
Oh, really? And who the hell are you to be offering me anything? I'm the guy that knows you framed Darius Davis for murder.
You just messed up.
Drop the gate! Everybody out.
We have a situation with fugitives - who are armed and dangerous.
- Go! AWOL: Come on, come on, come on! - STRIKE TEAM THUG: Get out! - AWOL: Let's go! Everybody clear out! Cross the street! Y'all them hotel kids, huh? You shoulda bailed with everyone else.
On your knees, hands behind your head.
- CHASE: Great plan, Wilder.
- AWOL: Down! ALEX: Let me talk to you for two minutes.
OK? I'm not We aren't the enemy.
- You talk too much.
- ALEX: I was just trying to get your attention.
And now you got it.
Come on.
I could kill everyone in here right now and get away with it.
You know that, right? Huh? - NICO: Pause.
- [WHOOSH] CHASE: After everything we've been through, you would think it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but I did not like having a gun held to my head.
KAROLINA: Alex, I know what happened with Darius was awful, but getting mixed up with these guys is not gonna fix it.
NICO: Agree.
No more fishing, OK? Alex, we're dropping this.
We'll take down our parents another way.
Or maybe we just move on.
We let it all go, we focus on the future.
I'll take Livvie home.
[SIGHS] Where are we rushing off to? The old neighborhood.
Clean up the mess you created.
- We're going to Tamar's.
- Tamar's? Are you insane? If this is your sad attempt at some teachable moment GEOFFREY: In case you didn't notice, Victor Stein is creating some high-tech shit to use against our kids.
And if Alex gets shot, he ain't gonna glow, he's gonna bleed.
So we need to find him now.
But we can't trust Tamar.
GEOFFREY: Why? Because of what you did to Darius? Right now I trust her a hell of a lot more than I do you.
VICTOR: This is a multidirectional tranquilizer dart.
Its look and design is modeled after the red-tailed hawk.
A missile gun named after a predatory bird.
Sounds painful.
[LAUGHS] Don't worry.
We'll use it with discretion.
Janet figured out how this actually works, huh? She did.
It's an incredible resource.
Insight into energy conversion, space travel technology so advanced, it, uh [CHUCKLES] Well, it's far beyond your grasp.
[SNORTS] JANET: Gentlemen.
- Honey.
- Janet.
I'll just get it out of the way by stating the obvious.
This is awkward.
But I want in on this boys' club think tank.
I cracked the Abstract, I designed the anti-gravity gun I have more than proven my worth.
You'd be a welcome addition to our team.
FLORES: You had 'em in your lap! - And you let 'em go?! - I didn't let them go, just like you didn't let that little girl go last night.
Her freak-ass friends busted her out, didn't they? - FLORES: So what if they did? - It raises you in my esteem to know you didn't get your ass rolled by Little Miss Molly.
But it raises some questions as well.
Such as, why keep that information a secret from me? You question my loyalty? Yes, sir.
I do indeed.
See, as soon as you saw that little witch and the human glow-stick, you saw your way out.
Whatever PRIDE was paying to find their kids [CLICKS TONGUE] they was worth a whole lot more than that.
- I was gonna come to you.
- When? - You put me and my men in danger.
- Those are my men! You work for me.
Don't forget I'm the one that picked your ass up off of Slauson and Vermont.
I saw something in you.
Something that you could use.
Just like you're trying to use them kids.
Don't tell me how to do my job.
You don't like how I'm doing things, I'll find some other thug who knows how to listen.
GEOFFREY: The kids are in danger.
I need to talk to Livvie.
TAMAR: I've been trying to reach her.
They had a run-in with the Strike Team.
GEOFFREY: Strike Team? Why didn't we know about this? TAMAR: They're not talking about it at the Brentwood Country Mart? No one's sayin' what went down.
- Is Alex OK? - They escaped.
- [BABY FUSSING] - But I'm still worried.
Livvie's not returning my calls or my texts Those guys, they don't forgive and they don't forget.
- They're gonna come looking.
- I'll handle the Strike Team.
In the meantime, I can put security outside.
- Make sure you're safe.
- TAMAR: It's nice that you're worried.
Being forced into single motherhood is not easy.
[BABY FUSSING, CRYING] I don't need your security.
Unless it's to keep her away from me.
GEOFFRY: Now is not the time to be stubborn, Tamar.
I promise I'll fix this.
But you need to call me the minute you hear from the kids.
You have my word.
You're takin' orders from the same people who killed your husband and paid me to shoot at your baby.
Bad Parenting 101, Tamar.
You got a strong stomach, though.
I woulda killed her.
TAMAR: Here's the deal.
I keep you in the loop with PRIDE, - and you leave me and my family alone.
- [BABY FUSSING] So we partners now, or what? Oh, you're bad enough to me Bad enough that we Always have something to get over Are you eating cake? I thought you were supposed to be upgrading the scanning software for these monitors.
Why, when there's cake? It's delicious.
It's The sugar creates this dopamine surge and the fat molecules just pleasure the tongue.
I've seen those weapons Victor's preparing.
They're scary, Tina.
Nico could get hurt.
This frosting is amazing.
Come on, Tina.
This is serious.
We gotta get our daughter back before things get worse.
We both saw the look in Nico's eyes when she killed Jonah.
Nico killed Jonah.
There must be consequences.
ROBERT: We're living the consequences of Jonah every day.
[DISTORTED NOISES, WHOOSHING] Say I'm crazy Are those fat molecules not so pleasurable anymore? [KEYS JINGLING] Hey! [GRUNTS] God! We had an agreement.
You call me when your men had my son.
I know they tangled with the Strike Team earlier.
What kind of game are you playing, Flores? I'm not gaming you.
I didn't get a call either - GEOFFREY: Bullshit! - I got a wild card on my team! - Geoffrey, please, listen to me! - Talk.
FLORES: He goes by AWOL.
He's talented and ruthless, but he doesn't always follow the rules.
This is one of those times.
You consider this a warning.
If I get even the smallest hint you're playing with me, you're done.
It won't happen again.
I'll keep him in check.
[FLORES GRUNTS, PANTS] Thanks for taking me home.
No, it's the least I could do after almost getting you shot.
We were all fine thanks to your friends.
LIVVIE: What is he doing here, Tam? I swear, if you touch her or my nephew I'm fine.
He just wants to talk.
Talk? He tried to kill us.
You said he was dangerous.
TAMAR: I did.
And you didn't listen.
Now he's in our dining room.
You asked for this.
ALEX: So you're gonna kill us now? That what you think? Darius always said it was about knowing your opponent.
With someone like you who cares about power, saving face you couldn't let go of what happened earlier.
Your pride matters too much.
Stop me when I'm wrong.
I woulda come here every day till I found you and your friends.
- You made me look like a fool.
- That wasn't my intention.
But I'm here with an offer.
- AWOL: Your friends with you? - Do I need 'em? AWOL: Not if we're just talking.
Is that what we're doing? Alex, this could be a setup.
- That still wouldn't alter my plan.
- LIVVIE: What plan? You didn't mention another plan.
Plus your friends aren't here This isn't their beef, it's mine.
Yo, could we get some um some privacy? Please.
[KNOCKING ON DOOR] DALE: Stace? Listen, you've been in there for a couple of hours, and we don't lock doors in our house.
STACEY: It's OK to be separate, Dale.
Over-enmeshment is unhealthy.
DALE: O kay.
What are you doing in here? Trying to find our kids, who are under attack, - and we have to fight back.
- Fight? [LAUGHS] Sweetie, that's so not you.
Or it's exactly me.
Where are your glasses? Dale, we don't both have to wear glasses.
OK, just thought you needed them to see.
STACEY: Well, Dale, there's a lot about me you don't know.
What? I have your prescription to the ophthalmologist.
I know all about your astigmatism.
So What's that? STACEY: Something I'm working on.
Alone? Sweetie, we are a team, OK? I'm not just talking about our marriage.
Dale Sheldon Yorkes.
Not another step.
Really? Or what? Or I'll feel that you don't respect the autonomy of my process.
I totally respect the autonomy of your process STACEY: Well, then prove it.
By going upstairs and making me a snack.
[LAUGHS] You want me to make you a snack OK.
Anything in particular? Dealer's choice.
- [DISTORTED NOISES] - [OBJECT CLATTERS] [EXHALES] Where Where are my glasses? [ROARING] CHASE: We definitely left her alone for too long today.
- She is not happy.
- GERT: She's just not feeling well.
She would never hurt us, right, Lacey? - [ROARS] - Oh, my OK.
Sometimes I'm wrong.
Are these your emotions, or Old Lace's? - I don't know.
- [OLD LACE SHRIEKS] But this is your superpower, Gert.
Old Lace always listens to you.
- MOLLY: What's going on? - GERT: I don't know.
It's like our connection's gone.
It's like It's like the polarity's been switched.
[OLD LACE ROARING] I could take you to PRIDE right now, and then what? You take me to PRIDE, and my friends release the video of you shooting at a baby.
That wouldn't look good for anybody.
Not to mention I have very clear footage of you at the hotel the day Darius was murdered.
That's all I need to put you behind bars.
Then why we talkin'? Lock me up.
Because that's not what I want.
What I want is for my parents to go to jail, and you're gonna help me.
- AWOL: You're telling me what to do now? - You can do whatever you want.
But believe me, you want to do this.
It's simple.
You turn on Flores and PRIDE, they go to jail that video never sees the light of day.
That's cute.
But see, that plan only benefits Alex Wilder.
I still get locked up with everybody else, and I'm good on that.
Then you got a counter-offer? AWOL: Flores has been gathering all sorts of shit to incriminate your parents.
It's his insurance, and he's gonna use it.
But I'll give you all of it.
Just stick to bagging your parents and leave me and my team out of it.
LIVVIE: Now I see why you didn't want me here.
Livvie, this is for you and Tamar and for Darius.
- We got a deal or what? - LIVVIE: No way.
- Deal.
- LIVVIE: Alex! It was a pleasure doing business with you.
You not so much.
I'll let myself out.
LIVVIE: AWOL can't go free.
He's part of the problem.
He literally shot at us.
What happened to no more secrets between us? You're not seeing the bigger picture.
Oh, I see it.
You're so obsessed with avenging Darius's murder you're gonna end up dead yourself.
He wouldn't be dead had he not trusted my parents! And I trusted you! And you played me and your friends.
I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Your parents would be proud.
Get the hell out.
- Livvie, you don't underst - LIVVIE: Get the hell out! LIVVIE: [IN BACKGROUND] Sorry to say this, but I know you guys rely on each other, and I think it's important for you to know the truth.
I'm telling you, he sold us out.
He made a deal with AWOL.
[CONTINUES, INDISTINCT] - CHASE: You gotta be kidding.
- LIVVIE: And that's not even half of it.
ALEX: Livvie.
What are you doing here? Letting everyone know that you're a liar, who went behind our backs and made a deal with AWOL, all because you hate your parents.
You ratted me out? - You're putting all of us in danger.
- KAROLINA: How could you, Alex? - NICO: Yeah, what were you thinking? - CHASE? He wasn't.
ALEX: Or I'm thinking so many moves ahead that you can't even keep up.
I'm meeting with AWOL today, and he's giving me everything we need to ruin PRIDE.
Then we take it to a guy he knows at City Hall, someone that Flores can't get to.
"A guy he knows"? Do you know how IDTV that sounds? - How could you be this gullible? - What other choice do we have?! We have to find a way to get over PRIDE's head! So you're gonna let that asshole AWOL and his entire squad of assholes go free? Look my strategy has never changed.
OK? I said I'm taking down PRIDE, so I'm taking down PRIDE.
- You're taking down PRIDE? - Who are you right now? There's no "I" in team, Alex.
Coach Alphona told me that one.
You made a deal with a criminal, Alex.
Which is exactly what what happened to what happened to our parents, which is which is which is bad, is the point that I'm trying to make.
- My tongue feels weird.
- Great job, Wilder.
She's already under enough stress with what's going on with Old Lace.
What's going on with Old Lace? NICO: She's sleeping finally, but she's been freaking out.
And you'd know if you were thinking of anyone else other than yourself.
I never thought I'd say this to you of all people, but be smart.
You're still a TARDIS-loving dork who can't see without his glasses.
- You're not some gangsta.
- ALEX: What about what you've done?! Stole a car.
We robbed our school.
Some of you have done a lot worse than that.
You know what? You're all a bunch of hypocrites.
AWOL: Flores had a file on PRIDE.
He kept everything.
Crime scene photos, all the information on Darius, Destiny Gonzalez, and Graciela Aguirre.
- Son of a bitch.
- AWOL: He's got it all there, and more, all of PRIDE's sins and misdeeds, and he's gonna use it against you.
But I'll take care of him, and the evidence.
Just put me on the payroll.
Where's AWOL? CASHIER: He's in the back.
AWOL: Then I'll bring your kids home.
Flores is out.
We'll get rid of him.
But the Strike Team remains intact under a new leader.
TINA: Are we really doing this again? Doing what, exactly? GEOFFREY: We're an organization of criminals.
We always need someone on the inside.
- And clearly, AWOL wants the job.
- FLORES: You said you got the kids.
Where the hell are you? AWOL: I'm right here.
I'll take care of the kids later.
TINA: We can trust you to handle this? AWOL: Trust is such a valuable thing.
And you have mine.
FLORES: You think this is the answer? I didn't quite like how you was doin' things.
So I found another thug to take your place.
AWOL: I mean, come on, Flores, we both know I was never good at taking orders.
Where are you? - I've been waiting here - AWOL: Change of plans, Alex.
But we're gonna talk real soon.
I promise.
[CLICK] WOMAN: Karolina.
Hello? Karolina.
I've been searching for you.
Hello? Who is it? Hey.
Everything OK? I thought I heard something.
Were you trying to call for me? Uh, nno.
I I wasn't aware that we were doing that.
KAROLINA: Doing what? Talking.
Seems like we are now.
Yeah, and it itit's it's it's going great.
[AWKWARD CHUCKLE] I don't want to fight anymore, Nico.
Well, fighting requires talking.
Well, I'm sorry to bother you, I just thought I heard something.
A voice.
But maybe it's just been a long couple of days.
NICO: Tell me about it.
I'd like to.
Maybe things will make more sense after a good night's rest.
All right then.
Well good night.
And to you.
Ahh! [GASPS] Ohh, it's way too hot.
And it's so cold.
Ahh! This is not good.
So not good.
[COUGHS] CHASE: Old Lace, calm down.
- Just breathe, just breathe.
- [OLD LACE WHEEZING] MOLLY: She still looks terrible.
I'm worried.
[WHEEZING] It's gonna be OK.
All right? Just sweat it out.
That's right, it just means you're getting better.
It just means you're getting better.
- [OLD LACE GURGLING] - Hey, Gert.
Think she's getting better.
How is she feeling better when I feel like I'm dying? Hey, don't say things like that.
Calm down.
Calm down, girl.
Maybe we should go to your room.
If that's what you want.
This is the part where you correct my patriarchal and archaic way - of speaking for you.
- GERT: No, uh I I just need to sit.
[OLD LACE WHEEZES] CHASE: Gert! NICO: Gert, just breathe, OK? We need you to breathe.
I don't get it.
It's like they're both sick, or [WHEEZING] dying.
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up.
[TIRES SCREECHING] Thought we were supposed to be waiting on Flores.
- I'm in charge now.
- MITCH: Says who? Says PRIDE.
First order of business, find those damn kids.
We tried everything.
We have no leads.
Don't trip.
I got a lead right inside.
[LIVVIE YELLS] LIVVIE: Tamar! - [BANGING ON DOOR] - Livvie, what's going on?! Ain't no point in running! She comin' with me.
- We're supposed to be on the same side! - I changed my mind.
- [LIVVIE YELLING] - We had a deal! Where are you taking me?! Livvie! Livvie!!! [PENCIL SCRATCHING]