Marvel's Runaways (2017) s02e13 Episode Script

Split Up

1 Previously on Marvel's Runaways - What's going on with PRIDE? - They're declaring war.
On you.
New weapons, the whole shebang.
These weapons were designed specifically for our kids' powers.
Need we remind you of the mind-wipe drug we created for just such an occasion? You you came for me? The Radiance.
After what happened to her at the crater, she can't be alone.
- Okay, then you can both go.
- I'm pregnant.
She's a runaway now just like us.
You still got that piece I gave you? Hold it right.
You don't know what's been done with it, but I do.
- Why do you want it? - Because I promised Livvie I would get justice for Darius's murder, and that's exactly what I'm gonna do.
- I was actually scared of that Staff.
- Maybe your darkness is you your power like how my light is for me.
- Son.
- Dad.
Can you come home? - What's going on? - You're you're leaving? Chase, you can't do this.
I'm goin' home.
You can be the hero.
All you have to do is step inside and join us.
- Promise me none of 'em get hurt.
- I promise, son.
I'm Xavin.
I've been looking for you.
I don't want to scare you.
Gert, did you stop taking your meds? I'm not Gert.
I'm your betrothed.
No one knows the origins of this story.
It passed down through the generations until it was just a thing that is known.
A truth.
A prophecy.
And at some point, the story is heard by someone who comes to believe that the story is about them.
Are they crazy to believe? Or would it be crazy not to? Because this story is a love story.
A love story that unites two worlds and brings peace to the universe.
And so a believer stowed away on a ship that carried a family of exiled Royal Magistrates at the center of the prophecy.
But the stowaway did not remain secret for long.
Once exposed, the stowaway became a help to them, and soon they had mastered every skill needed to run the ship.
But peace was not to last.
All seemed lost.
Perhaps the stowaway was not the one spoken of in the prophecy.
Maybe the prophecy was not even true.
Death would have been a relief from the uncertainty the stowaway suffered.
Until there was a light from above.
And it occurred to the stowaway that this had always been a part of the prophecy, that they had crashed in exactly the right place, because the light they saw was their beloved.
My beloved.
My intended.
My betrothed.
That was a trip.
Are you OK? I've never done that before to someone like you.
I think so.
A little invasive, but beautiful.
I used familiar concepts to help you understand and so we may find a common language, and bond.
I don't want you to be frightened of me.
I'm not scared.
But I sense hesitation in your response.
It's not that I don't believe you.
I believe that you believe.
It's just a lot to take in.
Our destinies are woven together by prophecy.
Is is there maybe a hard copy of this prophecy that I could look at? Preferably written in English and not projected into my brain.
Wait, what are you doing? My savior.
My soul-mate.
I've I've known you for like five minutes.
The love of my life.
Will you be my Sorry.
Am I interrupting? Who the hell is this? I understand what you're saying, but there is no way the other kids are gonna come back without a fight.
Well, the there is one way.
- If you convince them.
- Me? No, I am the last guy they'd listen to right now.
They were mad when I left.
Gert loves you.
I saw it with my own eyes.
And heard it.
From you.
A lot of love, Chase, so much.
- Too much? - Gert called me a coward.
To someone like her, that is the worst thing you can be.
Well, if an emotional plea won't work, try logic.
There's no longer any need to stay away.
Jonah's gone, the past is in the past.
We're asking for a second chance, and we are offering everything we have.
Doesn't change the fact that you're still murderers.
Your hands aren't exactly clean anymore.
- Cat, we're trying the nice thing here.
- Which I appreciate.
But I woke up with a sore neck, and I'm pretty sure it's because Nico stuck pins in a voodoo doll with my name on it.
Guys, I'm sorry, but I'm not the right guy for this mission.
I'm afraid you're the only guy.
Son, you have got to give this your best shot.
Or what? This whole conversation started with you saying that none of 'em will get hurt.
None of 'em will get hurt if you succeed.
We have the weapons necessary to achieve our goal.
We don't want to use them.
But This is our last act of diplomacy.
If they turn you down, there's no other choice.
It's war.
And you know what happens in war.
How many kingdoms how many lives were given in pursuit of this treasure? "High-fructose corn syrup.
" Uh, many.
Many lives.
But for future reference, we don't really talk with our mouths full.
Still getting used to having a mouth.
They're not staying, right? Please tell me they're just passing through.
I don't know what Xavin's plan is, but it's definitely not leaving.
I think it's more like a quickie courthouse wedding, followed by eternal happiness and wandering the universe.
- Creepy.
- I didn't invite her.
But she did stay on the ship, and she survived our parents' attack.
We have a responsibility.
As for my mom, I don't know.
We haven't talked about it.
Well, this can't be a halfway house for pregnant PRIDE members and aliens with fairy tale fixations.
Yeah, I agree.
It's too risky.
We don't have any idea what Xavin's motives are, and your mom is untrustworthy, to say the least.
No more roommates who aren't one hundred percent in.
One is enough.
I don't need to say his name.
It's Chase.
What did I just say?! Do not pick up that phone, Alex Wilder! Why not? OK, I get why not, but he wouldn't be calling if it weren't important.
What's important to us is not important to him.
Can you just decide? The sound of the phone is really annoying.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Thanks for answering.
I know Gert's gotta be standing here making that face.
- Um, no, not really.
- Listen, I need you guys to meet me.
Yeah, dude, that's not happening.
I know you don't trust me, and I get it, but if I were gonna rat you out to our parents, they'd be in the middle of your business already.
Fair point.
But still, - you're persona non grata right now.
- I understand.
You hate me.
But Alex, I'm trying to keep something bad from happening.
- Something really bad.
- Go on.
I need to lay it out in person so everyone can make the decision that's best for them.
He wants to meet up.
- They're interested.
- OK.
Pick the time and pick the place.
Anywhere that you guys feel safe, I'll be there.
- I don't know - Alex.
Alex, please listen to me.
They have customized weapons.
Serious firepower that they're gonna use on you guys.
I'm trying to keep that from happening.
Chase? Hey.
Uh, just called Alex.
It's happening.
They agreed to meet.
- Dad, you OK? - Yeah.
What's going on? Why are these specs up? Uh, I don't know.
I don't know, they were like that when I came down here.
I just thought you left 'em running.
I'm sure I didn't.
Did you adjust these? Who made these changes? No, not me.
Dad, are you all right? These have been tuned to make them considerably more dangerous.
Who's doing this? What is happening to me? It's getting worse.
- The illness.
- Ohh! Whatever it is, it's progressing.
I have these, um, spaces where I feel like I'm drowning.
We will beat this.
I promise.
But for now, please change the specs back.
If I fail, I don't want anyone getting hurt more than they have to.
I can change the specs back on the computer, but the weapons have already been produced.
I'm afraid it's too late.
When you were little, still in a crib, we used to hear you in the morning, calling out to us.
"Somebody get the baby!" I'd come in your room and you'd hold your arms out to me, and I'd pick you up and for just a few minutes, it was me and you.
And I just wanted that to go on and on.
But it couldn't, could it? It's too late for us, Mom.
You have to go, and be a better mom to that baby than you were to me.
So you won't forgive me, ever? Forgiveness is earned.
Over time.
With deeds, not words.
Isn't that a fundamental Gibb teaching? Yes.
Which is a whole other thing to consider.
After what happened in the crater I'm certain you are the new head of the church.
What are you talking about? When you took to the sky and spread your wings, you confirmed everything in The Book of Gibborim.
They're gonna be searching for you, desperate for another encounter.
You're the messiah now, Karolina.
Are you prepared for that? No.
Definitely not.
I can help you navigate all of that, but not if you push me away.
You're not coming because you're not invited! - Chase doesn't even know you exist.
- I don't require an invitation.
It should be assumed that I'd go along to protect my betrothed.
She protects herself.
And if she needs backup, I've got it.
- Guys - If that's the case, wouldn't it be better if there were twice the backup? Holy shit.
Am I Am I really this small? Exact duplicate.
Xavin, please change back.
That creeps people out.
- I agree.
- And I don't need your protection or anyone's.
I'm not so sure.
Is it a bad idea to bring all the help you can? Well, great.
Your mom gets a vote now? I must go on this mission.
It is my destiny to protect my betrothed.
Stop it.
I am no one's betrothed.
Or their messiah.
I decide where I go and who I go with.
And for today, I'm sticking with my friends my old friends.
Sorry, Xavin.
Then where does this leave me? For now, it leaves you here to protect my mom and the house until we get back.
It is a noble endeavor to guard the Holy Mother and the Haven.
I accept.
And one more thing.
Would you stop calling me your "betrothed"? - It's a weird word.
- As you wish.
Looks good on you.
Safety precaution.
No offense.
I would just like it noted that I am here under duress and anything that I agree to should be considered as such.
- She's really pissed at you.
- Totally aware.
We all are.
If you can put aside your hurt feelings for one second, there are more important things to discuss.
More important than the complete betrayal of your friends? I'm here with an offer from our parents.
- Oh, my God, you're one of them.
- No I'm not.
Makes total sense.
You always wanted to go home.
OK, will you please listen? They're coming for you with everything they've got.
I've seen their weapons, and you can't win.
We've heard that before, yet here we are.
But this time it's different.
If they have to hurt you, they will, and believe me, they can.
But they'd prefer you to come home without a fight, and if you're willing to do that, then PRIDE is ours.
Why would we want a totally corrupt organization and the hypocritical life that comes with that? Because they would step back.
They would let us run it however we choose.
We'd have resources for, I don't know, feminist empowerment projects, feeding the poor, educating the marginalized.
The stuff you're always talking about, we'd actually be able to do.
You really think they would just disappear and leave us alone? They're our parents.
No way.
Guys, you don't understand.
This is your last chance.
Take it or leave it? - I'll pass.
- Me too.
They're gonna use the mind-wipe drug.
All the connections, all the memories, everything that binds us together, will be erased forever.
That might not be such a bad thing.
- What? - Some of us didn't even need a drug to destroy our connection.
If you ask me getting rid of my memories sounds kind of good.
Then I I guess we're done here.
I'm certain of it.
- Hello.
- Well? They turned me down.
I'm not surprised.
If I can get Alex alone, then maybe I can still convince him.
- If I can do that - No, too late.
- Thank you for trying.
We've moving on.
- Wait.
Tina - I'm assuming you all heard that.
- We did.
Everyone ready to roll out? Ahem! I'm starting to feel a little hyperventilating.
Uh, do you mind if we could just reconvene tomorrow? Stacey can drive if you can't handle it.
- Robert? - Ready.
- Victor? - I've got everything I need.
Let's do this.
And Tina, remember, make every shot count.
We can't reload.
Engaging now.
- What's that noise? - I don't hear anything.
It's um Chase was followed! - Nico! - Ahh I'm having tomatoes What? I mean trouble I I can't fry a a bubble! I'm scrambled.
This drone is doing something to her! It's covered in solar protection of some kind.
They're jamming the electronics, too! They thought of everything! We gotta split up! We gotta try and lose 'em! - Everybody, go! - Come on.
OK, it's out of ammo.
- What do we do now? - We be bird flappers.
That thing has totally scrambled your brain.
I ran out of darts.
I knew you couldn't control yourself.
We gotta get out of here.
I'm sure our parents are on their way.
There's only one drone and two of us, so if we split up, one of us definitely escapes but hopefully both.
I I don't want to leave you.
There's no leaving each other.
Not anymore.
No matter where we go, what the distance is between us, I will always come back to you.
OK? Everything's gonna be all right, I promise.
I lamp you.
I lump you.
See you back at the hostel in an hour.
OK, your mom is definitely driving this thing.
I'm gonna lead it away.
Wait! I love you.
I've locked onto Karolina.
Lost Nico.
Pulling up the CCTV feeds in the park.
See if I can pick her up.
Molly and Gert are exiting the park toward Franklin.
Okay, we're we're on our way.
Molly, these boots were made to support my self-image, not my ankles! - But they're gonna catch us! - Just go without me! Oh! Wait a minute.
Yo! Molly! We cannot steal a scooter! It's not stealing when it's borrowing it.
Hah! Ha! I'm two for two! I understand that drones are annoying, but that was totally uncalled for.
Yeah, sorry, dude.
Do you have insurance or something? Insurance is a corporate swindle invented to capitalize on our inner fears.
Oh, you're totally speaking my language.
What was your name again? Hey! Yeah, it's you! - Gert! - From the uh the Wizard gala.
I was hoping I'd run into you again.
- Earl.
- Oh, my God.
Mothra guy? Gert! They're here! Quick, swap meet! Sorry, gotta go! Tina.
- You still got Alex? - Yes.
He's a block away from your current location.
We're on it.
Here ya go.
Thank you.
Hot today, huh? Let's "Baby Driver" this bitch.
We got eyes on Alex.
Shit! - Geoffrey! - I got him.
Just get the tranq guns ready.
Gotta lose that thing.
What is he doing? He's gonna kill himself! I shoulda never let him play Grand Theft Auto.
The drone is making it worse! Tina, enough with the drone! You already wasted all the ammo! We can see him just fine! - What is you lose him? - We won't! He's our son, Tina.
It's our call.
If you insist.
Karolina, you made it back.
What happened? What did Chase have to say? I do not know this Chase you speak of.
You you can't do that.
That's that's a violation.
I don't understand.
You love Karolina.
I'm trying to make you more comfortable by taking her form.
- Well, that's not the way.
- Well, what way is it? I was hoping Karolina would have responded to my courtship by now, but nothing seems to work.
Yeah, you're moving pretty fast here, Xavin.
And she hardly knows you.
And human attraction is complicated under any circumstance.
- What would you do? - To be perfectly honest, we have not had very good luck with aliens around here.
I actually think you just need to leave us alone.
- I can't.
- You could! Karolina's so young, and in some ways you're even younger.
I think you need to go out and create a life of your own, and come back and see what happens.
You're gonna want my help when they come for the baby.
What? I read your bio-markers immediately.
The baby you're carrying is of royal lineage.
The Magistrate and his family will not allow you to remain in sole possession of one of their own.
It isn't done.
OK, wait.
Wait, wait.
The Magistrate.
- Do you mean Jonah? - That is what Karolina called him, yes.
And his family What family? We saw that ship explode.
The others escaped when I did.
They are Gibborim.
Unlike me.
But in their light form, I believe they simply took on new hosts.
A vessel that was nearby.
- So he is still out there.
- Gathering his family, no doubt.
And they are to put it mildly, problematic.
Wait, do you think this meeting with Chase, this Do you think this is part of Jonah's plan to lure Karolina back? Very possible.
She's come back out into the open.
Warehouse district.
Where the hell are you, Victor? The last person to talk to me like that works in a Malaysian toy factory - for fifteen cents an hour.
- Last person who talked to me like that doesn't talk anymore.
Yes! I lost her! It's all right.
I'm here.
Though she has locked herself inside.
What are you doin' out here? Just waiting for Dad to come back.
- Are you worried? - Shouldn't I be? Look, I know you love your friends.
They made their choice and you made yours.
It's time to move on.
Aren't you ready for a new life? A new life where I'll remember my friends, but they won't remember me? What kind of life is that? And don't offer to mind-wipe me.
If you have to keep a secret so that your friends can survive, isn't it worth it? This is exactly the type of thinking that got you in got us into this mess! No more secrets.
Dad's sick.
Sicker than he's ever been.
Yeah, I've noticed some things.
But he's been through a lot.
I think the tumor's coming back.
And now, weirdly, his skin's flaking.
Flaking how? White.
- Holy shit.
- What? It's not like dry skin's worse than a brain tumor.
I mean, maybe he just needs a good moisturizer.
No, I I don't know how to explain it, but he was in that healing algorithm for a long time.
And injected with Jonah's DNA.
What if it's transforming your dad into - Into an alien.
- Yeah.
No, no, no.
We can't let that happen.
We gotta save him.
Maybe Dad already gave us what we need.
Come on.
Come on out, now.
There's more at stake here than just parents and children.
And anything you might be feeling resentment, anger it can all be overcome if we just sit down together and talk.
There's no need to make this difficult.
That was a good one.
Why are you even after me? You already have Chase.
Why do I matter? Because you're more important.
Stay down.
I don't want to have to do that again.
I'm not getting up.
I'm getting into position.
For this.
So strong.
You make me proud.
Hey! Don't touch that! Have no fear, my betrothed.
These are simple toys.
Apologies, Karolina.
I'll try harder not to use that word.
Thought you died in the explosion.
Wishful thinking, I guess.
Nothing will keep me from my destiny, Magistrate.
Oh, not this shit again.
- Wait.
You guys know each other? - We did.
But since we no longer have a ship, we no longer have need of you.
You have a nasty habit of inserting yourself where you're not welcome.
Let me help you with that.
You have no idea how much that one can talk.
Especially on a long trip.
Dad? Why are you doing this? And how is it possible? I I don't understand.
I watched you die.
And I'm so sorry about that.
Believe me, it was painful for both of us.
But remember I warned you I was gonna take everything.
That includes you.
Well, that's gonna be a problem.
- We have to get out of here.
- Do we? What if they're still out there? We can't just spend the rest of our lives in a kiosk that sells men's socks.
- I'll go first.
- No How did you get to be the strong one? I'm supposed to be the big sister.
Where do you think I learned it from? Come on.
There they are.
- Wait.
What? - Go.
Trust me.
Sisters forever, right? I'm on Molly.
Everyone thinks that you're the nice one.
The levelheaded, concerned mom.
Another lie.
Honey, I understand your disappointment.
Every kid that learns the truth about their parents thinks that they've discovered something really big, but honestly, it's like finding out the stove is hot.
It hurts for a while, and then you get a scar.
- Honey, look! Our special hats! - Not anymore.
Damn it.
- Mija, ponte en la línea.
- Ayudeme.
Ese hombre me está persiguiendo.
She's got some boundary issues.
You know kids.
But we've got a great therapist we're workin' with out in the Palisades.
Don't we, sweetie? No es mi papa.
No dejen Que me toque.
- What'd you just say? - I thought you spoke Spanish, Dale.
I do.
Food, mostly.
And you know, some basic friendly salutation, which, judging by the looks of these two, I could probably use about now.
Why don't we go home, sweetie, OK? ¡Pedófilo! ¡Pedófilo! That one I understood.
Pedophile? I'm a concerned parent! Ya Se, amigos, eh.
Do you want some comida? Ten tengo dinero.
How much is this? Twenty bucks, two for thirty-five.
I'll take both.
Can you break a hundred? Ahh.
I guess, maybe.
You know, let me see if Chuck at the incense stand has change.
- Great.
- Chuck? What's happened to you? This isn't the Stacey I know.
No, it isn't.
It's a better version.
Who doesn't need glasses? You know, between the poisoning and the kidnapping, when did you have time to get Lasik? We'll talk about that when you're awake.
Stacey! What did you do? I did what was necessary to restrain the youngling.
Now help me with her extraction.
Was my language improperly understood? Hey! I don't see him.
- Shit, we lost him.
- That's impossible.
You saw him come down here, right? Yeah, I did.
- Is it locked? - Yeah, it's locked.
Try it again! Okay, try the other door! Over there.
Where'd he go? He could be gone.
Mom? Come out! I know you're behind all this! Oh you didn't think the drones were the only thing with a subsonic wave generator did you? We have plans inside of plans.
- Flip you.
- I love what it does to your language center.
It's really kind of funny.
I don't mangle wander in order to glue this! Good thing we sent the employees home early.
Seriously, Nico, what do you think this will accomplish? Don't make me fight you.
Fly me.
Cry ski Yahh! Last time I just had to stand by and watch.
This time I can't.
Nico, this is the last chance.
Please come home.
Now I can tell you what I really think of you.
Don't waste your breath.
So sorry, sweetheart.
Tina, what did you do? This isn't me.
But I've seen this before.
Smash! Robert? Are you OK? Did you see her, Tina? What's happened to Nico? There may have been some things about the Staff I didn't tell you.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
Was that a gunshot? Yeah.
Come on.
Is he on the phone? Wow.
You guys really think you're untouchable, huh? It would just be easier if you got in the car.
Oh, I'm not getting in that car.
And if I were you guys, I'd put those weapons down.
LAPD has a little thing about black folks waving guns around.
We don't want to do this, Alex.
Don't make us.
I never made you do anything.
And let's be clear.
Everything that you guys have done has been your choice.
Nobody forced you to kill those kids.
Or to pull that trigger on Darius.
You did that 'cause you wanted to.
And now I get it.
It kinda feels good to take somebody's life away.
Because with a little help from Tamar and an anonymous note to a cold case detective It's dominoes, bitch.
Wash 'em! Alex! Hold it right there! Don't move.
Hands on your heads.
- Just wait a minute, OK? Just wait.
- What's this all about? We got a call about shots fired.
- And you just assumed it was us? - There's a lawsuit waiting to happen.
It was on the seat.
Still warm from being fired.
Got a tip about one of these.
If the bullets match, someone's getting a promotion.
This your vehicle? As his lawyer, I'm advising him not to answer.
They're just gonna run the plates, Cat.
It's mine.
- Both of you turn around.
- Slowly.
Did you kill her? Why would I do that? She's my daughter.
What? That prototype is of no use.
Chase, just throw it.
I'm really disappointed.
Both of you should be quicker on the uptake.
If I wanted to use these on Karolina, I'd need to protect myself.
This suit is lined for that specific reason.
But the inhibitors are for aliens.
That should have worked.
But that's not any alien in there.
That's Jonah.
What have you done with my dad? Old Lace! Hey! I'm getting us out of here, don't worry.
Sweetie? All clear.
All good! When we get out of here, I'm gonna have you eat him.
Hey, sweetie.
I do apologize for the pit stop.
That place was not clean.
You know your dad tiny bladder.
Where are we? I know I haven't exactly been the Father of the Year lately, but I think in time you will realize that what I'm doing is actually - for your own - For my own good.
Please, that's not possible if it involves being kidnapped and forced to run away with you and Mom.
- I agree with you on that.
- Where is Mom? Well, honey, that's kind of who we're running away from.
What?! Your mom's been acting a little strange lately.
Actually, some might say bloodthirsty.
- You don't say.
- And your sister, thankfully, she got away safely, so I thought the best thing for us to do would be go on the road.
Off the grid.
Just until your mom works through her issues.
- OK, So let me get this straight.
- OK.
My murderous father is taking me on the lam because he's afraid of my even more murderous mother.
Pretty much nailed it.
Wha Dale! You know me they call me Mr.
Bright Side.
You and I, we have not gone on a road trip in a long time.
We're gonna have fun, we're gonna listen to some tunes yo, play the game with the license plates.
Oh, and before you say anything, Phish Live From the Gorge, '99.
Are you the Wolfman's Brother? Beautiful sound, from the soundboard, Trey's solos are delectably tasty.
So good.
You ready to float down the sea like Prince Caspian? Let's do it.
I don't know why it took you so long to get here.
I left messages everywhere.
I had to transfer Gert to her father.
I had a medical emergency with Robert.
Plus it's hard to keep these host personalities in check.
This particular vessel is a control freak.
We're still missing one.
- Anyone heard anything? - Unfortunately, no.
He's our son.
And you know how unpredictable he is.
Perhaps he's struggling with his host as well.
That still doesn't answer the question of Brother's whereabouts.
Who's the host? If it was one of the parents we would know by now.
There is one thing we haven't considered.
It could be one of the kids.
- Nico, you made it! - Oh.
I'm not sure how, though.
It's it's a little fuzzy.
Hey! Everybody OK? Yeah, but where's Gert? - I thought she was with you.
- We got split up.
I I was sure she'd make it.
Yeah, same with me and Karolina.
Oh, God.
No, no, I God, I knew we should have stayed together.
- She'll be back.
They both will.
- No, Molly.
Chase was right about this! OK? Our parents, they won, and they won't stop! Let's not jump to conclusions.
What if they already mind-wiped Gert? What if I never get to see her again? I can't lost Karolina like I lost Amy.
I just I can't! I ca Wait.
There she she isn't.
- Xavin.
- Wait, what's happened? Where is Karolina? I failed.
The Magistrate has her.
The one you call Jonah.
Jonah's dead.
I I killed him.
You killed his host.
The body his energy inhabited.
So he can't be killed? The Magistrate will be difficult to destroy, but not impossible.
Unfortunately, he's not the only one we'll need to kill to get Karolina back.
It's his family as well.
So it's not just our parents we're up against.
But a family of aliens as well.
And we're all that's left?! Hey hey! It's OK, all right? We're gonna figure it out.
We have each other.
Sorry, dear, I'm not sure what we're looking at here.
Well, building a new ship will be complicated.
Could take a generation.
Maybe two.
Which makes survival challenging.
It's clear these hosts are fragile.
Incapable of containing us without complications.
Oh, humans use refrigeration to keep their food fresh before they feast.
These healing tubes provide that service.
We're going to eat them? So to speak.
We select a human to sacrifice in an energy conversion pod of my design.
Thus taking their life force to fuel our own.
So which one looks the tastiest?