Mary Bryant (2005) s01e01 Episode Script

Part 1

I was 17 from a fishing family.
A family that was starving.
I've always been a bit wild.
I should've listened to my father.
I should've listened to my mother.
But I didn't.
Hunger, real hunger, it takes you over.
It doesn't leave you room to think.
I was sentenced to death but dear King George besthoad his compassion.
I'd never been 5 miles out of my village.
Now I was transported to the other side of the world.
I had no idea what that meant.
There were hundreds of us going packed like animals into eleven ships.
the first fleet to sail to New South Wales.
And as if that wasn't enough I've just realized that I was with a child.
I didn't marry you for this.
Six months down there! - I won't do it! - Alicia, darling! we are second only to the captain with regard to accommodation.
For you to sink as low as this: carting off the nation's rubbish, wretched vile creatures.
They'd better off dead.
Lieutenant Clarke! Come on up lads, I told you we'd be looking at paradise! Behave yourselves, do as you're told and these officers will see to it that you are given a protected and passage.
'His Majesty's officers'! 'A safe passage! ' - Up whose arse? - Get them below Sergeant! What are you staring? Back off! Come on, lads.
Let the fox see the rabbit.
It pays to work out the pecking order early on.
You're safe here, all well down the line.
The London Times thought a colony on the moon a better prospect We've all seen the moon, unlike New South Wales which has only ever been by Capitan Cook.
seen by Captain Cook.
We're not just solving the problem of overcrowded prisons we're expanding empire, and ahead of the French.
Oh, we're honored.
Do you know who they're entertaining up there? Lord Muck himself.
Captain Arthur Phillip He's to be Governor of the colony.
A good man? Lieutenant Clarke? Perhaps you'd like to share your thoughts on our prospects.
Yes, sir, I was just thinking of the question of the reform of our human cargo.
Good thought.
There should always be hope always hope.
But with regard to the criminal, classes, experience tells us there should be very little of it.
But I think turning wretches into work-horses is I did try reading to the women excuse me.
But the stench down there.
It's enough to floor and ox.
Pork! When was the last time any of us felt some pork at the back of our throats.
They use to draw it.
And they said we'd never see the sun down here.
But there you are, and the smile enough to light up the whole ship.
We'll meet on deck.
They'll be sunsets, moonlight, gazing at strange and wonderful lands together.
And with any luck they'll leave you behind tied to a tree on one of them.
My name's Will.
So what do you know about this Botany Bay the dragons and the cannibals? Nonsense.
Odd looking natives where we're going though three, four foot high, covered in hair, noses like beaks.
They must think some of us very good swimmers keeping us locked up down here.
Still, you can't blame them, I hear we have some very desperate women on board.
It's even said there's one who dabbled in 'highway robbery'.
Now she'd have to be a real 'pistol'.
Enter ye in at the strait gate.
For wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat.
That's mine, you bastard thief! Sorry, I didn't catch your name or what you were doing down here.
Murderer and a thief! You killed a baboon and stole his face.
Let us all pray.
Dead God get us out of this hell hole.
Again, sergeant Ryan, a quicker pace and let's have it in concert this time.
Yes, sir.
A word with you first please, sir.
Our supply of shot and powder was left sitting On Portsmouth quayside, sir One more round and we'll be out of it altogether.
Sergeant Ryan, did you give orders for the men to stand to? No, sir.
Get these women out of their rags, and properly dressed I won't have the men distracted.
Unfortunately, sir, 'women's clothing' is also sitting on Portsmouth quayside along with our ammunition.
But if the women serve to distract the male prisoners the two oversights might cancel each other out.
Well, I have an idea how we may clothe the women.
- Dismiss! - Excuse me, sir.
Oh, dear.
And these are nothing to the seas we're going to be traveling through.
Don't worry, you'll soon get your legs.
I've been in fishing boats from before I could walk nothing wrong with my legs.
Excuse me, sir.
I did wrong just once, sir.
I was starving, I know it was wrong but and I can't survive on the food we're given and the foulness of the hold makes me ill and I'm scared of the men, and their wicked desires.
If there was a way you could use me.
Your clothes washed and cared for your cabin cleaned, in return for fresh air and food from your table.
Please, sir.
It's Mary, sir.
I've heard of other officers making such arrangement.
They may well have.
Is this what you mean to dress the whores in, sir? Perfect.
Favors from that one? You're more likely to get a fart out of dead man.
Did you say you knew your way around a fishing boat.
An east wind From the look sky it'll change for the worse a storm.
A storm? Not a chance.
There's only one cure for that, Thomas.
You need to find a tree to sit under.
A free passage to Botany Bay! Every day a high day and holiday no board and lodging, no taxes! Hey, Tom.
I said it, didn't I? Now's your chance, Mary.
If you want to get that baby you'll offer to sell what you seek.
Don't wait for an officer, any sailor will do.
Take what's on offer, Mary food, drink and fresh air for your baby.
- How did you know? - I've had two of my own.
Who was he? A gaoler, in the prison hulk.
He was share his bed or starve.
And you'll share this wretched world with his child.
My child will not live like this.
As if you can help it.
Here! For the ride of your life! Mary! Did the sky tell you anything about how long this camp weather would be traveling with us? Mary! She's drowning.
Down here, sir.
Come on, Mary! Somebody help me! Come on Mary! Come back! Here! Over here! Hey, you there.
It there any word? There's only one cure for what you've got you both need to lie under the same tree.
Here your readings were such a comfort to us.
Could I hear a few words from the good book? About turning away from weakness? Give them a scratch back.
And she sleeps on the floor? What concerns me is the influence of bad company she knows nothing of the world.
She's no more than an innocent child.
A rather well developed one.
And just remind me, what was her crime? The theft of a bonnet and some money.
If she were isolated from the others, reform is a very strong possibility.
You mean to keep her in your cabin? If we can save just one of them, it must be worth the effort.
Very well, the arrangement has my blessing.
But a ship is a very small village.
You should be prepared for some to think the worst of you.
I remain a faithfully married man and the girl will remain an innocent under my charge.
You have transformed my cupboard.
It's palace to me, sir.
- Is this Botany Bay? - Yes according to Cook's account.
Meadows, streams There'll be wild game and fish to feed us before our own crops begin.
- And this is our voyage? - Yes.
And we're here.
Rio de Janeiro is our next haven then on to Cape Town, our last port of call.
We should count ourselves blessed to be part of such an adventure.
Imagine the ingenuity: Eleven ships rendezvousing at a pin point on the far side of the world.
We should continue with your lessons.
Do you love your wife do you have any children? No, we are not blessed in that way.
Why do you ask? Lessons.
Only your Lieutenant would dream of torturing us with dresses like these.
And we're sharing them with God knows what.
Jammed together in that tiny cabin and he still hasn't noticed.
- I'll tell him soon.
He'll understand.
He can't be like any man I've ever tripped over.
I can bring him round.
Be careful.
That wife of his might have jumped ship for a very good reason.
It's a real kicker.
Getting stronger everyday.
All the way down! The Equator! No, no, no, no you can't see it.
It's great imaginary circle around the earth that I told you about.
I dreamt of this moment as a boy.
And now here you are, as happy as a boy.
And on such a beautiful morning.
Yes, it is.
Very beautiful.
Lieutenant Clarke,a word of you, sir.
Excuse me.
A lag's wife.
It suits you.
I'm nobody's wife.
Nice dress.
Come on, you.
Move along.
You've worn the same dress for weeks.
- Silk.
I've never worn silk.
- Try it on, now.
My wife didn't want to wear anything but silk.
It was a ridiculous notion.
Alicia in Botany Day, digging her own potatoes.
There's something I've been meaning to tell you.
Let me help you.
Yes, I'm with child.
How's our 'little project' coming along? Have you got her reading yet? Only give water to those dressed in the clothes provided for them.
We are dying in those sacks.
You will address me as 'Lieutenant' or 'Sir'.
Well 'Sir' or 'Lieutenant', I wouldn't have thought you'd be offended by the sight of a little female flesh you must be very familiar with it by now.
Cover yourself up! I will not have whores walking about the ship.
No, you'd rather have them arse up in your cabin.
Sergeant Ryan! Twenty five, sir.
Ship's company, dismissed! Cut her down.
Come on! I don't recognize him.
- I warmed him.
- I knew.
Hope she doesn't die.
That was meant for me.
I'm sorry.
Here's some food.
For the child you're with.
I never did thank you for saving me.
We have a way of saying the wrong things to each other.
I wish it wasn't so.
Come on, Mary.
Come on, darling, let it out.
Come on, push it.
Push it, Mary, come on.
Come on Mary.
You can do it.
That's it.
That's it.
She's coming, Mary.
I can see it.
Push it, Mary, one more.
You can do it, come on.
One more, push.
Come on.
Come on, Mary.
It's ok, Mary it's ok.
Land ahoy! Land ahoy! Land ahoy! on you starboard beam! Do you see? Lieutenant Clarke, make a search for fresh water.
If you find some.
This is where we'll build our new colony.
Fine harbor, a thousand ships could ride at there With perfect security.
Sir! For you.
Lower your muskets.
Lower your muskets.
You! That man there.
Drop your trousers! That's an order! Come on, man, hurry up! Full rigging! They may have thought we were women.
Now they know, the same as them.
We should bring the convicts first light and built the foundations.
Then we shall build the foundations of our new nations.
Aren't you the luck one, born into paradise.
Or the biggest God forsaken prison there ever was.
Is ticking hard, isn't it? My name is Sam.
Is it true you were a smuggler? You've sailed to Spain and back? I never had adventures.
Well, I had one too many.
My brother stole a ham, I helped him eat it.
He got away and I got to be here.
There's one fight, come on! Come on! All right, men.
Back to work now.
Come on, now, back to work.
Come on, guys.
Whores! There was a short, mate.
Look that, lads.
It's Christmas.
How do you wanna us, love? You can use you ladies.
I hope they all know why they were brought along.
So the place doesn't all go to buggery.
Is it a ride you're looking for son, or your mother? How did the numbers work out one of them to service five of us.
The guys will busy night tonight , wouldn't they? Sergeant Ryan get them back to work.
And make it clear: Any man found loitering near a female tent will receive a dozen lashes.
Any man found inside a tent will get twelve dozen.
Come on, lads, get back to work.
Are you mad? I'm gonna get out of here tonight.
You can't stay here.
If we're quick, I can be back before they miss me.
I don't want us to be quick.
I want it too last.
- Oh it will.
Oh God it will.
- No, no I mean, beyond what we want now.
I have called her Charlotte.
After the ship.
Hello, Charlotte.
She needs a father.
And I need a husband.
- You need an awful lot.
- I've an awful lot to offer.
Living in there, it'll be different.
It won't be a life any of us have ever known.
Even more reason to have people in certain of Alright, yes.
After a while If we get on we'll see what's what marriage maybe I heard they were asking couples to be married today.
I won't be jumped.
Mary, I'm a good bet.
Just how good a fisherman are you will? What do you mean? There's a thousand mouths to feed here.
It could be the making of the man who worked the way you to do it.
So, if you give me the boats and I can pick my own crew of twenty, I can supply the whole colony with fish.
Governor, we already have a working party fishing from the shore.
- And a miserable catch they bring in, not one of them knows what they're doing.
I'm the only fisherman you've got.
I think it very unwise to supply boats to prisoners.
I wouldn't allow fishing outside the cove, governor the sea would break the boats up in five minutes they'd be useless for any escape.
Very well.
You can have all the boats and men what you need.
Except for my cutter.
Start today.
The sooner we have a regular supply the better.
And I was thinking that there should be a reward for the undertaking of such an important responsibility.
The reward is knowing that you were fulfilling the terms of your sentence.
What was it you had in mind? A share of the catch, my own to trade as I see fit.
You may keep one basket in twelve.
Thank you, sir.
- Is it true, sir there to be privileges to those marry? Oh, yes, you might be granted the right to build a hut.
Good day.
Thank you, sir.
Next! Next! Come along, come along! Do you both enter this union under no obligation to any other and by your own free will? Yes.
- Well say it, say it! - Yes.
- Do you name? - William Bryant.
William Bryant, take this woman name? - Mary Broad.
- Mary Broad to be your lawful wedded wife? - Oh, come on.
- Yes.
Do you, Mary Broad, take William Bryant to be your lawful wedded husband? Yes.
In the presence of Almighty God I pronounce you man and wife.
Next! Come along, come along! Do you both enter this union under no obligation to any other and by your own free will? I suppose you've known lots of women a handsome smuggler like you.
I was a hard working fisherman.
Sometimes helping to bring ashore a small quantity of rum to nourish the sick and the elderly.
Get off! Get off! What's happening? We should go in, sir, and restore order.
With respect, sir, this was going to happen from the day we took the whores on board.
Double the guard around the food stores.
Shoot without challenge any convict who attempts to approaches.
- Yes, sir.
We'll let this run it's course.
When we landed, I decided to give you the benefit of doubt.
I decided against to a regime of harsh discipline.
I wanted you to have a chance.
Your behavior of last night has convinced me that I was wrong.
I am now persuaded that only the most severe punishment will have any effect on you.
A curfew will be imposed.
Marines will have orders to shoot any man found entering a female tent after dark.
Where I now stand there will be a gallows and a punishment triangle.
The remaining transport ships will set sail today leaving us behind to build the colony.
We will not survive if we do not work together.
No one will be worked beyond their ability but everyone will contribute their share.
Idleness will not be tolerated.
If you do not work, you will not eat.
The shameful events of last night will never be repeated.
But they will not deflect us from our celebration.
Lieutenant Clarke.
Three cheers for King George's birthday - Hip-hip! - Hooray! - Hip-hip! - Hooray! - Hip-hip! - Hooray! We survived another three years.
Governor Phillips plans for grand buildings and wide streets never came about, but we could build a few buildings made from bricks and woods.
But nothing grew and draught left the colony facing starvation and disease.
Lieutenant Clarke had his house build overlooking out over the water towards on fishing hut and I could feel him keeping a close watch on us and Will and me.
We had another mouth to feed.
Is that all? It's one basket more than yesterday.
It was fished out months ago.
A baby boy, Emanuel.
You go away, fish come back.
I'll have a word with the Governor and see if we can't all go home.
Sam, divide their share of the catch.
And the hospital tally? 36 marines and 67 convicts are under medical treatment a further 72 convicts are unfit for work, sir.
God, 72! Sergeant Ryan has returned with the runaways, sir.
All runaways accounted for, sir.
There were seven of them, sir.
We found the remains of the other five.
- Martin and Allen.
- That's right.
You two are beyond hanging.
What I should do is ship you off to New Zealand.
Do you know what the natives do to you there? After you finished screaming, they'd gladly cook and eat you.
- Gentlemen.
- Yes, sir.
They ate each other, that's the talk.
They'd got themselves five days out two of them went off to hunt, only one of them make it back.
And the others what he brought back with him.
Kangaroo meat, he said it was.
So we've turned cannibals.
Here, eat this.
We've been feeding them for weeks nobody plants them any more.
But it's madness, if we're to survive If they wanted us to survive they'd have sent out farmers and laborers, not ships packed with thieves and whores led by fools with grand plans and no sense.
Nothing we plant grows here, and it never will.
Not a bad treat.
Flour without weevils, or not too many.
The last old port on this side of the world and What's this? I changed from Johnny Cakes.
Beneelon was here.
He determined have us living like savages.
They've been down it here for some time maybe we'll learn a thing or two from them.
Perhaps not how to cook.
I'm afraid the Governor has decided to and the practice of you keeping back part of the catch.
From now on everything will be handed over to the colony.
Given our current circumstances we can't allow the unfair distribution of food.
- Unfair? How long I fed this colony? This is how I'm repaid? You are a convict, serving out a sentence.
You'll do as you are told.
He's been hoping this day and come.
Have you crawl back to him.
I am dispatching 'The Supply' back to England, Thomas.
It is the only way Lord Sydney will receive news of our situation.
- But she's our only ship, sir.
Then we must pray that she is not lost on the voyage.
Take this.
'My dear Lord Sydney it is with grave distress that I must report that our crops have now failed for three consecutive years.
Less than a tenth of tilled land has produced any yield and what little we have managed to produced must be kept as seed for next year.
Our situation, our very survival, now depends upon provisions from England.
I beg you to relieve the severity of our position.
Today we are one hundred and forty seven fewer in number than on arrival.
' We seek you Father to raise us from the death and sin by the rightness.
Grant this, oh, merciful God thru Jesus Christ, our mediator in thee.
I'll not stay here to watch children starve.
We're leaving.
Prison walls fourteen thousand miles thick.
- We'll never get out.
- If we went by boat We wouldn't last five minutes out of the cove.
Not even in the Governor's cutter? And it has a sail.
You've been to Spain and back It we can't walk out, nor can they they couldn't come after us.
We could store up food for a month or so hide it close to the cutter, load it up on the night.
Sam's right.
When that ship goes they can't come after us.
In that cutter? You've no idea how the sea will look out there when you're sitting in that pea pod They'll be twenty, thirty foot high.
It was planked and corked less then two months ago.
And there's a full rig on board.
Think what else we'd need besides food: Water drums, muskets with powder and shot to keep the savages away, cork, canvas, sheets for the boat a compass, a quadrant.
- You've thought all it.
You're the only man to get us away.
And we've got to get away.
I'll tally up the flour sacks, sir.
Yes, yes.
Savages! Up by the timber mill! Fifty or more of them! Take them from the back.
Sergeant Ryan? What are you doing? - The tally, Lieutenant.
- Where's the guard? I think there was a problem up by the timber mill.
- I heard shouts.
- Complete the tally later.
- But Lieutenant - Out, now! Lock the door and come back when the guard is in place.
Come on, Will.
Leave them, leave them! So all that happened was: I blew a soldier boy's bugle and you gave them two bags of sand? It was my fault, I lost my nerve.
- You did right.
- Well, it's impossible now.
Clarke's got on his belt.
When the end comes, they'll be the ones with the food.
It was a bold idea, though.
I saw my old village die from hunger.
I've seen what happens and I won't let my children suffer like that.
Did you not hear Thomas? He hasn't got the key to the food store anymore it's with Clarke.
- So we go without food we can fish and hunt along the way.
We wouldn't last a week without supplies.
And how long will our children last if we stay here? They hang us.
What happens then, Mary? If we do nothing, we're already dead! It's for you.
You may have this room.
Thank you.
It was my father's hope that I would one day progress beyond the rank of lieutenant.
I would have been better suited as a parson but my brother had already that position.
I came here to progress my career, probably the only way we are guaranteed a higher rank on our return.
But you came for the adventure too.
A pretence, to fool others and myself, I suppose.
I thought if I demanded more, pushed myself It would be a means of escaping my own prison.
And have you? I have now.
And your father, he's a fisherman? And I'm his only son.
He only had daughters.
I used to help him with boat.
The pilchard harvest saw us through the winters.
Then one year they didn't come.
And not the next year either.
What will happen here? Governor Phillip has drawn up plans if it falls into anarchy.
If you stay alongside me I will make sure that you and children are protected.
Thank you.
- Everything alright? - Yes, sarge.
Keep this way, then go through.
What's all the sorcery? Buggered if I know.
I just nod, smile and keep down wind of him.
Never thought you the careless type.
Losing your wife and children like that.
She's best off with him, children too.
You see, when the end comes they'll draw a circle around themselves and what's left of the food will be inside it.
I'll count the flour sacks, Mr.
'I didn't want you to be a whore', remember? And now I am.
It's a price we both agreed to pay so don't make me pay for it twice over.
So leave him, we'll find ways of keeping back more of the catch, there'll be a supply ship, there has to be.
It's finished here.
We're leaving.
But things aren't going faster enough.
The food won't last long in the ground and we haven't got the equipment we need.
There isn't a good enough thief amongst us.
And on the right it'll take more than the five of us to get the cutter away.
We need two more.
Who? James Martin and William Allen.
James Martin! Are you mad? Nothing happens without him knowing about it he'll queer it for us while he's in on it.
And William Allen could steal the Governor's house away if we wanted it.
I'll not be in a boat with them! He already knows.
I'm still copying the charts, but I've made this up.
It won't be a map to travel by, but the proportions should be about right.
It'll be handy having a forger on board.
When we get to where we're going he'll be able to paint us up some local money.
We're here, the nearest know civilization is up here.
It's an island called Timor, it's Dutch.
What shall we do then? We talk ourselves a passage back to Europe.
How far is this 'Timor'? About three and a half thousand miles.
Three and a half thousand miles? In an open boat? It's been done before, not the exact same journey but the same distance and they ended up in Timor.
You've heard of Captain Bligh? The way I heard it he had fourteen hard jack tars with him.
We'll be four men, if you include him and that boy you've got over there.
And two women and two children.
The cutter is the only boat in Sydney Cove that can go outside the harbor.
And any chase after us won't be able to get beyond the heads.
It'll take them days to go around.
by which time we'll be well clear.
But if you'd rather stay here Alright.
We better start collecting what we need.
We were making sure the ones at the back were free of the mould, and well, you better have a look yourselves.
Eight sacks were taken.
Eight! This is a barbarous act and a crime against each and every one of us! Those who come forward with information will be rewarded with a month's extra rations.
And lighter duties for a period of six months.
You may come to me in absolute confidence without fear of reprisal.
As a result of this criminal act the flour ration will be reduced.
Sit there.
It'll be another futile escape.
They've taken muskets, machetes a dangerous escalation.
The door to the food store wasn't forced so they had a key.
But I have the only key, and it hasn't left my side for over three weeks.
It's a puzzle unless they discovered a way make copy.
Well, everyone's so desperate.
You must know what the talk is.
Living under your roof, you think they'd confide in me? So you know nothing? With a child and a baby escaping from here would make me a murdereress.
Is that what you think I am? Let me go! This is excellent Thomas.
All this detail.
Well done.
I'm happy to have drawn the maps and charts Will but I'll not go with you.
You're the only one who can get us the glass the compass, the quadrant I'll get all the instruments you need.
But they'll know it was you that took them.
I stole down to the creek the other day just the sight of the cutter and my legs went weak.
It was a miracle I survived the passage out here.
I nearly died at least twice.
With Martin and Allen in the boat, I'll need you on my side.
Me against those two? Will, I'm the world's worst sailor and I'll not set foot in another boat ever.
- So we escape, and you hang.
- I'll get you the instruments.
Well, you get me the instruments.
I won't let you down.
Where's our supplies? They must have been blown a lot by the storm.
They were, I've just been going around picking it up.
Two men in a boat with five men you'll be like knives between us.
How you thought it thru? How long do you think the children will last out there? Longer than they will staying here.
You haven't got any choice.
You can't leave without Will and he won't leave without us.
We leave tonight.
And now, we'll come for you when the cutter is loaded and you'd better be ready to pick up those children of yours and run.
Wait till curfew.
And you make sure your lieutenant is too busy to be walking about and then he needs to sleep like the dead.
I'm sure you know how to do that.
Now go! Elizabeth! Don't touch me, don't touch anything.
Scrub yourself raw when you go.
It's tonight.
Then it'll just be you, the only woman jammed together in a boat with a pack of fools.
God help you, Mary.
Sergeant! I have to feed the baby.
Get Mary.
Get Mary.
Marines! I couldn't get near Mary.
They're a minute behind me! Go! Go! - Not without Mary! - I don't care.
Come on! Go! We go or we hang! Come on! Come on! You! With me now! - Go then! But not with me! - You're useless to her dead.
They won't know her part in it, but they know yours.
Now come on! - Go! Go! - No, no Will! You coming too! Come on! Come on! Come Come on! - Will! - Mary! Mary! Wait! Will! Too scared to have a 'knife' in the boat are you? I couldn't get through.
I tried! Get down! Get down! Reload! Come on.
Don't be frightened.
I'm with you.
Cox! What the hell are you doing here? I'm holding the boat.
I can help you.
Get off me! - Help me! - Get up! - Get off me! - Let go! Throw him overboard! Roar! Roar! Roar!