Mary Kills People (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

Twin Flames

1 You're gonna kill my husband, Mary, and you're gonna do it tonight.
Picture this.
Cabins right here.
There's one for each patient.
We register as a hospice, that way when there's a dead body, no one will ask any questions.
It'll all seem legit.
Well, I think doctors feel it's important for patients to choose their death.
Jess, there's something that I really need to show you, and it's kind of confidential.
Me and Jess were hanging out tonight without you.
Oh, sure.
I have some bad news for you.
You have a brain tumor.
There has to be some sort of mistake.
It's not a mistake.
Oh, yeah.
Some guys came by and delivered it this morning.
Well, they must have delivered it to the wrong house.
Is there a receipt? I'm having my husband killed right now.
- Who? - Dr.
Mary Harris.
[beeping] Travis will be home by 7:00.
Honey, I'm home.
Make it look like a heart attack or whatever it is you normally do, and I'll expect you back here around 9:30.
Do you want a drink, man? You know it, buddy.
- Hey, would you mind if I - Do I mind? shit, you should've said something earlier.
- Oh, you got connections? - I am the connection, brother.
[footsteps approaching] [tense music] Mary, I was beginning to worry about you.
It's done.
[sighs] Strange.
I must feel sad.
What was it like? Did he just slip away on the couch? I want to know where I'll find him.
Oh, you won't find him.
I got rid of the body.
That was not the plan.
Did you really think I was gonna leave a healthy body with pento in it lying around for anyone to find? With no body, how can I know that Travis is really dead? You want to shoot people in your warehouse in front of witnesses? That's your choice.
I'm not gonna tell you how to run your business, so don't tell me how to run mine.
Your husband's dead, and I'm walking out of here.
I want your guarantee you won't come after me.
You think I was reckless killing Randall here, but my witnesses are scared shitless of me.
I'm not.
Swear for me, Mary.
Swear for me on your daughters' lives you killed my husband.
- I swear.
- Then we're good as gold.
[panting] [percussive rock music] Mary Kills People 02x03 Twin Flames ==sync, corrections by dcdah== [car door closes] [dog growling] [whistles] Inside.
Good boy.
- Is he - Inside, passed out.
- How'd you get him here? - I told him I had a bottle of El Dorado in my trailer.
He practically jumped in the truck.
- This is where you live.
- For now.
I'm hoping to build something more permanent later.
- You have a dog.
- Ivan.
[chuckles] Ben, thank you.
You asked me to get this guy out of his own house no questions asked.
But now obviously I have some questions.
What were you doing there, Mary? It's, um it's complicated.
I just messed with my entire investigation for you, Mary.
Travis's wife, Olivia, asked me to kill him.
Why? Is he is he sick? No.
She asked me in, like, a hitman way.
She's blackmailing me.
[chuckles] And if I hadn't have been there, what, you would've killed the guy? No, of of course not.
I would've found another way out of it.
She's Grady's sister.
I know.
So what else do you know about her? Well, I know that if Travis shows up alive she's gonna come after me and my kids.
[sighs] Leave Travis with me.
I'll work on him, and then I will deal with Olivia.
- Are you sure? - It's what I do.
- But what do I do? - Go home.
Live your life.
Let me do my job.
So you're just gonna swoop in and save me? [chuckles] I guess so.
Late night, early morning.
- You work too hard, Mary.
- Ugh, the fridge.
It's got a crushed ice feature.
You think I could take it? Where? I saw a nice condo with a view of the lake.
I thought I'd put a deposit down.
You're moving out? Isn't that what we agreed? - Yeah, but there's no rush.
- What, you want me to stay? Are we rekindling the fire now? Fire? No.
No, there's no fire.
I'm gonna give you a book called "Codependent No More.
" Good morning, girls.
And here you go.
So big night? You girls ready? I still have some mixed feelings about it.
That's hilarious, Cam.
Just remember who holds the power to send you to bed with no dinner.
Wait, what are we talking about? Seriously? It's on the family calendar.
I have the real estate conference in Chicago, and since you're working a double the girls are staying home alone tonight.
- Shit.
- Language, Mom.
I'm really not comfortable with you girls being here on your own tonight.
Mom, it's one night.
I'm 16.
- We already discussed this.
- Well, I changed my mind.
- Why? - Because it's not safe.
It's okay.
I guess I can stay at Sarah's.
Can you stay at Naomi's please? [dog growling] What? Yeah! Whoa, what? Whoa, whoa! Hi.
Good boy.
Good boy.
Good boy.
Good - [whistles] - Ohh.
[Panting] Good morning, sunshine.
What the hell is this, man? Is this some kind of weird sex thing? You're not my type.
- You're a cop.
- Detective, actually.
You can call me Ben.
This is false imprisonment.
Oh, no, no, no.
I am doing you a favor, Travis.
[laughs] Cops don't do favors.
What do you want? I just wanna talk.
The only person I'm talking to is my lawyer.
You tell him it's regarding the operation of Bloom Appliances, 'cause I think you're running drugs out that warehouse.
Now, I could let you go.
I could, but I don't think you want me to do that.
You see, Travis, there's a hit out on you.
I'll take my chances.
Really? 'Cause in here, in this trailer, you're safe, but if I let you go home Oof, who knows what could happen? Considering it's your wife who wants you dead.
- Bullshit.
- I know.
Shocking, isn't it? But after spending a night with you, Travis, I can't say I blame her.
So relax, drink some coffee, and we'll talk.
I swore on my daughters' lives, Des.
And you couldn't just call and tell me all of this? Hm? I was beside myself.
I felt guilty as hell.
I thought that I'd turned you into a murderer.
It would've been easier if I was.
So instead, you stash Travis in a camper somewhere.
With Ben.
- Yes.
- [laughs] Ben the cop.
He said he'd take care of it.
Ben is not a long-term option.
Maybe I ran into him for a reason.
- Maybe we can trust him.
- We can't.
Travis needs to disappear, okay? Leave town for good.
How about this? We take the money you made while I was in prison in that nice little shoebox in your closet.
We put Travis on a bus to Mexico, problem solved.
- What if he comes back? - He won't.
He'd be crazy to.
We'd always be looking over our shoulders, Des.
Ben can arrest Olivia.
Get her out of our lives for good.
I just got out of prison, Mary.
Putting my fate in the hands of the police is not a good option for me.
Don't trust him, Mary.
- I have to.
- [sighs] [siren wailing] Joan? Joan, can you hear me? Joan, can you hear me? - She's unresponsive.
- Heart rate's low.
Blood pressure's rising.
What do you want to do? [sighs] Let's, um Let's intubate her.
[machine beeping] We're losing her.
Get a crash cart! Code blue, room 207.
Code blue, room 207.
Hang on, Joan.
Hang on.
One second she was talking, and then Why didn't you call the neurosurgeon or try to relieve pressure with the drill? I didn't have time to think.
I was I was just reacting.
So you think I should've handled it differently.
Tell me.
You don't normally take the safe route.
Don't jump.
- Too soon? - Yes.
Connie told me about your patient.
I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
I shouldn't have come to work today.
[sighs] Doctors.
You know there are some things that you can't control, right? - She wasn't supposed to die.
- Everyone is supposed to die.
Then what are we doing here? Making the best of a bad situation.
[siren wailing] I've got a patient for you.
Stage four leukemia.
He's - No.
- What do you mean no? I mean I don't want a patient.
Do you mean today or you don't want any patients at all? I don't know.
Things are so messed up right now.
I can't think.
Mary, this guy is really suffering.
Annie, stop it.
I can't save everyone.
Holden is what we call an unreliable narrator.
Holden lies.
He exaggerates, and he is constantly contradicting himself.
So how do we understand Holden then? We look beyond his words at his behavior.
We search for meaning in what he doesn't say as much as in what he does.
We read between the lines.
This is how we get to the heart of this complicated character.
[bell rings] All right.
See you tomorrow.
[indistinct chatter] - Hey! - Note passing is so '90s.
[gasps] A sleepover? On a school night? My mom has a night shift and my dad is away at some conference.
Apparently I'm too young to stay at the house by myself.
You can totally stay at my place, Jess.
I'm sorry, are you guys just totally not seeing the amazing opportunity right in front of our faces? No? Empty house, anyone? There's no party like a school night party.
I do like a good party.
My mom would hate it.
[laughter] - Thank you.
- You should know better, Dr.
- Brandon.
- Oh, you remember.
I'm touched.
You're hard to forget, you know.
[laughs] And you're right.
Neither of us should be doing this.
No, no.
I'm good.
The beauty of a death sentence is you can enjoy all of your vices guilt-free.
- Radiation today? - Yeah.
When I'm in there, I just pretend I'm at an amazing EDM party with a laser light show.
I just wish it was easier to style these hospital gowns.
You look good.
[both laugh] - How's everything else going? - Amazing.
I'm surrounded by everyone I love, celebrating every last second of this messy, beautiful, heartbreaking, glorious life.
I'd do the same thing.
I'm going to be my very best self, and then I'm going to Switzerland.
Forget it.
I shouldn't even be talking about it.
- It's okay.
- But I don't know.
There's something about you, Dr.
Harris, that makes me feel like I can.
- You can call me Mary.
- Mary.
Oh, no, you're not.
We need to put that out, hm.
He smokes, and I wake up every morning to what sounds like he's giving birth through his esophagus.
Harris, meet Jermaine, fun ruiner.
- Mm.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
- How long have you two been together? Oh, no.
We're not together.
I mean, we hooked up once.
- Twice.
- But then we realized we were each other's twin flame.
- Mirror souls.
- [laughs] We hadn't talked for a few months actually, but when I got my diagnosis he was the first person that I called.
And he hasn't been able to get rid of me since.
There are certain people that just keep coming back into your life no matter what happens.
That's us.
[whistles] Oh, now that is pure.
- I need to piss.
- Use your cup.
You know what, Travis? I think you lied to me.
I know the feeling, Matt.
What was it you said last night? "I am the connection.
" But I think that's untrue.
I think your wife is.
See, I've been investigating you for months.
I mean, the business is called Bloom Appliances, but that's not really yours, is it? Wifey's the boss.
She holds all the power.
[cell phone rings] Wow.
Speak of the devil.
Tell me, Travis.
Why does your wife want you dead, huh? 'Cause I squeeze the toothpaste from the middle of the tube.
It drives her crazy.
[chuckles] Here's what I think: I think you started to resent her, so you started skimming off the top, and Olivia found out.
If you got all this figured out, why am I handcuffed to your trailer right now? Well, you tell me what you know about Olivia's operation and I'll help you out.
I don't know shit.
I think you do, and I think I'm your best chance out of this.
So don't be stupid.
Don't give your wife a second chance at this, Travis.
- Okay, fine.
Let's talk.
- Good.
Let me get my notepad.
Hey! [both grunting] - Stay down! - What's going on? Travis, meet Mary.
She's the woman your wife hired to kill you.
Oh - Ah.
- Better start talking and maybe she'll let you live, yeah? You need to calm down.
So what, are you are you here to kill me? Of course not.
What are you doing, man? You're keeping me hostage when you should be arresting her.
I'm gonna take a walk.
[knock at door] Today is your lucky day.
Ohh, I don't believe it.
You've finally decided to succumb to the palpable sexual attraction between us, and I have to politely decline.
I've decided to give you a new patient despite the fact that you did not kill Joshua Yang.
He was a virgin.
I couldn't let him go out like that.
- You going somewhere? - It's time for a fresh start.
You know the grid? I'm getting off it.
So you don't want the patient? No, thank you.
Okay, what is going on with you and Mary? This isn't about Mary.
- It's always about Mary.
- Oh, yeah.
Well, she was our primus inter pares, our fearless leader, but I really do have to be going, so - So you're bailing? - [sighs] What about our plans, Des? The death retreat.
There's nothing here for me anymore.
I can't handle all of this alone.
- All of what? - All of Mary.
Look, I know you guys have all kinds of drama going on that I don't know about, and that's the way I like it, but Mary needs you.
She doesn't need me.
She's made that abundantly clear.
Des, no one can save her from herself but you.
Are you a real doctor? As opposed to what? You know, a hitman or woman.
I am a doctor.
What's she got on you? Why does she want you dead? 'Cause she's a relentless bitch and I made a mistake.
A fatal error.
What did you do? She told me it was gonna be okay.
She said we were good as gold.
Talk to Ben.
Tell him what he needs to know about Olivia.
If you cooperate, she'll go to jail and you'll be fine.
- She called me earlier.
- Did you talk to her? No.
She left a voicemail, though.
Phone's inside if you want to listen.
Travis, you didn't come home last night.
[sighs] Look, I I know things have been bad between us, but that's on me, okay? I don't let things go, I lash out when I think I've been lied to, but I want to work this out.
Please come home, baby.
We miss you.
What I wouldn't give to walk back in that door just to see the look on her face when she realizes her little plan to get rid of me didn't work.
[chuckles] Why'd you come back? I was worried.
There's something I need to tell you.
When I was at Olivia's warehouse, she killed one of the men who work for her.
Shot him in the head.
And you just forgot to tell me this? Ben, I was scared.
Jesus, Mary.
We've gotta go in.
In? What does that mean? To the station.
You give a statement, you tell them what you witnessed, and then I can go after Olivia.
There isn't any evidence.
She got rid of the body.
Which is why you got to give me a statement, Mary.
How am I supposed to explain what I was doing there? I'm wrapped up in all of this.
You know that.
I can protect you.
Can you, really? Yes.
Come on.
And then we jumped over the fence.
Like, we climbed over their fence, just Jess and I, and we went skinny-dipping in their pool.
You remember that, Jess? - Yeah.
- Sounds romantic.
- No, it wasn't.
- I mean, it kind of was.
- What are you doing? - Nothing.
So what, are you guys, like you a couple now? - Yeah.
- Great.
Mazel tov.
Shall we take a shot? - I don't really like shots.
- Yeah, me either.
What? You guys are so straight-edge.
Oh, my God.
This song is everything.
We have to dance.
Come on.
Come on.
[laughter] [Derin Falana's "Summer Vibes"] Girl, don't try to run You cannot escape love Let it all out Is it bad that I say what I never do? I can't just ask how you feel But I think that it's better you Say what's on your mind I would like to know now She said, what's the rush? Baby, we should slow down Put your bra down take your shirt off with your boy In the summertime Both arms out, this amazing feeling right now Talkin' 'bout And who brought it up? [door opens] What? What you got in that box? Oh, hello.
Uhh What this box here? There are, uh [exhales] shoes in this box.
I like your accent.
Thank you.
I like your, uh You like my what? Your spirit.
My spirit? Now, why would Mary keep her shoes in a vent? - Do you know Mary? - Yeah.
Yeah, I know her.
Mary and I go way back.
Well, then you know that Mary works in mysterious ways.
Do you want a sip? Oh, it's very kind of you to offer, but I'm afraid I have to be on my way.
No, no, no.
You should stay.
Come on.
I mean, everyone at this party is boring, but Hm.
But you're not boring, are you? I can assure you I am very boring, and I really do have to go.
- What, you gonna go see Mary? - Yes.
Yes, she's waiting for me.
So what, are you guys, like, a couple or something? Yeah, a couple.
Of course you're a couple.
Everyone is a couple.
But not me, no.
I don't need anyone.
You're gonna be okay, darling.
[hip-hop music] I never opened up again Used to dream about flying overseas Skiing in the mountains Swimming in the seas Champagne sippin' in expensive suites Now they can't happen 'Cause I've been misconceived Late night calls that she said was your friend Was the same number I saw When I found you in the bed Smell of foreign cologne on you [crying] [dark music] [sighs] We are all suckers.
For a beautiful woman.
Come on.
You and the doctor.
Oh, buddy.
I know you're feeding that kitty.
[Laughs] - Just doing my job, Travis.
- Yeah, bullshit.
You're trying to save Mary from my wife.
[chuckles] So now you wanna talk, huh? I'm saying I get it, man.
Olivia had me by the balls the second I laid eyes on her.
It was like I was in a fog, and then I woke up.
- When did it turn? - Nah, it was always like that.
I was just too in love to notice or care.
Olivia is what she does, and I was useful until I wasn't.
And then I was just in the way.
The hell is she doing? Sorry, I had to get gas.
And cigarettes.
I started smoking again.
Rough day.
- Hey, Ben? - Yeah.
Hey, I want some beef jerky.
Maybe some candy.
Come on.
Ignore him.
A pepperoni stick would be nice.
Surprise me, Benjamin, and get me some tall boys.
I'll be in the truck.
- Didn't he want some beers? - Yeah, but if you think he's annoying sober you should see him drunk.
Well, I'm gonna need some after this.
Are you nervous about going to the station? I've spent a lot of time trying to avoid it.
You're gonna be fine, all right? Just give your statement.
They'll ask some follow-up questions.
They may ask you about you and me and the nature of our relationship.
- What should I say? - Tell them the truth.
You're in trouble.
I offered to help.
Sounds simple enough.
[cell phone buzzing] Oh, [bleep].
It's my boss.
She's not gonna love the way I handled this.
Yeah, Wesley.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
I'll be right there.
I got it, boss.
Yes, I got it.
New lead on the Bloom case.
I'm coming in right now.
Just this and this.
You've got a pretty girlfriend there.
Oh, no.
She's not my girlfriend, man.
She's, uh Shit.
[thrilling music] Shit.
Think of it as an all-expenses paid vacation.
One way.
This is only gonna last me about six months, a year max.
You seem very resourceful.
I'm sure you'll manage.
Yeah, sure.
I get it.
Stay gone.
Don't come back.
I need to take a piss.
Go over there, and the money stays.
Quick question.
- Why the gun? - Protection.
I don't trust anyone with the last name Bloom.
It is a deceptively benign name, but the gun wasn't part of the plan, that's all.
If your plan's gonna work, he can never come back.
He agreed to Mexico, but just in case he changes his mind at the bus station, this might help convince him to stick to the plan.
- I'll come with you.
- No.
You don't have to do everything on your own.
This I do.
I should go check on him.
Woke up one day You had gone away Oh, "She's mine," I say But it's too late What are you doing in here? Contemplating life.
Why are you wearing my mom's dress? Uh, she has such good taste.
Jess, I need to tell you something.
- You're wasted.
- It doesn't matter, okay? Do you do you know when people get sick? I mean, like, really sick.
Like, terminal sick.
The end is nigh kind of sick.
And, um Well, sometimes they just want to check out early.
Are you trying to tell me that you're suicidal? No, Jess.
No, this isn't about me.
This is about you.
Mm, I just don't want to mess everything up for you.
What are you doing? Naomi, what is wrong with you? Oh, I don't know.
[sobbing] I can hang out on the beach and drink tequila.
I guess Mexico's not so bad, considering the alternatives.
- It's like you said.
- What? Olivia's relentless.
She won't stop.
I'll never be safe.
My kids, they'll never be safe.
This isn't the way to the bus station.
I saw her murder someone.
She wanted me to see it.
Mary? Mary, no.
I have to.
Mary, look at me.
Listen, you don't.
You think killing me is gonna keep you safe? It won't work.
Olivia, she won't she won't - Travis - [panting] Olivia Olivia won't Travis? Travis! [car approaching] [sighs] You put pento in his beer? I did.
What you were going to do, there's no coming back from that.
How did you know? Because you swore on your daughters' lives.
[exhales] [Low Roar's "Nobody Loves Me Like You"] Think of what you're saying before you speak These days I can go without enemies [door opens, footsteps approaching] We're killing off the option to make amends Oh darling, save what we can Before it ends ==sync, corrections by dcdah== Nobody loves me like you Nobody loves me like you